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Mechanical Engineer Resume

Natick, MassachusettS


Work in the field of engineering where I can use and apply my experiences, capabilities, and educational background.


Mechanical Engineer, Confidential, Natick, Massachusetts (January 2008 - Present)

  • Work under contract at US Army Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC) in the Aerial Delivery Equipment and Systems Division, and holds a current security clearance.
  • Conduct research testing on developmental and fielded items; analysis of data collected to verify performance of materials during use. This requires extensive knowledge of material strength and mechanical properties, understand environmental performance of systems being evaluated, and use engineering skills to organize data collected to provide input on life support items to the Solider in the field, the Project Manager(PM), Integrated Logistic Support Center (ILSC), or Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).
  • Manage effort to research and develop new materials and concepts for use in airdrop applications by using numerous scientific and engineering principles, e.g. stress/strain analysis, design and construct prototype aerial delivery systems, and evaluate the ease of production.
  • Developed and wrote new packing procedures for newly design parachute system and trained manufactures in small to large groups on to qualify them to properly pack the parachute systems. The people trained ranged from non-English speaking to deaf and visually impaired.
  • Maintain of the technical data package (TDP) and quality assurance provisions (QAP’s) for several aerial delivery items to ensure the drawings are up to current specifications. When necessary reverse engineer systems to create and validate TDP and create QAP.
  • Planned, organized and executed the development of a modern DAQ system using Labview 8 for the Equipment Test Facility. This required the use of basic electrical fields and circuit to develop a testing code for Labview system. Along with the creation of test procedures for testing for specific items.

Process Engineer, Confidential, Devens, Massachusetts (March 2007 - January 2008)

  • Worked as project engineer/manager, duties included the planning, construction and interface of completed skid with customer and vendors to ensure the skid will meet customer requirements, quality standards, and development turnover packages for systems.
  • Used knowledge of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and strength of materials, to determine optimal heat exchanger sizing, nozzle flow, and system pressure and provide guidance to team members on optimal system design and integration.
  • Review Process &Instrumentation Diagrams and certifications and preformed process calculation to manage the efficiency of the performance of the overall systems.
  • Project work includes working on the complete development cycle, design and build of cellulosic ethanol pilot plant, clean industrial facility, and biopharm plant.

Bioprocess Design Engineer, Confidential, Billerica, Massachusetts (September 2006 - March 2007)

  • Designed and quoted disposable bioprocess assemblies for the product line Mobius, worked to solve a multitude of problems with designs and provided guidance to sales and production team.
  • Worked with Six Sigma team to organize, streamline and improve manufacturing processes.
  • Worked with field representatives and customers to design optimal cost effective assemblies, applying knowledge of physics, fluid mechanics, and basic fundamentals of engineering science.
  • Interacted with vendors to find material and components suitable for use in designs.

Mechanical Engineer, Confidential, Hudson, Massachusetts, (April 2006 - September 2006)

  • Extensive debugging, reprogramming, and compiling of Labview programs, for the development, design and construction of new spin testing systems.
  • Worked on the development and completion of a mutli-channel spectrum analyzer, speed control program for spin test chambers, applying knowledge of electronics, electrical fields and circuits, hydraulics, and fluid mechanics.
  • Preformed study on ways to reduce environmental noise produced by industrial compressors, and orginzed and plan the execution of a noise abatement system, which was designed through the understanding of the nature and properties of materials and there interaction with acoustic waves.

CAD Designer, Confidential, Westborough, Massachusetts, (Summer Co-op, 2003 & 2004)

  • Assisted engineers and worked with outside vendors on projects and proposals.
  • Created, updated, maintained, and managed facility equipment, equipment layout, process drawings, and drawing database.
  • Gained knowledge of cGMP standards and basic commercial building codes, and applied knowledge to ensure designs met the required codes and standards.


Masters in Biomedical Engineering Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering Associate in Basic Engineering, Spring Certificate in Manufacturing Technology Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and Society of Automotive Engineers


Differential and Integral Calculus; Kinematics of Mechanisms; Statics, Dynamics of Mechanisms; Dynamic Signal Analysis, Heat Transfer


  • Proficient with use of Labview 8, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks 2007, Mathcad, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Oracle
  • Experience with, PRO E Wildfire, SAP, and Tas
  • Knowledge of basic electronics, electrical fields and machining

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