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Technical Research Associate Resume

Jackson, StatE

Objective I am seeking a position that will challenge me to enhance my engineering, computer programming, and analytical skills.


M.S. Computer Engineering Completed Masters Degree in three semesters (Fall 2009 - Fall 2010) with a full tuition waiver and stipend. Course work completed:

  • Computer Architecture
  • Advanced Logic Design
  • Advanced Engineering Analysis
  • Parallel Programming
  • Operating systems
  • VLSI design
  • Control systems
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Computer Networks
  • Master's Project

B.S., Electrical and Electronics Engineering Completed Bachelors Degree in first class with distinction.

Work Experience

  • Technical Research Associate, Confidential, Jackson State (Jan 2011 - Present) Funding Agency: Department of Homeland Security Programming Language: C++, Python. Tools: ArcGIS, Feature Analyst, BRL-CAD and Safe Software Role: I am developing an ArcToolBox which models the buildings in Urban areas for simulating the effect of an explosive in urban areas . Also involved in developing source code using Java for modeling the buildings. The modeled buildings are semantically translated to CAD format for versatility.
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Confidential (Jan 2010 to Dec 2010). Tools: Pointwise, Gridgen. Role: This position was offered by Prof. Aliabadi based on my academic performance in the First semester at Jackson State University. As a GRA, my accomplishments are:  1Worked on modeling a leaf using Pointwise and Gridgen for simulating the free fall of a leaf in a closed box using Computational Fluid Dynamics flow solvers.  Worked on generating a mesh for Nine Generation Lung Model as a part of project titled " Visualizing Particle/Flow Structure Interactions in the Small Bronchial Tubes" using Pointwise and Gridgen which are modeling softwares.  Worked on Semi-Automated 3D Urban Modeling of Buildings which is used for simulating the effect of an explosive on the surrounding buildings when evacuated. For the modeling ArcGIS, VLS Feature Analyst, Safe Software (FME), BRL-CAD is used.
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Confidential (Sep 2009 to Dec 2009).  Designed a hardware model for Wind Speed Sensor with the idea of using the peltier element which converts the electrical energy to thermal energy. By sensing this thermal energy with an Arm7 microcontroller, temperature is sensed and using the ideal gas equation which builds the relation between temperature and pressure, the respective pressure values are computed. From the pressure values using a pressure sensor the wind speed is sensed.  Assembled a Small Jet Aircraft.  Learned FlightSim which is flight simulator software which simulates the flight of an aircraft at different conditions.

Skills Set

  • ArcGIS
  • Feature Analyst
  • Pointwise
  • Gridgen
  • C,C++
  • Unix and Linux
  • Safe Software
  • MSI
  • ModelSim
  • Magic
  • MATLAB/Simulink
  • VHDL

Academic Projects Experience

  • Worked on a Research Project titled "Interface of Wireless sensor node and RFID "using crossbow mica motes and ns-2 simulator. A pseudo code is developed to read tags from parallel RFID card reader and compare them with the database and open the lock for authorized tags.
  • Worked on Term paper titled "Parallel Computing and Programming using Graphics Processing Unit" which mainly emphasizes the usability of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in the Parallel Computing as a part of the Parallel Computing Systems. In this paper GPU, its architecture and the working of GPU is described. GPU is compared to CPU in various aspects and a few applications of the GPU are mentioned.
  • Designed a simple shell which compiles UNIX commands list, touch, copy, remove, echo, word count, etc. using C programming language.
  • Designed an 8-bit transistor level Full Adder with CMOS using Magic Layout tools.
  • Designed a seven segment electronic display circuit using VHDL.
  • Designed and Implemented a Flyback converter for power factor Improvement which involves a complex setup of using different type converters and transformers to improve power factor on supply side. The simulation of isolated single-stage converter achieving high-power-factor correction and fast regulation is done using MATLAB/SIMULINK.
  • Implemented a hardware model, entitled "Peak Hour Timer" which is very effective where energy is scarce and tariffs are high. It is a methodology which suggests reducing the tariff during peak hours in industrial and commercial applications by lowering the real power consumption with a normal investment. With reliability in automatic shutting down of the appliances effectively reduces the overall tariff and improves the efficiency of the system.
  • Implemented a hardware model, entitled "PC Based Speed Control of DC Motor". This circuit allows you to control the speed of a DC motor (in eight levels) from a PC's parallel port. The PC uses a software program written in C language to control the speed of the motor. Achievements
  • Selected by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Asia's largest software Multi National Company as Assistant Systems Engineer, IT division, India.
  • Served as Student Representative in College and Departmental Events Committee.
  • Won first place in creative writing held at state level competition.
  • Awarded Best paper presentation at National level symposium on "Single phase parallel power processing scheme with power factor control" in SPARDHA-08".
  • Secured 100% marks in Written English in TOEFL ibt examination, 2009.
  • Secured 100% marks in Mathematics at High School Board Examination at State Level Examination.
  • Member of ISTE student chapter, Vignan's Engineering College, Guntur, India.
  • Student volunteer in several college sponsored youth festivals.

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