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Transaction Processor Resume

San Antonio, TexaS

Objective: Obtain a position with a solid company that will utilize my administrative experience as well as provide me with the opportunity to grow with the company.

Education: Graduate


Interpersonal: Strong People skills and a reputation for being a team player and proven to work independently, ability to work in decision-making environment; reputation for being a hard working, self starter; strong strategic thinking and attention to detail. Computer: Windows 98/2000XP, MS Office: Excel, PowerPoint , Word & TA2000

Work Experience:

  • Confidential,San Antonio, Texas 78230 (Full Time Hours) 05/07 to 07/10 Transaction Processor:
  • -Creating 529 CollegeBound Fund Accounts -UTMA/UGMA Accounts -Scanned image atmosphere and transferring data into database to create account -Posting Money into accounts from scanned image - Adding ACH ,Systematic Redemption's, Reallocation setting to accounts - Updating Broker and Dealer Firm information - Moving money from one qualified state tuition plan to another - Updating address, Phone number, email, names due to adoption, divorce, death, marriage. -Also reviewing death certificates, trust documents, marriage certificates and divorce documents. -Rewriting procedures for New Accounts, Purchases and Automatic investment plans for the companies training department. - Training employees one on one for work types. -Generating rejection letters to qualified state tuition plans that did not meet requirements to have money rolled over to their qualified state tuition plans.

  • Confidential, San Antonio, Texas 78216 Assigned to: Confidential (Full Time Hours) 09/2006 to 01/2007 Confidential (Full Time Hours) 02/2007 to 05/2007 Flex Associate:
  • -Posting of investments into share holder 401K & various fund accounts -Updating Broker and Dealer firm Information on accounts -QA other associates processing (up to one to four a day)

  • Confidential, San Antonio, Texas 78216 Assigned to: Confidential, San Antonio, Texas 78245 (Full Time Hours) 03/2006 to 05/2006 Account Activations Specialist:
  • -Adding promotions to packages from accounts -Reviewing online applications -Approving CDs and loans. -Auditing of accounts for closing and/or funding - Train and assist new account activation personnel

  • Confidential, San Antonio, Texas 78240 (Part-time) 03/2005 to 01/2007 Cashier:
  • -Responsible for processing all customer credit card and cash transactions. -Responsible for the distribution of tips to wait staff and bus boys. -Confirmations of all produce and liquor deliveries to include all payouts. -Placing of orders for meat market and fountain drink delivery items. -Responsible for taking all phone orders Hostess: -Responsible for the assignment of tables, ensuring equal distribution of customers to all wait staff on duty.

  • Confidential, San Antonio, Texas 78240 (full time) October 2005 to March 2006 Child Care Provider:
  • - 6 month old baby girl

  • Confidential, San Antonio, Texas (Part-time) February 2005 - March 2005 (Not enough hours available) Associate:
  • -Recovery of inventory -Sales

  • Confidential, San Antonio, Texas 78238 (Part-time) December 2004 to February 2005 Custom Detailer & Cashier
  • Confidential, San Antonio, Texas 78201 (Part-time) March 2003 to October 2004 Cashier:
  • -Open and Close office - Customer Service/Hostess

  • Confidential, San Antonio, Texas 78240 (Part- time) September 2002 to August 2004 Office Clerk:
  • - Filing - Answering phones - Invoicing, correspondence and flyer delivery

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