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System Analyst Resume

Flanders, NJ

Professional Summary :

  • More than 15 years of experience in software design and development.
  • More than 10 years of experience on IBM AS/400 platform.
  • Good knowledge of RPG/400, RPG IV/ILE,RPG Free, CL, SDA, SEU, DFU, RLU, Subfiles, SQL, Query/400, DDS.
  • 8 years of Costing and manufacturing experience for Pharmaceutical company
  • Good working experience on AS/SET and Synon
  • Good command in Oracle, PL/SQL and Unix
  • Extremely confident with Servlets, EJB, JDBC & ODBC.
  • Good Experience in Weblogic 4.5 & 5.1.
  • Implemented Java, Servlets, RMI, Corba on UNIX and Windows NT.
  • Implemented Data Access through JDBC and ODBC.
  • Having good hands-on experience on UNIX, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista.
  • Worked with core technologies like AWT, Applets, and Java Beans.
  • Used Java IDE’s like Visual café, IBM Visual Age.
  • Possess good skills in implementing SQL Server 6.5, IBM DB2 6.0 and Oracle 7.3
  • Involved in the Testing and Validation phase of the system.
  • Good knowledge of COGNOS 8 Business Intelligence.

Masters in Computer Science

Technical skills :

Languages : RPG/400,RPG IV/ILE,CL,RPG Free,SQL Plus,AS/SET,Oracle,Java (1.1/1.2)
Internet Technology: EJB,Servlets, JDBC, Swing, JavaScript, HTML, RMI
RDBMS: Oracle 8i, DB2/400
Web Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x/5.0, Netscape Communicator 4.x
Operating Systems: OS/400,Windows 3.x,Windows 95/98,Windows XP
Professional, MS DOS, Unix ,JWALK

Professional Experience :

Confidential, FL Sep’2011 – todate
iSeries Developer

Presently working for Royal Caribbean for their Reservation system. I am responsible for designing and modification of individual and group reservation.


  • Designed and modified the individual and group reservation system. This system was developed on AS/400 using RPG/ILE, RPG Free & SQL.
  • Involved in the testing of Direct Booking access using JWalk.
  • Developed RPG standard document for the company.

Environment: IBM AS/400, RPG/ILE,RPG Free, CL,DDS, SQL, Query/400, JWalk.

Confidential, CA Nov’2010 – Aug’2011
System Analyst

Worked for Bank of America for their Fees Due Daily Disbursement Control system. I was responsible for designing and modification of posting of Fees Due Disbursement in G/L & A/P system.


  • Designed and developed posting of Fees due daily disbursement in G/L & A/P interface system. Also designed and developed stored procedures to create and alter tables for the front end system which is developed in Java. This system was developed on AS/400 using RPG/ILE, RPG Free & SQL.
  • I was involved in the development and maintenance of G/L & A/P system. I designed various financial reports and batch programs to update transaction in Accounts file.
  • I was involved in designing and developing Business required documents those include High level design and Low level design.
  • I worked with the off-shore team to develop new programs for the G/L & A/P system.

Environment: IBM AS/400, RPG/ILE,RPG Free, CL,DDS, SQL, Query/400,MQT, Turnover.

Confidential, HI Jul’2009 – Oct’2010
System Analyst

Worked for Oceanic Time Warner Cable in Hawaii for their Wireless Road Runner Mobile Project. Responsible for designing and modification of WIP and Payment system.


  • Designed and developed WIP posting, update Equipment file with the changes done on the inventory for the wireless device.
  • Developed Payment posting system.
  • Involved in the programming in AS/400 using RPG/ILE and RPG Free.
  • Testing the system using JWALK.
  • Provide training to the End users.
Environment: IBM AS/400, RPG/ILE,RPG Free, CL,DDS, DFU, Subfile, SQL, Query/400, JWALK. Pfizer, NJ May '2001 – Jun’2009 System Analyst

Worked for Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company in New Jersey for their ERP system MAPS (Manufacturing, Accounting and Planning system). I am responsible for the modification, maintenance of Finance, Costing and Sun Interface system.


  • Working on the modification and new requirements in the system.
  • Involved in the programming in AS/400 using RPG/ILE.
  • Designed and developed new Costing and Finance System requirements.
  • Testing the existing Costing and finance system.
  • Worked on Stored procedures to develop reports in COGNOS 8 Business Intelligence application.
  • Providing technical support and training to more than 50 Pfizer locations worldwide.
  • Involved in the validation phase of the system.
  • Worked with the off-shore team.
Environment: IBM AS/400, RPG/ILE CL, RLU, DDS, DFU, Subfile, SQL, Query/400

Confidential, TX Dec’2000---- Apr’2001
System Analyst

Worked on Archie System to the Lockbox customers. Designed a Web enabled repository for storing images and financial information related to checks, invoices.
One of the key requirements was to have a single self-contained Direct Image Transmission file instead of several associated files for data and images separately.


  • Worked on Servlets and JDBC to retrieve information from the database.
  • Developed HTML to display the information to the customer.
  • Worked on memory queue to reduce the processing time using Unix 5.6 (Sun Solaris) and Java.

Environment: Java (JDK 1.2), JDBC, Servlets, Oracle8i, Unix 5.6 (Sun Solaris), HTML

Confidential, CO Sep’2000---- Nov’2000
System Analyst

Involved in developing a tool for supplier Server module using Servlets, HTML and WebMethod. This tool will generate random Line Item Numbers (the product number) and access the database and retrieves the data for the line item and generate the XML and sent it to the Server. The XMLs are sent to the Server using JMS and the reply from Server is received and is displayed in the browser.The tool is also used to Load test the Supplier Server and this will generate hundreds of XML and this will be sent to and received from the Supplier Server.Also created different methods using WebMethod for this tool.


  • Developed Servlets and worked on WebMethod for this tool.
  • GUI was developed using HTML.
  • JavaScript was used for validation & scripting.
  • Weblogic 5.1 was used as the web server.
  • JDBC was used to connect to backend database Oracle 8.x.

Environment: Java (JDK 1.2), XML, HTML, JDBC, Oracle 8i,Weblogic 5.1, WebMethod, Windows NT.

Confidential, NJ May’2000—Aug’2000
System Analyst

Developed Product information application for Sony. This project involves the selection, updating and deletion of products. Created a view file which was based on three different files. Once the user enters the product id the records were selected from the database.


  • Technical documentation
  • Responsible for the maintenance, support & modification of the system.
  • Identify data selection for Product Information.
  • Used JDBC, Servlets and XML to retrieve & update records from the database.

Environment: Servlets, JDBC, JSP, XML, IBM Visual Age 3.0, JDK 1.2, Oracle 7.3.

Confidential, CA Nov’98 – Apr’2000
System Analyst

Worked with COUNTRY WIDE HOME LOAN from 15th November 1998 to 15th April 2000 as Software Systems Engineer.During this period I was working for CGS (Correspondence Generation System).This system is responsible for generating Letters and Faxes for Countrywide Home Loan. This system is running on AS/400 using RPG/IV and CL. Developed following systems.

  • Creation of Cost Centre Table for CGS
  • VISA Application for FIRST USA BANK who are the business partners for Countrywide Home Loan


  • Responsible for the maintenance, support & modification of the system
  • Provided training to the new users on the CGS system
  • Designed & Developed the Cost Centre Table for CGS
  • Designed, developed and written new programs for the Visa Card reader application

Environment: IBM AS/400, RPG/400, RPG/IV, CL, SDA, RLU, DFU, DDS, SQL, Query/400

Confidential, Dubai (UAE) Mar'98 – Sep’98
System Analyst

Worked on CreditorsLedgerSystem for Jumbo Electronics Co. We developed this CreditorsLedgerSystem on AS/400 using RPG/400 and CL/400.


  • Responsible for the initial study of the system
  • Designed the system independently
  • Responsible for Programming, testing & implementation of the system
  • Provided user training and documentation of the system

Environment: IBM AS/400, RPG/400, CL, SDA, RLU, DFU, DDS, SQL, Query/400

Confidential, Jan'97 – Jan’98
System Analyst

Worked on Shipping Information System (SIS), which was developed by BIDM Software Company. They are IBM business partners in New York. The modules consist of Installation & Setup, Cross Application, Traffic and Documentation, Equipment Management, Vessel Voyage Schedule, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger and Transmission.

  • Responsible for the successful implementation & maintenance of the system.
  • Responsible for the modification of the system
  • Responsible for coordinating with users and BIDM Software Company on different technical issues.
  • Provided training to users on SIS system.
Environment: IBM AS/400,RPG/400,CL,SDA,RLU,DFU,Synon Oman Cement Company, Muscat (Oman) Sep'94 – Dec’96

Software Engineer

I was responsible for all the computer activity in the company whether it was development of the new system, maintenance or modification of the existing system, purchasing of computers and printers, training for the users or future plan for the Computer department. Following is the detail of my working experience:


  • I developed Payroll System. This system was developed on AS/400 using AS/SET. I independently developed this system. I developed reports, batch programs, data entry and inquiry programs.
  • I was also responsible for the maintenance of Inventory system and General Ledger system which was running on AS/400.
  • I was also responsible for the maintenance of Sales system which was running on IBM PS/2 Model 80 under UNIX on ORACLE.
  • I have also worked on TCPIP.I have written some routine to transfer Sales Data from ORACLE database to AS/400 database.

Environment : Oracle,Unix,AS/SET,RPG/400,CL,SDA,RLU,DFU,DDS

Confidential, Pakistan Jul '88 – Aug’94

I was responsible for the development of new systems, modifications of the system and providing user support. Following is the detail of my working experience:


  • I developed Sales & Distribution System. This system was developed on IBM AS/400.
  • Developed Budget & Costing System. This system was on AS/400.This system was independently developed by me.
  • I was also responsible for the maintenance and support of the system on AS/400 like Accounts Payable, Account Receivable and Inventory Management.
  • I have also developed a medical system in ORACLE on PC. I have used all the features of ORACLE like SQL PLUS,SQL FORMS,SQL REPORT,SQL MENU

Environment: IBM AS/400, RPG/400 CL, RLU, DDS, DFU, Subfile , Oracle, DOS , Lotus , dBase IV

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