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Financial Analyst Resume

Millburn, NJ


Experience in various facets of accounting; finance; and data analysis with various types of service-oriented firms. Capable of comprehending new computer software via work or self-trained methods.


MBA (Finance)
Masters of Accounting & Financial Management
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration/Marketing And
Minor in French & Survey of Japanese Culture


Systems: Windows XP
Software: Word; Excel; Access; PowerPoint; Visio; Project; Lotus Notes; SAP; Hyperion Essbase Excel Add In


Passed Certified Public Accountancy Exam (CPA Exam)
SAP-approved in the following areas: Financial Overview, General Overview & Master Data, General Ledger; Hyperion-approved in Hyperion Essbase
Spreadsheet Add-in and Visual Explorer


Various Consulting Engagements NY, NJ

Consulted as an Accountant/Finance Analyst for financial institutions on projects which included adherence to Sarbanes Oxley; finding cost-savings in commodity spending; running accrual-related reports in SAP; and managing accounts payables for an IT cost center 2002- 2008

Confidential (Consultant)-Florham Park, NJ
Worked as a Financial Analyst in cost-analysis role for large law firm

  • Extracted data from CMS accounting system into Excel and formatted into proper columns
  • For both Annual Meals & Entertainment expenses as well as Annual Membership and Bar Dues, the data for each of these two categories was categorized by bucket of the top 75% expenses of the year and placed into pivot tables for managerial view. The data for each was several thousands of rows of journal entries which were categorized by bucket type.

Confidential (Full-Time)-New York, NY
Worked as a Project Accountant in this architecture service firm in following capacities:

  • Supported Excel-based financial models on firm’s budgeting, forecasting, and financial statements.
  • Generated weekly project managers’ reports through Deltek Accounting System on projects, accounts receivables, budget vs. actuals, and staff utilization.
  • Developed schedule of values (SOV) budget Excel spreadsheet for new projects over $50,000 depicting different phases of project, man hours needed, approximate time, and coordinating such costs to Accounting Department in San Francisco, CA.

Confidential (Consultant)-Brooklyn, NY
Worked in Morgan Stanley’s IT support unit:

  • Performed analysis of past outstanding payables in order to ascertain what product and service charges the department incurred and the breakdown of such charges.
  • Calculated monthly cost accruals for long-term contracts showing cost breakdown by vendor allowing company to allocate set amounts periodically.
  • Updated spreadsheet on vendor payables to show what invoices remain outstanding and which ones were paid.
  • Updated Access tables of numerous business units’ IT inventory and uploaded into web server providing an uncomplicated, quarterly, inventory reference for management-reporting.

Confidential (Consultant)-Totowa, NJ

  • Worked with senior management in disseminated accrual related reports for 9 cost centers utilizing both SAP and Excel.

Confidential (Consultant)-Short Hills, NJ

  • Worked on a revenue-recognition project: ensuring that 800+ new contracts were booked properly and deferment was done as per Sarbanes-Oxley guidelines.

Confidential (Consultant)-New York, NY & Jersey City, NJ

  • Analyzed cost reduction across JP Morgan’s Investment Banking Unit using Six Sigma principles with Excel data analysis. This included finding cost savings ranging from $35,000 in copy machine usage to $125,000 in courier expenses, respectively.

Confidential (Consultant)-New York, NY

  • Using new accounting software implementation, populated corporate intranet with financial information of AMAC, Inc. and Charter Mac, Inc.

Confidential, New York, NY
Quality Assurance Accounting Officer 1998-2000

Full-time employee who managed budget reconciliation and data related to currency cleared and fund transfers involved 35-40 international banks in emerged markets.

  • Audited the financials of 5 cost centers’ 3 years financials.
  • Prepared month-end reconciliation of six cost centers with key reports from HRM ADP and G/L Finance Millenium downloads plus A/P monthly closings. Introduced to GAAP method of accounted analysis.
  • Investigated unusual charges and budget variances and obtained approval for any abnormal charges.
  • Generated staff volume and expense reports and e-mailed to senior management in Singapore after reviewed with Project Manager and Quality Assurance Manager.
  • Supported Excel 8.0 VBA written application to facilitate daily in put of figures into Excel.
  • Assisted in the business continuity process with Project Manager by updating off-site terminals.
  • Gained experience with check writing and processed systems; SWIFT, FED and CHIPS; their protocols and the methods of sending/receiving payments.

Confidential, Morristown, NJ
Staff Accountant 1996-1997

Consulted for major European freight-forwarder in accounts payable area.

  • Kept JD Edwards accounted system updated of all foreign payable invoices in US and non-US currency.
  • Insured the balanced of General Ledger account while worked in collaboration with Accounts Receivable Unit’s.
  • Collection of payment from other third party shippers.
  • Responsible for 10-15 personal accounts of mostly German-originated invoice bills.
  • Insured the favorable rate of currency for large accounts by brokered with corporate contacts and gave such discount rates for large quantities.
  • Assisted A/R functions by updated their receivables of West African; Caribbean; and Middle Eastern shippers.

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