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Economist / Research And Statistical Analyst Resume

Columbia, SC

Data-savvy analyst combining proficiency in economics and accounting, with background in goal-oriented assessments of empirical and theoretical economic factors...seeking challenging opportunity to apply analytical skills. Demonstrated relationship development with management, colleagues, and clients. Organizational collaboration and solid team member. Key performance qualifications at a glance:

  • Finance
  • Public Finance
  • Health Economics
  • Industrial Organization
  • Intellectual Property
  • Property Rights
  • Government Regulation
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Cost Analysis
  • Antitrust Economics
  • Labor Economics
  • Managerial Economics
  • Econometrics
  • Economics of Defense
  • Economic Development
  • Public Choice
  • Policy Evaluation
  • Cost Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Industrial Organization


Confidential, Columbia, SC 2010 to Present Economist / Research and Statistical Analyst Formulate and analyze empirical policies on topics including, but not limited to taxes, business development, education, and transportation. Perform cost- benefit analyses on various state projects including tax changes, new business ventures, and federal stimulus money in order to advance South Carolina's economic standing.

  • Crafting comprehensive tax reform for state taxes to ensure equity to citizens and businesses while providing for prominent state offered services.
  • Directing and evaluating research projects and tasks that will maximize SC's economic potential
  • Presenting research, forecasts and analyses for various groups of state legislatures and Governor.
  • Initiating cutting-edge topics to promote success and entrepreneurship in South Carolina.
  • Granted authority to analyze various topics at my discretion due to high merit in assigned tasks and ability to discern most relevant and pressing issues.
  • Initiated and began comprehensive transportation, distribution, and logistics plan for the state to make it more competitive with neighboring states.
  • Calculated various financial components, scenarios, and consequences given South Carolina's budget Situation in order to target extraneous spending, promote equity, and model state finances after those of profit-maximizing businesses.
  • Presented conclusions to Secretary of Commerce to advocate to governor, other Cabinet agencies, and state legislature.
  • Collecting and analyzing comprehensive economic data that is necessary for SC's monthly Economic Outlook; writing the Outlook that is disseminated by the Commerce department.

Confidential,Newberry, SC 2004 to 2010 Financial Analyst / Manager of Finance Oversaw all accounts payable and receivable in distribution warehouse. Priced over 500,000 items individually; simultaneously ensured profit maximization and client discounts.

  • Monitored, analyzed, and reported monthly budget and profit forecasts, cost-benefit analyses, and other budgetary components in order to target efficiencies and inefficiencies
  • Provided and implemented recommendations to improve profit, reduce unnecessary costs, and curtail waste
  • Increased profit for company by 36% within two-year time frame; i.e., cut excess spending and pricing items to reflect demand of marketplace.
  • Designed and manually entered complete inventory system for over 500,000 items using Peachtree Accounting.
  • Executed all purchasing decisions in order to maximize both efficiency and profit for the company while providing the most economical and highest quality product for customers.
  • Maintained all customer-client and distributor-warehouse relations on a daily basis
  • Priced over 500,000 items allowing MPS to possess a competitive advantage which simultaneously maximized profit and provided affordable prices to customers

Confidential, Charleston, SC 2010 Part-time Teacher / Tutor Prepare lessons using Teacher's Edition to foster students' learning of Kaplan method, increasing GMAT scores. Tutor students entering business school with GMAT preparation.

  • Conduct bi-weekly classes on Kaplan Method for improving GMAT scores.
  • Directly manage classes and tutees.
  • Independently promote brand, method, and class planning.
  • Based on performance excellence, assigned tutee and two GMAT classes to teach prior to training completion.
  • Assisted students to raise GMAT scores over 100 points.
  • Achieved excellent evaluations on all performances.

Confidential, Clemson, SC 2007 to 2009 Teaching Assistant / Economics Department Created and conducted weekly lessons to facilitate learning and improve grades for Microeconomics and Macroeconomics students that were part of a large class

  • Assessed essays and exams in a short timeframe
  • Coalesced with other teaching assistants to improve and edit departmental exams
  • Strategized with other teaching assistants and professors; i.e., decided dissemination of final grades for over 400 students each respective term.

Confidential Labor Economics / Financial Economics Assessed numerous homework assignments, quizzes, midterm exams and final exams for classes in Labor Economics. Constructed statistical databases for professor of Labor Economics to save time and ensure adequacy in computing students' final grades and class standing.

  • Participated in collecting, organizing, and analyzing research on various topics in Labor Economics for working papers
  • Provided consulting services for various private firms concerning cost-benefit analysis, financial valuations, and transfer pricing. Performed copious research on financial institutions during economic collapses of 2008 and 2009.

Tutor / Mentor , Confidential Aided student-athletes in the subjects of Economics, Math, and Statistics

  • Crafted worksheets and evaluations to suit student-athletes' learning styles and abilities.
  • Succeeded in helping student-athletes improve grades; prepared summer tutoring class for group of 15 at request of primary Learning Specialist.
  • Coordinated and implemented schedules for at-risk student-athletes prioritizing and balancing athletics and academics.

Confidential, Gilbert, SC 2002 to 2004 Assistant to Vice President Compiled relevant documents for sale of utilities company under intense confidentiality. Organizes and planned meeting schedule for vice president.

EDUCATION ABD in Economics Curricular Highlights: Antitrust Economics, Labor Economics, Managerial Economics, Econometrics I, II, III, Economics of Defense, Economic Development, Property Rights, Public Finance, Public Choice, Finance, Government Regulation, Accounting, Policy Evaluation M.A. in Economics B.S. in Political Economy

THESIS / RESEARCH PROJECTS Job Market Paper: The Effect of Property Taxes on County Economic Development: A South Carolina Case Study Other Working Paper: The Prevalence of Severe Illness Diagnoses in Rural versus Urban Areas


  • Philip Prince Alumni Scholarship
  • Palmetto Fellows Scholarship
  • Dean's List, Four Semesters
  • President's List, Two Semesters
  • National Honor Society
  • Best Public Speaker in Business Communications

CERTIFICATIONS Professional Certificate in Capital Markets - In Progress Studying for Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) - In Progress

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Model Equations Conference Kaplan Teacher Development Program


  • National Economic Association
  • The American Finance Association


  • SAS
  • Hyperion
  • Oracle
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Microsoft Word / Excel / Access / PowerPoint

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