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Peoplesoft Functional Consultant Resume

Tyler, TX

Over 6 years of experience in the IT industry, performing Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Testing of business application systems. Six years of Progressive functional experience in the implementation, customization and upgrade ofPeopleSoft9.0/8.9/8.X Financials and Supply Chain Modules.I have experience inFIT GAP Analysis, design, development, implementation, Conversions, Customization, CRM, Upgrade, Workflow, App Engine , Interfaces, testing, troubleshooting and Production Support .An outstanding team player with excellent analytical, problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills, with ability to interact with individuals at all levels.


  • Hands on working experience of the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture and the flow of data exchange between various FSCM modules.
  • In-depth proficiency of functional knowledge to Design, Development, Implementation, Upgrade, Customization, Testing and Support experience in PeopleSoftAccount Payables , Account Receivables and Billing, GL, Asset Management, ePro/Purchasing, Pcard, Inventory,Grants, Contractsand Project costingmodules.
  • Proficient in Module Development, Interfaces, Conversion, Data Migration and Report Writing.
  • functionallyproficient inImplementation, Customization, Maintenance, Interfacing, Reporting, Data Conversion, Integration Brokerbetween Project Costing and T & L modules,Upgrade, Maintenance, 1099 Processing Production SupportandTesting.
  • Extensively worked with Development Tools, Administration Tools, Reporting and Analyzing Tools,PeopleCode, Application Designer, Process Scheduler, Data Mover, Import Manager, Maintain Security, Workflow Administrator and Enterprise Portal.
  • Designed, Tested and automatedinbound voucher Interface files from the vendor systems Corporate Express and PGI Companies.
  • Reputed Knowledge in creating specifications, project schedules, analyzing the upgrade process to re-customize and reapply the customizations, supervising design activities and interfacing with customers for successful completion of project.
  • Strong working knowledge inRDBMSsuch asOracle, SQL Server, SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Worked in multi platforms like differentUNIXflavorsHP,IBMlegacy systems andWin-98/NT/2000/Xp.
  • Possess excellent communication skills and good zeal in adapting to new technologies.


Confidential, Tyler, TX August 2009 - Present
PeopleSoft Functional ConsultantPeopleSoft FCM 8.4/8.9/9.0(AR, AP, PO, ePro, SCM, GL, BI, T & E,Pcard , Project Costing and AM)

  • Responsibilities:
  • Involved in fit-gap analysis from PS8.4/8.9 to PS9.0 version. Designed the document for master customization list which will take care of all the gaps should be fulfilled in PS9.0 version.
  • Designed the document to grant the roles across different modules from PS8.4/8.9 version and PS9.0 version.
  • Designed, Developed, Tested Vouchers and Payments conversion Application Engine program using CI to App Engine.
  • Customized and Retrofitted all client custom sqr's in 9.0.
  • CustomizedPurchase Orders (POPO005)as per the client requirements.
  • Involved in setting up Roles, Rules and Approval Sets. Developed Queries for workflow and reports requirements.
  • Involved in integrating between Financials and HRMS. Designed and Developed Message channels, Message nodes and Messages to integrate workforce data, Personal information.
  • Extensively used Integration broker to send messages from finance dept by using person basic full sync, currency fullsync and currency code full sync.
  • Setting upTL_PC_TO_PCprocess and troubleshooting.
  • Involved in the set up of XML publisher i.e. Defining XML Publisher Global Engine Settings, AssigningXMLPpermissions to users, working with the template designs.
  • As a part of production support, helped the users with invoice printing issues, provided access/restricted access as security admin and provided assistance with issues relating to various third party applications interacting with PeopleSoft.
  • Designed and developed enhancement modifications to Maintenance Worksheet page in AR.
  • Created Purchasing Interface using File Layout, Application Engine and Component Interface, which loads data from flat file into staging tables while doing various data validations using AE PeopleCode and finally loads into PeopleSoft tables through Component Interface.
  • Modified the delivered processes, Dispatch PO (POPO005.Sqr), Requisition Loader(REQ_LOAD), INVMaterial Reservation,INV Replenishmentas per the requirements of the Cogentrix.
  • Defined supplier contract information. Added contract line information and Create supplier contract releases, Reviewed supplier contract releases.
  • Tested the application once patches and fixes applied to the system and ran processes.
  • Worked on interfaces to receive asset information from other PeopleSoft applications (PeopleSoft Purchasing and PeopleSoft Payables).
  • Customized PeopleSoft delivered Crystal reports in Payables like Vendor Detail, Vendor Summary, Closed Voucher, APY1010 - Voucher Register, APY1010A - Posted Voucher Register, APY1040 - Open Voucher Report, APY2015 - Check Register.
  • Created GL Interface that loads data from a flat file into PeopleSoft General Ledger using SQR, which includes implementing complex business rules like Combo Rules, subtotals on Business Unit level, grand totals, error handling procedures, printing multiple output reports and processed file report. Used various SQR functions, Arrays, Load Lookup & SQC.
  • Worked exclusively on the Account Receivables Part of the business units.
  • Created interface that will be used to generate the flat file with details of all checks for payment and cancellation this was used for the Bank Reconciliation by the Client.
  • Involved in Fit-Gap analysis ,Requirement gathering, design, development, testing, implementation of People soft Enterprise Portal.
  • Pcard setups, Visa file loading and trouble shooting.
  • Designed developed, tested and migrated new Project Appropriation Allotment Report by usingPROJ_RESOURCE, PROJ_ACT_SRCH and BUD_PLANtables.
  • Troubleshooting project costing budgeting.
  • Created Excel to CI templates to the functional team.
  • Design and development of Grants Post-Award conversion to upload grants conversion data from DFMS into the PeopleSoft Post Award records The Component Interfaces developed for the completion of this conversion task areGM_AWARD_CI, CA_HDR_PNG_CI, PROJECT_GENERAL_CI, and GM_BUD_DETAIL_CI.An Application Engine was developed and the Component Interfaces are called in "Update" mode to load the necessary data for the already created Award.
  • Design and development of SQR ,Crystal and nVision report to provide an overview of Capital Projects, by Project Business Unit, listing budget, spending and unencumbered amounts by Activity Id for each detail project IDs for each summary project IDs.
  • Created functional, technical specs for Portal Custom pagelets, Branding, Navigation Collection, Content Management, and Security

Environment:PeopleSoft Financials/SCM (AR/Billing, AP, GL, eProcurement, Inventory, Expenses, Purchasing, Contracts) 9.0, People Tools 8.49, Oracle 10G, Crystal Reports 9, XML Publisher, SQR 8, UNIX, WebLogic 9.1.0, BEA Tuxedo 9.0.0, Application Designer, Integration Broker, Application Messaging, Purchasing, People Code, Portal, Application Engine, Data Mover, Work Flow, Security, nVision, Windows XP, Project Costing, Cash Management, Pcard, Grants, Oracle 9.2 on Windows NT and Solaris, Stat.

Confidential, Maumee, OH Feb 08 - July 09
PeopleSoft Functional Consultant PeopleSoft FSCM v 8.8 Implementation (AR, AP, PO, GL, ePro, T & E BI, OM and AM)
  • Designed Technical documentation for the Interfaces/Enhancements/Reports and conversion by coordinating with the Application Software/Agencies team.
  • Involved in Requirement gathering process for the reporting purpose. The process includes meeting the functional users and the end-users.
  • Tracing App Engine programs, Peoplecode debugging.
  • Coordinated with the remote team to develop the code based on Technical Detail Specifications.
  • Developed Purchasing Interface using File Layout, Application Engine, AE, People Code and Component Interface, which loads data from flat file into staging tables while doing various data validations using Application Engine People Code and finally loads into PeopleSoft tables through Component Interface.
  • Designed, Developed, Tested and an automated inbound voucher Interface files using EDI Manager.
  • Designed and Developed the Invoice printing for the customers as the invoice printing process has several modifications
  • Involved in the PO - AP matching issues in PeopleSoft allowing the system to match the Purchase Order, Receipts and Vouchers - as the converted data was manually matched in legacy system. For this, I developed an interface inbound/outbound Application Engine process to make sure the data in PeopleSoft AP table are consistent with the ones in the third-party system
  • Modified several jobs used for invoice printing delivered by people soft as the client don't need all those to be run as part of the process because of the performance issues.
  • Worked on PS Security, handled the tasks related to security including access to various PS modules/ Pages on an individual user basis and permission lists.
  • Design and develop Workflow for Voucher approvals in AP. The Voucher Approval workflow required three levels of approval and needed to be routed by Department for non-school district transactions and by Department and Operating Unit for all school-district related transactions. This effort needed changing in Activity mapping; approval rule set changes, custom peoplecode and other minor modifications to the Approval page
  • Modified the delivered Refund Checking Application Engine program(AR_REFUND)as it is a SQR in PS 9.0version.
  • Trouble shooting payments and paycyles.
  • Automated voucher loading, voucher build.
  • Modifying and creating newSQR programs.
  • Bank Reconciliation process.
  • Worked on asset basic financial attributes(includes cost, books, depreciation method and convention, life, and AOS category)
  • Changes to PeopleCode so as to reflect the customizations as per the Clients requirements and execution of Queries on Security tables for Performance checks.
  • Developed a Custom App Engine to perform the Conversion of Customer Data from PS8.8 to PS8.9. Used Peoplecode to perform Long Data type inserts from PS8.8 to PS8.9 for Customer Conversation Conversions.
  • Involved in Customizing and Testing the AP Pay Cycle Process to print the Custom Checks.
  • Troubleshoot(AR_UPDATE)Application Engine process; causing negative amount validation error while updating item tables.
  • CustomizedAP_MATCHINGprocess to perform Matching validation among receipts, PO and invoices and a Match exception crystal reportAPY1090to view the disputed values that are populated after running Matching process.
  • Developed an Interface programDUKEN_EDIFMT.SQRto format the third party flat file data into 998 Control Record EDI format.
  • CustomizedVCHR_EXPRESS1page by incorporatingDUKESignature Authority Functionality to create and approve vouchers based on the amount levels.
  • Developed an SQR data conversion program to import payments from a third party system to ARmodule.
  • Customized PeopleSoft delivered Posted Voucher Listing Crystal report APY1020.rpt for AP module.
  • Customized the Approve Voucher Workflow in AP module.
  • Developed Purchasing Interface using File Layout, Application Engine, and Component Interface, which loads data from flat file into staging tables while doing various data validations using AE PeopleCode and finally loads into PeopleSoft tables through Component Interface.
  • Implemented PeopleCode to dynamically change prompt table for account on journal line, based on commitment control amount type selections. This involved use of component level PeopleCode, passing rowset objects from component level to field change PeopleCode.
  • Customized deliveredGL SQR's (GLS 7010, GLS 7002, GLS7014)to run the reports for 'ALL' Business Units.
  • Designed and fully customized the crystal layouts (Standard Invoice, Prepaid, Property Damage, Joint use, Quantity Grid and Consolidated Bill Invoice Crystal Layouts) in Billing module.
  • Member of Production Support Team to consult end-users with their difficulty during using new versionInvolved in defining System and Profile options. Implemented Auto receipts, Auto cash rules, Tax methods, and Auto Invoice and Auto Accounting methods. Set up Lock Box transmission system and Imported Receipts into AR using Auto Lock Box.
  • Worked extensively on SQR, Crystal Reports, PS Query and App Engine Programs.
  • Creating new report Customer Credit Reference Details including Customer Name, address and Credit amounts and also will give Aging Category and Payment History details on As of Date.
  • Involved in testing of Application Engine Programs likeAR_CASHCNTL, AR_OVRDUE & AR_UPDATEin Account Receivable.
  • Resolved the issue of caused by the conversion of AR Direct Journals which caused budget error by updating the SQL in the App Engine.
  • Worked on Process Scheduler to create various process definitions and attached these processes to the pages.
Environment: PeopleSoft Financials 8.8, People Tools8.47, People Code, Application Engine, Component Interface, SQR, Integration Broker, Crystal reports 9.2.3, nVision, Oracle 9i, Quality Center, WinRunner, LoadRunner, SQL Server 2005, UNIX, Oracle 10g on Windows NT and Solaris, Autosys for Scheduling, Webscribe/Reportmart for Reporting .

Confidential, Dallas, TX August 06 - Jan 08
PeopleSoft Functional Consultant
Implementation: People Soft Financial FSCM 8.4 (GL, AP, AR, BI, AM, PC, T & E, Inventory)


  • Prepared functional and technical specifications for Account Payables, Travel and expense.
  • Worked on Account Payable Application interfaces and SQRs which are ACH/EFT Payment files to send to chase Bank, Cleared check information from bank to PS, AP Vendor data to SLIM, Check data to SLIM, Check clearing data to slim and garnishment invoice payment information to payroll.
  • Created new rules and assigned role type and role names.
  • Worked on customized the existing Expense workflow to send payment notification email to employee.
  • Worked on a Conversion program to update the location codes in the DEPT_TBL with the store locations which are in the Legacy system.
  • Designed, Developed, Tested and an automated inbound voucher Interface files from the Vendor systems Corporate Express and PGI Companies
  • App Engine Debug, tracing and restart.
  • Have downloaded and applied upgrade Patches & Fixes periodically to our current environments
  • Ran the Item Loader Workflow process to process errors and exceptions for Item loader messages.
  • Worked on T & E workflow process and notified employees with automated email message.
  • Developed detailed Client, Open Invoice and On account conversions by using SQR.
  • Developed GLOBAL Client, AR Open Item and AR On Account Conversions. Impacting
  • VAT, Multi Currency and Unicode file system.
  • Worked on AR_DUNNING Application Engine process troubleshooting and fixing.
  • Involved in various testing phases such as Unit Testing and UAT
  • Worked on match exception process and notified users with email message about exception rules.
  • Involve in testing of GL Background processes GL_LED_IMP and GL_JRNL_IMP.
  • Automated voucher loading, voucher ec and voucher edit processing.
  • Enhancements of SQR Reports, Pay cycle, Setting up new business units and Testing.
  • Developed Application Engine Processes to upload Vendor Conversions and Journal uploads
  • Created JCL wrappers for SQR and application programs to be able to run on mainframe.
  • Interaction with Bank of America data center team for follow-up of the missing Recon files and Payment files.
  • Created new component interface to load express voucher data (ADD, UPDATE), Express Bill Entry (BI_ENTRY) from excel to peoplesoft (AP_VCHR_EXPRESS).

Environment:People Tools (8.43), PeopleCode, SQR, Workflow, Integration Broker, File Layout, Application Engine, Component Interface, Quality Center, WinRunner, QuickTest Professional and LoadRunner DataMover, DB2, SQL Server 2000, Office2002, Windows NT, UNIX

Confidential Cincinnati, OH Feb 05 - July 06
PeopleSoft Functional Consultant Upgrade PeopleSoft FSCM Applications from Version 7.53 to 8.4.


  • PeopleSoft Financials Upgrade from 7.53 to 8.4 in AP, AR, PO, Billing and GL modules.
  • Performed the business and technical Fit Gap Analysis, analyzed the existing customization of pages inAP, GL & ARand collaborated with the functional team in deciding the re-application of the existing customizations
  • Ran the DDDAUDIT audit report to find inconsistencies between PeopleTools records and index definitions and the database objects. Ran SYSAUDIT to identify orphaned PeopleSoft objects
  • Configured Upgrade assistant and ran the upgrade steps using PeopleSoft certified way toUpgrade AP, AR and GLModules from 7.53 to 8.4, also applied the recent Bundles and Fixes from PeopleSoft Customer Connection to the PeopleSoft 8.4 module
  • Developed and customized Reports SQL/SQRs, PS/Query , Crystal and nVision reports as per business requirements and Pages using App. Designer, PeopleCode and App. Engine programs for background processing.
  • Written peoplecode for new interfaces and used Application Engine and File Layout Objects.
  • Developed a custom reconciliation page for the users to review the rejected and non routable records received.
  • Extensively used PeopleCode debugger in 3-tier mode.
  • Developed Purchasing Interface using File Layout, Application Engine, and Component Interface, which loads feed data into staging tables while doing various data validations using AE PeopleCode and finally loads into PeopleSoft tables through Component Interface.
  • Performed custom changes on the Direct Debit Processing, on FIN2025.SQR (Format EFT Files), to create EFT File as per Client's needs and documented the technical system specifications for the same
  • ModifiedAR_DIRDEBIT Application EngineProgram.
  • The Detailed Technical design for Direct Debit consists of Program code forAR_Directdebitapplication Program added new steps - INS_CNTL, DD_IT, new SQL Code for Direct Debit Processing.
  • Written an SQR to interface data from the trial parts receipts table into the PeopleSoft Accounts Payable system for the purpose of creating payment.
  • Involved in developing SQR programs for loadingAR Customer Infoand Item Balances data into PS tables. Reports were also written to identify/handle rejected rows.
  • Modified the existing Journal entry screens to restrict the changes made to the journals based on custom created roles.
  • Involved in Setting up the Journal generator forARand Billing. Testing the accounting information sent over toGL from AR and Billing.
  • Coordinated with the QA team and fixed all issues (People Code, App Engine processes).
  • Provided technical consultation and assistance to the training team
  • Provided post-production support for all modules.
Environment: PeopleSoft Financials7.53/8.4 (AR, AP, PO, GL, AM, ePro, T & E and Billing), PeopleTools 7.5x/8.43, Datastage (ETL),Quality Center, WinRunner, LoadRunner, Upgrade Assistant, PeopleCode, SQR, Crystal Reports, PS/nVision, PS/Query, Data Mover, Oracle 8i, Windows NT, UNIX.

Confidential, Columbus, OHJan 04 - Jan 05
PeopleSoft Functional Consultant
PeopleSoft v7.5/8.0Financials, HRMS

Involved in the up gradation of the PeopleSoft 7.5/8.0 HRMS (HR, Payroll, and Benefits Administration) & Financial (AP,AR,GL,AM)Modules based on organizational needs and requirements.

  • Extensive involvement in developing custom SQR reports for the HR department.
  • Worked on customizations, enhancements, desktop support/issues, Security views and performance issues.
  • Developed site-specific Benefits Billing reports
  • Customized online print functionality for benefits billing
  • Assisted in prototyping and development phase for Benefits Admin.
  • Developed the upgrade plan, Installed and upgrade PeopleTools, Executed and reviewed compare reports,
  • Setup menu security, helped in Audit and clean-up databases.
  • Modified existing customized pages and created new pages.
  • Modified the PeopleCode in the various custom field events to reflect the functionality that earlier existed.
  • Changed various application engine programs that errored out during the upgrade run.
  • Reviewed and established disaster recovery requirements and plan, provided subject matter expertise across all technical areas of the projects, reconciled object and functionality decisions, Re-designed online customizations plan.
  • Troubleshooting and validation of the processes.
  • Applied module-specific setup and conversions, Performed SQR, Crystal, COBOL, Application Engine, Query and nVision comparisons.
  • Wrote Crystal Reports, PS/nVision reportsusingQuery Manager.
  • Involved in Migrating the Projects which contains customized objects like Records, Pages, and Component.
  • Defined interface requirements for upload invoices, EDI Transactions, and mechanized feeds to a central bill payment system.
  • Worked on EDI Manager forAccount Payable. Involved in data mapping and setting up of action codes and event codes.
  • Analyzed and made recommendations for customization of the inbound and outbound agent SQRs.
  • Customized PeopleCode for the pages as per the requirements by the client using PeopleSoft Application Designer.
  • Developed new Crystal reports and new SQR Programs and customized existing Programs.
  • Worked on data mapping, component interface for data conversion for Financial Implementation System. Did extensive work on customized SQRs and wrote new SQRs as per client's requirements.

Environment:PeopleSoft 7.5/8.0 (Financials, HRMS), People Tools, People Code, SQR, SQC, PS/Query, N/Vision, Windows 95.

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