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Peoplesoft Techno-functional Consultant Resume

Sacramento, CA


  • Over Eight+ Years of experience as a HCM Techno - Functional consultant in Implementation, Customization, Upgrade, Development and Maintenance and Production support of PeopleSoft HRMS 9.2/9.1/ 9.0/8.9 with modules in Core HR, Payroll, Base Benefits, Benefits Administration, Time and Labor, Pension Administration, ELM, Absence Management and Self-Services (ESS, MSS). Self Service applications such as eProfile/eProfile Manager Desktop, Talent Acquisition Manager/Candidate Gateway, ePerformance, eCompensation, ePay, eBenefits.
  • Built Application Engine processes for ensuring data integrity and third-party interfaces and was involved in performance tuning of the Application Engine Programs using Traces.
  • Good technical Knowledge of PeopleCode, Application Engine, SQR, SQL, Integration Broker, COBOL, Application Messaging, XML Publisher and STAT for migration.
  • Responsible for data conversion from PeopleSoft HCM data into Oracle database.
  • Good understanding of Benefits Administration, NA Payroll and Global Payroll with respect to their relations with the core HR modules. SAP Data Integrator scripts
  • Gained good knowledge of PeopleSoft HRMS tables/structures technically and good knowledge of setting up the Core-HRMS tables.
  • Conducted unit and user-acceptance testing with team members for upgrades, implementations PeopleSoft HCM v9.2 to 8.9 and tax updates.
  • Extensive experience of different types of testing e.g. Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Regression, Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Load and Performance Testing.
  • Experienced in Batch processing, Customization, Upgrade and Migration.
  • Played key role in development of Interfaces, and Online Customizations using SQRs, People Code and Application Engine for PeopleSoft HR, Benefits, and Payroll, Time and Labor modules.
  • Work Experience on UNIX, Windows Servers, Shell Script, Batch Scheduling Application Control-M, Database Access Tools like TOAD, Query Analyzer, Quest, SQL Plus, Version Control Tool STAT and Defect Tracking
  • Good understanding and Working knowledge of Workflow, Interfaces and Fit-Gap-Analysis.
  • Experience in writing SQL queries and have exposure to different databases, includes SQL Server.
  • In depth understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle and Agile Methodology involved in the QA analysis, planning, execution and test management.
  • Possess Good communication skills, keen to adapt to new technologies and effective Team Player.


ERP: PeopleSoft 9.2/9.1/9.0/8.9 and People Tools 8.55/8.54/8.53/8.52/8.51/8.50/8.49/8.48

Modules: HR, Payroll, Base Benefits, Benefits Administration, Time and Labor, Work Flow, eRecruit, ePay, ePerformance, eDevelopment, eBenefits, ELM, Accounts Payable, Planning compensation, Pension and Absence Management.

People Tools: Application Designer, Application Engine, PeopleSoft Query, Tree Manager, Security Administrator, Process Scheduler, Process Monitor, Upgrade Assistant, Data Mover, Component Interface, Integration Broker, XML Publisher, Application Messaging and STAT for migration.

Languages: SQL, SQR, People Code, COBOL, C.


Confidential, Sacramento, CA

PeopleSoft Techno-Functional Consultant


  • Retrofitted PeopleCode customizations for NA Payroll, T & L, Recruiting, and eBenefit customization for PeopleSoft upgrade project and Bundle upgrade project.
  • Involved in gathering business requirements in various modules such as Talent Acquisition Manager Recruiting, Time and Labor and converting them into technical specification.
  • Setup and implemented TAM, such as job opening template, recruitment template and document template. This includes setting up career site for external and internal applicant.
  • Involved in analysis, customization and implementation of PeopleSoft Human Resources HR, Payroll NA and Time Labor module.
  • Setup and implemented Payroll Interface between PeopleSoft and ADP Payroll.
  • Developed Application Engine to process Merit and Bonus load from People Fluent 3rd party compensation application to job data.
  • Using PeopleSoft component interface technology developed an automated process to load employee new hire data from a source file into PeopleSoft HCM. This process allowed for the rapid and accurate data loading for mass hires that occurred as part of company acquisitions.
  • Developed Application Engine to generate XML publisher report for succession planning report, employee Interim and Year End performance.
  • Configuration of PeopleSoft Time and Labor report time, scheduled time, exceptions and rules. And fixed some defects in related to Absence Management and Time Labor implementation.
  • Performed fit-gap analysis of Employees development and training HCM 9.2. Created technical design, functional design and user guide document for Employees development and training.
  • Designed and developed a custom forgot your password feature for the PeopleSoft eProfile module, resulting in significant time savings for the IT helpdesk group.
  • Configuring AWE (Approval Workflow Engine) for all MSS transactions which include New Position, Position Change, Change Funding, Job opening, Transfer, Promotion, Reporting change and Pay Rate.
  • Working on set up and doing necessary customizations for ePro Requisition approval Process Workflow (Approval Workflow Engine AWE), which is based on Dollar amount, Commodity and Management hierarchy for around 10 Business Units.
  • Configured AWE for Performance and Time and Labor module.
  • Configured Application Workflow Engine and moved custom workflow transactions into AWE framework.
  • Created Run control Pages, Components and Records and attached them to required menus through Application Designer and made them available to various operators through Maintain Security to have the reports run under Process Scheduler.
  • Setup Integration broker IB configuration, gateway, local node and external WSDL node.
  • Supported HR, Benefits and Recruiting with formulating enhancements and new customizations. Done Functional Requirements documents, testing and project migrations through testing environments to Production Environment.
  • Involved in configuration core Payroll: Benefits and General Deductions, additional pay, pay calendars, taxes, accumulators, vendors earnings codes and programs, etc.
  • Tested and maintained SQRs, panels, PeopleCode and created new Crystal Query reports as needed.
  • Developed the Outbound Application Engine program to send the daily active employee badge information to the Simplex System. Developed the Inbound Application Engine program using the File-layout to load the elapsed time (.CSV) file from Simplex system.
  • Involved in Logging and tracking quality defects using Quest STAT tool.
  • Experienced in Unit testing and migration of PeopleSoft objects and flat files using STAT.
  • Involved in Configuration and Administration of third party version control Quest STAT for PeopleSoft.
  • Customized pages for eBenefits to deliver Benefit Enrollment pages, Health Plan pages, Managing Insurance Plans.
  • Modified/fixed the current BENADMIN process to run the customized SQRs which updates the reporting records PS BEN PLAN DATA and PS BEN PER DATA.
  • Worked on various ADP interfaces like ADP check print process etc., to accommodate the proposed customizations from the client.
  • Customized the delivered page ‘Activity Roster Enrollment Status page’ as per the client’s requirements like displaying the Hire date to determine the seniority when necessary and the Approving Manager details.
  • Developed an SQR to print the employee’s personal information, benefit plan type, and the deductions amount for the plan type using HR, Benefits and Payroll tables.
  • Created new Application Engine & Component Interface program to upload employee’s new Compensation rates from input file to Job component.

Environment: s: PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 image 24 (Time & Labor, ePerformance, Recruiting, AWE, Benefits, Payroll, People Tools (8.54), App Designer, SQR, STAT Windows NT, UNIX and Oracle12c.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

PeopleSoft Techno-Functional Consultant


  • Designed and developed a customization to provide an attachment feature to the users when they go for a name change. Also the customization involves name change workflow to enable the management to view the attached supporting documents for name change request.
  • Designed and developed an enhancement in Benefits module to add the Spousal Surcharge feature to the delivered spouse enrollment in medical coverage functionality.
  • Configured and maintained all the tables involved in Payroll processing, such as Pay calendar, JobCode, Deductions and Processes such as Paysheet creation, PayCalc, Payconfirm, Tax Tables etc.
  • Created new Application Engine & Component Interface program to move employees from some of the Jobcodes to another Jobcodes to make them qualify for new Pay Rate increase.
  • Developed new Application Engine programs and also customized existing Application Engine programs for TIME REPORT CODE for TIME & LABOUR (PS TCD INTERFACE).
  • Involved in setting up different flat rates and salary based rates for different plans for the payroll to calculate the deductions.
  • Created test cases in PeopleSoft HCM with updated scripts and performed system testing of benefit interfaces.
  • Designed and developed bi-directional interfaces to exchange premium, billing and eligibility data to and from benefits to a third party vendor called You Decide.
  • Defined and built Work Schedules by creating Shifts, Workdays, and Template Definitions for Biweekly employees.
  • Developed a custom Time and Labor rule to validate duplicate assignment codes reported for the same amount of time under same time reporting code.
  • Developed custom Time and Labor Rules to take care of Rounding Rules, Meal Over times and Scheduled Day off.
  • Managed exceptions and approve time by time reporters, reviewing attendance history, requesting batch approval process.
  • Involved in modifying the AE program (XX ACT RMNDR) to print the facility for a class in the text of the Activity Reminder Notification.
  • Designed and developed custom Report repository to store the user generated XML publisher reports and effectively maintain history of multiple versions of the reports.
  • Designed an interface to send employees' job change information, newly created departments and newly created positions to CE Direct.
  • Developed People Code programs for online Validations and functional Processing for HR, Time and Labor, Benefits and Payroll modules.
  • Provided day-to-day technical support for PeopleSoft Payroll and Benefits Administration.
  • Responsible for application and database tuning. Tuned SQR’s, application engine programs.

Environment: PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 (Payroll, ePerformance, eCompensation, Recruiting, Time & Labor, Benefits), People Tools (8.52), App Designer, SQR, Windows NT, UNIX and Oracle11g.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

PeopleSoft Techno-Functional Consultant


  • Developed a customized component, which holds the results page for data loaded using dynamic file-layout, which shows the results and errors if any online, and gives user a chance to rectify those errors on the same page and print those error messages to a CSV File.
  • Designed and developed interfaces and reports for time and labor which takes in data from a CSV file and process the data and load the data using a CI and print the errors back in to a new CSV report using Application Engine people code programs.
  • Created and Used Application Packages, Application engine programs, SQR Batch Programs, Menus, Components, Pages, Records, Fields and several complex SQL Definitions in order to achieve functionality.
  • Extensively used Process scheduler for setting up the reports to run at specific time and used Process Monitor to monitor the status of reports.
  • Applied security for Integration Broker objects as well as the Component Interfaces.
  • Involved in developing the Background check process flow pages for those joining newly to the company whether they are contingent workers or Contractors or full time employees.
  • Added Zip Code match customization so that user’s don’t make errors when entering the Zip Codes in the personal information pages or recruiting pages.
  • Worked on the development of ePay module to develop reports and application engine programs to load into the PeopleSoft tables.
  • Moved existing proxy functionality of Capital One into PeopleSoft AWE.
  • Configured AWE frame work for HR transactions.
  • Developed/configured AWE (Approval Workflow Engine) Workflow for Benefits and HR module.
  • Configured the custom notification through AWE and customized the approval process for approvals in ePerformance.
  • Scheduled and Monitor jobs using Data Integrator Management console.
  • Experience in debugging execution errors using Data Integrator logs (trace, statistics and error) and by examining the target data.
  • Designed PeopleSoft HCM configuration, payroll and financial data integration.
  • Defined separate data store for each database to allow Data Integrator to connect to the source or target database.
  • Design and developed SAP Data Integrator scripts for data transformation.
  • Used various Platform and Data Integration Transformations for data manipulation.
  • Designed and developing the Leave and Overtime bolt on application and building the Approval process using the Approval Workflow Engine (AWE).
  • Worked on designing and configuring AWE for several HR transactions.
  • Setting up the Requisition Workflow using the eProcurement Approval Workflow Engine (AWE).
  • Did setup the Workflow in various emodules using the AWE (Approval Workflow Engine).
  • Implemented AWE Workflow for some of the customer as part of the PeopleSoft implementation.
  • Created new Definition ID for routing the ePerformance documents to the Department Manager using AWE.
  • Developed Person Import, Accruals Time Entry Payroll Interfaces to integrate with KRONOS.
  • KRONOS WFC 6.3 Implementation experience, KRONOS WIM Interface development and enhancement, KRONOS Custom report writing using VS and customization.
  • Developed interfaces to process hours and earnings and deduction adjustments between PeopleSoft and Kronos
  • Created Payroll Tech spec developed One-Time Deductions, One-Time Earns using SQR/App Engine.
  • Worked on Paycheck page Customizations to change the search keys for better page performance and comma formatting of the amount fields on the Pay Check Summary page.
  • Developed the Application message to be triggered to update the tables in HRMS, when there is a change made to Financials Business unit data.
  • Designed and Developed Inbound Interfaces and processing procedures for processing and Loading Employee Benefits, Deferred Compensation, Loan and 401K Contributions and Vacation Buy and Health & Welfare information into PeopleSoft Tables.

Environment: PeopleSoft 9.2(HCM), Kronos WFC v6.3, Workbrain, People Tools (8.50), App Designer, SQR, Windows NT, UNIX and Oracle 10g.

Confidential, Charlotte

PeopleSoft Techno-Functional Consultant


  • Conducted Fit/gap Analysis, Re-Engineering of business processes in the upgrade of major HRMS modules such as human resource including position management, base benefits, time & labor.
  • Involved in enabling and updating Security Definitions for Pages, Components and Menus to restrict users to the Database tables holding sensitive data.
  • Created new field definitions and added that field definition to the existing record and page definitions through Application Designer.
  • Developed and Modified PeopleCode for various validations as required by our business process.
  • Used PeopleSoft delivered Time and Labor rules and also developed and Customized Time and Labor rules which included Holiday, Weekly Threshold, Daily Threshold, and Day Breaker Rules.
  • Created a SQR program which checks for the terminated employees in the organization and shuts down the parking benefits of the employee.
  • Created a SQR program to update the benefits of the INTER-COMPANY transferred employees based on their transferred company location.
  • Developed a HCM/Payroll bolt-on employees Multi-State Tax application using Application Designer, Application Engine, PeopleCode, Process Scheduler, Oracle, STAT and UNIX.
  • Created custom employee self-service pages for W2 Reissue Requests and Commission Payment Details. Resulted in vast reduction of Payroll customer service requests.
  • Using PeopleSoft component interface technology developed an automated process to load employee new hire data from a source file into PeopleSoft HCM. This process allowed for the rapid and accurate data loading for mass hires that occurred as part of company acquisitions.
  • Analyzed PeopleCode and Application Engine trace to resolve PeopleCode and Application Packages issues in Employee and Manager Self-service work flow transactions.

Environment: PeopleSoft 8.9/9.1(HCM), People Tools (8.50), App Designer, STAT, SQR, Windows NT, UNIX and Oracle 10g.


PeopleSoft Developer


  • Upgrade of PeopleSoft v8.9 including HRMS, Benefits, and ESS, MSS with subsequent 9.0 upgrade utilizing Talent Management. Configured modules and set up core Human Capital Management (HCM) tables. Developed and executed test scenarios and test scripts.
  • Performed a fit/gap analysis for Manager Self-Service. Gathered functional requirements from business users and mapped requirements to delivered PeopleSoft functionality. Created power point templates to show the suggested customizations to the delivered application. Created technical specifications and a Project plan that includes development time, setup efforts, testing, roll-over, documentation, user training and production support details.
  • Involved in the PeopleSoft Upgrade Project for Benefits, MSS, ESS, Recruiting and HR.
  • Involved in Re-applying of Customizations for 9.0 Upgrade.
  • Involved in the retrofitting of SQR’s and Application Engine programs for 9.0 Upgrade.
  • Customized HCM Recruiting module as per Port Authority business requirement.
  • Customized Inventory Replenishment SQR report as per business requirement.
  • Developed Purchasing Interface using File Layout, Application Engine, and Component Interface, which loads data from flat file into staging tables while doing various data validations using AE PeopleCode and finally loads into PeopleSoft tables through Component Interface.
  • Involved in the creation of custom Application engine by reading the inbound file interface to load the data as well as generated the outbound file to the third-party system.
  • Developed the BRDs for the end to end functional testing for MSS and ESS of eProfile, eBenefits Benefit Administration and ePay 9.0.
  • Improved the Absence Approval page in Manager Self-service to update or delete the approved.
  • Worked in Initial design of technical specifications for Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service modules. Responsible in developing customizations based on initial technical specifications.
  • Absence and established up the Absence Data and Developed Report for Employee Absence and Track Vacations.
  • Worked on Process Scheduler to create Process Definitions for the additional Reports and Processes.
  • Created and maintained documentation of all changes in the upgrade process.
  • Developed and customized Application Engine programs for various processes to perform background SQL processing on the database.
  • Worked on Self Services modules for the Page modifications and online changes.
  • Interacted with the users to solve their day-to- day problems.

Environment: PeopleSoft 9.0 HCM, People Tools (8.50), App Designer, SQR, Windows NT and Oracle 9i.

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