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Senior Application Analyst Resume

San Leandro, CA


  • Talented and Accomplished Sr. Application/Software Engineer, Project/Product/Support Lead, and Consultant with over 15 years of experience.
  • Led/Completed multiple PeopleSoft implementations, upgrades, tax updates, and customization projects;
  • Developed project plans and managed numerous projects;
  • Performed Security Administration, system and infrastructure planning, migration of updates and fixes, and database tuning;
  • Setup and maintained PeopleSoft Process Schedulers, Application Servers, Web Servers;
  • Troubleshot complex system and database problems such as processes, reports, data, Application Server, Web Server, Process Scheduler;
  • Designed and coded Application Engine and SQR programs to interface to PeopleSoft modules, third party applications, vendors and benefits providers;
  • Setup Integration Broker to interface between PeopleSoft HRM and CRM modules.
  • Created/modified numerous SQL, SQR and PeopleCode, Application Engine programs/reports;
  • Tuned and enhance performance of SQLs and SQRs programs;
  • Created/modified panels/pages and related records and migrated modifications using PeopleTools;
  • Created PeopleSoft security classes, profiles and operators;
  • Supported the applications and system after the product has gone live;
  • Assisted business development team with writing design specifications for custom system development;
  • Worked with Clients, Benefits providers, Software vendors, and Internal groups;
  • Developed internal processes and procedures;
  • Created Service Level Agreements;
  • Created amendment to contract;
  • Developed training guides;
  • Mentored peers and junior staff.


  • PeopleSoft HRMS/HCM
  • PeopleSoft Financials
  • PeopleSoft CRM Confidential Helpdesk
  • PeopleSoft EPM Workforce Analytics
  • PeopleTools
  • PeopleCode
  • PeopleSoft Administration and Security
  • SQL & SQR
  • WorkBrain Time & Attendance
  • Business Objects
  • Oracle, DB2, & SQL Server
  • Toad, SQL*Plus
  • Java, XML
  • Siebel Service (CRM/SFA)
  • HCM/HRMS ( Confidential /Payroll/Base Benefits/Benefits Admin)
  • CRM ( Confidential HelpDesk)
  • EPM (WorkForce Analytics)
  • Financials (General Ledger, Asset Management, Accounts Payable, Billing, Accounts Receivable)
  • Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MS Access, IDMS
  • SQR, PeopleTools, PeopleCode, Application Designer, Change Assistant, Upgrade Assistant, Data Mover, Import/Export Utility, Process Scheduler and Monitor, Application Reviewer/Debugger, Application Engine, PS Query, Query Tools, Tree Manager, Ascential ETL, SQLTalk, SQL*Plus, TSO/ISPF, Eclipse
  • SQR, SQL, COBOL, HTML, ASP, JCL, Pascal, C, Basic, Mark IV, Java, XML, Assembler, Unix/DOS Batch Scripts


Senior Application Analyst

Confidential, San Leandro, CA


  • Peoplesoft HCM/HRMS 9.0/9.2, Benefits Admin, Payroll, Financials, CRM Helpdesk
  • Highly customized HCM for multiple clients/companies
  • Integration using PeopleSoft Web Services/Integration Broker
  • Created/Modified Menus, Components, Pages, Records, Fields, PeopleCode, Processes, Component Interface, Application Messages, PS Queries, etc. for various projects
  • Developed and Modified numerous SQR and Application Engine programs and reports
  • Technical lead for Holiday Calendar and Worker’s Compensation Certificate Of Insurance projects
  • Worked on recreating new Time Off/Leave Request application
  • Created new data models for migrating legacy applications to PeopleSoft
  • Installed tax updates
  • Assisted in upgrade of PeopleTools from 8.48 to 8.51 and from HCM 9.0 to 9.2.

Senior Application Analyst/Software Engineer

Confidential, Mountain View, CA


  • Global Peoplesoft HCM/HRMS, Contingency Workforce, and Directory Interface modules
  • Upgraded to PeopleTools 8.49.12 from 8.45
  • Upgraded and applied patches to PeopleSoft HRHD CRM application to 8.9.12
  • Setup HRHD 8.9.12 application including security profiles and roles
  • Configured Integration Broker 8.9.12 HRHD and integrated with HCM application
  • Installed and Setup Weblogic web servers, Tuxedo application servers and process schedulers
  • Technical Lead for the Implementation of PeopleSoft EPM WorkForce Analytics with Business Objects reports
  • Led technical team in the implementation of WorkBrain (Infor) Time and Attendance module
  • Developed Numerous Interfaces from PeopleSoft HCM to WorkBrain
  • Customized WorkBrain application
  • Upgraded WorkBrain to 5.0.3
  • Part of the technical engineering team for HRMS 7.5 to 8.1 and HRMS 8.3 to 8.8 upgrades and Global implementation
  • Part of the engineering team for ePerformance implementation
  • Performed conversion for Global implementation
  • Participated in the design and implementation of the Contingency Workforce Module
  • Managed the technical aspects of a Point Release after Global Implementation
  • Lead the technical team with the upgrade (Globalization, upgrade to HRMS 8.8, new Chart of Accounts and Business rules) of a customized Pay Decision (Variable Compensation) Tool
  • Created Merger and Acquisition load/interface to PeopleSoft
  • Constructed interface to Variable Compensation application
  • Worked with business analyst to implement version 8 Security
  • Trained and helped users with PS Query
  • Provided help with Year End processing and clean up
  • Developed Production Support Model and Processes for Help Desk users and defined new Categories, Items and Type for Entries into Remedy
  • Created FAQ and trained Help Desk personnel on PS common problems
  • Production Support
  • Created new Unix monitoring scripts to monitor production application server and process scheduler
  • Provided assistance to team members
  • Created and modified numerous SQL scripts, SQR and Application Engine programs and reports

Senior Application Engineer

Confidential, San Francisco, CA


  • Global Peoplesoft HRMS, Base Benefits, and Benefits Admin modules
  • Participated in the design and implementation of a customized Rewards Management System (RMS) for annual ratings, annual incentive plans, base pay increases, and leadership shares
  • Analyzed/evaluated current RMS, system processes, problems, data model, requirements, etc.
  • Took part in developing data model, processes, conceptual user interface, technical design, Application Engine processes, SQR programs and reports, pages, PeopleCode functions, etc.
  • Performed conversion for customized RMS
  • Designed, created and tested interface to new benefits provider
  • Production Support
  • Created new Unix monitoring scripts to detect production problems
  • Provided coaching to team members
  • Applied fixes to new applications and PeopleSoft
  • Created and Modified numerous SQL, SQR and Application Engine programs and reports

Technical/Support Lead

Confidential, San Carlos, CA


  • Take a lead role in creating/developing PeopleSoft, ChangePoint, Siebel, and CommerceOne support groups
  • Worked with other departments (Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Consulting, Application Services, and Engineering) to scope and implement software applications
  • Implemented new application functionalities
  • Created and modified numerous SQL and SQR programs and reports
  • Applied fixes to new applications and PeopleSoft
  • Assisted business development team with writing design specifications for custom system development and pre - sales
  • Designed, coded and tested programs to interface into PeopleSoft modules
  • Developed upgrade plans for new applications and interfaces to PeopleSoft
  • Assisted in system configuration and infrastructure planning, security administration, migration of updates and fixes, and database tuning
  • Created service level agreements, processes and solutions for supporting clients such as escalation procedures to internal departments and software vendors
  • Worked with clients at all levels within corporate structure to understand key business requirements to support the client during and after implementation phase
  • Worked with internal groups and software vendors to support clients
  • Tested, supported and troubleshoot the integration between PeopleSoft and ChangePoint/Siebel
  • Advised on issues such as security and upgrades
  • Represented Client Services group on upgrades, integration and security issues within company
  • Determined number of people require for supporting new applications
  • Responsible for daily support and account management during and after implementation
  • Built and developed teams by hiring and training candidates and end users
  • Scheduling team members for business and off hour support
  • Provided coaching and feedback to junior team members

Senior Service Consultant

Confidential, Redwood City, CA


  • Take a leading role in creating/developing PeopleSoft support group
  • Implemented and Supported all PeopleSoft Financial and HRMS modules
  • Applied PS patches from Customer Connection and developing processes for applying patches
  • Modified Menus, Panels/Pages, Records, SQR programs, Processes, Reports, etc.
  • Resolved problems and issues that clients encountered such as processes, reports, data, environments, Application Server, setups, printing problem, network connections, etc.
  • Advised and assisted on production issues such as security and upgrades
  • Mentored junior analysts/support consultants

PeopleSoft Consultant



  • Multiple countries and locations
  • Developed an interface system to their Hyperion reporting system
  • Created/Modified Menus, Panels/Pages, Records, PeopleCode, Processes, etc.
  • Developed and Modified SQR programs and reports
  • Created/Modified GL Trees
  • Modified nVision reports
  • Applied PS patches from Customer Connection and migrated fixes to multiple countries
  • Helped with Production Support
  • Assisted in implementing/upgrading to release 7.5
  • Created test plan for Year 2000 testing of PeopleTools
  • Setup and modified Unix, DOS and Windows environments
  • Worked with DBA to tune and enhance performance of SQR programs

Project Lead/Technical Consultant

Confidential, Seattle, WA


  • Peoplesoft HRMS, Base Benefits, and Benefits Admin modules, HP Unix 10.20, Oracle 7.3.x, SQL*Plus, SQLTalk
  • Project lead for upgrade of PeopleSoft HRMS & Benefits release 3.22 to release 5.01
  • Created project plan for major upgrade and managed upgrade project
  • Upgraded to release 5.12 and implemented the Benefits Administration modules
  • Setup, ran and analyzed comparison reports
  • Setup and Modified Unix, DOS and Windows environments
  • Created/Modified Unix and DOS batch scripts
  • Created/Modified SQL scripts
  • Established coding documentation and commenting
  • Reviewed and upgraded customizations
  • Customized Benefits Admin module
  • Created new Benefits Admin SQR reports and programs
  • Helped and advised with hardware capacity planning
  • Assisted DBA in creating upgrade databases and backups
  • Applied PeopleSoft fixes from PeopleSoft’s Customer Connection Web site
  • Developed and Modified Confidential and Benefits SQR programs and reports
  • Created Process Scheduler training guide and trained staff
  • Setup and maintained Process Scheduler
  • Started and Stopped Process Scheduler and related tasks
  • Helped with production support

Computer Systems Analyst (PeopleSoft Consultant)

Confidential, El Paso, TX


  • PeopleSoft Financials modules, AIX, Oracle 7.2.x, SQL*Plus
  • Converted the legacy Asset Management system to PeopleSoft Asset Management
  • Created SQR conversion programs
  • Implemented PeopleSoft fixes from PeopleSoft Lotus Notes
  • Developed and Enhanced the PeopleSoft Security Administration
  • Created/Changed PeopleSoft security classes and operators
  • Created and modified new menus, panels, records, fields, and peoplecode
  • Developed and Modified SQR programs and reports
  • Tuned SQRs with DBA and improved performance

Computer Systems Analyst (PeopleSoft Consultant)

Confidential, Dayton, OH


  • PeopleSoft HRMS, Benefits, and Payroll modules, Oracle 7.1x, Unix, SQL*Plus
  • Assisted with the implementation of the PeopleSoft modules
  • Developed and Modified SQR programs and reports




  • PeopleSoft HRMS and Canadian Payroll, MVS, DB2, SQLTalk, SPUFI
  • Responsible for developing, supporting and maintaining the university’s administrative computer systems; Human Resources/Payroll System (PeopleSoft IHRIS from January 1992), Student Information System and Financial Records System.
  • Developed employee donations ( Confidential ) system
  • Created and modified menus, panels, records, fields, and peoplecode
  • Production support
  • Developed and modified dozens of Confidential, Benefits, and Payroll reports, programs and interfaces to the university’s Financial system and Benefits providers
  • Created T4 tax slips, automatic reappointment of staff, UIC rebates, Salary increases, Benefits statements interface
  • Support payroll cycles and fixed payroll batch jobs
  • Year-end processing
  • Implemented PeopleSoft tax updates
  • Worked with DBA to tuned SQR programs and improved performance

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