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Peoplesoft Hcm Lead Resume



  • 14 years of extensive experience working in PeopleSoft HCM / HRMS suite (8.x to 9.2), Human Resources Management and data processing, business systems implementations, serving in a wide variety of roles across multiple vertical markets and client types.
  • Lead cross functional workshops introducing business process re - engineering opportunities utilizing HR best practices and delivered PS workflow. Workshops included organization change and communication strategies for the deployment of the changes.
  • Conducted various testing phases (system, user and parallel) to ensure configuration. Supporting modules including Core HR, Time & Labor, Position Management, Benefits Administration, Payroll, Absence Management, Smart ERP, GL Interface, and AP Interface were functioning correctly as required.
  • Proficient in all phases of the systems development life cycle including Requirement Definition, Data Conversion, System Implementation, Application Testing (Unit, Functional, QA, SIT and UAT Testing)
  • Lead several teams that includes onshore-offshore model, being a liason between the Technical and Business Users.


PeopleSoft Functional: PeopleSoft HCM (Time and Labor, Core HR, Position Management, Payroll for North America, Compensation Management, Base Benefits, Benefit Administration, Absence Management, Candidate Gateway, Talent Acquisition Manager, eProfile, ePay, eBenefits, ePerformance, eCompensation, Manager/ Employee Self-Service, Fluid Interface

PeopleSoft Processes: Configuration/ Setup, Installation, Upgrade, Payroll, Tax Updates, Fixes/Bundles/maintenance Packs, Bonus, Open Enrolment, W2 -processing

Version Controls/Testing Tools: STAT, VSS, ALM, PHIRE, Success Factors

Reporting Tools: PL/SQL, PS Query


Confidential, Indianapolis

PeopleSoft HCM Lead


  • Lead requirement gathering sessions to re-design Position Management 9.2 Implementation. Fit gap analysis with missing business processes.
  • Responsible for performing the Configuration of Time and Labor Rules and identifying the various codes that needs to be tracked on the time sheets
  • Understood the existing Clipper program functionality and Converting the functionality to PeopleSoft Time and Labor configuration tables and Rules.
  • Integrated Manager dashboard and workcenter for approving and managing time.
  • Customize and configure the time loading process into payroll system with added integration with third party tools.
  • Implement and configure timesheet lockdown for administrators to take control and not let any users to update time during payroll.
  • Configure group creation security to enable dynamic and static groups.
  • Conducted presentations and Deployed several of PeopleSoft 9.2 features including Fluid user interfaces for NA payroll, Payroll Work center, Paycheck Modeler, Life events for Benefits etc.
  • Fixed Integration issues with Position Management and Taleo by introducing Non Person Profiles to associate talent attributes and send recruitment information across to Taleo.
  • Developed new process for recruitment and how the job information is posted on Taleo.
  • Redesign business process for FTE changes and replacements with Positon management and to have best practices in place.
  • Developed new links in portal to initiate transfers and position replacements.
  • Developed training classes for Managers to learn new features involving Position Management and Fluid.
  • Defined new business process for Supervisor changes across the board and enable indirect reports functionality to make sure every employee has a Supervisor in place during Performance Appraisal cycle.
  • Developed new termination process to accommodate Clinical Physicians who need to be hired/termed/retired more than 6 months in future.
  • Implement custom roles and security as part of the re-org.
  • Requirement gathering for custom business process to manage and track FMLA requests.
  • Configured custom process to enable new Hiring process and automate flow of Benefits information.
  • Setup and re-config Open Enrollment business process.
  • Designed Queries for manager self service, which would help managers perform audits on specific time reporting codes, perform trend analysis on certain time components etc.
  • Create custom Queries to extract data from Finance to HR/GL interface used for budget change details needed for Labor team approvals.
  • Designed queries to get a proper head count, pending approvals, remaining open positions before the data conversion.
  • Configured Smart ERP templates for various day to day HR transactions, Smart ERP templates setups and configurations and Smart ERP template security.
  • Documented base benefits for employees and administrative staff.
  • Did walkthrough to the users and trained the trainers on the new life events guided process in PS9.2 and demonstrated how to configure life events through a sequence of action items.
  • Fit gap to implement Ben Admin as part of redesign and automate open enrollment and event maintenance.
  • Integrated Manager dashboard and WorkCentre to fully utilize the new fluid functionality.

Confidential, Nevada

PeopleSoft HCM Functional Lead Consultant


  • Conducted workshops and deployed several PeopleSoft 9.2 features including Fluid user interfaces for Core HR, Time and Labor, Payroll Work center.
  • Implemented Custom Company directory as part of Fluid interface to replace the existing online phone book.
  • Developed learning and Job aid resources using UPK tool for HCM modules.
  • Manage UPK activities and coordinate classroom activities - including securing classrooms, setting them up for training, conduct end user training sessions
  • Setup custom eligibility and event rules for city requirements. Automate event triggers for BAS activity tables.
  • Implement scheduling for open enrollment and event maintenance.
  • Setup and validate the new Benefit Programs, Eligibility Rules and Event Rules and worked on the Eligibility Configuration fields. Also, worked on setting up the Cross-Plan validation checks for 1x and 2x plan types.
  • Design custom HR approval workflow for Managers, Administrators for Time and Labor Module
  • Implement a custom new hire/re-hire process with city specifications.
  • Configure and setup position management and customize according to the city requirements.
  • Implement Time and labor, Core HR Workcenters and integrate with Fluid
  • Conducted fit gap sessions identifying new functionality as well as gaps in the current system.
  • Configured and setup Time Reporting Codes, Work groups, Time and Labor Rules, Work Schedules and Time Periods.
  • Involved in extensive testing phases which include System Integration, User and Parallel.
  • Have defined Workgroups for the specific needs of the clients, for purposes of TL approvals, define approval pages for each workgroup.
  • Designed the Security Roles for various Levels of Designations within the City and formulated the Self-Service functionality for various Roles including Employee, Department Secretary, Manager and Governance Executive.
  • Designed and developed App Engine & App Packages interface program for External Health insurance program, these app packages are used to retrieve employee address and benefit coverages.
  • Created a SQR process to extract Retirement data from HCM as per the state requirements. It produces a CSV file and a report. The CSV file gets send to DRS.
  • Created complex queries using PS QUERY to validate the year end tax reporting for each of the W2 boxes.
  • Created several audit report and defensive queries for purposes of validating payroll pre and post calc and confirm, and also the time that gets loaded through the third party through PSHUP
  • Implement custom approval workflow for time and labor, Core HR using AWE.
  • Assisted clients understand how to enable existing ESS and MSS transactions via Fluid
  • Facilitated designs and POC to showcase how Home Pages, Landing tile and Navigation collection on Fluid for ESS and MSS
  • Implement Training Administration as part of eDevelopment to facilitate user specific requirements and design approval workflow for different scenarios as per the city rules.

Confidential, Denver

PeopleSoft HCM Functional Lead Consultant


  • Providing Production support assistance helping the CU business users with their day to day activities that predominantly deals with Non-Person Profiles and Position Management.
  • Created several functional specs for the business needs of CU; the document included designing Process design map documents that are both high-level mapping and end to end process mapping in nature.
  • Implement Time and Labor 9.2: Replacing CU Time and MyLeave. Fit gap analysis. Requirement gathering.
  • Configure TL 9.2 integrated with Fluid interface. Configure WorkCentre for self-service, both employee and manager.
  • Lead the team by assisting users with Establishing new positions, Modifying Existing Vacant Positions and Modifying Occupied Positions.
  • Thorough understanding and expert in identifying the withholding calculations and have identified issues related to the patches that was released as a part of several tax updates.
  • Worked with the business users and provided the functional specs on several third party interfaces.
  • Helped the end users understand the changes in tax rate computation for supplemental earnings based on the tax updates changes.
  • Configured Pay/Bill management for workers’ compensation using HCM components.
  • Helped with testing on the 401K profit sharing interface sent from third party for CU system. The special elections are expected to be run with the last On-cycle payroll.
  • Customized the Pay check pdf document xml publisher report as per the business requirements.
  • Developed new SQR programs to pull the Payroll related data from PeopleSoft HCM database to generate Flat files for the determining the total Earnings, Deductions and Taxes of the employees, also to load data from CSV files to Rapid data Entry tables and then loading to pay lines.
  • Helped end users with creating PS Queries and modifications to the same based on their daily needs for the business processing.
  • Involved in Performance tuning of various SQRs and Queries that were taking too long after the upgrade.
  • Maintained the Application Engine Programs of eRecruit and Recruit Workforce
  • Provided client with understanding of Total Rewards concept for compensations as well as eCompensation Manager Desktop concept for Department Budgeting engagement of current year changes and ability to plan more efficient future budgets
  • Fixed several inconsistencies related to Position attributes between the Smart HR and PeopleSoft system.
  • Provided both functional analysis and support for CU PeopleSoft Position Management data cleaning effort including strategy and tools.
  • Fit-Gap for Compensation Management as part of on-going effort to re-implement Core HR.
  • Enrolling 5000+ employees and deploying time entry via self-service submission for exception time/leave reporting and manager self-service approvals and notification. Eventual goal was to deploy eCompensation for student employees.
  • Combined 4 groups into a common processing structure as well as incorporating new common leave rules, accruals, and pay-outs through new/updated Time Reporting Codes/Programs and then to new/updated Earning Codes/Programs for payment processing in an effort to streamline processing and maximize automations.
  • Maintained several processing periods to keep alignment with Payroll periods as well as created new Takes that allowed team to document missed absences and not repay them since the absence was paid directly through payroll for improved reporting.
  • Involved in Performance tuning of various SQRs and Queries that were taking too long after the upgrade.
  • Maintained the Application Engine Programs of eRecruit and Recruit Workforce
  • Designed the load of Leave request information from CU Time system to Absence Management Absence Event entries component through Component Interfaces.
  • Designing a custom process to force the employees, who are on Leave Status to be processed by the delivered absence calculation engine.
  • Setting up the Eligibility, day formula and Pay calculation rules for Absence Takes (Vacation, Sick, Bereavement, Jury Duty etc) as per the CU Rules.
  • Conducted Fit-Gap Analysis of the current third party Integration tool (Smart ERP) and how it communicates with the PeopleSoft System.
  • Analyzing business processes between Campus and HR systems, which would aid in the re implementation of HR in PeopleSoft.
  • Conducted Fit-Gap analysis of the homegrown Time system (CU Time) and MyLeave to eventually implement PeopleSoft Time and Labor.
  • Worked closely with the business users assisting them with budgeting and position management.
  • Fixing several integration issues between SmartERP and Peoplesoft System that is related to smart ERP forms/Template.

Confidential, Austin

Time and Labor & Benefits Functional SME


  • Conducted Fit-Gap Analysis and presented the fit-gap phase documentation for all the agencies that moved from 9.1 to 9.2
  • Lead the system testing, Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing assisting/fixing the issues encountered during the testing phase.
  • Interacting with the end-users and fixing issues pertaining to employee timesheets, FLSA status and the customizations with regards to the rules for the time that is being converted from the older system into PeopleSoft.
  • Gathered enhancement requirements from the end-users for the additional changes for the timesheets and the processes, after the upgrade was complete.
  • Designed the functional specs for custom timesheet which accommodates all the comp time plans and other T&L related data for the entire month on one single page for easy accessibility.
  • Worked on Ben Admin module from a functional end-user and Configuration perspective.
  • Worked with configuration of BAS group Identification , Benefit Plans, Benefit Program Definition, Benefit program Cost, Benefit program option, Benefit program plan.
  • Understood the business requirements behind defining new benefit plans to better serve the different variations of leave requirements of the agencies.
  • Tested Open Enrollment and Event Maintenance processes for the new upgraded systems.
  • Documented eBenefits for employees and administrative staff.
  • Identified and developed correction procedures for Base Benefits data errors that would cause problems in Ben Admin.
  • Did walkthrough to the users and trained the trainers on the new life events guided process in PS9.2 and demonstrated how to configure life events through a sequence of action items
  • Supported and assisted production support activities related to Payroll and T&L
  • Designed system plan for various new functionalities as a part of migration to 9.2.
  • Extended help and support to Payroll and HR team with the various inbound/outbound interfaces.
  • Conducted Training sessions to users helping them to understand the time and labor processes and the elements that holds the balances, entitlements.

Confidential, Houston

Senior PeopleSoft HCM Consultant


  • Worked as the project lead managing the offshore resources, prioritizing the production support Service Requests.
  • Help with project planning and identification of team roles/responsibilities.
  • Created and Executed Test Scripts/Scenarios and Test plans and Identifying and logging Defects if any.
  • Supported Open Enrollment, handled and resolved issues related to Employee Benefits and HR processes. Worked on post OE clean-up activities.
  • Tested Open Enrollment and Event Maintenance processes for the new upgraded systems.
  • Establishing TRC Codes including TRC Categories, TRC Programs, Defining and Mapping Time Reporting Codes.
  • Automated past manual processes associated termination and leave payouts
  • Configured multi-leave balance reduction cascades to support single entry leaves
  • Corrected issues identified shortfalls from original consulting implementation to include year-end carryover and rollover as well as FMLA processing
  • Have defined Workgroups for the specific needs of the clients, for purposes of TL approvals, define approval pages for each workgroup.
  • Worked closely with Payroll team on various Time Admin issues including Issues pertaining to Payable time and the various Exceptions generated from Time Admin Load process.
  • Worked in setting up Shifts and Shift Differentials for various groups of employees in the organization.
  • Working with business leaders and technical team to identify areas to de-customize existing platform.
  • Extended Production Support services for various modification that the client required on Year end Scripts and reports
  • Working with technical team identifying the feasible solution for various 3rd party files sent from legacy systems.
  • Responsible for 9.2 tables’ configuration and business process reengineering activities.
  • Responsible for coordinating and performing integration, system and user acceptance testing.
  • Responsible for customization of Manager and Employee Self Service.

Confidential, California

PeopleSoft HCM Upgrade Specialist


  • Formulated the Business Requirements and Functional Designs for new business cases and proposals identified during the upgrade phase.
  • Did walkthrough to the users and trained the trainers on the new life events guided process in PS9.2 and demonstrated how to configure life events through a sequence of action items.
  • Gathering Requirements through discovery sessions for the re-implementation of Time and Labor 9.2
  • Conducted JAD sessions with various MOU’s (Memorandum of Understanding) and departments to further understand the key rules of Time and Labor processing pertaining to each MOU.
  • Formulated documentation on the List of TRCs and the corresponding Earning Codes to be mapped to the same.
  • Designed the Security Roles for various Levels of Designations within the County and formulated the Self-Service functionality for various Roles including Employee, Department Secretary, Manager and Governance Executive.
  • Defined the Schedules for various Work groups including the 9/80 Schedule for Social Services Division and Special Investigating Unit (SIU)
  • Defined the Rounding Rules for each of the work Schedules.
  • Worked with the County to gather information on the Sick and Leave Entitlement for Regular and Part Time Employees. The Vacation Entitlement Rules vary for each department.
  • Part of the Fit-Gap analysis sessions and documenting the same for the Upgrade of HCM 9.0 to 9.2. Created a fit-gap phase approach documenting the phase by phase activities that would be performed.
  • Walkthrough conducted for the end users of the county briefing them all the new features that HCM 9.2 has to offer.
  • Conducted functional sessions with users on e-apps and documenting their current processing
  • Worked with the team in determining the required workflow and security required for the implementation of eProfile, ePay, and eBenefits.
  • Configured Take elements and calculation rules for Vacation, Sick, Paid Time Off, Extended Leaves, Bereavement, Jury Duty, Office Closed etc.
  • Configured absence accrual and leave request processing functionality, including a rules engine to compute the most complex accrual, consumption, payout and carryover logic.
  • Setups of Extended Leave Templates and configuration of extended leave calculation rules for client's FMLA, Maternity, Worker's Compensation and Infant Care leave types.
  • Configured request approval functionality, including multilevel approvals and alternate approvers using Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service and Approval Workflow Engine.
  • Automated Leave Donation, Leave Receipt, and Leave Return administration processes.
  • Integration of AM to Time and Labor to enable the processing of time information and to generate payable time data that is subsequently loaded into Payroll for North America and third party payroll interface.

Confidential, CT

Senior PeopleSoft HCM Consultant


  • New PS implementation of HCM, Ben Admin, eApplication, ESS, MSS.
  • Helped the project management team evaluate the project plan and associated schedule and redefine project team roles and responsibilities.
  • Assisted with the creation of the project plan associated with the project and was responsible for managing the HCM activities throughout the engagement.
  • Identified additional requirements, design specification and reviewed with client during JAD.
  • Configured system from DEV to UAT, and documented system testing and UAT testing results.
  • Created training manuals and conducted end-user training.
  • Maintained issue log database and coordinated with BO’s for testing results and test solutions.
  • Participated in testing at various stages of implementation including Unit test, Functional test, Integration test, Parallel (delayed parallel), performance/stress test, and User Acceptance test

Confidential, Minneapolis

PeopleSoft HCM Functional SME


  • Worked as a HR SME for the Conversion from PeopleSoft to SAP HCM - for Core HR, Compensation, Payroll and Benefits.
  • Ran the court ordered coverage audit report to identify non-compliance with court ordered benefit coverage, placed the riders for the dependents and notified the court.
  • Reworked and reprocessed the events on the Event Status Update page such as Flagged Participants which have rows - out of sequence, job eligibility data change and multiple job indicators change to keep the Base Benefits table in sync.
  • Worked with the Conversion and Development teams to identify the conversion and data mapping strategy from the source to the target system, i.e., PeopleSoft to SAP for HR, Payroll, Benefits and Compensation modules.
  • Setup and validated the new Benefit Programs, Eligibility Rules and Event Rules and worked on the Eligibility Configuration fields. Also, worked on setting up the Cross-Plan validation checks for 1x and 2x plan types.
  • System support for the Tax compliance team for their Quarterly tax reporting and annual tax reporting.
  • Performed mapping of the earnings code to the Data warehouse interface.
  • Validation of the time files for each payroll from Kronos and POS interfaces.
  • Provide quick solution on issue encounter in Payroll & Time and Labor Module.
  • Responsible for Tax updates, Bundle testing / Retrofitting customizations, migrations and manual updates.
  • Served as a functional team lead for small projects, releases, and other implementations specific to the HR area of work, including coordination of tasks, testing, delivery of work from other groups within the IT department & business areas. Coordinate work across the teams.

Confidential, PA

PeopleSoft HRMS Functional Analyst


  • Meetings with user groups to define security configuration and synchronized efforts with Technical group for implementation.
  • Configured all the base tables including Company, Department, Location, Job Data and Earnings.
  • Worked on Pay Sheet Creation, Pay Calculation/Confirmation and all other Post Confirmation processes/reports.
  • Carried out unit testing, system integration tests and supported users on Parallel/UAT.
  • Configured the Employee Self Service for the Personal Data Update, Marital status update, Name Changes and Address Changes.
  • Produced a well-defined and detailed Training Guide for the end users for the HR, Base Benefits and Benefits Administration Implementation 8.8 - documenting the customizations and highlighting the core functionalities
  • Setup different Schedule ID’s and ran the Open Enrollment and Event Maintenance process based on Location.
  • Implement NA Payroll, GL and integrate with third party providers like Benefits, Time & Attendance

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