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Date Peoplesoft Administrator Resume

Richmond, VA


HARDWARE: Sun, HP, IBM, DecStation, VAX, MicroVAX, PC, Macintosh, Data General, GenRad

OPERATING SYSTEMS: Linux, Solaris, AIX, UX, Aegis, Ultrix, VMS, Windows

PRODUCTS: PeopleSoft HCM, Financials, EPM, ELM, CSS, Portal, Oracle OAS, SQL, WebLogic, Tuxedo, BuzzPower, HTML, Unicenter, COOL, ADOBE Acrobat, MS Office Suite, CADAT, Patchman, Informix

LANGUAGES: English, German, a knowledge of French


Confidential, Richmond, VA

Date PeopleSoft Administrator


  • Support all Production and downstream instances of PeopleSoft HCM and Financials versions 9.1 and 9.2 (Tools 8.55).
  • Responsible for maintenance, code migration (PHIRE), patching (PUM) and UNIX shell scripting.
  • Assisted in DBA tasks, while documenting and automating the processes.
  • Automated, documented, and scheduled tasks thru CRON that were being run manually.

Confidential, Reno, NV

Senior PeopleSoft Administrator


  • Supported all Production and downstream instances of PeopleSoft Portal and CSS 9.1 (Tools 8.53).
  • Responsible for maintenance, patching (CA) and UNIX shell scripting.

Confidential, Atlanta, Ga

Senior PeopleSoft Administrator


  • Pre and post downstream environment refresh activities
  • Assist with the application of individual fixes, patches, Tax updates in all environments as required
  • Document the procedures of all support and maintenance activities (including the creation of a 500+ page Standard Operating Environment document)
  • Manage, Document and execute Disaster Recovery process for Financials, HCM, and Portal environments
  • Maintain all application related shell and batch scripts, communicating with all customers and vendors (over 200 shell scripts, 150 batch processes)
  • Maintain all ssh, gpg, and PeopleSoft keys and certificates for all environments
  • Work with the all Project Managers to schedule resources for new projects going into production requiring infrastructure support
  • Automated and created utilities to streamline processes and activities

Confidential, New York, NY

Senior PeopleSoft Administrator


  • Re - deploying Application Servers, Process Schedulers, and Web Servers for all products, whenever required
  • Performing troubleshooting and maintenance for Application Servers, Process Schedulers, and Web Servers for all products
  • The setup and maintenance of temporary environments during hardware upgrades, ensuring that all products remained accessible for the duration of the upgrade
  • Loading, starting up, and administering PeopleSoft during off-site Disaster Recovery drills and during system move from one location to another
  • Upgrade of PeopleTools for all 33 instances of PeopleSoft, for both Development and Production environments
  • UNIX scripting and all UNIX support

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