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Lead Programmer Analyst Resume

Camden, NJ


  • Confidential has over 15 years of extensive IT experience in analysis, design, development and testing of client/server applications, programming languages and reporting tools.
  • This includes 2 years in Oracle HCM Cloud and over 13 years of Implementation, Upgrade, Customization, Maintenance and Production Support of PeopleSoft HRMS/HCM Applications in various sectors such as Automobile, Entertainment, Food, Health care, Finance, Manufacturing, Banking, Sports, Telecom, Government, Insurance etc.
  • Excellent communication skills with a positive approach to problem solving.
  • Enjoys contributing to a team effort and creating a good work environment.


Confidential, Camden, NJ

Lead Programmer Analyst


  • Support and maintain HR Production application pod on Oracle HCM Cloud.
  • Main contact for co - ordination with Oracle Support for issues and bugs to resolve problems or issues.
  • Also, administrator for Development and Test pods to schedule and maintain all processes.
  • Worked on enhancements and day to day production support issues for HR, Benefits and Payroll (Ceridian) and many downstream systems that HR data flows to.
  • Worked on Benefits Open Enrollment Changes including the landing page text and icon changes, rate changes in the setup - Plan configuration or Setup and Maintenance sections.
  • Create and maintain Benefits extracts with Employee and Dependent data transmit to all benefits vendors. Responsible for sending test files and scheduling the production files to all Benefits vendors. Work with BenXML (Benefix) as file format translator middle vendor for changes to mapping or plan number changes in the files.
  • Worked on Security in R12 and R13 which includes setting up new Data and Job roles, custom criteria to hide certain population or grades. Also responsible for Setting up new user accounts and assign roles to new and existing users especially HR, Benefits team in production.
  • Created HCM extracts feeds to go into Payroll with Position and job additions and changes.
  • Work with HR and Payroll (Ceridian Dayforce) system integration processes and resolving data integrity issues between the 2 systems,
  • Worked on multiple BI publisher reports which include xml files to downstream systems. Also worked on Data masking BIPs which generate reports in FBL format to mask personal information of employees for consultants working on the Development instance.
  • Created adhoc reports as needed to help management and HR team as needed. Made changes to existing reports as per user requirements which included Layout changes, distribution list and rescheduling the reports.

Environment: Oracle HCM Cloud Release 11, 12 and 13.

Confidential, New York City, NY

Sr. PeopleSoft Technical Consultant


  • HR system moved to Oracle HCM cloud from PeopleSoft so worked on data conversion loads and developing inbound interfaces from cloud to load into PeopleSoft as payroll would be on PeopleSoft for few more months.
  • Worked on Time and Labor support and enhancements (which include various customizations to the delivered TL process) as per business requirements.
  • Worked on day to day Production support issues for HR, Benefits, TL and payroll, including payroll support during payroll days.
  • Worked with offshore team to apply Payroll Tax Updates. Coordinating testing with the users and managing the schedule for applying the update in each environment and production.
  • Worked as the only technical developer on the implementation project of the new recruiting/Applicant Tracking system (iCims v15.1) at MSG developing all the integration programs between iCims and Peoplesoft HR system. Created all outbound/inbound interfaces between PeopleSoft HR and iCims using Sqr and Application Engine (with CI) to send Peoplesoft setup and employee information and bring in Employee information into PS.
  • Worked extensively on delivered and custom Component Interfaces to hire an employee from recruiting system (iCims) into PeopleSoft by bringing in Job and Personal information. Created Application Engine program which calls different CI’s to insert data into the personal Data, Job data, and emergency contact in PS. Created multiple error trapping procedures and on error, program will roll back all personal data and Last assigned Emplid on Installation table in the Application Engine CI code.
  • Post iCims implementation, worked on automating Employee Rehire process to use the feed from iCims. SQR Program compares the existing original hire personal information and add/update the employee data only when changed in addition to validating the data coming on the iCims file using sqr. Component interface was used to add/update the personal data and insert a new row into job data. A report with the error messages, successes and warning was also generated by SQR process.
  • Worked on automating the Fringe benefit enrollments and Time and Labor enrollments when Emp is hired or transferred into an eligible job.
  • Worked on complicated sqls to pull data from multiple tables to load them into Cloud database.

Environment: PeopleSoft V 9.2(HR, Benefits, Payroll) and Self-service on Oracle with PeopleTools 8.55.12.

Confidential, Princeton, NJ

Senior Peoplesoft Business Analyst


  • Created Application Service Requests to make changes to the interfaces or Peoplesoft system based on user’s requests. Worked closely with the users to gather business requirements and develop technology solutions (tools) that best suit those requirements.
  • Worked on a project involving 6 different (including international) teams to make changes to the cloud based recruiting system (IBM Kanexa BrassRing) and subsequent changes of the data flow to Peoplesoft and many downstream systems. Created business case to support the proposed solution to fix the provisioning issue in the company, including business risk assessments, return on investment, timelines and schedules.
  • Created all deliverables documents - User requirements, Design documents, Test plan, Test scripts and Test Summary report. Created an elaborate, innovative excel for testing the complete end of end process changes and impacts with all 6 teams. Set up daily scrum meetings to tracked issues and made sure the defects are fixed and closed. Produced documents like traceability matrix and all detailed, summarized testing documents including daily status reports for larger projects.

Confidential, Cherry Hill, NJ

Sr. Peoplesoft Techno-Functional Consultant


  • Benefits administration is being outsourced so gathered requirements for interfaces to/from the new Benefits vendor to set up new site where Open Enrollment will be done. Developed the interfaces which include sending complete census information with Employee and benefits enrollments. Changes only file with data of employee with any changes made in the last week. New Hires file with the newly hired and rehired employees to the vendor and inbound file with payroll deductions to load.
  • Being part of the Upgrade (from 8.9 to 9.1) team, helped in all activities for a successful Go-Live. Worked with the Outsourced firm/Offshore team during As-Is meetings, went through the Fit-Gap documents/analysis, reviewed the Functional and Technical design documents. After Unit testing, helped in preparation of training documents for the users in 9.1. Helped users in testing and validating the retrofitted and newly added objects and code in the new version during unit and integration testing phases.
  • Help in setup of the new benefit program, plan and related attributes like deductions, rates, providers etc., Created DMS scripts to move setup data. Validated all the setup data and resolved issues during unit, user and vendor testing. Worked with the HR-Benefits teams and the 3rd party vendors involved in the open enrollment for the interface changes and testing.
  • Customized PeopleSoft delivered Benefits Online Enrollment letter, Confirmation letter and Self-service pages (eBenefit) as per new Open enrollment setup.
  • Created inbound and outbound Peoplesoft interfaces as part of side of Kronos upgrade project with employee’s details and Payroll related data between Kronos and Peoplesoft. Also created custom fields, records, pages and component interfaces to store and load Kronos related data in Peoplesoft.
  • Worked on support for Kronos issues and Payroll issues.
  • Also coded an inbound file with Benefit deductions by employee to be loaded into Peoplesoft as General deductions so payroll can process the deductions accurately.
  • Used Approval Workflow Engine to approve and process the data entered by HR staff on custom pages to be loaded into Job data using component Interface.
  • Used XML publisher to publish the paycheck online as part of Emp Self-service and Benefits Self-service confirmation letter as pages.
  • Worked extensively on customizing PS Workflow to send out emails for Job changes.
  • Created PL/SQL procedures and Database triggers so users get notified of salary changes and any confidential data updates.
  • Created database views for data warehouse team to access Employee view only data.

Environment: PeopleSoft V 8.9/9.1(HR, Benefits Administration, Payroll) and self-service eProfile, eBenefits, ePay on Oracle 10.2 on Windows - PeopleTools 8.51.

Confidential, Peapack, NJ

Sr. Peoplesoft Functional Consultant


  • Worked on Wyeth Integration project as part of Confidential PeopleSoft team to get all the HR, Benefits and Payroll related Employee data in SAP from Wyeth mapped and converted into Confidential PeopleSoft data. Over 22,500 employees in USA and 20,000 international employees HR data was converted and loaded into PeopleSoft HRMS. Worked with the Business team to map the fields appropriately into PeopleSoft.
  • Worked with the conversion team to validate the file format of the load files and created test cases to validate the format and data in the files. Worked with US and international HR teams regarding the files, timing and data in the files to be in the format expected and any discrepancies to be fixed.
  • As part of Data Management team, created a number of queries to validate the data.
  • Also created Audit reports using sql, to check on the validity of the data on weekly basis.
  • Created adhoc reports using sql on department Tree, Organization Structure and various HR related data elements as per user requirement.
  • Worked on department globalization impact analysis. Managing the offshore resources and reviewing the analysis and getting the functional and technical design documents ready.
  • Trained SAP users in PS Query, sql and PS related tables and data elements so they can query on their own.

Environment: PeopleSoft V 9.0 (HR, Benefits, Payroll) on Oracle 10 on Windows

Confidential, South Brunswick, NJ

Sr. Peoplesoft Consultant


  • Designed and developed conversion program to compare and validate the data that was converted over from Tessaract (Legacy HRMS system) into the new implemented PeopleSoft HRMS system for more than 6500 active and 45000 inactive employees.
  • Assisted the Business Team in User Acceptance Testing which included Data validation for all HR configuration table’s data as part of HR team.
  • Created many complicated queries using SQL and PS Query tool as per Business and User requirements for reporting and validating purposes.
  • Created Test scripts and test scenarios for HR, Benefits and Payroll Interface modules by providing step by step processing for the delivered and customized processes.
  • Created 200 test cases and tested more than 40 interfaces, 30 reports and 15 processes as per Business requirements.
  • Logged in issues and bugs found during testing, to resolve and to follow up using Mercury Quality Test Center Tool.

Environment: PeopleSoft V 9.0 (HR with Position Management, Benefits, Payroll Interface to ADP, ESS, MSS) on Oracle 10 on Unix and Windows

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

Sr. Systems Analyst


  • Provided high quality and timely production support of the PeopleSoft 8.8 applications for the mission critical Contractor Driver Administration Settlement (CDAS).
  • Responsible for design, development, roll out and support for PeopleSoft applications/modules.
  • Leveraged the knowledge of PeopleSoft architecture, People Tools, PeopleCode, PeopleSoft Integration Tools experience, Workflow, UNIX environment including scriptwriting and SQR development.

Environment: PeopleSoft V 8.8 on Oracle 10 on Unix and Windows

Confidential, NYC, NY

Peoplesoft Upgrade consultant


  • Reviewed the Upgrade Compare reports to analyze the current customizations and identified the necessary upgrade actions to be performed during application upgrade.
  • Conducted fit gap analysis/sessions with the Project manager to get user concurrence on the new functionality in 9.0 and the customized objects for HR, Benefits, Payroll, Compensation, eBenefits, ePay, eRecruit, eComp.
  • Worked on estimates of partial implementation of Variable Compensation along with customizing the variable compensation custom calculation formulae used.

Environment: PeopleSoft HRMS 8.9/9.0 (HR, Benefits Admin, Payroll, Compensation, Self service packages), People Tools 8.47 Oracle 10.2 on Unix and NT Servers.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Sr. Techno-Functional Consultant


  • Implementation of New Benefit plans and design and development of HR and Benefit Interfaces. Worked on the new Benefit plan setup along with the corresponding deduction codes and special accumulators associated with them.
  • Worked with the Business users to identify the new Benefit plan rules and easier or alternate ways to implement benefits.
  • Created the Functional and Technical specifications and developed the new Inbound and Outbound Benefit and HR related interfaces and reports using SQR and Application Engine with File layout objects.
  • Extensively used tools like Component Interface to load, validate data into Benefit tables.
  • Modified existing interfaces to identify and process the new plan information. Made enhancements to the existing reports to reflect the new plan changes.
  • Worked with the testing team to create the test plans and test cases and resolved all the issues/defects logged in Clear Quest.

Environment: PeopleSoft HRMS 8.8 (HR, Benefits Administration, Payroll), People Tools 8.47, SQR with Oracle 10.2 on Unix and NT Servers, STAT, Clear Quest.

Confidential, King of Prussia, PA

Sr. Techno Functional Consultant


  • Prepared the Functional & Technical Specifications and developed more than 20 Inbound and outbound Interfaces for General Ledger (like SAP, AS400, and J.D.Edwards), Time and Attendance and various 3rd party Vendors using various people tools and SQRs. Developed a custom application to perform validations on the Employee Time related data and upload them into the paysheets for the payroll to process.
  • Developed a custom process to load any Earnings related data like Bonus into paysheets for payroll to process.
  • Customized the delivered paycheck program as per client requirements to write into a file from which ACOM could read and print the check.
  • Developed a database compare report to compare the data in the setup tables between the production database and configuration database (or any other database).
  • Developed various third-party inbound interfaces using Application Engine and File layout objects in Application Designer.
  • Worked on the Variable Compensation setup and customized the determining eligibility process. Developed custom records, pages and application engine program to achieve this. Worked on Integration Broker by using Application messaging set up between HR and Payroll teams for easy flow of information.
  • Used Peoplecode Debugger, SQL Trace on PS Trace/Debug options to capture and debug various Peoplecode and SQL errors occurred on the online application.
  • Worked as part of Production Support team to resolve more than 100 critical and high priority issues. Used Test Director extensively to track and log issues and resolutions.

Environment: PeopleSoft HRMS 8.9 (HR, Payroll), People Tools 8.44 on Oracle 9.0 and Unix.

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