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Peoplesoft Sr. Financials/scm Technical And Functional Consultant Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Certified Oracle - PeopleSoft Consultant with over 14 years of experience in all phases of software development life cycle including Analysis, Design, Development, implementation, Testing & Support in different technologies like ERP- PeopleSoft Financials, SCM, HRMS, EPM, CRM, Client/Server architecture.
  • Over 14 years of experience in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) package and development of applications using PeopleSoft Finance 7.5/ 8.0/8.4/8.8/8.9/9.0/9.1/9.2 modules (Billing, Account Receivables, Accounts Payables, General Ledger, Grants, Contracts, Projects, Purchasing, Travel and Expense, Asset Management, Project Costing, Commitment Control(KK)), SCM (Purchasing, Inventory, Order Management, eProcurement, Contracts), HRMS modules (HR, Benefits, Benefits Admin, Payroll, T&L), CRM(Order, Capture, FieldService, Sales, Marketing), and EPM(Financial Warehouse, Enterprise warehouse, Funds Transfer Pricing, Budgeting and Planning, Activity based management).
  • Participated in 5 full implementations, 5 upgrades, 6 Customizations, and 6 Production Support projects.
  • Having experience with Agile development methodologies and Jira tool to iterate quickly on product changes, developing user stories, creating sub-tasks, planning sprints, Sprint Retro and working through backlog.
  • Implemented 9.2 new features Event Mapping, Fluid UI, Work centers, Page and Field Configurator, Activity Guides, Tree Flattener, Dashboards, Events and Notifications, Data migration workbench, Drop Zones and Push Notifications.
  • Proficient with Internet Architecture, Portal Technology, and Development tools such as Application Designer, Application Engine, AWE Workflow, PeopleCode, Integration Tools like Application Messaging, Integration Broker, Component Interfaces and Business Interlinks, Upgrade Assistance. Administrative Tools like Process Scheduler, Process Monitor, Data Mover, Import manager, Tree Manger for Security and Reporting Tools like PS nVision, PS Query, Crystal Reports and SQR.
  • Expertise in deploying PeopleSoft web services between PeopleSoft to PeopleSoft, PeopleSoft to Oracle-Fusion, and PeopleSoft to non-PeopleSoft using various web technologies such as XML, SOAP, WSDL, WSDL URL, SOAPTOCI, Java API's and XSLT.
  • Expertise in Interfacing and Conversions from Legacy Systems and External Systems to PeopleSoft Systems using Component Interface, Application Engine, File Layout, and Application Packages.
  • Proficient in the use of Application Designer, Application Messaging, Application Engine, Integration Broker, Component Interface, Application Package, SQR, Crystal Reports, Query/Crystal, Data Mover, Import Manager, Maintain Security/Security Administrator, PS/nVision, PeopleCode, Mass Change, Workflow and Database agent, ETL DataStage 7.5, Allocation Manager, CTI, Tree Manager, Data Manager, Data Loader, Upgrade Assistance, AWE, STAT tool, PHIRE migration tool, and Message agent.


ERP Package: PeopleSoft Financial/SCM 7.5x/ 8.0/8.4/8.8/8.9/9.0/9.1/9.2 (Billing/Accounts Receivables/Accounts Payables/Contracts/Inventory/ Grants/ General Ledger/Purchasing/Inventory/Travel and Expense/ Order Management/eProcurement/Commitment Control(KK)/Asset Management/Cost Management), CRM(Order, Capture, FieldService, Sales, Marketing), EPM 8.8/8.9 (Enterprise warehouse, Financial Warehouse, Funds Transfer Pricing, Budgeting and Planning, Activity based management), and HRMS modules (HR, Benefits, Benefits Admin, Payroll, T&L)

Integration Tools: Integration Broker, Component Interfaces, Service, Service Operation, Routing, Application Messaging, Business Interlinks, File Layout, Java API's

People Tools: Application Designer, People Code, Application Engine, Component Interface, SQR, Application Messaging, Change Packer, Upgrade Assistant, Tree Manager, Tree Loader, Import Manager, Allocation Manager, Data Loader, Data Manager, Integration Tools(Data Mover, Workflow, File Layout)

Reporting Tools: Crystal reports with Crystal Enterprise 8.5/9.0/10.0 , SQR, PS/Query, nVision

Programming Languages: PeopleCode, Pascal, COBOL, C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, SQL, PL/SQL, Shell script

Tools: & Scripts: HTML, XML, JavaScript, VBScript

Operating Systems: UNIX, Sun Solaris, Windows NT/95/98/2000/XP, MS DOS, Unix/Linux

Databases: Oracle 11g/10g/9.x/8.x/7.3, MS SQL Server 2000/7, DB2, MS-Access

Application Server: Tuxedo, Web Logic


Confidential, Dallas, TX

PeopleSoft Sr. Financials/SCM Technical and Functional Consultant


  • Generating and analyzing compare reports between PeopleSoft FSCM v9.1 and v9.2.
  • Involved in implementing 9.2 new features Workcenters, Activity Guides, Tree Flattener, Dashboards, Fluid UI, Events and Notifications and Push Notifications.
  • Retrofitting and customizing interfaces and conversions programs written in SQR, Application Engine and Component Interface.
  • Retrofitting and customizing PeopleCode and Application Designer objects to implement business logic, validations and GUI for PeopleSoft FSCM v9.2 applications.
  • Migrating Application Designer objects from v9.1 to v9.2.
  • Coordinated team members and involved in assigning the project tasks within the team, based on workload.
  • Retrofitting and customizing the reports from v9.1 to v9.2 using BI Publisher, SQR, Crystal Reports, and PS Query.
  • Implemented 9.2 Tree Flattener by eliminating custom tree flattener process.
  • Researching and analyzing existing functional design documents to identify the purpose of customizations done on PeopleSoft FSCM v9.1.
  • Technical feasibility analysis for existing and newly created functional design documents.
  • Interacting with end-users and functional consultants to understand the purpose of customizations done on PeopleSoft FSCM v9.1.
  • Involved in customizations in PeopleSoft Project costing using PeopleCode, PeopleTools, Workflow, component interface to develop a unified system for all the different types of projects.
  • Using Data Mover to create DMS scripts for moving the data from old version to new version for testing purpose.
  • Participating in testing sessions with end-users and functional consultants and fixing the issues surfaced while user acceptance testing.
  • Creating and updating technical design documents for the objects that were created and modified as part of PeopleSoft upgrade project.
  • Created custom SQR programs for creating transfer and maintenance worksheets using a specific logic given by the users in order to implement the split business unit as part of the new upgrade.
  • Created and updated the test cases and test execution documents for unit and system testing.
  • Fine-tuning performance issues of SQR, Application Engine, and Crystal Reports coordinating with Database administrator.
  • Developed Payment Interfaces to load bank recon data into PeopleSoft Payables from bank transaction files.
  • Designed app engine programs to read duplicate assets from asset table and mapping table and create new asset ids. These new assets were inserted into the mapping table along with their business units.
  • Implemented PeopleCode to dynamically change prompt table for account on journal line, based on commitment control amount type selections. This involved use of component level PeopleCode, passing row set objects from component level to field change PeopleCode.
  • Modified Journal Edit application engine process to avoid anchor concept. Added new AE Sections/Steps/Actions to implement Fund Balancing concept while generating offsets as a part of Journal Edit Process.
  • Coordinating with system administrator to apply permissions, roles and user profiles to provide access to end-users.
  • Involved in creating PeopleSoft security matrix and creating / modifying / retrofitting Permission Lists, Roles and User Profiles.
  • Worked with Accounts Payable, General Ledger Cash Management on various customizations, which involves Positive Pay, Vendor Interface, Automation of journal entries, Service Fee Automation, Cash Reserve Priority.
  • Provided on call (24x7) support for critical issues.

Environment: PeopleSoft Financials/SCM 9.2, HCM 9.2, People Tools 8.55/8.56, People Code, Integration Broker, Fluid UI, Event Mapping, Workcenters, Push Notifications, Dashboards, Page and Field Configurator, Drop Zones, AWE workflow, Application Engine, Component Interface, SQR, Process Scheduler, and Oracle 12g

Confidential, Houston, TX

PeopleSoft Sr. Financials/SCM Technical and Functional Consultant


  • Created Business Requirement Documents (BRD) for all financial modules where the customizations/enhancements were identified and listed, High Level Design (HLD) document, High Level Flow, Low Level Design (LLD) and Deployment documents.
  • Developed integration between PeopleSoft Financials and External System Cicero (CTI) through the middleware Oracle-Fusion by using integration technologies WSDL, Component Interface, Java Classes, and Oracle Fusion. This integration will pass the Financials related (AR, Billing) information to Single UI desktop used by the Customer Support team.
  • Worked closely with the Functional team to design and develop AWE workflow for Purchase Orders, code to initiate base classes, SQL definitions for user lists, registering the transactions and configuring the transaction.
  • Responsible for the detailed design(HLD/LLD) and development of new Integration/Interfacing/Conversion of PeopleSoft Financials with Non-PeopleSoft Financials Systems using component interface, integration broker, Application Engine, Middleware(Oracle-Fusion, JCAPS), Java API's and Classes, JAR Files, File layout, Application packages, WSDL, SOAP, XML, and PeopleCode.
  • Took over and re-wrote large portions of an existing Customer Conversion utilizing Component Interface.
  • Developed process to integrate currency exchange rates from third party vendor to PeopleSoft financial systems using integration broker.
  • Built complex custom inbound and outbound Application Engine interfaces to support custom transmission of sales order information to warehouse distribution aswell as confirmation of sales order shipping
  • Customized Putaway Page by writing PeopleCode which enabled express Putaway to putaway items in one step so that as soon as the Putaway Page is saved, item balances are updated and the quantity is available for shipping inventory and Order Management.
  • Involved in fixing the issues related to Transaction Costing and Accounting line creation process.
  • Wrote PeopleCode and App-engine program to determine item balance, enhance item search capabilities and designed work-flow to generate replenishment requisition based on current stocking levels, economic Order quantity (EOQ), and reorder point. Use flexible, ad hoc requisition for back Order Management.
  • Developed inbound interface using File Layout & AE program to upload and store timesheet information from legacy system (PeopleFirst) in to custom labor-hour detail record, FL LBR TIME DTL. Program checks for vendors that are not currently in ASPIRE. For those that do not exist in ASPIRE, the interface creates them. Whencreated in ASPIRE these vendors will immediately be placed on DOR hold. For those that do currently exist in ASPIRE, the interface only place them on DOR hold, not overwrite any information previously contained in ASPIRE.
  • Involved in developing conversion programs and customizing the interfaces for open payments from People Soft HR Benefits module into Accounts receivable.
  • Developed interface process to load bulk load new assets into financial system.
  • Involved in troubleshooting AR UPDATE process, which is used to process and update customer balance and history information, corresponding item information, and item activity.
  • Created File Layout (FIXED format) to provide an output file for the vendors to view their payment history online. Created an AE Program to extract data from Peoplesoft tables, this program extracts all payment history values and corresponding vendor values stored within the Aspire application and send it to Vendors through the webpage.
  • Customized Budget journal Inbound Interface in GL to read data from Budget journal in to PS financial system. The AE Program (KK JRNL IMP) is utilized to load the data from the LAS/PBS file into the corresponding File layout Objects and then inserts into KK BUDGET HDR & KK BUDGET LN.

Environment: PeopleSoft Financials/SCM 9.2, HCM 9.2, People Tools 8.54, People Code, Integration Broker, AWE workflow, Application Engine, Component Interface, SQR, Process Scheduler, and Oracle 11g, MVS, IBM Mainframes, DB2

Confidential, Loveland, CO

PeopleSoft Technical and Functional Consultant


  • Worked on Technical Designs, Data Mapping and Test Conditions for converting the legacy data into People Soft tables in GL, AR, AP.
  • Developed SQR Programs to convert General Ledger Balances from Legacy system and generated Journals to accommodate the year-end closing process in GL. Used extensively the Journal import batch process using xml.
  • Involved in customizations on Payables/Receivables modules.
  • Created Interfaces to process journals to update the General Ledger from Account Receivables.
  • As part of HFM decommission, developed new Journals interface tool to load GWS Journals from four regions (APAC, EMEA, NAM, GBL) and 39 countries into Confidential GL System. Developed robust Journals load tool which is configurable and can be used for other integrations.
  • When Confidential acquired GWS, legacy systems such as Oracle Applications, SAP, and iScala financial feeds from four regions (NAM, EMEA, APAC, and Global) are integrated to PeopleSoft GL System. Developed GL framework tool to integrate legacy system GL data to PeopleSoft GL. GL framework tool
  • Developed programs to integrate Expenses and Projects activity for GWS employees from PeopleSoft to GWS ERP Applications.
  • Involved in integrating 3rd party data into Confidential PeopleSoft Systems.
  • Created Credit card billing and check acceptance interfaces for AR modules.
  • Validated and Audited the AR UPDATE process.
  • Created Interfaces for AR to give the flexibility to the users.
  • Involved in creating, validating and setting Component Interface Security and used the interface keys, properties, collections and methods.
  • Developed Component Interfaces and programmed in PeopleCode by generating PeopleCode template and used several classes.
  • Extensively used integration tools like Component Interface, App Messaging, and Business interlinks to integrate People Soft modules with external applications.
  • Used Integration Broker to define and troubleshoot Gateway nodes, Connectors and FTP/HTTP Nodes to set up Flat file import and processing for Bank Statements and Commitment control Budgets.
  • Developed SQR programs to convert customer set up data from legacy system to People Soft in Accounts Receivables.
  • It was required to load employee flat file into PeopleSoft Expenses table from a flat file. To do these two SQR's were written. First one to convert it into the requiredformat for the EDI process to run successfully and then to load it from staging tables to PeopleSoft tables.
  • Wrote an App Engine interface which loads HR Employee Data into Expense tables.
  • Used XML messages to load data from foreign database on a real time basis to be displayed in the Portal.
  • Implemented Single link (sign-on) capability between Enterprise Portal & Content Provider databases (SCM, HRMS & EPM) avoiding the user to login to the various applications of PeopleSoft again and again. Also worked on Branding.
  • Designed and developed inbound and outbound interface with Application engine for Project Costing.
  • Developed a Crystal Report which tracks the details of invoice numbers and associated dollar amounts that fall with in specified criteria.
  • Developed and used extensively data mover scripts to migrate customer, item balances and information between different environments in Inventory and AR modules to sync all environments.
  • Developed and customized crystal reports for aged receivables by invoiced and non-invoiced reports in Accounts receivables.
  • Customized the Run control pages for Raisers Reconciliation Payment Details accounting entries in AR.
  • Customized the Pay Cycle by defining new steps and including them into Pay Cycle. This included the process, which I developed to generate the positive pay file for the payments. Defined new Pay Cycle Criteria to replace the bank accounts beside the regular Pay Cycle Criteria's.
  • Customized the delivered Open Liability application engine Process APY1405 to take care of all the chartfield combinations in Accounts Payable
  • Implemented custom Security for AP users by customizing online pages with user defined Roles and Permission Lists.
  • Customized the PeopleSoft delivered SQR process for Depreciation calculation and involved in troubleshooting copy asset functionality for owned assets in Asset Management Module.
  • Worked extensively in setting up FTP, flat file import and customized accordingly the Budget Import Application Engine process KK JRNL IMP in General Ledger.
  • Involved in setting up importing Bank statements and Bank reconciliation in Accounts Payables and also involved in troubleshooting with formatting issues in BAI, BAI2 and PSBD1.
  • Customized the delivered crystal AP checks, advices and positive pay file crystal reports and resolved the issues for printing digital signatures and micro font on checks.

Environment: PeopleSoft Financials and SCM 9.1 (Billing, Cash Management, General Ledger, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Expenses, PO, Inventory and Asset Management), PeopleTools 8.51, Crystal Reports, SQR, COBOL, nVision, Oracle 11g, DB2.

Confidential, South Portland, ME

PeopleSoft Sr. Financials/SCM Technical and Functional Consultant


  • Actively involved in the entire PeopleSoft FSCM upgrade project starting from building the demo environment to various phases of the project life cycle. One point source of issue resolution during the upgrade project.
  • Identify the changes/retrofit of the customization, and interfaces due to this upgrade. Wrote several technical design documents for the changes identified.
  • Provide the development support changes in application engine programs, SQRs, PeopleCode, file layout, Component Interfaces, Integration Broker, and portal structure.
  • Designed and Developed Conversion of Merchant Paybase Settlement System to PeopleSoft AP System to build a single settlement and reporting tool for the business end-user running on WEX's most current hardware and software. This will allow the end user to maintain settlement issues through a single, integrated, stable environment. It will allow WEX Tech Ops to support the tool by utilizing its most cost effective hardware and software.
  • Worked extensively with configuring/developing Integration broker between PeopleSoft Financials, Oracle-Fusion and Non-PeopleSoft (Siebel, Java, and .Net) Applications.
  • Designed and Developed Interface to PeopleSoft Financials to reduce customer credit risk by receiving treatment recommendations from a third party credit risk analysis and scoring engine (DNBi) by using Component Interface, File Layout and Application Engine.
  • Developed 1099K withholding (28%) process to support new legislation from the IRS around reporting gross sales settled by Credit Card Issuers to merchants and withholding a percentage of gross sales from merchant payments when required.
  • Interfaced Goodyear revenue file with WEX PeopleSoft Financials systems to create Credit Vouchers in Accounts Payables for the total of all the early pay discounts and interchange received, with individual accounting distributions for each revenue account identified in the early pay discounts and interchange file.
  • Designed and Developed Bank Feed Interface to load the Corecard daily bank feed into the PeopleSoft Interface tables(ACCT INTERFACE, APP TRACKING INTERFACE, CREDIT INTERFACE, TRANSACTION INTERFACE etc..)
  • Developed File Transfer Process to load the WEX ACH Settlement(*.ACH), PositivePay(POSHAR***), and paybase(CCD*.txt) files to Harris bank Website And send email notifications to WEX and HARRIS bank users with the total transactions and Amount in the Files transferred.
  • Developed AWE supporting definitions, configuring metadata, creating template definitions, configuring transactions.
  • Perform troubleshooting, debug application errors and performance tuning of various SQL scripts that were run during the upgrade. Used change assistant tool to run various application upgrade steps.
  • Reviewed the compare reports, audit reports and identified different client customizations. Performed analysis and retro-fitting of various client customizations.
  • Performed unit testing for customizations in (Purchasing, Inventory and Payables) and verified customizations and key functionalities in different environments.
  • Customized the eProcurement Direct connect vendor set up and Punch-out functionality. Set up the Integration Broker setup, updated the IB related application packages to include security details and worked on trouble shooting of the Punch-Out set up.
  • Helped with the design and retrofitting of Procurement contracts inbound interface. Performed integration testing & worked with the integration of loaded contracts within the Procure to Pay life cycle.
  • Designed and Developed Customers Integration from Siebel to PeopleSoft using Integration Broker, Application Packages, Services.
  • Developed Interface to Load AP Feed from External Financials System (Core Cord) to PeopleSoft AP using Application Engine, File Layout, and PeopleCode.
  • Developed Interface to Load AR Feed from External Fin Application (CoreCard) to PeopleSoft using the File Layout, Application Engine and Developed pages, Components, PeopleCode, SQL to Setup Transaction Codes.
  • Developed Automation Process to load the Convenience and NSF Fees in the AR Module using Application Engine.
  • Tight security is enabled on PeopleSoft Webservices using PeopleSoft Security Objects (Roles, Permission List, Folder Security, Portal Structure Security, and User Profile Access).
  • Tested and performed the technical analysis of new GL functionality Financials Audit Framework. It provides efficient tracking of transaction processing that results in enhanced visibility and detailed audit trails. Audit logging is available for GL Journal Processing.
  • Developed UI to Setup Relationship codes to the Funder which determines who owns the receivables of the program and this is used in the AR Feed and AP Feed Interfaces with CoreCard Financials System.
  • Used to support production on daily basis till the processes are transited to the Production team.
  • Developed reports to support credit management users by using Crystal, SQR, and PSQuery.

Environment: PeopleSoft Financials 9.1 (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Billing, Contracts, Purchasing, Asset Management, Inventory, project costing, Order Management, General Ledger, and eProcurement modules), Tools Release 8.50, Oracle Fusion, CoreCard, Database: Oracle 10g, Integration Broker, SQR, PeopleCode, Application Messaging, Application Engine, Application Package, FileLayout, Data Mover, Crystal, PSQuery, Application Designer, SQL.

Confidential, Irving, TX

PeopleSoft Financials/SCM Integration/Interfacing/Customization Developer


  • Implemented and upgraded PeopleSoft FSCM 9.0 from 7.5, and PeopleSoft CRM 9.0from Vantive 8.x and prepared groundwork for upgrading including evaluation of Customizations, Project Plan and Fit-Gap Analysis, and continued Supporting FSCM/HCM applications once after go-live.
  • Involved in Upgrades, Bundles and Patches and used extensively Change Assistance to maintain the tools/application upgrades.
  • Module owner for contracts, and order to cash integration process (CRM Order Capture/FieldService to FSCM (Transaction Billing Processor)), and heavily customized Transaction billing processor, contracts, billing, and account receivablesmodules in FSCM to accommodate both FSM and CRM billing user requirements all the way from CRM orders to the general ledger posting.
  • Interfacing and loading inventory/parts legacy data into Peoplesoft financials system using application engine and component interface, and syncing the same data to CRM module using integration broker using service operations in SOA architecture.
  • Developed conversions programs for contracts and billing module to convert PS 7.5 data into PS8.9 using application engine.
  • Loading sales orders from non-Peoplesoft legacy system to Peoplesoft CRM system by processing the XML data and loading that into the Peoplesoft system.
  • Configured Application Server and Web Server for application Integrations between PeopleSoft and non PeopleSoft systems. Developed/Customized Full Sync and Incremental Async & Synchronous EIP between PeopleSoft FSCM 8.8, CRM 8.9, and HCM 8.8 applications using Application Messaging, Integration Broker & Business Interlinks.
  • Created CI based web services for non-Peoplesoft system integrations to sync customers and contacts.
  • Worked in integrating Peoplesoft CRM with the non-Peoplesoft NOC order system to sync service orders for billing process.
  • Integrated FSCM Inventory items and products to PeopleSoft CRM.
  • Customized FSCM contracts billing interface AE process CA BI INTFC to accommodate on-demand CRM service order billing which is triggered through transaction billing processor for the CRM on-demand billing functionality.
  • Developed new app message error notification process to notify when ever integration fails in all the three application (FSM, CRM, and HCM).
  • Developed around 20 to 30 new application engine processes for FSM business requirements (Ex: Contracts Conversion, Projects Conversion, Billing Conversion, Region ID update process, region chartfield/storage location/Distribution code reclassification process, Product group reclassification process, global Email ID change from unified to NECAM process, etc..) .
  • Involved in integration with People Soft Billing and People Soft Projects to generate invoices for all contract lines.
  • Implemented application customizations, modifications and enhancements for Contracts, Projects and Billing modules.
  • Developed custom application to reprocess/change CRM Agreements related contracts for the future contract/billing transactions.
  • Developed interfaces to import receipts into Peoplesoft purchasing.
  • Developed BI Interface which loads data from 3rd party system into PeopleSoft billinginterface tables first, then doing various data validations and then loading into billingmain tables BI HDR and BI LINE.
  • Customizations deemed necessary to upgrade after thorough review were implemented and tested to ensure new functionality did not come into conflict with older adjustments.
  • Modified an Application Engine program which loads Purchase Orders to Purchasing from a flat-file via a Component Interface.
  • Customized invoice print SQR/SQC processes to accommodate the customizations based on the user requirements for FSM/CRM billing users.
  • Transferred vendor data from legacy systems, Application Messaging, to PS Vendor tables using Component Interface & Application Engine.
  • Converted FSM 7.5 SQR inbound/outbound interfacing programs into Application Engine programs by using Component interfaces so that the data is loaded by passing all the component business functionality rules like triggering EIP's so that the data changes are synced between FSM/CRM/HCM.
  • Customized Putaway Page by writing PeopleCode which enabled express Putaway to putaway items in one step so that as soon as the Putaway Page is saved, item balances are updated and the quantity is available for shipping inventory and Order Management.
  • Modified an existing Application engine Program (BI INTFC) to load the billing details got from a third party order management system into Billing staging tables. The process read the XML file and after passing the Component interface edits was loaded into the billing staging table (PS INTFC BI).
  • Involved in fixing the issues related to Transaction Costing and Accounting line creation process.
  • Workflow customization for Amount Approvers.
  • Involved in updating the data from the back end - missing Department, Distribution Type and wrong accounts in CM ACCTG LINE Table.
  • Developed inbound interface using File Layout & AE program to upload and store timesheet information from legacy system (PeopleFirst) in to custom labor-hour detail record, FL LBR TIME DTL. Program checks for vendors that are not currently in ASPIRE. For those that do not exist in ASPIRE, the interface creates them. When created in ASPIRE these vendors will immediately be placed on DOR hold. For those that do currently exist in ASPIRE, the interface only place them on DOR hold, not overwrite any information previously contained in ASPIRE.
  • Involved in configuring the contacts structure and customizing Notes page for Internal Contract Components.
  • Created File Layout (FIXED format) to provide an output file for the vendors to view their payment history online. Created an AE Program to extract data from PeopleSoft tables, this program extracts all payment history values and corresponding vendor values stored within the Aspire application and send it to Vendors through the webpage.
  • Customized the milestone page to trigger email notifications and implemented Security using milestone classifications in grants and contracts.
  • Customized Budget journal Inbound Interface in GL to read data from Budget journal in to PS financial system. The AE Program (KK JRNL IMP) is utilized to load the data from the LAS/PBS file into the corresponding File layout Objects and then inserts into KK BUDGET HDR & KK BUDGET LN.
  • Created File layout, Component, Menu, Record, Page and AE program (FL AP VEFTIN) for Vendor/Payee EFT Data Updates to process input flat file, process data and load data in PS system.
  • To interact with Financials payables form Financial Expenses, used the utility App Messaging.
  • Customized the delivered grants invoice SQR process to modify the company logo, the format changes and also fixed the calculation of cumulative amounts by contact number.
  • Involved in scheduling jobs through process scheduler.
  • Involved in sending the PO to the vendor electronically, using XML pages.
  • Used Application Message agent Tool to send information from PeopleSoft System and get the information from other system.
  • Trained the permanent employees at the Confidential in using Integration Broker, App Messaging and Component interfaces.

Environment: PeopleSoft Financials/SCM 9.0/7.5 (Billing, Contracts, Account Receivables, Account Payables, Inventory, Purchasing, Order Management, Purchase Order, General Ledger, e-Procurement, and Assets), CRM(Integrated FieldService, Sales), HCM(Base Benefits, Payroll, Time and Labor) Tools Release 8.49/8.45.17 , Database: Oracle 9i, SQR, PeopleCode, Application Messaging, Integration Broker, Business Interlinks, Application Engine, Application Package, FileLayout, Application Designer, SQL.

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