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Peoplesoft Erp Resume

Toronto, CanadA


Senior strategyanalyst position for assessment of ERP applications, development, customization, integration, upgrade and implementation of Oracle/PeopleSoft HCM, FINANCIAL or other modules in a challenging, dynamic, and professionalworkplace where my knowledge and expertise can be applied in strategy and criticaldecision making. Highly motivated and extensive experiences Peoplesoft supports in financial, insurance, brokerage, retail, utilities and agri-products sector. Proven ability to quickly acquire and implement new skills. 100% flexible to travel.

ERP Package(s): PeopleSoft HCMv9.1, v9.0,v8.9, v8.8 and v8.3(Core HR, Benefits, AutoBen, Global Payroll, Payroll NA, Talent Acquisition Management (TAM), Time & Labor, Payroll Interface, Enterprise Learning Management (Administer Training), ePerformance Management, eCompensation Management, Employee and Manager Self Service.
PeopleSoft 8.0 SP2 (GL, AP, AM),Peoplesoft 7.5 FINANCIAL (GL, AP, AM, AR)
Database: DB2/UNIX, Oracle 10g, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Sybase (System 10), and MS Access.
Operating Systems: UNIX Solaris/HP, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2007/XP, MS-DOS, Mac OS, VAX 11/785.
Languages: C++, JAVA, XML, SQL, SQR 6.1.4, PERL, Korn Shell, HTML, Pascal, and IRMA Quick Script.
Application Tools: PeopleTools 8.51,8.48, 8.47, 8.44.12 & 8.16.07, Application Designer, Application Engine, Application Package, Approval Workflow Enterprise (AWE), Component Interface, Workflow, Application Messaging, Peoplecode, SQR, WinRunner, Crystal Report, nVision, Visual Basic 4.0, PowerBuilder 5.0, Excel Macro (VBA).
Others: AUTOSYSJob Scheduler, RAD Methodology, ODBC API, InstallShield 3, Microsoft Project/Outlook, Lotus 1-2-3, MS BackOffice, PVCS, MS-Office 2000, Monarch, and Wise Installation Package.


Confidential,Toronto, ON, CANADA

PeopleSoft ERP Consultant (Contract) (Jan’2012 – present)
As a techno functional consultant, are responsible for enhancement on Manager Self Service, Absence Management and Time & Labor implementation project on PeopleSoft 9.1 HCM in Oracle 11g database. The responsibilities are included as follows

  • Major customizations are in progress to combined several Manager Self Service transactions (transfer employee, promotion employee transaction, add hoc salary change request, and chart-fields) into one single transaction along with N+1 multiple approvals chains.
  • Very strong in depth functional and technical knowledge on various Manager Self Service transaction processes.
  • Customizations completed on Delegation Create request and invoke POSITION DATA and Update Incumbents functionality within Manager Self Service Reporting Change transactions.
  • Very comfortable in configuringSelf Service Workflow transaction, configurations, AWE process definitions.
  • Worked on Entitlement Accumulator Balance as part of Absence Entitlement Definitions for Absence Management module.
  • Applied customizations on Delegate Approval Authority.
  • Delivered functional and technical documentations along with budget timeline estimates.
  • Responsible for fixing defects on Absence Management and Time & Labor dependents UAT testing stage.
Confidential,Toronto, ON, CANADA

PeopleSoft ERP Consultant (Contract/Part-time) (Dec’2011 – Jan’2012)
As a techno functional consultant, were responsible for functional setup and configurations on PeopleSoft 9.0 include HCM HR, Payroll NA, and Benefits in SQL Server 2005 database. The responsibilities were included as follows

  • Assisted the HR functional to use CI to EXCEL to load employee salary increase data as part of year-end employee performance initiatives.
  • Executives were hired inside PeopleSoft from other legacy system. New configurations were setup from SETID, BU, DEPT, COMPANY, JOBCODE, LOCATIONS, PAYGROUP, WAGE LOSS PLAN, and BENEFIT PROGRAM along with creation of new tree and security by permission list.
  • FTE custom report was enhanced significantly for corporate structure wide flexibility.
Confidential,Bolton, ON, CANADA

PeopleSoft ERP Consultant (Contract) (Apr’2010 – Dec’2011)
As a strategyconsultant, were responsible for major upgrades to PeopleSoft 9.1 include HCM Payroll NA, Benefits, Talent Acquisition Management, Global Payroll (China, Hongkong, Singapore, and Luxemburg), Payroll Interface, ePerformance, eCompensation in Oracle 11g database. The responsibilities were included as follows

  • Worked together with Oracle Upgrade Lab, business and I.T. teams to plan, design, and implement business solutions through the use of new or existing technology, in conjunction with process review and/or development for the upgrade to HCM version 9.1 from 8.9.
  • Managed partial end-to-end project life cycle, which includes developing the business case, requirements gathering, scope definition, detailed project plans, technical specifications, and resource requirements for 9.1 upgrade project.
  • Worked with the project team and key business stakeholders to set and manage expectations for project delivery.
  • Proactively managedand conducted status meetings on project issues and risks, including the development of mitigation actions where necessary.
  • Developed and provided training to support new technology and processes.
  • Proposed changes to existing standards when appropriate and help implement new standards that have been approved related to project migration from development to QA to production database.
  • Provided functional and technical production supports on Benefit module. Completed the annual benefit processes, including annual vacation entitlements, health spending account balances, taxable benefits, Pension Adjustments for T4 reporting, and HuskyEmployee deductions.
  • Responsible for deploying complete Husky annual employee vacation entitlement process as a bolt-on.
  • Created outbound interface to ChoiceLinx for North America’s employees.
  • Very familiar and provided production support to CIGNA and Great West Life healthcare interfaces.
  • Accountable for internal controls and auditing of benefits eligibility and premiums.
  • Provided ongoing production supports on Canadian, US and Global payroll.
  • Configured several pay advises rules for Global payroll china.
  • Very comfortable with tax updates for Canadian, US and Global payroll including multi-language package.
  • Comfortable in setting up Talent Acquisition Management approval process using AWE platform.
  • Comfortable in setting up Manage Hires integration and recruiting related security and integration broker setup.
  • Comfortable with setup of Candidate Gateway platform (i.e. Integration Broker configurations, Setup, Service configurations, Queues, Service operations). Connected recruitment link with Monster, Workopolis, and several other recruitment vendors in Luxemburg and ASIA.
  • Completed several enhancements on TAM module.
  • Rolled out recruitment module among newly acquired two companies (total employees of 1100). Position Search view was modified to list restricted position numbers among newly acquired companies that arebased on location controlled by permission list but open to all by DEPT tree with row security DPALL. Similar changes were also applied to reflect Job Opening for recruiting by ROSN security rule set.
  • Developed export and import process for HR and Payroll data with third party vendor, Microtis in Luxemburg using PeopleSoft Payroll Interface.
  • Employee Profile was created using XML publisher.
  • Completed several enhancements on eCompensation modulethat includes addition of Compa Ratio and Proposed Compa Ratio to View Employee Comp Allocations. Allowed managers to see merit and AIP amounts prior to all mid cycle adjustments along with off cycle increases/promotions that occur through the comp cycle. Comp Cycle Refresh was created using Application Engine that also allowed to overwrite rows and status along with audit logs.
  • Completed several enhancements on ePerformance modulethat includes added functionality to have Objective Setting/IDP step (Team Leaders/Managers only) attachments. Other customizations were to allow managers to view their Indirect Reports’ PDP documents (View access only) and manager or administrator should be able to push back PDP document after employee completes and closed Mid-Yearand Year-End period.
  • Familiar with Health and Safety module. Extensively worked on setting up foundation tables along with modified Incident Detail and WCB Incident CAN reports.
Confidential,Regina, SK, CANADA

PeopleSoft ERP Consultant (Contract) (Dec’08 – Mar’2010)
As a both functional and technical lead consultant, were responsible for two major implementations on PeopleSoft 8.9HCM Time and Labor ande-Performance in Oracle 11g database. The responsibilities were included as follows

  • Full life-cycle implementation of Time and Labor(May’09 to Nov’09). Completed requirements gathering (i.e. Fit/Gap analysis, process for new hires and terminations, determine workgroups, taskgroups, delivered and custom rules along with manager’s approval processes and email notifications).
  • Was also responsible for application setup (functional) (i.e. Setup Installation Table, security for self service, setup Permission list security, Time zones, T&L Installation, Holiday schedule, workgroups, TRC program and Categories, Rapid Entry templates, email notification, Schedules, Time Periods and shifts along with building time period calendars.
  • Also solely responsible of development and Unit Testing of T&L implementation (i.e. Conversion program to enroll employee into Time and Labor data, Vacation Plan, Creation of all custom rules (Embedded all custom rules in TL_TIMEADMIN Application Engine), along with Shift Differential andStats holiday premium. Rules were implemented formultiple unions, multiple work-groups, multiple pay cycles, and multipleschedules in a single week among multiple concurrent jobs environment.
  • Custom Application engine process was created to adjust other earnings into prior pay cycles since T&L approved hours were two weeks behind the current pay cycle. Very strong and knowledgeable about T&L and Payroll integrations.
  • Very strong in Application engine, Application package, workflow, and integration broker.
  • Custom bolt-on Pages were built to view Employee banked over-time hours along with created several online reports for overtime liability, vacation planning and employee productivity.
  • Possesssenior level HR process specialist with in-depth configuration and functional experience on Oracle PeopleSoft Time & Labor also.
  • Also knowledge and experienced on global deployment of Administer Workforce among multiple locations and multiple countries(Singapore, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, and USA). Strong knowledge of setting HR contents using Set-id, Set Control Value, Business Unit, Tree Manager, Row Level Security, Department and Positions Management Tree structure.
  • Full life-cycle implementation of Employee e-Performance Management(Dec’08 to April’09). Completed requirements gathering, proof of Concept and Fit/Gap analysis.
  • Produced systems requirements document and technical document for enhancements. Customizations were included as field length increase EP_DESCRP254 to 1325 long, adding performance factors into templates, removal of Link to the Training Planner from the Review Employee Self Evaluation document, and made development plan editable on "Establish Evaluation Criteria" stage of the document.
  • Also customization applied on "Establish Evaluation Criteria" stage - link to Training Catalogue and Link to Training Planner custom page.
  • Established new web link to training catalogue page within the performance document. Training catalogue and courses were retrieved from Enterprise Learning Managementand to be displayed for user’s selection.
  • Customized Workflow for document approvals for multiple level Managers.
  • Mass load of e-Mail addresses and continue on–going support. Initial valid email address population and on-going daily email address sync from ITIM to PeopleSoft thru LDAP single sign-on.
  • Also implemented roles and permission list security to control page access level of Performance Managementfolder.
  • At present, working in progress for Phase II enhancement.
Confidential,New Market, CANADA

PeopleSoft ERP Consultant (Contract) (July’08 – Nov’08)
As a technical consultant, was responsible for several major developments on Employee Self Service module for PeopleSoft HCM v8.9 on Oracle 10g database. The responsibilities were included as follows

  • Full life-cycle implementation experience (from design phase thru to implementation/rollout phase) with some or all key areas of PeopleSoftEnterprise Portal application on v8.9: ESS Configuration, Managed Content, Branding, Pagelets, and Portal Administration.
  • Extensive customizations were applied to convert vanilla PeopleSoft Self service into Portal based without implementing Portal module i.e. custom interface along with custom header template and worked with extensively Style sheet, PeopleCode (Application Package Branding, portal methodology), HTML, and Java scripts.
  • Was responsible for functional and technical design to complete the roll out of Region of York Self Service along with migration and functional test scripts.
  • Also contributed functional and technical knowledge on providing production supports on payroll and time & labor issues. Worked on added feature to auto include default work schedule in (TL GROUP DTL) table once the employee is hired.
Confidential,Toronto, CANADA

Manager (January’08 – July’08)
As a Payroll Functional Lead, I was responsible for planning and managing the details of Fit/Gap sessions for Payroll and Payroll Accounting modules for PeopleSoft HCM v9.0on DB2 database and IBM OS/390 platform for a government client. The responsibilities were included as follows

  • Conducted review of to-be processes, modifications, and facilitated issue resolution discussions with MGCS Functional Committee/Executive Working Group.
  • Managed general design and detailed functional design of modifications, reports, interfaces and batch processes and definition of configuration table approaches and values.
  • Responsible for building estimation factor for all Gaps requirements.
  • Planned, facilitated and documented business process strategy/visioning workshops and requirements definition meetings.
  • Conducted oral presentations and respondent to RFP (Request for Proposal) to new clients.
Confidential,Toronto, CANADA

Senior PeopleSoft Consultant (Contract) (November’04 – December’07)
Primary responsible in providing complete production supports as both functional and technical expertise on both PeopleSoft 8.3 HRMS and Peoplesoft 8.0 SP2 Financials in Oracle 9i and IBM/Unix platform. The responsibilities are included as follows

Employee Self-Service

  • Worked as functional and technical role to implement in details to Manager Self Service Workflow i.e. Reporting Change, Employee Performance Review and Supervisor updates via component interfaces and Workflow.
  • Developed Employee and Manager self-service workflowalong with complex customizations on View Pay-Cheque, benefits, training and development, and compensation history tasks using peoplecode and several component interfaces.
  • Fully customized the Employee Self Service View Pay Check functionalities to match Hydro One advice print formats.
  • Very comfortable with Employee Self Service and Portal Technology global roll out as both functional and technical.
  • Provided functional and technical supports on configurations, stress testing along with modifying test scripts using Win Runner for global role out of4200 active employees Employee Self Service (Employee, eBenefits, Manager, ePay, and eCompensation).
  • Implemented a complete Employee Self Service Charity Campaign module and enhancements. All active Hydro One users are now able to contribute yearly charity deductions online. Extensive peoplecode, pages, component interfaces, workflow were used for the online processes and roll out among 4200+ active employees. Yearly employee charity contributions reinitialize upload process was also delivered in Application Engine.

Benefits, Payroll and Learning Management System

  • Provided daily HRMS Payrollproduction support on pay related issues along with PSADMIN role. I.e. production failure of PAYCALC or PAY CONFIRM or failure of inbound/outbound interfaces along with no matching buffer issue, completion of yearly merit increase process (Performance Pay) etc.
  • Provided functional and technical support for Year End process. Generating T4/T4A for active and pensioner employees along with closing year-end reports.
  • Designed and developed MERCER outbound interface.
  • Applied All Tax Updates from 04-D to 07-E.
  • Functional and technical designed, configured, and implemented to pay Health Premium amounts in separate checks with advice prints to all Hydro One pensioners.
  • Provided exclusive technical and functional production supports along with creating data conversions and interfaces to Plateau Learning Management System as part of decommissioning Peoplesoft Administer Training module (Enterprise Learning Management).
  • Delivered detail functional design of implementing Administer Training module. i.e. Setup and configuration of Student training to course details, course session, trainer, trainer expenses and more from fit gap to system integration to production.
  • Has details and in depth knowledge of HRMS and Training business processes.
  • Provided functional design on daily interfaces of Student training details along with employee extract details to feed data to Plateau Learning Management System.

Project Management

  • Concluded FIT GAP assessments to upgrade HRMS module to 8.9 from 8.3.
  • Conducted forecasting of new enhancements along with completion of Work Assessments Form (WAF). Responsible for project forecasting, Mid Month and Month End status report.

Confidential, (January’06 – October’07)

  • Provided technical support on modifications of Journal generator. Strongly experienced in supporting Peoplesoft 8.0 SP2 GL, AP and AM.
  • Modified SQR programs on Asset depreciation and Journal detail reports. Monthly report to pull summarized debit and credit amounts posted from AP use tax payments, and calculates the ending balance for account 224020, for all markets, as of current selected date.
  • Provided online people-code customizations on General Ledger Activity.
  • Created one completed SQL query to validate completed balances for Month End and Quarter End reports on asset allocation.
Confidential,Toronto, CANADA

Senior Peoplesoft Consultant (Contract) (June’04 – November’04)
Worked as a senior technical specialist (Team Lead)to lead a brand new implementation of Peoplesoft 8.8 HCM module (HumanResources, Benefits and Payroll) onDB2database and IBM OS/390 platform.
The responsibilities were included as follows

  • Provided functional and technical documentations on major interfaces and their customizations.
  • Modified component interfaces to apply the Employee Merit increase customizations and job hire process.
  • Created On-line objects and Application Engine program to add major customizations on Average Hourly Rates and Shift Premiums.
  • Designed and developed MERCER outbound interfaces.
  • Responsible for data conversion on Deduction and Earnings balances along with Additional pay.
Confidential,Mississauga, CANADA

Senior Peoplesoft Consultant (Contract) (September’03 – June’04)
Worked as a senior technical specialist for HCM Peoplesoft 8.3Payroll and Benefits production support along with companies’ separation project in DB2 and IBM/Unix platform. The responsibilities were included as follows

  • Direct involvement in providing Payroll and Benefits related production supports. Responsible for setting up and configuring the split pay week run via custom pay calendar.
  • Solely responsible for major development of GLinterfaces between PeopleSoft and SAP r/3 that handles multi company separations and split pay period dependent criteria’s.
  • Provided interfaces with employees (active and pensioners) payroll data, garnishments, and bank EFT data to tax data for Ceridian requirements.
  • Designed and implemented Workflow for Employee Transfer, and Termination dependent business rules and activities using Peoplecode exclusively.
  • Solely responsible for writing interfaces for exporting wageroll EE T&L data from Kronos and importing back to Peoplesoft system.
  • Hands on technical and functional experiences in supporting Benefit Admin Process. Modified and created several benefit interfaces for BenPlus and Clarica.
  • Developed new and modified several PeopleSoft Queries and Crystal Reports.
  • Created the complete solutions in providing Crystals Reports available through Menu(s).
Confidential,Toronto, CANADA

Senior Peoplesoft Consultant (Contract) (November’01 – September’03)
Worked as a technical team lead and hands on senior technical specialists for the full life cycle of Peoplesoft 8.3 (HR, Base Benefits, Ben Admin, Payroll, Time & Labor, and Administer Training) UPGRADE project in Oracle 8i and HP-Unix 11 platform. The responsibilities were included as follows

  • Responsible for all modifications to workflow as well as custom work-list using Activity for Employee Self Service (Manager Desktop, HR eProfile, eBenefits, and ePay). Other major developments were included of creation and retrofitting online objects i.e. fields, records, pages, component, sqr programs, process definitions, workflows, component interface, and peoplecode, Application Engine, and batch processes.
  • Details knowledge as technical and functional role in setting up Event Maintenance, Benefit Admin Process, and ROE along with Year-End.
  • Solely responsible for implementing Administer Training module from legacy. Application Engine and multiple SQR processes were used to load training history data, creation of course catalogue along with configurations tables by PL/SQL scripts.
  • Applied strong customizations in several interfaces and online development (Peoplecode and Component Interface) for Pay Equity balances and Job Hire, and applying application level administer securities (permission list, roles creation by department and band level).
  • Provided hands on functional and technical solutions to Hydro One Performance Pay interface process along with supplemental pay increase changes.
  • Developed an overall data conversion strategy for Peoplesoft HRMS v8.3 & FINANCE v8.0 sp2 modules along with several integrations of stand-alone legacy system like EADB and Pensioner.
  • Strong experienced in applying several tax updates (01E to 02G v8.3 release) along with application dependent patches and fixes.
  • Developed a thorough understanding of v8.3 T&L shift and custom schedule processes. SQR was used to build custom work schedule for all pay groups that also handles mid adjustments and holiday’s. Familiar with setting up Time and Labor rules, shifts, TRCs and workgroups.
  • Participated in a Fit/Gap analysis to provide the technical analysis, data conversion issues and requirements along with assessment of upgrading to Peoplesoft v8.3 from existing Peoplesoft HRMS 7.02.
  • Managed to lead a group of seven technical team members in designing and developing a seamless upgrade integration process. Significant responsibilities included compare report assessment, provided technical directions, along with coordinating the testing cycle through job scheduler, Control-M.

Confidential,New York, U.S.A

Senior Peoplesoft Consultant (March’01 – November’01)
Worked as a hands-on technical team member for the full life cycle of implementing Peoplesoft 8.0HR, Base Benefits and Payroll in Oracle 8i and Sun Solaris platform for the City of New York - NYCAPS (New York City Automated Personal System) project and responsibilities were include


  • Developed business process to conduct online customizations and data conversion strategy based on Cedar methodology. Actively involved in creating several PS Queries and SQR report development, and Crystal Reports.
  • Solely responsible for data conversion process along with creating data conversion strategy, data mapping, gathering functional and technical requirements, data conversion scripts and reconciliation.
  • Upgraded PeopleTools release version from 8.12 to 8.14.
  • Constructing online development, batch interfaces, projects migration among multiple instances, batch scheduling with Process Scheduler and complete data conversion process using SQRs, PeopleTools 8.14, Peoplecode, and Application Engine.
  • Business Interlink was used to integrate the credit card e-verification process in Peoplesoft system for online civil service exams. Application Engine program was also created to encrypt and decrypt various sensitive police agency information as part of post-production support.

Confidential,New York, USA.

Senior PeopleSoft Consultant (June’99 – March’01)
Served as a senior technical team member on the Peoplesoft development team for several financial and telecommunication industries and responsibilities were include


  • Developed and maintained working relationship with client technical team lead to establish knowledge transfer and to increase client exposure to PS functional and technical issues.
  • Developed and documented business process flows to support Annual Enrollment process along with testing and running. Strong functional experiences in running base benefit and automated annual enrollment process in Peoplesoft 7.5 HRMS.
  • Constructed interfaces and reports in SQR 5.3.4 along with setting up processes with AUTOSYS job scheduler.
  • Designed and constructed stored procedures for accessing/writing data from/to Peoplesoft.
  • Developed custom batch programs in SQR and PERL to help in coordination of events.


  • Involved in analysis and research on Lotus Notes tools for the Fiscal Year End Planning sub-team.
  • Involved in writing design documents for organizational data and vacation accrual data as a member of conversion team.
  • Applied technical knowledge to do technical designs and documentation for the processes required for extracting organizational data as well as vacation accrual data from various sources, converting and updating this data into Peoplesoft 7.5 HRMS module in Oracle 7 and Sun Solaris platform.
  • Constructed SQR scripts to extract organizational data as well as vacation accrual data from Peoplesoft 7.5, NEIS and other sources, loaded into staging database and updated go live Peoplesoft system. Also maintained the database administrator related table’s maintenance and performance tunings.
  • Constructed SQR scripts to reconcile against the conversion loaded data for Benefit Plan and Payroll Balances tables.


  • Responsible as a technical lead role for the assess, design, build, test, and integration of multiple tax and general ledger related custom SQR reports development throughout the complete lifecycle of the project.
  • Applied awareness of appropriate PwC methods and recognized equivalent appropriate to the specific needs of the project.
  • Constructed online panel developments and customizations, along with writing functional and technical report documentations on Peoplesoft 7.5 General Ledger activities requirements.
  • SQR 5.3.4, Crystal Report/Query and nVision tools were used extensively for the entire report development project in Oracle 7 and Sun Solaris platform.
  • Responsible for post-production support for custom developed reports.

Confidential,New York, U.S.A.

Senior Peoplesoft Consultant (January’98 – June’99)


  • Responsibilities were included online development & modifications on Peoplesoft 7.5 Accounts Receivable module along with writing functional documentations on miscellaneous charge batch capabilities matrix in Oracle 7 and Sun Solaris platform.


  • Participated as a lead data conversion and integration specialist for the full life cycle of implementing Peoplesoft 7.5 General Ledger (PeopleTools 7.5), in DB2 and Sun Solaris platform.
  • In terms of testing conversion, several reconciliation reports were created in SQR along with several base tables data were loaded into MS ACCESS database. MS ACCESS was used to export all journals with journal ids and related business units into flat files, which used for the conversion process.
  • Responsible for new customization and modifications of records, panels, panel groups, menu groups along with security administration issues in different phases of implementation and production support.
  • Also wrote several reports in SQR and Crystal report such as Journal Edit Error, Journal Entry Detail, and AP Non-Payable Users Detail.


  • Completed the full life cycle of implementation of HR, BASE BENEFIT, and PAYROLL in Peoplesoft 7.5 HRMS for a telecommunication client Oracle 7 and Windows NT 4 platform.
  • Directly involved as a technical lead for the completion of data conversion process along with data conversion strategy, data mapping, functional and technical data conversion requirements gathering and reconciliation.

Confidential,New York, U.S.A.

Programmer Analyst (January’97 - January’98)

  • Involved as senior member in supporting Peoplesoft v5.0 HRMS Base Benefit and Payroll module in Corporate System Group.
  • Assisted the Benefit Administration portion of 1998 open enrollment/TALX process. Succeeded having knowledge of entities in the Peoplesoft base benefits tables relationships well enough to make integration with third party system (TALX).
  • Created LATAM (Latin American) Data Entry application in MS Access to capture employee related and job history data. Application was used as source system to integrate into Peoplesoft Global architecture. SQR, Import Manager and ORACLE export/import functionalities were used extensively towards successful project completions.
  • In Fixed Income and Research Group, Visual Basic 4.0 was used increating reconciliation applications of Securities (T-bills, stocks and bonds etc.). Trading securities were being compared between Optical Data Storage System (STOR/QM) and Master Security Database (Oracle) via generating reports in Crystal to the users (Controllers and FX analyst) on Windows NT environment.
  • Supported Global Management System (Compliance Legal System) in Visual Basic 4.0(32 bit) and

Sybase 10.

  • Having provided data feed, reports were created to generate all Positions of Securities for each trading days using Perl5 on UNIX platform.

Confidential,75 Wall Street, New York, NY, U.S.A
Programmer Analyst (June’95 - December’96)

  • Worked in Content Development Group and responsibilities were included designing, coding and testing software in C++ and Stored-Proceduresto add a new content to KRF data feed systems.
  • Ensures the quality and accuracy of data before release on production data feed system along with introducing new tools to aid the content development group.
  • Created a Web server to provide access in-house software listings, bugs and ongoing training documentation.
  • Created and modified GUI applications such as Competitor Information Database, Product Information Database, Daily News Pages Application and Corporate Telephone Directory in Windows NT platform in Rapid Application Development Group.
  • OLE objects were used in customizing News Pages project with MS Access as back-end. Visual Basic 4.0 was used as a front-end application tool with using extensively Windows SDK (API’s), and DDE functionality’s. These applications were migrated to VB 4.0 (32 bit) from VB 3.0.
  • Another edition of CID also created in Excel macro (VBA) for trading desk spreadsheet users. OLE automation was exercised to customize application in MSOffice (Excel, Word) and Visual Basic.
  • Created generic installation packages in InstallShield3 with customized window screen for these interactive database applications along with trading desk spreadsheet application ‘CalcSheet’.
  • Responsible for ensuring the full records of updated versions, features, documentation and technical support.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering


Core Manager Planning
PeopleSoft 8.9 Integration Tools
Peoplesoft 8.3 with PeopleTools 8.14 Integration Tools
Peoplesoft 8.0 PeopleTools I/II release 8.12
Pattern Maker & Tool Implementations (STOR/QM)
Introduction to Finance and Introduction to Derivatives-Options
Short Term Money Markets & Interest Rate Swaps
The Eurobond Market

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