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  • May, 2012 - now

Confidential (DB2 for z/OS DBA)
DB2 for z/OS DBA, focusing on focusing on providing tuning solutions and other performance-related activities for the PeopleSoft Financials project.

  • January, 2005 – August, 2011

Confidential (Staff Software Engineer,DB2 for z/OS development,expertise in DB2 for z/OS query optimization technology, dump reading, utilityand Java/PLXprogramming)
I have over 7 years developing and servicing experience in large software product, DB2 for z/OS from V7 to V10. And I have rich experience in DB2 for z/OS query optimization, DB2 for z/OS utility, Java/PLX programming, stored procedures, large databases, data warehouse design, star join, partitioning etc.

When I joined CONFIDENTIAL in 2005, I was working in DB2 for z/OS development team and developed query optimization tools, Visual Explain, Optimization Service Center and Optimization Expert which are now called Data Studio Query/Workload Tuner. They are written in Java and involved both client side code and stored procedures, including Java and C stored procedures. I\'m engaged in the full development/service cycle from the very beginning high level design to service work after the product is commercialized. I\'m expert in OO design, and stored procedures design and performance tuning. I grow my deep knowledge of query optimization technology, runtime structure of DB2 for z/OS at the same time.

And later on, I worked as a level 3 engineer in query optimization team to solve query performance related problem. The customers of DB2 z/OS on mainframe are all big banks or insurance companies, they run their mission critical applications on DB2 for z/OS, so they expect high performance, zero downtime and 24*7 technical support. My job is to provide solutions in query performance related issues and fix defects found in service quickly. I also involved in DB2 for z/OS utility design, I have been participated in the design/coding/testing of histogram statistics, automatically statistics collection, which are newly introduced in DB2 9.

We not only fix defects of DB2, but also participate in new release development. We collect feedback from existing customers, many new requirements are raised from service work, and prioritize these requirements and put them into future releases.

I have extensive experience with very large databases, data warehouse, especially partitioning and star schema.

I have been working on a real data warehouse project, the Java application(Optimization Expert) I developed back to year 2005. I was fully engaged in the entire development cycle, from the very beginning of high level application, schema design to the detailed design of class/method signatures, coding, product shipment and service. One of the main features of the tool is to extract poor performance queries from various query sources, such as DB2\'s cache, catalog, QMF or even a file, then build a query workload, and collect necessary information related to the workload for further analysis, including but not limited to the query texts, runtime statistics and access path information, it is a kind of "Query Warehouse". Those information related to the query workloads are stored in a set of highly normalized tables. The query workloads will be transformed to query histogram, and objects histogram into another database periodically for trending analysis. I have a patent filed for this feature, "Application Performance Tuning with Query Histogram".

Besides the above experience related to data warehouse, I have been working with a lot of DB2 customers to review their data warehouse schema design, and tune the performance of their OLAP and OLTP queries, such as SAP(star schema, snowflake schema), PeopleSoft etc. I\'m very familiar with their schema, since we have them in our lab to do early performance validation when we ship new DB2 features or defect fixes. Very often, the customer suffer poor performance of their OLAP queries when they generate quarterly or yearly report, and I have helped many such cases to improve their poor queries that may run for hours or days to sub-seconds.

During the testing and development of query optimization tools, we have been using TPCD, GWL, SAPBW and DST workloads to validate the functionality and performance of the tools we developed. And during the service of DB2 for z/OS we use those benchmarks to do early performance validation before shipping a new performance enhancement features or defect fixes to our customers to ensure the quality of the product.

I\'m familiar with the basic utilities/tools on DB2 for z/OS, including but not limited to RUNSTATS, LOAD/UNLOAD, REORG, OMPE and CA Insight etc. And I also have a lot of hands on experience on the mainframe, such as RACF, TSO, SPUFI, VSAM etc, as I used it in my daily work.

I filed 2 patents in query optimization area and am the co-author of 2 CONFIDENTIAL red
books, the detailed information can be found in the following sections.

  • July 2002 – October 2004

Confidential (Network & System Engineer/) and AtosOrigin (System Analyser)
My main jobs in Confidential are:

  • Managed domain migration and server upgrading.
  • Coordinated IT security audit.
  • Coordinated Asset audit and asset management.
  • UNIX administration.

In the January of year 2004 AtosOrigin is splits from Confidential, and I joined AtosOrigin.

The project I did in AtosOrigin is consulting and implementation of PetroChina Pipeline Production Pilot Integration Project, I completed AS-IS, TO-BE, and business process reconstruction.


B.E. on Electronic Engineering,

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