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Principal Engineer / Technical Lead (peoplesoft) Resume


  • For the past Fifteen years I have been going to university and working in the technology field and am very experienced in IT Strategy, IT Services, IT Project Management, ERP, CRM, Sofware Architecture,BI, DW, OLAP,database administration, computer programming and analysis especially in the programs of Oracle and Peoplesoft .
  • I’m very good in networking administration using Windows And Unix.I have good experience about web development using oracle Jdeveloper10G and Application Server10G.
  • I am presently ITIL V3 Expert, ITIL V2 Manager, PMP, ODM, OCA 10G DBA, OCP Developer 9i - 10G and MCP..
  • I am successful in my current job for the reasons of other then it just being a job, it’s something I enjoy doing as well as I know it will only bring a better life for me.
  • I am hard working and wish to go further in the technology field.
  • I’m dynamic, self-motivated, creative computer professional with sound knowledge of office automation systems.
  • I accomplish the jobs with great sense of responsibility and always expect to make a positive contribution and prove my efficiency as an asset to the organization, which I work for.


Decelopment Tools & IDE: Oracle Developer Suite10g-9i-6i-6-2000, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic . NET

Database: Oracle10G-9I-8I-8-7, SQL2000, MS-Access

Application Server: Oracle AS10g

Operating System: Windows2003,2000,NT Server, Windows NT,2000 Workstation, Windows XP Professioanl,Unix

ERP: Peoplesoft HRMS, Financials, CRM, Planning

Tools: PeopleTools,Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), Oracle Express, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Designer, Start Designer, Visio

Web Technologies: Orcale Jdeveloper 10G, J2EE (JSP, Servlets, JavaBeans),HTML,DHTML, EML, XML, VBScript, JavaScript,Dream Waver, IIS4

Programming Languages: Cobol, C++, Pascal, Basic

PC Applications: MS Word, MS Excel, Lotus, Word Perfect, Outlook, Power Point

Personality: Management,Communication,Presentation Skills,Technical writing, Good availability for working in Team, loyal, dynamic, creative



Principal Engineer / Technical Lead (Peoplesoft)


  • Recognized as an expert in a respective product area and demonstrates skills in other related products.
  • Participate in the creation and delivery of course material for advanced technical topics.
  • Create/modify/review content within the Knowledge Management System (consultative articles, case studies, and white papers).
  • Manage all severity and escalated complex customer issues within guidelines including cross functionalissues; Accountable for representing customer expectations and communicating to proper internal resources.
  • Participate in the technical screening, interviewing, reference checking, and final selection of candidates within team.
  • Network across competencies and other lines of business, with management & senior resources to gain visibility within the organization.
  • Capable of standing in for direct manager in customer escalations and critical accounts conference calls.
  • Assist manager in team meetings and lead knowledge sharing.
  • Work closely with development in planning product enhancements and new features.
  • Provide feedback and input to development on the customer impacted practices and policies such as 'frequency of patchsets'.
  • Define requirements and partner with system administrators for internal test and development environments.
  • Act as support lead in Beta programs and product/platform testing.
  • Act as support lead in product management and product readiness initiatives.
  • Helping in recruiting new analyst in Egypt office and also in organizing internal events for HCM team there.
  • Ensure that a customer focused behavior is adopted by all team interacting with customers and to strive continuously for high customer satisfaction feedback.
  • Ensure that team member are adequately trained and motivated and that their career aspirations are delivered through IDPs and that they are frequently updated.
  • New Hire Mentoring Program document; this is an 18 page summary doc that describes the mentoring process, responsibilities of Mentor and Mentee, and lists the 6 topics covered during the new hire mentoring assignment, specifically: Support Org Overview; Products Supported by HR Team; HR Product Core Training; Resources; GCS Processes and Procedures; and ODM;
  • Mentoring Assignment document; a spreadsheet that captures status on each of the 6 topics over the 12 week duration of the mentoring assignment;
  • Upgrade Project team lead was in charge of presenting all the available material upgrade related by weekly to the whole team and set in advance the next tasks to move forward in the project.
  • Provided support and troubleshooting guidance when difficulties were encounter during the execution of any of upgrade project task.
  • Implement locally the agreed plan of global processes and to make sure that minimum IT standards are continuously met. Develop, direct and control the technical, functional and administrative activities of personnel engaged or associated with the provision of automated information and data communication services and processing capabilities.


Software Development Division Head


  • I consider my biggest achievement in this challenging assignment was the establishment of the Software Division itself.
  • I joined this company while all business processes were carried out on very old fashion system; the challenge was to introduce technology to a community of users that were the effort technology hermits.
  • I managed all aspects of successfully running an Software Division
  • One member of Stratigic Planning Team . Planning, Determinate, Distribute & Coordinate Responsibility between IT team. Sharing & Assisting the Management for Business Objectives, Strategies, Policies, Critical Success Factors & Development system Related to its.
  • Development & tracking project plans that include procurement, delivery and installation schedules.
  • Establishes project structure and staffing plans.
  • Motivates and directs project team; sets goals, objectives and priorities; assigns and reviews work.
  • Scope management - Risk management and
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Evaluate the database server hardware/OS configuration and coordinate with the system administrator for optimal configuration recommendations.
  • Create and modify physical storage structures (i.e. tablespaces, tablesIndexes, snapshots, rollback segments, temporary storage structures, and data files.)
  • Size physical storage structures to minimize database fragmentation and chaining.
  • Distribute and balance I/O. Plan for future storage capacity requirements for the server and database.
  • Monitor and optimize the performance of database applications and the database as a unit.
  • Monitor the availability and reliability of database-related procedures, Processes and services.
  • Manage users, privileges, roles, and quotas to control and monitor user Access to the database.
  • Maintain a backup and recovery strategy for database information and Restore the database as required.
  • Maintain archived data for point-in-time restorations.
  • Install, upgrade, configure, and tune network access to the database (i.e.SQL*Net, Oracle Names, ODBC, etc.)
  • Ensure compliance with Oracle server and application tool licensing.
  • Develop and implement the policies, technical procedures, and standards for preserving the integrity and security of data.
  • Assist project teams with applying standards and resolving integration issues. Assist project teams in prototyping and optimizing queries.
  • Assist project teams in designing the database storage structures and program units as to the effect
  • The performance of the database as a unit.
  • The performance of the server executing the RDBMS.
  • The performance of the database during data operations and transactions.
  • The efficiency of backup and recover procedures for the database.
  • Assist developers in identifying and purging obsolete database structures,Accounts, etc.
  • Provide technical support and guidance, as required.
  • Determining systems requirements.
  • Conducting interviews, designing questionnaires, work observation, analyzing documents, prototyping requirements.
  • Analysis and implementing various user requirements.
  • Designing Entity Relationship Diagrams for business applications that includes entities, attributes relationships, integrity rules, business rules, triggers operations, candidate keys, primary key and needed normalization.
  • Designing the System function hierarchy and entities and their attributes.
  • Designing and developing different forms, reports and charts of the business application.
  • Designing complete security systems that identify all objects (forms, reports, menus), user, privileges assigned to each user.
  • Specifying modifications of the database structure for the applications.
  • Estimating storage requirements for the applications.
  • Tuning the application during development.
  • Designing the database structure of the applications.
  • Using the structure approach for system analysis. Flowchart, System Development Life Cycle. (WFD) Work Flow Diagram. (DFD) Data Flow Diagram. (ERD) Entity Relationship Diagram. (IPO) Input/Process/Output. Data Dictionary. Cost / benefit Analysis.
  • Making complete training and supporting for our applications.

Used Tools: Orecle10G-9I-8I, Oracle AS10g, Developer Suite 10g-9I-6I, Designer, Oracle Jdeveloper 10g,Visual Basic, Access,Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP-2000 Professional.


Oracle Developer


  • job involves analysis,development,implementation and programming for Payroll System, Personnel System, Insurance System, Home System, Train System,Voyage System Using Developer2000 and Oracle8 under Unix.


System Analyst and Developer


  • On all mentioned systems, I was responsible on analyzing,designing,developing, testing,installing systems to end user and providing customer supports.
  • My responsibilities also inculdes creating database users,tables and other database components.
  • Also I have experience on solving database troubleshooting .

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