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Peoplesoft Sr. Techno Functional Consultant Resume

Mclean, VA


  • 9+ years of PeopleSoft Financials/SCM (GL, AP, PO, AR, BI, AM, Cash Management, Financial Gateway, eProcurement, sPro, INV, Contracts, Project Costing); PS Enterprise Portal implementation, upgrade/development, and testing experience
  • Involved in checking of the technical feasibility of the recommended solution by the functional team.
  • Very good at interacting with users and discussing about different PeopleSoft business issues, and the gathering business requirements, and translated them into to Techno - functional specifications.
  • Very good functional flow knowledge and setup experience with proper table loading sequence in PeopleSoft Financials /SCM modules implementation or upgrade implementation.
  • Very Good Experience in documenting the Technical Design and Unit Test Documents.
  • Very good at design, data modeling, build and implement custom applications from scratch, as required.
  • Developed many Process flow diagrams, using MS Word, MS Visio, to clearly highlight the various business components involved, and the integration points between them.
  • Participated in peer-to-peer design/code review, to ensure quality of the Techno-Functional Specs and also the developed technical deliverables.
  • Involved in data mapping, and designed many Data Conversion and Interface Programs between PS and non-PS applications using Integration Broker, SQR, App. Engine, Component Interfaces, and Excel-To-CI tools.
  • Project-wide expert on PeopleSoft's proprietary client/server architecture.
  • Very good at developing new applications from scratch /customizing existing applications using Application Designer capabilities, People Code, Core Workflow, AWE and other People Tools.
  • Good at PeopleSoft new Application Integration technologies like Component Interfaces, Integration broker and Business Interlinks.
  • Developed many reports using PS/Query, BI Publisher and SQR, including dynamically changing output-generating reports using SQR methods like Break Logic, Load-Lookup, Arrays, Multiple reports, and Form reports, Printing Logos etc.
  • Experienced in PeopleSoft Upgrade and expert in using Application Designer, Upgrade Assistant, Data Mover, and also Quest Stat to migrate data between different environments.
  • Involved in building Peoplesoft Fluid User Interface for the latest 9.2 version in Peopletools 8.56.
  • Very good in debugging, analytical thinking, error fixing, testing, and Performance tuning of the code.
  • Involved in test plans & scenarios development, and in actual unit, system integration, performance and regression testing of various on-line application components and reports developed /upgraded.
  • Provided technical expertise in migrating enhancements and new functionality to production environment.
  • Involved in Updates &Fixes; Production and post-implementation support. And provided Techno-Functional support to address any production issues/bugs and enhancements.
  • Involved in addressing the issues related with PeopleSoft Security related to Users, Roles, Permission Lists, Password related, Object and Query Security.


ERP Tools: PeopleSoft 9.2/9.1/ 9.0/8.9/8.8

Development Tools: Application Designer, Application Engine, PTF and People Code

Administration Tools: Configuration Manager, Tree Manager, Process Scheduler, Process Monitor, Report Manager, Upgrade Assistant, Security Administrator, Server Administration and Utilities.

Integration Tools: Application Messaging, AWE, Core Work Flow, Component Interfaces, Business Interlinks, and EDI Manager

Data Management Tools: Data Mover and Import Manager

Reporting Tools: SQR6.0, CRYSTAL, PS/Query, PS/nVision and XML Publisher.


GUI: PeopleSoft Application Designer, Oracle Developer/2000

Operating systems: Unix (HP-UX), Win'NT, and Win'2000

Languages: SQL, PL / SQL, SQR, People Code, XML, HTML, C++.

Office Tools: M.S.OFFICE, VISIO

Database Tools: SQL Navigator, Oracle SQL*Plus, Toad, SQL Tuning, SQL Server Query Analyzer

Other Tools: STAT, PHIRE, Visio and SNAG IT


Confidential, Mclean, VA

PeopleSoft Sr. Techno Functional consultant


  • In PeopleSoft Financials Upgrade Project from 9.1 to 9.2 including design, development, Functional & Technical Specifications, Unit and Integration Testing.
  • Worked with the functional Analyst and analyzed compare reports and identified customizations that will require rework and which must be reapplied.
  • Performed Tools 8.54 to 8.56 upgrade on Financials production databases on an Oracle/Unix system.
  • Created Custom Grouplets (Fluid home Page) using properties and peoplecode.
  • Developed an Interface to import Supervisory Org feed from Workday into PS for Hire or Rehire process.
  • OM/BI: Developed an interface to load billing transactions from third party Order Management system into PeopleSoft.
  • As a part of 9.2 upgrade, converted Custom Crystal reports in TC, PC, PO and AP to BI Publisher Report.
  • Designed Project Adhoc Report which lists all the Open Projects, that helps the user to close the projects.
  • Fixed Issues related to Work Order Approval Workflow.
  • Designed and Created Work Order Dispatch Report using BI Publisher and scheduled them to run on every Friday at 8AM, to send the reports as PDF attachments to the respective Vendor email account.
  • Developed the Data Mover Scripts(DMS) to migrate supplier contract document information and involved in Configuration Setup as well.
  • INV: Developed and tested different Business cases such as Back Order Creations for Partial Shipments, Cancel Orders, Change Orders and Partial Schedules.
  • Modified the editable approver listing on Work Order to remove the need to cancel and recreate a work order only to change the approver of a Timesheet, or Expenses or Progress Log in AWE.
  • PO/ePro: Setup Excel to CI tool to load Items and Requester Profile and User Preferences.
  • Auto approval of sPro invoice generation when Timesheet/Progress Log/Expenses are approved.
  • Fixed various GL & AP issues mainly relating to Multicurrency issues. Recommended changes to business process related changes.
  • Modified pages for Accounts Payable to maintain vendor information, contract information and key data to support payment of an invoice to a vendor.
  • Involved in end to end integration (using Integration Broker) between Peoplesoft ePro AP and Perfect Commerce for PO Dispatch, POA, ASN and Invoice outbound and inbound transactions
  • Customized the PO Approval Workflow process in Purchasing.
  • Auto approval of sPro invoice generation when Timesheet/Progress Log/Expenses are approved
  • Fixed issues relating to PO Auto Change Process. ePro: Modified Requisition Expeditor page so that Requisitions can be searched and sourced based on Buyers
  • Developed E-Mail Notification process, using Work Flow to send e-mails to the Service Coordinator and Requestors whenever a modification is made on a Released Work Order.
  • Modified the SQR POPO005 to print the terms and conditions and logo of Confidential for Purchase Order.
  • Created a Month End Accrual Report which identifies any self-invoicing document (individual days on a timecard, progress logs, expense reports) that are not approved by the end of the fiscal month and thus not reported in the financial systems.
  • Executed the test cases in configuring Supplier Contracts using HP ALM.

Confidential, Chicago

PeopleSoft Sr. Techno Functional consultant


  • In PeopleSoft Financials Upgrade Project from v8.9 to v9.2 including design, development, Functional &Technical Specifications, Unit and Integration Testing.
  • Performed Fit-gap analysis with 9.2 upgrade and came out with Functional Design Document for the customization.
  • Reapplied customizations on AP ACH and Wire Interfaces - FIN2025, FINEFT.SQC &FINPYMNT.SQC for 9.2 Upgrade
  • Involved in development of Technical specs for ACH/EFT payment files to send to Bank.
  • Developed many data conversion programs like legacy data conversion to PeopleSoft Billing Module, incorporating the required business validations.
  • Reapplied customizations to App engines, App packages, Pages, Components, Peoplecode, Records in AP, GL, PO, ePro, Project Costing, Contracts, AR, BI, OM & AM.
  • Customized the Contracts to Billing Interface (CA BI INTFC) according to the client Requirements.
  • Converted Classing Pages to Fluid Page Formats in AP, Purchasing and ePro.
  • Designed Several Fluid Pages/Components using Simple Layout, 2 Column Layout.
  • Configured and tested the AP Voucher and Vendor AWE workflow process.
  • Resolved issues and fixed Bugs in AP, ePro, AM, BI & GL after 9.2 Upgrade.
  • AM: Customized Application Engine to capitalize expenditure transactions to flow through PC AM process to Asset management.
  • Implemented eProcurement Punchout for Office Max, CDW and Other Vendor Websites ePro Punchout & PO Dispatch XML Setup - Involved in Working with Suppliers in Setting up Punchout Vendor Shared Secret, Changes to XSLT, Digital Certificate installation for SSL Connection with Punchout Website, Changes on the PO Dispatch EDX Files
  • Did a modification in eProcurement Catalog Management giving the ability to setup and make the static items available and searchable.
  • Modified the workflow path for eProcurement for the requisition and PO approval process.
  • Customized and modified several reports in nVision, BI Publisher Reports.
  • Vastly Customizations the peoplecode that related to ePro Workflow for 11 different kind of Approvals.
  • Enabled with Oracle the end-to-end processes for Procure to Pay, Report to Record, Order to Cash Business Processes
  • Done the SQL Tuning for the Inventory module where report was taking a long time.
  • Developed PO EDI Interfaces for PO Acknowledgement, PO Dispatch and Other Interfaces.
  • Developed an SQR that will produce AM depreciation expense report for current period, year to date, and life to date.
  • Created a report for the Account Receivable on Pending items that runs and gives report periodically, that gives the list of all Pending Items, and Pending Payments.
  • Involved in the design and development of in the PS Purchasing & Requisitions, Custom eInvoice Work Flow Monitors, to view the AWE WF events on the Lifecycle of a Purchase Orders and the Requisitions respectively.

Confidential, NY

PeopleSoft Techno Functional Consultant

Environment: - PS FSCM (OM, AP, GL, ePro, PO and Inventory) 9.1, People Tools 8.52, Oracle 11g, Application Engine, Data Mover, XML Publisher, PS/Query, SQR, Unix.


  • Responsible for Production Support of Peoplesoft SCM Applications
  • Supported day-to-day activates and issues related to both OM & INV modules.
  • Involved in the design & development of Technical specifications, to automate the current manual Inventory Picking process, by using the Bar Code Readers, with Test Plans and Procedures.
  • Worked independently and closely with business users to improve Order to Cash processing.
  • Involved in the development of high-level Flow diagrams for the total automated process of the Inventory Process. And also developed separate Flow diagrams that can be used by the end users, to understand and follow the new automated Inventory Picking Process.
  • Involved in gathering requirements for ePro Requisition approval process.
  • Involved in the customization of the delivered PeopleSoft objects, and creation of the new objects as required for this Inventory Picking atomization process.
  • Resolved Daily Issues in SCM - Requestor, Buyer Setup, Approver Changes due to Department Manager Setup, PO Sourcing, PO Buffer Exceptions, PO Approval Rerouting, Voucher Invoice Approval Worklist Items Fixes, AP Matching Exception Resolution - Exceptions Related to Rules - RULE S500, RULE S300, RULE V550, RULE V250 Related to Quantity, Price, UOM or Above Tolerance Limit Exceptions.
  • INV: Redesigned the Replenishment Report as per the requested Customization to include Soft Reservations, PID and Purchase Orders.
  • OM: Supported order services to solve online issues and trained end-users.
  • Developed outbound interfaces for Item Master, Vendor Master, Customer Master, Sales Order, PO Dispatch and Serialized Shipments.
  • INV: Formatting the Packing Slips, order Acknowledgments, Invoices and Purchase Orders etc.
  • Fixed issues relating Purchase Order Dispatch and Setup of ePro to SciQuest Integration
  • Developed Excel to CI Templates to load Items and Requester Profile, Buyer Setup, AP Origins, Ship To Locations and User Preferences.
  • Positive Pay Files: Developed Positive Pay Files with various banks like Confidential, Confidential, Confidential
  • AP Bank Reconciliation Files: Developed and Interface to Load Bank Recon Files. ePro: Setup the integration between several Merchant web sites and Peoplesoft (Punch Out) using Application Messaging.
  • AP: Calculation and troubleshooting various issues with Pay Cycle Manager, Payment posting
  • Modified inbound interfaces in Accounts Payable which loads the invoices sent in flat file format by the multiple vendors from different systems.
  • Customized the workflow in eProcurement.
  • Provided technical approach and architecture for remaining conversion development.
  • Configured the Workflow and setup the Supervisor for the requester and Buyer.
  • Involved in the development of the relevant and required Component Interfaces and the Application Engine batch programs, using the delivered Components, to populate the Bar-Code Reader file Inventory Picking data through PeopleSoft Front-end application validations, avoiding manual online entry.
  • Involved in design and development of Inventory Items data Conversion /migration from different legacy systems like Fleet ax and others into PeopleSoft, by creating Cross-reference tables, custom Component Interfaces for the delivered Components, that were called in the Custom Application Engine program, with the client specific business rule of unique Vendor Item ID checking.
  • Involved in customizing PO Expediting Reports as per the requirement of the Client and scheduled them to run on every Friday at 8AM, to send the reports as PDF attachments to the respective Buyer email account.
  • Involved in the design and development of Inventory Usage Value report for given Period of time.

Confidential, Melbourne, FL

PeopleSoft Techno Functional Consultant

Environment: - PS Financials/SCM 8.9/8.48; Application Engine, SQL Tuning, Data Mover, Oracle, PS/Query, Crystal Reports, SQR, Work Flow, Web servers, n/Vision, Toad, WINNT, IE/6.0, MS Visio.


  • Involved in the Data mapping from various Legacy Systems to PS Financials, by developing the Excel mapping spread sheets with automated PS/Queries developed to fetch the target PeopleSoft record definition details that will be mapped to the Legacy Source information.
  • Worked with counting sheets in Inventory by modifying the SQL where it was pulling the duplicate data.
  • Modified the SQR POPO005 to display Business Unit and PO ID number for each Purchase Order.
  • Updated the workflow path for PO approvals.
  • Designed and developed conversion and audit programs to convert into PeopleSoft Grants, Contracts, Customers (Grant Sponsors), GL Journals, Purchase Orders, and Item Categories.
  • Supported end-to-end processes for procure to Pay reporting improvements for A/P Accruals, Item Cost Maintenance and Annual Revaluation processes.
  • As part of a successful effort to salvage a PeopleSoft Grants implementation already in production, designed and developed five significant conversion modules to re-configure and manipulate transactional history to reflect this new configuration - updates spanned all of Financials, with most updates applied to Project Costing, Grants, and Commitment Control
  • Co-designed and built an architecture to implement a run control page to provide an additional user layer for PS Query which helped bridge the gap between using PS Query as an adhoc tool and providing a more robust reporting engine. Supported scheduling and viewing queries, as well as providing App Class support for custom defaulting and logic related to inbound prompt values.
  • Involved in the creation of the Functional and Technical specifications for various data Conversion efforts with Flow diagrams, Test Plans and Procedures.
  • Developed data conversions to convert legacy asset profiles data to PeopleSoft Asset Management system.
  • Created several new express forms in eProcurement.
  • Involved in the design and creation of Custom Cross-reference tables, Manual Data Enquiry &Cleaning Pages, components, and other related objects for the data conversion effort.
  • Involved in developing the Data Conversion Programs to convert Legacy data for Vendors, Vouchers and Assets into PS88 Financials, using the Data Files extracted from legacy systems, and the cross-reference tables developed.
  • Customized /Developed many File Layouts and Application Engine Programs to load the Legacy application data into PeopleSoft Financials 88 modules.
  • Worked in the capacity of a project manager for an Order to Cash project for a global financial services organization.
  • Developed Data Mover Scripts to transfer the converted data between Conversion environment and other environments like testing, staging and Production as and when needed.
  • Involved in developing the business analysis Queries and reports like General Ledger activity and Employee Expenses report using the capabilities of Business Objects reporting capabilities.
  • Involved in developing different interface programs between the PeopleSoft and different Financial institutes Banks to exchange the data back and forth.
  • Involved in developing many complex reports using SQR, Crystal and n/Vision.

Confidential, St. Petersburg, FL

PeopleSoft Developer

Environment: - PeopleSoft PS Financials/SCM/ESA 9.1/8.51, Integration Broker, PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal, GL, AP, PO, Project Costing, Time Entry, Travel and Expenses, AR, Billing, Contracts, MS SQL Server, CRYSTAL, Work Flow, WINNT, IE/6.0, MS Visio.


  • Involved in the design and creation of Custom records, pages, components, and attached the components to the custom menus created.
  • AP: Implemented New EDI and CSV File Voucher Load Interface to load data into Voucher Staging tables and then Process them using Voucher Build Interface into AP
  • Worked on AP Voucher creation program which loads from External system into Voucher Staging tables.
  • Troubleshoot the Problems in Voucher Posting and Payment Posting Processes.
  • Involved in the customization of the AP Pay Cycle Manager (Payment Selection and Payment Creation steps).
  • AP: Configured the AP Matching Rules for Matching Vouchers with PO's and Receipts.
  • Prepared a knowledge Inventory on Known Bug Fixes, Found Root Causes, Developed Specs for Enhancement to Fix these issues Permanently in Phase 2
  • AP: Configured the Workflow for Voucher Approvals, Journal Approvals and for Matching Exceptions.
  • Helped in configuring the AP module for conversion and go live which included implementation of EFT payments.
  • AP: Calculation and troubleshooting various issues with Pay Cycle Manager, Payment posting
  • Involved in the creation of the Markup & Duty AE program for IUT Receipts (RIN203) to calculate the new transfer price by adding the Customs Duty, obtained from an external system, for the receiving Business Unit and also calculate the new mark-up for the Inventory BU Item, when an inter-unit transfer stock request is created thru either an Express Issue or MSR
  • Created a new AE program, RIN740 - Mass Cost update to Zero, to reduce the cost of Items to ZERO, for BU records where the cost profile is AVG COST is greater than Zero.
  • Created an In-transit Value Report RIN200.SQR -- to be called at month end to create journal entries for in-transit items.
  • Involved in defining the menu folders, including Root and child folder definitions and also content reference definitions, and content reference link definitions under them.
  • Involved in providing the Menu Folder security and Content Reference security, and also in assigning the Component Permissions and Page Permissions to access the objects created.
  • Involved in creating the portal registry structures, portal Node definitions, permission lists for the menu folders, content reference security, templates and page lets, for the various custom tasks involved.
  • Involved in running the delivered Portal Security Synchronization application engine process, to enable the portal security.
  • Developed many File Layouts and Application Engine Programs to load the Configuration data into many configuration tables across PeopleSoft modules.
  • Developed many DMS scripts to transfer the configuration data between Configuration environment and other environments as and when needed.
  • Involved in developing the Project Costing reports like, Project Budget Variance & %Complete report, Contract Project Cost detail Report, Trend reports like Project Labor Variance, Labor & Utilization Reports like Project Time by Dept Owner, and also by Department, Project Hrs by Employee, etc.
  • Developed Reports like Slacker Tracker report, Policy Time report, and Unapproved Time by Approver report and included them under Travel & Expenses Folder in the Manager self Service root folder.
  • Developed Time and Expense report by Client, that includes drill down on-demand sub report for the Project details for the PROJECT IDs that are included in the main output data rows.
  • Designed and developed multiple field values run control functionality using PeopleCode, and used with many SQRs with dynamic SQL variables, to increase the performance and to reduce the further maintenance work.
  • Customized delivered SQR Invoice report as per the needs of the client, with dynamically changing logos, to use the same report to the two sister companies.

Confidential - Richmond, VA

PeopleSoft Developer

Environment: PS 8.9 Financials/SCM(GL, AP, PO, AR, BI, INV, SQL Tuning, Project Costing, and Contracts) UNIX, Oracle, SQR 6.0, CRYSTAL, Win’XP, MS Visio, Stat, and PeopleTools 8.49


  • Involved in the PeopleSoft 8.4 to 8.9 Financials Upgrade Project with business requirement enhancements. And also involved in design, Functional/Technical specifications development, development, Unit and Integration Testing and Production support.
  • Involved in the retrofitting of the previously customized PeopleSoft objects as per the business requirement, wherever required to be applied.
  • Developed and tested the Bar code which would be printed on the Check Page.
  • Modified some of the Crystal and SQR reports, in Financials modules like AP, PO, INV, PROJECTS, as per the business enhancements.
  • Involved in the design and customization required to populate Due Date field in eProcurement, with value passed through extrinsic tag in punch-out order message from direct merchants.
  • Involved in the design and development of Employer Burden to GL Interface in PeopleSoft eRecruit to collect the Employer/Associate benefit plan costs by Cost Center on a pay period basis and send that to the Finance and Accounting system.
  • Developed E-Mail Notification process, using Work Flow to send e-mails to the data owners as reminders, to the data owners, when they fail to submit their entire data.
  • Involved in the Functional retrofitting of the previously customized PeopleSoft objects as per the business requirement, wherever required to be applied.
  • Modified some of the Crystal and SQR report layout designs, in Financials modules like AP, PO, ePro, INV, PROJECTS, as per the business enhancements.
  • Designed & developed Trial balance, Vendor-information reports using SQR in GL and AP.
  • Designed SQR reports for Inventory, Purchasing, E.g. Inventory Control Reports, Purchase by Vendor etc.
  • Involved in the design and customization required to populate Due Date field in eProcurement, with value passed through extrinsic tag in punch-out order message from direct merchants.
  • Involved in investigating the budget tolerance errors, in Commitment Control, returned by the Budget Processor, while posting a budget journal that reduces a budget including the budget tolerance.
  • Development of various legacy system and third party data interfaces, to get data into EPM data repository, using the PeopleTools utilities like Excel-to-CI.

Confidential - Louisville, KY

PeopleSoft Analyst

Environment: PS 8.4 FDM/SCM (GL, AP, PO, AR, BI, FBM, AM, INV, T&E, KK, and PROJECTS), IBM DB2 V78.1 on OS/390, SQR 6.0, Cobol, n/Vision, CRYSTAL 8.5 with Win’XP and IE 6.0


  • PeopleSoft Financials Implementation Project with v8.8 including design, Functional/Technical specifications development, Technical development and documentation, Legacy data conversion, Interface programs development, Unit and Integration Testing.
  • Involved in loading small data loads into PeopleSoft application components using Excel to CI Utility.
  • Developed data conversions to convert legacy asset profiles data to PeopleSoft Asset Management system.
  • Involved in the initial setup tables loading of the GL, and Commitment Control module and trouble shooting of budget journal entries.
  • Involved in the customization of the Commitment Control Notify Application Engine program, that routes the early warning and exception notifications to users' email and work-lists.
  • Developed Application Engine Interface Programs like IPHFHA - COOP Fee Calculation Program, to calculate Confidential Corporate IPHFHA (International Confidential Franchise Holding Association) period co-op advertisement contribution through PS billing.
  • Developed many SQR and Crystal reports like Confidential Sales Variances Analysis Report for various brands under Confidential, Inc.
  • Developed many Query/Crystal reports like FBM Missing Sales Letter Report, to generate, FBM Missing Sales Letters that will be sent out to the customers, which will be assisting in the collections process.
  • Involved in the Testing of the First Phase implementation, and QA database issues resolution.

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