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Sr. Peoplesoft Technical Consultant Resume


  • About 7+ Years of IT Experience in application software development with 7 years of expertise in analysis, design, development, upgrade, customization, production support and management for People Soft HCM, HRMS, ELM and Financials. Application area includes Benefits Administration, Time and Labor, Compensation, North American Payroll, Global Payroll, PUM (PeopleSoft Update Manager), Workforce Administration, General Ledger and Account Payable.
  • Extensive knowledge of Development Tools, Administration Tools and Reporting Tools (SQR, Crystal, PS Query and Tree Manager).
  • Experience in People Soft Internet Architecture and Open Integration Technology Tools (Application Engine, Component Interfaces and Application Messaging).
  • Experienced in upgrade from PeopleSoft HCM/ELM from 9.1 to 9.2.
  • Experience in implementing Collaborative Applications (eProfile, ePay, eBenefits, eDevelopment and eRecruit), Portal Technology and Workflow.
  • Experience in E - commerce, Web Application Programming, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, System Design, Documentation, Development, Programming, Testing and Implementation.
  • Worked on multiple PeopleSoft upgrade projects for different modules: HCM 9.0 to 9.2, ELS 9.0 to 9.2 and CRM 9.0 to 9.2 and Finance 9.0 to 9.1, Applied patches and bundles using PeopleSoft Update Manager PUM images and installed Oracle Secured Enterprise Search database software and configuring it from within 9.2 applications
  • Good communication and inter-personal skills, accustomed to work in a team environment with tight schedules and capable of working efficiently under pressure, manage multiple project and cross train sub-ordinates in other Functional areas.
  • Proficient in using Process scheduler for running reports & processes and monitoring them using Process Monitor.
  • Experience also includes debugging and performance tuning of SQR and App Engine processes.
  • Highly experienced in creating SQL scripts within database environments including Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, etc.
  • Well conversant with documentation of specifications, change enhancement requests & developing test cases.
  • Possess good knowledge in MS Office Project and experience in Project scheduling, collecting, evaluating, analyzing and presenting reports using MS Office tools.
  • Strong team player and very good in interacting with Business users, Functional and Technical team to meet the project deadlines and to achieve organization goals.
  • Good communication, interpersonal, analytical and problem-solving skills.


ERP: PeopleSoft HCM, ELM 08.9/9.0/9.1/9.2 (PUM, TAM, Candidate Gateway, Core HR, Profile Management, Workforce Administration, Employee and Manager, Self Services, Base Benefits, Benefits Administration, Compensation, Competency, Management, Succession Planning and E-Performance, Time & Labor, Absence

People Tools: People Code, App Messaging, Operator Security, Import Manager, Process Scheduler, Application Engine, Workflow, Component Interface

Operating Systems: DOS, UNIX, Windows 9x/NT/XP/2000

Languages: SQL, VB.Net, C, C++, VC++, Assembly languages (8085,8086)

Web Technologies: HTML, XML, Java Script, Web development and VB Script

Reporting Tools: SQR, Crystal Reports, PS Query, Tree Manager, N-vision

Databases: Oracle 8.x/9g/10g/11g/12c, SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000 , DB2, Sybase, MS Access

App/web Servers: Tuxedo, BEA Web Logic Server, Apache

GUI’s: Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, MATLAB

OS: Microsoft Windows, UNIX, DOS



Sr. PeopleSoft Technical Consultant


  • Supported HR 9.2 (Travel and Expense) applications.
  • Took active part in providing technical consultation on reviewing and mapping of the data.
  • Created new SQR Programs to update Annual Base Salary, and to add new Benefit programs, Plan, Plan Types and automated Benefit Admin Process.
  • Installed bundles PeopleSoft PUM Images using Oracle Virtual Box and configured and instruct client in use of the PeopleSoft Update manager PUM for their upgraded 9.2 HCM system.
  • Played key role in Development of Interfaces, Online Customizations using SQR's, People Code, Integration Broker, Component Interfaces and Application Engine for People Soft HR, Benefits and Payroll modules.
  • Performed installation, maintenance of PeopleSoft ELM software and migration of configuration (i.e setup data between environments
  • Involved in retirement plans, pension plans of the employees.
  • Created the technical design document, coding and created the test plan for the new interfaces/Reports.
  • Responsible for functional testing of the applications, the job involves thorough testing of Payroll module.
  • Tools PeopleSoft Change Assistant, PeopleSoft Upgrade Assistant, Integration Broker, Weblogic, Tuxedo, PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM).
  • Customized the Application Engine program to refresh the PS Employees table.
  • Analyzed the various inbound and outbound interfaces for the project.
  • Involved in Implementation and Customization of employee self-service (ESS) modules such as eRecruit, ePay, Ebenefits and eprofile.
  • Implemented the company match on employee 401K Catch-Up contributions and calculated the match on a per pay run basis as per the specified formula.
  • Developed Application Engine process to evaluate Retirement Indicators based on employees birth & service dates.
  • Designed and developed Data Conversion programs to convert Learning history, User profiles from a legacy system to PeopleSoft ELM System using Component Interface and Application Engine.
  • Implementation Support for CRM 9.2 Setup PUM workstation Providing support for implementation team in Demo, Dev and QA environments.
  • Implemented PeopleSoft Portal Solutions including deployment of Interaction Hub 9.2, configuring Single Sign on with PeopleSoft ELM and HCM environments.
  • Using eRecruit enabled all the employees to view all the jobs, submit referrals and to submit their resumes online.
  • Used workflow to route transactions for approval processing and to send notifications that a transaction was approved, rejected, successful or completed.
  • Customized pages for ePay to deliver personal information online like Paycheck information, Direct Deposit information, W4.
  • Wrote People Code to validate Transit Number on Direct Deposit pages of the Self Services section.
  • Worked on Customization of Unix batch and Shell Scripts.
  • Customization of batch programs/reports/interfaces.
  • Identified all post payroll interfaces to include EDS employees and modified the outbound interfaces to include EDS folks.
  • Worked on Migration, Audit checks, Validation and Data Conversion of EDS to PeopleSoft HRMS Payroll System.
  • Worked on outbound interface for generating Flexible Spending Account (FSA) deductions for the current pay period.
  • Used Application Designer and other People tools to modify existing tables and create some new tables and views to suffice the application need.
  • Performance testing - Compared the response time with existing system.
  • Test Cases & Data Preparation for UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and System Testing.

Environment: PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 (HR, TAM, PUM, Candidate Gateway, Benefits and Payroll), People Tools 8.54, People Code, SQR, Application Engine, ORACLE 11g.

Confidential, Orange County, CA

PeopleSoft Technical Consultant


  • Worked on upgrade from 8.3 to 9.1 application.
  • Supporting the recruiting module which is integrated with Resume Mirror Extractor application.
  • Created new stored procedure and developed application engine to call it, to get the business and cost center approvers based on some specific business rules.
  • Developed interfaces to send file feeds to Concur which replaced PeopleSoft Travel and Expense.
  • Developed new shell scripts and AutoSys jil scripts to ftp files to external vendors.
  • Applying latest bundles using PeopleSoft Upgrade Manager PUM and Virtual Box.
  • Worked on Images, Style sheets and html to customize the PeopleSoft portal.
  • Worked on the Customizations of Recruitment/TAM, Core HR, ELM, T&L, Absence Management and Payroll Module.
  • Handled the admin activities like recycling the app and web servers in business time on the load shared environment without effecting the users.
  • Modified sqr’s, application engines and people code as part of support activities and moved the trackers as part of weekly release.
  • Install Change Assistant, run initial passes and MTPs, Install Oracle Secure Enterprise Search db software and configure it from within application, Install Bundles PUM Images using Oracle Virtual Box.
  • Worked on couple of interfaces which send feeds to SAP finance system.
  • Worked on creating couple of Excel to CI’s which replace Import Manager.
  • Developed some xmlp reports to replace the crystal reports.
  • Involved in trouble shooting Integration broker issues and solved data sync issues between HCM and CS & ELM.
  • Worked on Integration Broker to integrate PeopleSoft with Oracle Identity Management to send person data and workforce data asynchronously.
  • Developed on feeds from Time and Labor module to Clarity application.

Environment: PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 (HR, Payroll, PUM, Base Benefits), self-services (eRecruit, ePay, eCompensation, eBenefits) People Tools 8.52, SQR, Integration Broker, People Code, Oracle 10g.


PeopleSoft Developer


  • Worked on the root causes to fix the programs with are causing out of balance reports.
  • Worked on vendor interfaces to send the HR and benefit plan election details to vendors like Unicare (for Medical), MetLife (for dental), Spectera (for Vision) semi-monthly
  • Process eligibility interfaces to carriers weekly and review exception reports to resolve enrollment issues
  • Designed and developed SQR to import unused Discretionary Time data into staging tables and Application Engine program to update employee paysheets with unused Discretionary Time which runs during the Separate payroll processing. Developed Sqr to query the Union and Non-union employees balance hour’s year to date and write in two separate files. Wrote shell scripts to copy and transfer these data files to mainframe system and mail to users.
  • Designed and developed Sqr to read the overnight bonus amount data file and update the Paysheets for bonus payroll processing.
  • Worked on setting up the Integration broker to run the sync between HCM and ELM for all the HR related data.
  • Developed Integration broker messaging capability to integrate Hartford Life system with HR application. HR/Payroll data entry performed on Life system automatically gets loaded into HR system for job data updates, new hire, Terminations, Rehire, Personal Information updates, Foundation table updates etc.
  • Created outbound interfaces using SQL and Peoplecode in Application Engine to migrate payroll data from PeopleSoft tables to flat file and then it will transfer to existing financial systems.
  • Provided technical support to users in running the biweekly payroll.
  • Involved with business users in supporting the open enrollment issues.
  • Created new jobs to process final pay using existing functionality to process checks at time of termination.
  • Worked extensively with configuring Integration broker between PeopleSoft financials and HR application including setting up page out if any channel is stuck or in error.
  • Worked on application project to archive the payroll and reconciled payment data which is 14 months old.
  • Worked on PeopleSoft data archive manager to archive past payroll data.
  • Worked with BACIS team in sending the bank files in timely manner and getting acknowledgement files from them.
  • Working on Stream line project to realign all the jobs which are exceeding the maximum allowed time and causing delay in the pay cycles. This involved creation of new box jobs in Autosys which run parallel to the pay cycles.
  • Integration testing to identify critical testing areas to be included in the regression phase.
  • Worked on enhancement projects like vendor clean up, Mass mailing etc.
  • Working on glass and towing enhancement to process all the new safelite and cross-country claims through new front-end system.
  • Coordinated with all the front-end systems to receive timely payment requests for claims through integration broker.

Environment: PeopleSoft 9.0, Oracle 11g, people tools 8.49


PeopleSoft Business Analyst Intern


  • Developed a new SQR to track all the employees whose I-9 or Visa is expiring within next 6 months and email the respective employees Visa details to their respective Business Representative.
  • Developed an interface CSV file to get the information of all the employees in home and host country who are on global assignment.
  • Worked extensively in payroll in developing LT tax interfaces with multiple reports.
  • Worked in production support team in solving most of the security issues related to the FTP definitions and FTP permission lists (Customized module in Medtronic).
  • Involved in tuning the Stock Queries that are timing out in the production.
  • Customized ePay - Direct Deposit, Federal W-4, W2 Reissue Request, View pay check components as per client requirement.
  • Customized eBenefits Life Events section as per client requirement.
  • Created New Roles/Routes/Routings for W2 Reissue Request, ESPP Refunds, and Name Change etc workflows.
  • Disintegrated Savings Bond general deduction from other Voluntary Deductions under Employee Self Service and created custom transaction pages.
  • Designed and developed custom View Leave Balance pages under core, Employee and Manager Self services.
  • Developed the effective dated logic for all the transaction pages under ePay (Savings Bond, Direct Deposit, W4/W5, Voluntary Deductions etc).
  • Integrated W-4 and Advanced Earned Income Credit (W-5) pages and ran several customizations per business needs.
  • Developed an Application Engine program for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and transfer of direct reports for the managers.

Environment: PeopleSoft 8.8 HCM, HRMS, MS sql server, people tools 8.45

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