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Application Developer Resume Profile

Personal Summary:

A productive, self-motivated, and adaptive team player who adjusts rapidly to new situations and completes multiple projects accurately and on-time without supervision.

Focus of Professional Experience:

  • Proficient in software development life cycle.
  • Proven competencies in defining business requirements and designing technical specifications.
  • Skillful in total quality management including unit, integration, and system testing.
  • Well versed in technical and operational support.

Professional Work Experience


Application Developer / Analyst Seattle Licensing Information Management, SLIM and City Animal Tracking System, CATS

  • Modifying Microsoft SQL server 2012 database tables, triggers, and/or store procedures to carry out fixes.
  • Utilizing Microsoft Visual SourceSafe as version control tool.
  • Improving the City's licensing system built with PowerBuilder 12.5 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database to better serve city businesses and individuals.
  • Implementing a new module for Transportation Network Company to current licensing system to accommodate Uber and taxi-for-hire businesses.
  • Working with business analyst to prioritize system request backlog.
  • Analyzing current requests for system improvement.
  • Designing solution for existing requests.
  • Modifying PowerBuilder objects accordingly to implement solutions.
  • Working with system administrators to roll out database and PowerBuilder fixes for SLIM


Database Administrator / Database Analyst CERNER databases for TENET Health Care

  • Monitoring non-production databases activities by reviewing daily log.
  • Monitoring non-production database server performance.
  • Installing Oracle Client on new servers.
  • Refreshing Training databases using RMAN utility and resetting cron jobs.
  • Installing OS Watcher on servers.
  • Installing CBO Tool Kit on servers and database instances per CERNER SOP.


Database Administrator / Database Analyst Oracle PeopleSoft PeopleTools

  • Refreshing Oracle Peopletools non-production databases.
  • Backing up databases and or user objects
  • Migrating database scripts and objects among instances, including to production.
  • Managing Oracle tablespace and datafiles.
  • Migrating application objects and applying SQL scripts from one database instance to another using PHIRE.
  • Applying patches to Oracle database.
  • Migrating Peopletools Projects, SQRs, COBOLs using Application Designer.
  • Applying Peopletools HCM patch to upgrade from 8.50.10 to 8.50.24
  • Applying Peopletools 8.50.24 HCM HR and Payroll maintenance pack 5
  • Applying Peopletools HCM Tax updates 11F, 12A, 12B, 12C, 12D
  • Monitoring databases, application and web servers' performance and daily batch logs.
  • Improving batch log monitoring scripts in UNIX shell script.
  • Maintaining data integrity and databases security.


Application Programmer / Analyst

  • Participating in requirement gathering for a new application to replace existing General Leger module phase one and two Account Receivable Transaction Integration Engine, aka 'ARTIE' , within the Billing and Collection system, for the Accounting and Finance Departments.
  • Modifying and developing new graphic user interface in PowerBuilder 12.5 to accommodate ARTIE.
  • Designing database model for ARTIE, including relational table structure, normalizations, and constraints.
  • Migrating and populating seeding data for mapping tables in ARTIE.
  • Creating and coding stored procedures to populate results per requirements for ARTIE phase one.
  • Coordinating team members between front-end GUI and back-end database structure design and development.
  • Demonstrating and educating team members, including Business Analysts and Quality Assurance testers, the design, purpose, and end result of ARTIE.
  • Coordinating UAT with Business Analyst and the Finance/Accounting Department.
  • Conducting integration testing.
  • Participating in post-testing meetings to trouble-shoot and correct targeting areas in the system to assure accuracy.
  • Working with Business Analysts to gather, validate, and refine business requirements for new system modules to better process funds transferring and adjustments between billing offices as well as among client accounts.
  • Working with development team members on interface design and system-impact analysis per the requirements.
  • Developing and coding new sub-systems GUI using PowerBuilder v.12 as well as working with Sybase v 12.5 DBAs on creating any new stored procedures and/or new database objects.
  • Modifying existing stored procedure and/or submitting Ad Hoc requests to better incorporate new projects.
  • Responsible for data analysis and migration using ETL methodology.
  • Using Serena Version Manager for GUI and database objects' version control.
  • Conducting unit and systems tests to ensure code accuracy per SOX compliance requirements.
  • Working with Quality Assurance to resolve issues identified during testing.
  • Using proven SDLC methodology to perform impact analysis on existing application code to ensure project requirements are being met.
  • Completing solutions to enhancement projects developing detailed tasks to accomplish business solutions through project requirements.
  • Documenting throughout requirement-gathering, design and analysis, developing and coding, testing, implementing, as well as maintaining phases of projects.


Application Programmer

  • Responsible for maintaining user security of the network.
  • Developing, modifying, maintaining and executing Oracle packages and procedures.
  • Responsible for maintaining data integrity


Software Engineer / Jr. Oracle DBA

  • Responsible and performed Oracle database design and modification as a Jr. DBA for new projects.
  • Responsible for migrating databases to Oracle 10g and developing system modification for new modules.
  • Monitoring database performance and daily batch log.
  • Training and mentoring fellow programmers on utilizing and troubleshooting the States more complex systems including Oracle PL/SQL.
  • Performing project management of multiple systems within the Employment Relations Division ERD this included large complex information systems for the State, such as EDI.
  • Successfully migrating WCAP GUI from PowerBuilder 7 to PB 9 then PB 9 to PB 10 with Oracle 8i database.
  • Performing business analysis to the State Workers' Comp application WCAP with Business Analyst to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Meeting with end users to collect new module requirements.
  • Designed and developed new and modified GUI for new projects/modules using PowerBuilder v.10.
  • Using Sybase PowerBuilder Native Version Control for GUI objects.
  • Worked with customers for UAT and to troubleshoot problems within new modules in a timely manner.
  • Participating in new module implementations with the end users, network staff, developers, and DBAs to ensure smooth and successful transition.
  • Completed required deliverable on a timely basis.


Software Engineer

  • Migrating PowerComp system from PB 5.0 to PB 7.0.3.
  • Developing specifications utilizing CAST and overseeing their execution using 4GL.
  • Responsible for Coding, testing, debugging, and documenting programs and projects.
  • Performing day-time and night-time batch process recoveries and served as a 24-hour on-call support to ensure the recoveries were completed.
  • Responsible for development, testing, maintenance, and documentation of the 4GL system applications using PowerBuilder CAST, Visual Basic, and Oracle database tools.
  • Providing systems analysis and end user support for system issues.
  • Developing program specifications for specific business applications.


Application Developer

  • Responsible for the conversion of a COBOL-written utility billing system for Customer Service Division to a PowerBuilder 6.5 PFC application with Sybase DBMS.
  • Collecting new utility billing system requirements by meeting with the division supervisor.
  • Analyzing, designing, and researching best practices to develop billing system.
  • Working with Sybase DBA and Business Analyst on required database structure for the system.
  • Responsible for coding, testing, debugging, and documenting programs and procedures in the system.
  • Responsible for writing and implementing the user's manual.

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