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Developer Resume

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  • 8+ years of IT experience in the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Testing in different modules of the ERP - PeopleSoft HRMS& FSCM,6+ years working experience on Develop Functional Requirements, 5+years as PeopleSoft Application Designer and PeopleSoft Configuration Manager, +7 years as PeopleSoft Integration Broker, hands on experience Business Process Improvements, strong working experience on Develop design specifications.
  • Extensively worked with Inbound and Outbound Application Engine Programs using File layout and testing.
  • 4+years working experience on Ability to perform testing of applications, facilitate testing by others, document results, Ability to navigate and query a relational database (Oracle) to both develop reports.
  • Expertise in Application Designer, People Code, SQR, Process Scheduler, XML Publisher PS-Query, Workflow, and Application Engine.
  • Proficient in Module Development, Upgrade, Interfacing, Conversion, Data Migration using People Code and People Tools.
  • Knowledgeable in the creation of complex database reports using SQR, PS/Query and XML Publisher.
  • Strong analytical thinking, testing, troubleshooting, and error resolution.
  • Tested many test scripts. Organized and assisted users in UAT testing of 9.2 processes.
  • Worked on industry products like PeopleSoft (HCM, ELM, and TAM), Oracle, HP Quality Centre and HP Application Life-cycle Management.
  • Experience in developingJavabased web applications usingObject Orientedconcepts,Web servicesandJavaScript.
  • Excellent knowledge of PeopleSoft HRMS modules like Core HR, Base Benefits, Benefits Administration & NA payroll.
  • Developed and coded self-service applications inPeoplesoft HRMS 9.2
  • Good knowledge of Security, Maintain Security (Roles, Permission lists, User profiles, Dynamic Roles) Row-level Security, Field Level Security, and Definition Security.
  • Excellent process orientation in performing fit/gap analysis, requirements gathering, functional design, application configuration, user interactions, testing and production support.
  • Proficient in all phases of the systems development life cycle including requirements definition, data conversion, system implementation, system testing and acceptance testing.
  • Experience in PeopleSoft implementation, development, customization and production support in HRMS.
  • Primary areas of expertise include application development, writing conversion and interfaces programs using SQR’s, Application Engines and Excel to CI, developing reports using XML Publisher and SQR, supporting and administering PeopleSoft environments and providing technical assistance and guidance to support staff and project teams.
  • Actively involved in gathering requirements and acquiring application knowledge from Business Managers & Application SME’s.
  • In-depth knowledge in Tuning SQL Queries and improving query performance.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills and ability to document based on target audience (Managerial, functional, technical users)
  • Experience and ability to coordinate/Communicate within team and outside team based on project requirements.


Languages: People Code, SQL, C

Databases: Oracle 10/9 and DB2

Applications: MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook

GUI Tools: People Tools 8.47,8.45,8.53 (Application Designer, Maintain Security, Data Mover, PeopleSoft Internet Architecture, PeopleSoft Upgrade, Process Scheduler, PeopleSoft Workflow etc), SQR, XML Publisher

Methodology: Agile, Object-Oriented Analysis/Design, UML, SharePoint, Unix ODBC, MS Visio 2008.

Additional skills: Web:XML, WSDL, Web Services, JavaScript, Apache, Tomcat, JSP, JavaScript.


Confidential, VA



  • Customizing existing PeopleSoft functionality as per user requirements.
  • Developing inbound, outbound interface to receive and send data from PeopleSoft HCM 9.2.
  • Worked on resolving issues with workflow approvals & AWE issues.
  • Developed training content forPeopleSoft 9.2 HCM/FSCM content for Payroll, ESS and MSS.
  • Developed custom pages for the maintaining GM agreements and storing GM specific Learning management fields. Led and developed web applications for company Intranet/Internet using ASP, JavaScript, HTML and DHTML.
  • Responsible for effective communication with the customer. Provide guidance to our customer in enhancing theirPeopleSoft CRM implementation.
  • Deliver new and complex high-quality solutions to clients in response to varying business requirements.
  • Wrote complex SQL queries that help in smooth execution of daily activities.
  • Implemented 2nd Factor Authorization with Secure AUTH on the Login pages and provided functionality to register devices to the Secure AUTH using digital fingerprinting and One Time Pin generation over the SMS, Call or Email.
  • Implemented various CI using the integration broker from one environment to another in order to create case, user profile sync, create interaction note.
  • Modified existing SQR Report POP005 and Customized Maintain Contracts page and Budget Checked the contracts page. Developed pricing customization and created many pages and tables for multiple business unit functionality.
  • Developed custom application engine programs to inactivate the courses, Learning paths etc.
  • Used Phire migration tool for migrating the projects across different PeopleSoft instances.
  • Created custom reports using BI publisher.
  • Preparation of Technical Design document, Unit test case documents.
  • UAT, cut over support and post production support.
  • Responsible for effective communication with the project team and the customer.
  • Responsible for Customization & Creation of Fields, Records, Views, Pages, Components and Menus as per the client's requirements.
  • Added & modified People Code according to Business Rules as a part in development.
  • Developed Application engine programs using SQL and People code.
  • Created new Application Engines for loading the data from CSV file to PS Tables and PS tables to CSV file according to the client requirements.

Environment: PeopleSoft 9.2, People Tools 8.53, Oracle 10g, Windows, UNIX.

Confidential, Altamonte Springs, FL


  • Involved with functional team to gather technical and reporting specifications and information for customizations, and designing reports.
  • Worked on various People Tools such as Application Designer, Application Engine, Maintain security, Object Security, Process Scheduler, Process Monitor, PS Query, nVision, and Tree Manager.
  • Modified and tested various SQR interfaces like General Ledger activity, Posted Journal summary and Journal entry details
  • Designed an nVision report, which shows Revenue by Worksite for Business Unit, Products, and Departments by period. The report lists about the details of the revenue for each account in details by period.
  • Handle the adhoc work requests which are raised from business.
  • Development of different types of objects including Application Engine, PS Query, OnlinePeopleSoft Component, People Code, XML reports as per the Technical design document.
  • Designed an nVision report, which gives the monthly summary of total revenue by product for the given period.
  • Designed an nVision report, which gives the Revenue for Department/Location by time spans. This report mainly summarizes about the revenue of each and every staffing office around the US to monitor the marketing leader’s business.
  • Modification and development of new reports and queries using SQR, Seagate Crystal Report, nVision, Tree Manager, PeopleSoft Query for analysis, data integrity, reconciliation of the flow of data among modules of PeopleSoft
  • Designed a Crystal Report, which captures Lost Orders for each Business Unit, Product and department by period. The report lists about the details of the lost orders and their contacts
  • Designed a Crystal Report, which captures Open Orders for each Business Unit, Product and department by period. The report lists about the details of the lost orders and their contacts Interfaces
  • Generated a report using SQR to display the error data in the file sent by the carriers by comparing with the system tables.
  • Developed new SQR Report, which gives the business unit breakdown of vendor information along with the total amount paid during the year.

Confidential, Livingston, NJ

PeopleSoft Technical Consultant


  • Involved in the PeopleSoft Upgrade Project from Version 8.8 to 9.1 for Core HR, Payroll, Base Benefits, Benefits Administration and Time and Labor.
  • Extensively worked on People Code according to the requirements to implement the business rules and data validations.
  • Created/Modified/Customized all tables related to benefits such as Benefit plan types, Benefit plans and Benefit programs.
  • Developed Record Definitions, Pages, Components, ad-hoc SQRs & ad-hoc queries, and Run Control Pages as per corporate requirements.
  • Customized Benefit program pages to include fields like eligibility criteria and rate factor etc.
  • Extensively worked on making online changes such as adding customized translate values, modifying People Code, adding fields to pages and modifying Components and menus.
  • Involved in creating permission lists, users, roles and assigned roles to users (Maintain Security).
  • Customized Recruiting Profile page (HRS CE PROFILE) to populate data into PS SC HRS APP INFO (delivered table PS HRS APP PROFILE).
  • Created technical specifications including testing scenarios from functional requirements.
  • Created documentation within the code created as well as that needed for continuing support and training
  • Setting up Vendor profiles and Vendor policies according the organization requirements.
  • Designed and developed an interface in SQR to send time from custom Time and Labor table to a flat file to be exported to another department.
  • Worked on retrofitting row-level security in all SQR PAR reports from 8.8 to 9.1, like replacing FAST SCRTY 2 view with FAST SQR SEC VW.
  • Worked on developing complex queries using SQR to retrieve the benefit transactions information as per the client requirements.
  • Designed interfaces for Benefit Plans, customized Benefit programs integrating them with the Benefit/Deduction Program Table Group. Also enhanced the Benefit's module in People soft with the Company's Benefit program.
  • Worked on Tree manager to add records in Access Group to view in PS Query.
  • Extensively worked with Process Scheduler to run processes & reports through PeopleSoft panels.
  • Used process monitor to view the status of the reports and scheduled various periodic reports.

Environment: People Soft HRMS 8.8/9.1, People Tools 8.45/8.51, Windows, Application Designer, People Code, SQR, SQL, PS/Query, Crystal Reports, Oracle 10, PL/SQL.

Confidential, Austin, TX

Sr. PeopleSoft Technical Developer


  • Actively involved in all stages of Upgrade of PeopleSoft HCM from version 8.8 to 9.1.
  • Developed technical specification documentation for the new changes brought out in version 9.1.
  • Conducted multiple Fit Gap Analysis sessions and analysed upgrade compare reports to identify and document existing customizations.
  • Involved in Retrofitting of several customized objects like Application Engines, SQR's in the process of upgrade.
  • As a team member of project, involved in Customization of Application Engine programs to perform background SQL process.
  • Run SYSAUDIT, DDDAUDIT, Alter Audit reports to identify integrity issues.
  • Defined and built Work Schedules by creating Shifts, Workdays and Template Definitions for Weekly, Biweekly employees.
  • Developed various application engine programs to notify the nightly batch job status to the respective team members.
  • Developed an interface for reporting time from a flat file using File Layout, Custom Interface, and Application Engine into the PeopleSoft Time and Labor system.
  • Developed Template/Custom Built Rules using Daily Threshold, Holiday and Guaranteed Hours and customized the rules using SQL objects, actions and conditions.
  • Generated a process to create Interface between Benefits and Time and Labor which compares employee's leaves recorded in Time and Labor against the allowed leaves; this process is used as an alternative to the existing Payroll feature, which calculates the Leave Accruals.
  • Defined Time and Labor Static and Dynamic work groups for specific group of time reporters.
  • Worked on PeopleSoft to OIM integration and debugging login issues for PeopleSoft which involves OIM.
  • Worked on Integration Broker to integrate PeopleSoft with Oracle Identity Management to send person data and workforce data asynchronously.
  • Worked on Time and Labor Employee and Manager Self Service.
  • Working on the Fit-Gap analysis of business requirements for the PeopleSoft 9.2 system.
  • Preparation of functional designs related to Core HR module and reports.
  • Preparing Design documents/ Functional Specs.
  • Responsible for the preparation of functional test cases, test data & test plan.
  • Performing the SIT and the UAT support along with preparation of test scripts and test results.
  • Providing support to the business group for the PeopleSoft 9.2 trainings and delivery.
  • Planning for Cutover and Production Go-live activities.
  • Responsible for the complete release cycle of the solution.

Environment: PeopleSoft HCM 9.1, People Tools 8.53, Oracle, Windows, LINUX.

Confidential, Hoffman Estates, IL

Programmer Analyst


  • Prepared System appreciation documentation during the initial discovery phase of project. Attended knowledge transition sessions with Clients SMEs to get thorough understanding of existing application.
  • Worked closely with onsite coordinators to understand the requirements and prepare functional designs/Detail design document
  • Estimated the project and planned project implementation in multiple phases
  • Lead the application development team which was responsible for changes to the mainframe system.
  • Acted as point of contact to the front-end java development team
  • Published timely status of project to onsite coordinators
  • Worked on all phases of Application development - Coding, Unit Testing, UAT and IT support, Implementation and Post implementation stabilization
  • Provided application support by being primary on call on a rotation basis

Environment: PeopleSoft HCM 9.0, People Tools 8.47, Oracle, Windows, UNIX.


PeopleSoft Developer


  • Preparation of Data Conversion templates for the Data Conversion of Base Tables and Transaction Tables.
  • Preparation of Module Specifications and Technical design documents for Data Conversion and Interfaces.
  • Preparation of Test Cases.
  • I was involved in Testing and reviewing the components, Data Conversion AEs and Interfaces created by Team members. Also assisted in development of Data Conversion AEs.
  • Preparation of AE in combination with File Layout and Component Interface for the Data Conversion of major Transaction components like Hire, Personal, Job and Position Data components.
  • Worked extensively with People Code, Application Designer, Application Engine, File Layout, Data Mover, Component Interface, PS Query, Utilities, Process Scheduler, Process monitor, Report manager, etc.
  • Experience in using Integration Broker Components and Setting up and troubleshooting Application Messages.
  • Also prepared outbound interfaces for IDP system, SILAS system (Provides information to MS Outlook about Organization hierarchy and Personal Information) and Global PeopleSoft system.
  • Prepared SQR Process called “Probation end date mailer”, which runs every day and triggers mails to Employee, Employee’s Manager and HR who are completing the Probation next month of current date.
  • Involved in Creating New Records, Pages, Components, Menus & customizing existing Pages &People code.
  • Created and modified Components, Pages, Records, Fields, Process Definitions and registering Components in Menu and Permission Lists.

Environment: Languages & Tools: PeopleSoft HRMS 8.8, People Tools 8.43.

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