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Peoplesoft Technical Consultant Resume

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  • Seven plus Years of Experience in teh field of Information Technology, implementing Information Systems utilizing Client/Server, Web and Experience in Application Design, Development, Testing, and implementation.
  • 6 years of progressive technical experience in teh Customization, Managing Enterprise Portal, Conversions, Interfaces and Implementation of PeopleSoft 9.1/9.0/8.9/8.8 Financials (Accounts Receivable, Billing, Asset Management, Project Costing, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Contracts, and Expenses), PeopleSoft 9.1/9.0/8.9/8.8 SCM (Inventory, Purchasing, Order Management, E - procurement) modules.
  • Strong technical expertise in module interfacing, upgrading, conversion, development, data migration, Module Development and reporting based on PeopleTools 8.51/8.50/8.49/8.4 x and writing/debugging PeopleCode.
  • Experienced in Upgrades, applying Patches, Fixes, Updates to teh application to ensure maximum performance.
  • Extensively utilized SQR, Application Engine, PeopleCode and PeopleSoft Integration Tools (App Messaging, Component Interface, Business Interlinks, and Integration Broker).
  • Proficient in all phases of teh systems development life cycle including requirements definition, data conversion, data mapping, system implementation.
  • Worked wif reporting and analyzing tools such as SQR, Crystal Report 9. Used PS/Query, nVision8.4 and Tree Manager for reporting purpose to fulfill client’s specific reporting configurations.
  • Database Programming experience using Oracle 10/9.x, DB2, MS SQL Server 9.0/8.0/7.0, SQL, and PL/SQL.
  • Experience in working on Peoplesoft Test Framework as part of Functional testing.
  • Involved in Functional QA Testing of FSCM 8.9 Pre-release System and Platform Test by creating/running Test Cases in Mercury Test Director 8.0, utilized WinRunner, Component Interfaces, Integration Broker, PeopleSoft developed QA tools me.C.E, PSScript Enterprise 2.0 and applied Hot Fixes to teh test databases.
  • Efficient team player, ability to multitask wif excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


ERP: PeopleSoft Financials 8.8/8.9/9.0/9/1 (Billing, AR, AM, PC, GL, AP, PO, OM, EX, CA), People Tools 8.51/8.4x

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, Java, C/C++, Visual Basic 6.0

Reporting Tools: SQR, Crystal Reports, PS/n Vision

PeopleTools: Application Designer, Configuration Manager, PS Security, PS/Query, Process Scheduler, PeopleCode, Application Engine, Application Messaging, WorkflowComponent Interfaces Data Mover and Upgrade Assistant

Data Management Tools: Import Manager, Data Mover

Development Tools: IBM Visual Age for Java 3.0, Jbuilder 1.0, Dream Weaver, Flash, MS FrontPage.

RDBMS: Oracle 10/9.0, MS SQL Server, MS Access, DB2 OS390/UNIX, IBM Informix, Sybase.

Operating Systems: Windows NT, Windows 2000/XP/9x, UNIX, LINUX


Confidential, Utah

PeopleSoft Technical Consultant


  • Working on RICEW objects in Implementation of PeopleSoft FSCM modules.
  • Worked on Interface from PeopleSoft to 3RD party system called StrataJazz and maintenance of Project Managers in PeopleSoft Project osting module (Inbound Interface using IB).
  • Developed Component Interface to update teh Project Team Component when department manager changes wifin PeopleSoft Department Chatfield.
  • Worked on a requirement to remove PeopleSoft delivered constraint that teh Item tracking control fields are locked once receiving transaction occurs for an item. This enhancement allows changing teh controls after a transaction TEMPhas occurred.
  • Worked extensively on developing custom Crystal reports based on requirements from end users.
  • Worked on creating reports wif SQR.
  • Worked on extension to create hyperlink on teh voucher pages in AP, to show teh related images.
  • Developed on a new customization to include custom tracking control fields (Serial and Lot control) just for teh receiving side of an item.
  • Worked on enhancement on Inventory Master Item to allow teh users to change teh Standard UoM and it’s conversions for an item. There is a delivered PeopleSoft constraint to lock teh UOM once an transaction TEMPhas occurred for teh item.
  • Designed an Application Engine program to handle teh failed Validations of UOM change and Tracking controls for an Item.
  • Worked on changes to flexible analysis reports in Project Costing.
  • Supported Integration testing issues after teh development of RICEW objects.
  • Enabled online tracing for supporting issues in integration testing to debug issues.
  • Debugged Application engine program issues using trace files.
  • Modified teh Item Loader process to include new duplicates checking requirements. Validations to check no duplicate rows exist on teh file and tan check for duplicates of manufactures id and manufacturers Item Id.
  • Developed Workflow and rules for Work Orders in Maintenance Management.
  • Developed teh Outbound Integration Broker interface to load and synchronize PeopleSoft Items to Mckesson consolidated RX system via SOA. If teh item is updated or a new item is created, tan teh message is triggered on Item Defn component SavePost Change.
  • Worked on a new enhancement to automatically notify a technician via email/text/pager on a Work Order or Service Request based on a setup page. Designed an Application Engine to and created one section each for one notification.
  • Worked on PO Imaging to develop a hyperlink on purchase order pages. When teh Hyperlink is clicked, it should show teh related image from 3rd party system for that purchase order.

Environment: PeopleSoft 9.1 FSCM, PeopleTools 8.52.14, Oracle DB, Application Engine, PeopleCode, Integration Broker, iscripts, Crystal Reports, SQL, SQR, PS/Query, Process Schedule, Process Monitor, Tree Manager and Report Manager.

Confidential, NY

PeopleSoft Techno-Functional Consultant


  • Working on Development work in Business processes including teh actions involving requisitions, change requests, approvals, purchase orders, catalogs, RTV (Return to Vendor) and receipts. Receivables - Inbound Interface, Statements, Accounts Payable - Vouchers, Paycycles and Project Costing.
  • Worked on PeopleSoft FSCM 8.8 to 9.1 Upgrade Project.
  • Worked in Post Upgrade Production support/Development team - worked on Support and also development of new functionality and customization’s.
  • Performed pre-upgrade tasks for AP, AR, PO and Inv and making necessary documentation.
  • Applied customizations on copy of production, based on teh actions set by analyzing teh compare reports and also participated in different customizations.
  • Used upgrade assistant tool, created and ran teh jobs as listed in upgrade assistant.
  • Worked on Interactive Cumulative Feature Overview Tool to determine teh features developed between PeopleSoft releases.
  • Involved in Retrofitting customizations and resolve issues logged as part of PeopleSoft financials upgrade project.
  • Designed & developed teh vendor conversion program using Component interface and application engine for converting vendors from various agencies. Currently, teh state does not maintain a Vendor file, but instead TEMPhas a flat Payee History file.
  • Involved in setting up connectivity between HR and Financial applications using integration broker.
  • Involved in integrating external billing system to Peoplesoft using Integration Broker.
  • Generated WSDL and tested wif Generate SOAP template.
  • Developed Invoice Printing process as 2 parts - first part as Application Engine program to populate Billing temporary tables wif teh required invoice data extracted from teh large volume billing tables and second part as an SQR program to write teh extracted data to flat files that are ftp'd to a printing facility that prints and mails teh invoices.
  • Developed SQR Inbound Interface process to get teh Pending Items from IC2 system to Peoplesoft.
  • Developed SQR outbound Interface program to send teh AP payment Information.
  • As part of Peoplesoft Test Framework testing -Recorded a test and Modified a test
  • Migrated Peoplesoft Test Framework objects from Test database to Func Database.
  • Involved in Customizations on teh BI to AR interface program.
  • Worked on Data conversion issues in teh upgrade support.
  • Tested extensively to AR interface program.
  • Modified Project worksheet creating process to send project costing into billing modules, thereby billing interface creates teh invoices.
  • Worked extensively on Voucher conversion issues like PO Voucher, Journal Voucher Fix, Express payments, Recycle Vouchers, and over booked Payments.
  • Worked wif cross-functional teams for System Integration testing, and created test plan document for SIT.
  • Worked on Customizations in Expense Report (ER) which are created in PS.
  • Developed Workflow routes ER through approval process after traveler submits.
  • Applied pre and post upgrade fixes and customized teh pages according change requests.
  • Ran AR inbound interface to load teh transaction tables, reviewing and correcting data.
  • Worked on a implementing a new functionality to develop a SQR which generates a Payments extract file(ASCII format) that is to be sent to Treasury to cut teh Checks, this is part of teh customized Pay Cycles used to create payments..
  • Worked on production supports tickets related to Inventory Putaway process, running wifout any balance of stock in hand.
  • Developed a new App Engine as part of teh Design to Develop Customer Statement Automation to automate teh generation of teh customer statement process for Groups between 1 - 20.
  • Due to performance issue wif Statements Process in AR, ran update index stats on all high volume tables in UAT environment.
  • Supported teh AR Update process and resolved data corruption issues due to AR Update abends.
  • Created News Pagelets for Voucher Workflow approvals.
  • Worked on Financials Conversion and Interface programs.
  • Worked and created Navigation Collections for existing and new content references.
  • Worked on a new customization involving PO & PO Dispatch and also worked on issues related to PO Dispatch.
  • Worked on PS-Query, Application Engine, Integration Broker setup, Component Interfaces (EXCEL to CI), File Layout and Business Interlinks.
  • Modified teh delivered Crystal checks and reports on AP module.

Environment: PeopleSoft 8.8/9.1 Financials, PeopleTools 8.51, PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal, Sybase, Application Engine, PeopleCode, Integration Broker, Crystal Reports, SQL, SQR, PS/Query, Process Schedule, Process Monitor, Tree Manager and Report Manager.

Confidential, CA

Peoplesoft Techno-Functional Analyst


  • As part of PeopleSoft Financials and supply chain management (FSCM) team worked on implementation of General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, E-pro, Purchasing, Order Management and Inventory modules using PeopleTools 8.50.
  • Involved in Analysis, detailed design, development, testing, conversion, production support, ongoing maintenance and modifications of teh system as per teh requirements during this life cycle Implementation.
  • me was involved in fit/gap sessions to identify requirements and gaps and tan created business requirements and technical requirements documents from these sessions.
  • Designed and developed Business processes from teh legacy system into teh new PeopleSoft system.
  • Developed conversion and interface programs using SQR and Application engine to load teh PeopleSoft application tables from teh legacy tables.
  • Involved in Production support for PeopleSoft AR, AP, PO and IN modules.
  • Developed an Interface to Load Billing information from External System to Peoplesoft Billing tables.
  • Worked wif Integration Broker to accept transactions from another department to populate custom table in PS. Also used Send Master utility during testing phase.
  • Involved in Data Conversion, creation of SQR programs to load GL data from teh legacy system into PeopleSoft tables.
  • Also, tested teh Peoplesoft Billing Interface program to test teh performance of teh load.
  • Added Hints and Indexes to teh Billing Interface program to make it faster.
  • Involved in modifying PeopleCode for AR & AP pages and Records, development and customization of record definitions and views, using application designer.
  • Developed of various financial reports using nVision which includes summary payments reports in Accounts Payables.
  • Design and coding of SQRs to perform data conversions, for reading input file, and to accomplish periodic database updates and correct data errors
  • Involved in creating Portal header and pages branding, styles on teh menu.
  • Defined and implemented Migration paths in STAT.
  • Worked on Performance issues in PO POCALC App Engine, improved teh performance by 90% adding Hints and Indexes
  • Worked on Custom Item Loader process, this was custom process to automate teh use of update of prices for teh items.
  • Created Secondary Page wif Push Button, Grid and State Record in Peoplesoft.
  • Creation of SQR reports and Creation of new Peoplesoft Pages.
  • Modified Item Loader Process to inactivate multiple active GPO contract rows in order to prevent Req loader failures and also to delete all teh orphan rows from staging tables.
  • Worked on EDI 850 - Outbound PO dispatch, EDI 855 - Acknowledgment, EDI 856 - ASN and EDI 180 - Return to Vendor.
  • Worked on custom Inventory Recharge process which deals wif Inventory, Cost Accounting and Purchasing.
  • Worked on Recharge transactions - Both Manual Process and Par Carts
  • Modified Custom Label Batch Printing Process o only print for items not in an OTC cart as OTC items use shelf labels and not Par Barcode Labels.
  • me worked on development of AP reports like monthly payment distribution; vendor terms reports, design and development of GL reports (summary P/L Report, detailed Balance Sheet), Developed AR Report's like AR-Payment Verification, Customer Statement, Payment Detail, and Payment Reconciliation using SQR and Crystal Reports
  • Worked on a issue in Order Management where teh track Order Page is Not Showing teh Values for Quantity Reserved, Quantity Shipped, and Quantity Invoiced.
  • Worked on Performance tuning of Price Variance process - KPCALCPPV, which was running for more than 12hrs in Production.
  • Worked wif Oracle on a fix for RTV dispatch PORT001.sqr and POVEDI.sqc.

Environment: PeopleSoft 8.9 FSCM, PeopleTools 8.50, PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal, Sybase, Application Engine, PeopleCode, Crystal Reports, SQL, SQR, PS/Query, Process Schedule, Process Monitor, Tree Manager and Report Manager.

Confidential, WA

PeopleSoft Techno-Functional Consultant


  • Involved in Financials Upgrade Team in Upgrading from Peoplesoft 8.8 to 9.0 on Financials/ SCM Modules (AR, Billing, E-pro, Order Management, AM, AP and GL).
  • Involved in Detail Design, Development, Testing, Conversions and Modifications of teh client as part of development team.
  • Comparing and reporting teh source and target databases, finding out previous customizations and including further customizations according to teh client requirements.
  • Preparation of Unit Test Plans and involved in Unit Testing and created documentation related.
  • Performance tuning of many PeopleSoft processes, during and after Upgrade.
  • Extensively worked wif Application Designer to create teh new record definitions, Views, new pages and adding teh pages to components and menus, used PS query in developing queries and crystals and worked on other security access issues.
  • Designed, Developed and Implemented Various Conversion/Interface programs starting from extracting data from Oracle Applications, Designing teh Flat File Layout by conducting Field Mapping, Fit/Gap Analysis by understanding both teh systems.
  • Created a Page, Component, Record, Sub-record, Sub-page, Secondary Page and Menu.
  • As teh business is unique, teh AR, BI and AM modules were customized heavily by extensive use of people code and custom pages wifout changing teh existing definitions to allow for a smooth upgrade.
  • Code Changes were made to AR PAYLOAD and all teh EDI application engine process’s as part of teh upgrade.
  • Involved wif business users as there were changes in customer pages between 8.8 and 9.0.
  • Involved in customization of Payment Predictor Application engine to setup Oldest forward payment predictor rule and Ability to match a customer’s payment to an open invoice by referencing teh remittance across multiple PeopleSoft fields
  • Worked on Customer Setup where Several Fields need to be required at customer setup.
  • Worked on Billing Interface Application engine to customize it according to teh requirements –Validations were made in teh interface load. If teh validation fails it will result in an interface error.
  • Developed a custom Component Interface – BCA Sales Accounting needs to has a component interface to load data into teh Billing Interface. Teh component interface would allow teh users to input billing information into a file and upload teh data.
  • Customized teh Payment and Maintenance Application worksheet to include and sort user data
  • Created custom queries wif optional prompts for various reports as teh cross visibility of information between AR and AP was of utmost importance custom queries wif optional prompts was created in addition to modifying existing customer collection components.
  • Created custom reports such as Aging summary by tree using SQR, Customer statements wif detail using Crystal and generic queries using PS Query.
  • As per teh banking requirements, a process was created using Application Engine to create Positive Payment File.
  • Involved in setting up of Integration Broker messaging to load Employee data from HR to FMS.
  • Involved in customizing Contracts to Billing process CA BI INTFC.
  • Created Various SQR Interfaces (Inbound & Outbound) and Reports to load data from external systems into PeopleSoft GL which in result conducts various Chatfield validations, Combo Rules, Trees, Derive various values based on teh data from teh external system.
  • Involved in Design, development and customization of PeopleSoft delivered PO and Expenses Approval Workflow process to provide multiple levels of approval based on Amounts and Purchase Order Types, to be used throughout teh organization. Created various Route Control Types, Route Control Profiles, Roles, and Approver Rule Sets as per teh business needs.
  • Designed and developed various other conversion and Interface programs using SQR like Customer Conversion & Interface, AR Open Item Balances, Asset Conversion, Vendor Conversion, Voucher Conversion, etc.
  • Troubleshoot various technical, Functional, Setup Issues wif AR Update, Payment Predictor, Pay Cycle Manager, Payment Posting, Journal Generator, AM Depreciation Calculation, AP Check Printing, PO Dispatch, AM Transaction Loader, Etc and helped teh client to Implement best PeopleSoft Practices by redefining functional requirements to use most of teh PeopleSoft delivered functionality and to avoid customizations as much as possible.
  • Worked wif off shore team on AR and Billing modules, Conversion programs and performing custom Security bolt-on’s and manage teh areas independently.
  • Involved in doing Production Support to teh business users.

Environment: PeopleSoft 8.8/9.0 Financials, PeopleTools 8.50, Application Engine, PeopleCode, Crystal Reports, SQL, SQR, PS/Query, Process Schedule, Process Monitor, Tree Manager, Report Manager, Windows 2000.

Confidential, OH 

PeopleSoft Technical Analyst


  • Involved in Implementation of Peoplesoft Financials Modules -Grants, General Ledger, Accounts Receivables, Payables, Billing, PO, Projects, Assets and Contracts modules
  • Worked on eProcurement for Dell online purchase module for single shipping
  • Involved in creating and maintaining security for Peoplesoft Financials wif combination of LDAP server, Dynamic Security. Created extensive Roles & Permission List and allied components in teh different phases of security implementation
  • Risk management approach towards securing PeopleSoft implementation to identify levels and types of security measures commensurate wif teh likelihood teh security exposure, or vulnerability, might actually be exploited and its potential negative impact prevented.
  • Involved in removing redundant information in security related records in Peoplesoft using combination of SQR, PS Query and Excel spreadsheets. By doing this system is trimmed paving way for an excellent performance
  • Customized PeopleSoft’s delivered Contracts pages to simplify teh process of entering them.
  • Configured Integration Broker, Application messaging for synchronizing between Peoplesoft HCM and Financials
  • Creating New Pages and Components for various business requirements/customization
  • Customized various pages and modified Peoplecode to meet client’s business requirements
  • Created Application Engine programs using File Layout to load data from legacy systems to Peoplesoft system.
  • Wrote application engine programs for teh modifications and executing data mover scripts.
  • Developed and customized reports according to client requirements using Crystal Reports.
  • Downloaded Patches from Customer Connection. Analyzed all teh Patches. Applied teh Patches to teh TST Database. Compared teh Objects against teh Production Database.
  • Analyzed teh compare report and applied teh Patches to Production
  • Created customized Crystal reports, SQR Reports and Interfaces for GL module.
  • Implement a new custom module wifin PeopleSoft Financials to manage, track and process Royalties related partners, products, shipments, revenue and liabilities data. Teh system was designed to integrate teh workflow and data processing across two companies, multiple complex systems and several business areas. Additional integrations were built to accept and process partner payments and accounting from wifin teh Accounts Payables module
  • Additionally developed customized approval process for Sponsored Research – Grants.
  • Involved in setting up Contracts to Billing process and also contracts interface wif Projects.
  • Customization required changes to delivered and development of new Grants tables
  • Process allowed approval on multiple projects and multiple departments
  • Customized teh Submit Proposal function which only entered teh proposal for approval if all required approvers were identified and notified teh user of teh missing approvers

Environment: PeopleSoft Financials Rel 8.8 (AP, GL, BI, PO, INV, Grants, AR and ePro), Application Engine, Workflow, Component Interface, SQR, People Code, Crystal Report and Oracle.

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