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Sr. Peoplesoft Financials Analyst Resume Profile

Professional Summary

  • Over 11 years of IT experience with 8 years of progressive experience in PeopleSoft ERP software specializing in application development, Customizations, Conversions, System Integrations with
  • Legacy non-PeopleSoft applications, maintenance and production support.
  • Over 3 years experience in systems programming and client/server applications development in C/C /Java, UNIX and Oracle environment.
  • Special career emphasis on PeopleSoft Financials/SCM and HCM all versions 7.x, 8.x, 9.0, 9.1 in implementation, Fit-Gap analysis, Upgrade and customization of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payables, General ledger, Billing, Purchasing, procurement, Project Costing and Contracts modules.
  • Extensive experience with People Tools v8.4x like Application Designer, Application Engine, People Code, Component Interface, Data Mover, Process Scheduler, Workflow, PS Query, Tree Manager, Integration broker and Application Messaging.
  • Experience with PeopleSoft Financials Upgrades. Good understanding of Upgrade methodology, fit/gap analysis, DB compare Report, Retrofitting the customizations, Collision Analysis, Test Moves, analyzing DDD Audit Report and Sys Audit reports.
  • Strong hands on experience in developing PeopleSoft interfaces and conversions using SQR, Application Engine programming. Experience in developing Excel to CI interfaces using appEngine programming.
  • Extensive experience on report development using SQR, Crystal Reports and PS/nVision.
  • Strong knowledge of RDBMS concepts and very good working experience on relational databases ORACLE, MS SQLServer and DB2.
  • Hands on experience in writing Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers using SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Extensive experience in writing UNIX Shell scripts, AutoSys JIL scripts to schedule jobs and JCL scripts to kickoff jobs on mainframes systems.
  • Strong analytical, problem solving skills and a good team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Technical Skills


PeopleSoft FSCM v9.1/9.0/8.9/8.4/8.0/7.5 AR, AP, BI, GL, Purchasing PO , Procurement, PC and CA , PeopleSoft HCM v8.8/8.9 Time Labor, Base Benefits

People Tools

People Tools 8.4x, 8.50, 8.51 Application Designer, Application Engine, People code, Process Scheduler, Data Mover, Change Assistant, PeopleSoft Workflow, PeopleSoft Security, PS Query, Tree Manager

Reporting Tools

SQR, PS Query, Crystal Reports, nVision

Integration Tools

Component Interface, Application Messaging, Integration Broker, File Layout


People Code, SQL, PL/SQL, C/C and Java 2.0


Shell Scripts Csh/Ksh/Bourne , Perl, XML, HTML

Operating Systems

Solaris UNIX, IBM AIX, Linux , Windows XP/2000/NT/98


Oracle 8i/9i/10g, SQL Server 2000

Testing Tools

Clear Quest, Quality Center

Version Control

PVCS, Clear case, Quest STAT and CVS.


BEA web logic server, Web sphere, Apache

Other Soft wares

AutoSys, Putty, Toad, Remedy 5.4/7.0, Humming Bird

Project Experience


Sr. PeopleSoft Financials Analyst

  • Capital One Global Finance PeopleSoft Financials v9.1 GL, AP, PO and ePro
  • Working in the Lead position managing the offshore team on Enhancements, production fixes and monthly maintenance releases for GL and P2P modules.
  • Working on GL requirements and analysis of capital One enhancement to ATM Impac transactions, Secondary fee optimization for international transactions and new department id for UK business unit.
  • Working on requirement gathering and analysis for GL chart field edits and mappings for Capital One and ING finance system integration project.
  • Working on design and development of an interface within GL to map the ING chart field data into Capital One global finance system.
  • Worked on the design, integration test with Data ware house team and implementation of DDExtracts project to provide data extract to IDW data ware house team.
  • Development work on various People Tools Objects to extract Requisition, PO and Voucher data as per the DDE requirements.
  • Developed UAT test plan and uploaded test cases in Quality center.
  • Worked with IDW data ware house team on integration testing to FTP the files to them using controlM jobs.


Sr. PeopleSoft Technical Consultant

  • Worked on the custom Bill Cycle, Bill print and Bill generation SQRs to analyze and validate the Project and Agreement conversion data.
  • Worked with multiple teams through various MOCK testing processes to streamline and improve the efficiency of the conversion processes for AR, BI, GL, PC and CA modules.
  • Worked on Functional specifications for Project related and non project related AR open data, Journal data and PO data extracts from legacy PeopleSoft system.
  • Prepared Account, entry type and entry reason cross walks for the AR and GL data conversions. Worked on validation scripts to validate the AR and Billing accounting data.
  • Worked on implementation of the AR, Billing, GL, PC, CA and Time Labor modules and conversion of AR, BI, GL data from Legacy PeopleSoft system into 9.1 system. Implementation of tools v8.51
  • PeopleSoft FMS support and Financials v9.1 Implementation AR, BI, GL, PC, CA and T L
  • Worked with FMSII users on daily Remedy tickets related to Direct Journals, Bill print jobs, Journal posting, Inventory Management System IMS and Site manager voucher issues on day to day basis.
  • Fit-gap analysis for AR, BI, PC and CA modules.
  • Design and development of Interfaces with 3rd party Web Inventory Management System and Site manager systems to handle the Vendor updates and Payments.


Sr. PeopleSoft Financials Developer PeopleSoft Financials v9.0 Upgrade AR, AP, BI and GL

  • Worked as lead developer for PeopleSoft financials upgrade, RSS and EAS systems that were built on AR, BI and GL modules, to version 9.0 from 8.4 and Tools upgrade to v8.49 from v8.44
  • Maintained the master customization list and extensively worked on fit gap analysis of AR, GL module. Retired some customizations to use the delivered functionalities in AR module.
  • Worked closely with Cash Management business to manage the UAT testing and managing all the defects through out the defect life cycle.
  • Worked with Oracle Global Support team on performance tuning issues related to ARUPDATE jobs in v9.0 and on various levels of trace setting for application engine processes.
  • Design and Development for MICRADD workflow in AR, which triggers approval request for new MICR bank account setup or changes to existing MICR. Developed CREDIT Pending item approval workflow when user creates a credit pending in AR.
  • Worked on inactivating the unused remittance codes, Bank Account information, AR/GL accounts and building a dynamic view to display only active remittance codes in the drop down box for the business users
  • Developed GL data refresh Application Engine process/SQL scripts to update chart fields information in RSS and CTS billing systems from GL Financials database. All these application work on different databases.
  • Design and development for new inbound application engine interfaces using file layouts, component interfaces to handle Foreclosure Reimbursements, liquidation payments and Federal returns.
  • Design and development for outbound SQRs to create pre-draft notifications to customers, ACH files for Federal reserve bank and bridge files to various business units in FannieMae.
  • Worked closely with team management for application SOX control audits, monthly, quarterly and annual change management reviews.
  • PeopleSoft Financials v9.0 Production Support and Enhancements AR, BI, AP, PO, ePro, AM and GL
  • Worked on various enhancement projects for Remittance Shared Services System AR, GL , Enterprise Accounting System AR, GL and CTS billing system AR, BI and GL which involves extensive interaction with users from various business groups.
  • Worked on analyzing and resolving the daily production issues, submitted through Remedy tool, for PeopleSoft RSS, EAS and CTS Billing systems. Worked as POC for various integration testing and UAT test efforts for these three applications.
  • Worked on the integration testing of new credit card process for CTS billing system.
  • Worked on CTS billing issues related to Lockbox and Payment predictor processes and Dunning letters. Worked on the enhancements to Lockbox process.
  • Modified the Receiver Interface Push PO RECVPUSH application engine process which transfers the receipt information from Purchasing to the Inventory and Asset Management staging tables.
  • Successfully resolved the Voucher Build Process AP VCHRBLD by coordinating with PeopleSoft Customer Connection and increased the instance count on the temporary tables and rebuilding them.
  • Worked on the customized and new SQR reports, nVision reports and crystal reports like draft discrepancy report, Reconciliation report, Adjustment detail report, sub ledger report, NPDC business unit liquidation reports, GL activity detail, etc for AR, BI and GL modules.
  • Developed Unix Shell Scripts to post and retrieve ACH files on EPF FannieMae custom developed frame work server, to invoke JCL scripts on IBM Mainframes and to set the AutoSys global variables.
  • GL consolidation Project is implemented to book the Fannie Mae's Guarantee FEEs and MBS Loans to a different GL business unit.
  • Worked on creating new business unit in AR and GL modules as per the new requirements.
  • Worked with corporate GL functional team on setting up new GL accounts for the new business unit on AR accounting side.
  • Worked on creating new Journal Templates on Sub ledger systems that use AP, AR modules, to post the journals to Corporate GL system.
  • Performed UAT testing with all PeopleSoft applications RSS, EAS and worked on GL consolidation nVision reports.
  • Worked on setting up new ACH file profile configurations, Unit testing with Federal Reserve Bank for the new ACH file. Co-ordinated the UAT testing effort
  • Developed one time SQR conversions to convert some of the loans data into new business unit.
  • Developed MICR conversion scripts to update the customer bank account information for the new business unit.
  • RSS-Investor Reporting project is intended to retire the PeopleSoft interfaces with Legacy Mainframe system.
  • Worked throughout the project from requirement gathering to UAT test co-ordination with multiple teams within FannieMae
  • Developed new customized SQR conversion programs to convert the legacy data to feed new SIR system. Provided data validation SQL scripts.
  • Developed new inbound Application Engine interface using File Layout functionality and People Code to process data from incoming XML files and updates the staging tables.
  • Developed new outbound Application Engine interface to create a bridge file in XML format by extracting data from customized interface table and PeopleSoft AR tables.
  • Modified application engine program that load data from a 3rd party system NPDC Business unit excel file into PeopleSoft liquidation payment tables using component interface and file layout.


Sr. PeopleSoft Technical Consultant PeopleSoft Financials/HRMS v8.9 Upgrade GL, AM, PO and T L

  • Customization using the Application Messaging to receive Chatfield and project work order related data from PeopleSoft Financial systems.
  • Developed a new customized SQR Report to show the status SDO reimbursement amount by INDOT from LEDGER table.
  • Developed queries to display SDO document number and line descriptor details of each department accounts under GMIS.
  • Customized pay cycle manager people code to add new step tables, SDO-SPLIT and NON-SDO-SPLIT.
  • Developed an Inbound Interface i.e. Application Engine program using People Code and File Layout to load the retired assets data into PeopleSoft Asset Management module.
  • Worked on conversion technical specifications for a SQR programs to convert the legacy data to PeopleSoft AM interface tables PS INTFC FIN, INTFC PHY A for Asset Management Conversion.


Sr. PeopleSoft Technical Consultant PeopleSoft Financials v8.4 Production Support AR, BI, GL

  • Support for day-to-day production support issues, related to cash processing business and CTS billing application AR, GL, BI from development perspective which needed excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills to resolve issues and involved in extensive interaction with users from varying business groups.
  • Developed PS Queries for daily cash processing business activities like reconciliations, accounting, Adjustments, validating returns from Federal Reserve Bank, handling Long Term Receivable and Simple Receivables. Worked closely with business users on daily production issues related to AR, BI and GL data.
  • Modified the custom FGL GL POST application engine Posting Journals to Corp GL using integration broker and application messaging to switch the journals post id to oprid instead of application id.
  • Customized the AR UPDATE process to run the Direct debt process AR DIRECTDEBT with AR UPDATE when the same run control is save under direct debit and update receivables pages.
  • Customized the functionalities of Lockbox, write-offs of credits /debits and payments and Payment Predictor in AR Module. Modified the Lockbox SQR process AR25001 as per the requirement.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting for customized remittance process SQR One of the Fannie Mae's most complex SQR that creates the Draft notification and ACH file to Federal Reserve Bank,
  • Development, Unit testing and UAT support for RSS Security Remediation project. Created test user profiles, Roles and permission lists for RSS application Security Test in UAT environment.
  • Analyzed and debugged Shell scripts used to FTP the ACH files to net work banking and remittance drafts to efanniemae.com in UNIX environment.


PeopleSoft Technical Consultant PeopleSoft FSCM v7.5 Production support and v8.9 upgrade AR, AP, BI, PO, PC, CA

  • Worked as production support resource for v7.5
  • Resolved AR posting issues related to data from 3rd party interfaces.
  • Resolved issues related to DIRECT DEBIT process while creating the DDs.
  • Extracted, converted and loaded data from legacy system to PeopleSoft tables.
  • Systems converted AR open items, Entry Reason account data, Vendors, Purchase Orders, Receipts, Contracts, and vouchers.
  • Methodologies used PeopleSoft File Layout/People code/App Engine and Component Interface
  • Designed and developed conversion scripts for PO, AR, PC and CA modules.
  • Customized the delivered Application Engine program PO REQLOAD according to the state business requirements. Developed an outbound application engine Interface to send the Purchasing data to legacy systems.
  • Developed an SQR that will purge data, which have a status of cancelled, invalid vendor, successfully loaded from the header and detail tables of a PO.
  • Created Payment and Voucher Inquiry pages based on Business requirement. So that Vendor can look at outstanding invoices from his end by this Inquiry pages.
  • Investigated the custom process to upload Vouchers from flat file to voucher staging tables and to voucher tables when vendor consolidation is done and proposed changes.
  • Involved in developing AP custom reports Trail Payment Register, Post Voucher Listing, Payment History by Bank/by Date , Expense Detail Report, Capital Equipment Register using Crystal Reports, PS/Query and SQR.
  • Customized BIIVCPN.SQR to generate multiple files for regular invoices and credit invoices and to generate an output file for the third party system. Modified Billing Interface BIIF0001 process in PeopleSoft Billing to create temporary bills.
  • Developed BI-Interface Using SQR which loads data from legacy systems into PeopleSoft billing interface tables and then billing main tables BI HDR and BI LINE after various data validations.
  • Modified Billing interface programs to remove intermediate commits and load a temp table that would help in debugging the process efficiently.
  • Customized PC AR TO PC application Engine Program to pick Exchange Rates according to Accounting Date to be in Sync with AR
  • Developed interface programs for integrating GL, Billing Projects with Contracts. Customized Contract renewal, Contract billing management, active contract reports, etc Maintained Contracts/Billing Interface Process CA BI INTFC


PeopleSoft Technical Consultant PeopleSoft Financials v8.8 implementation AR, AP, BI, PO ,Procurement and Benefits

  • Involved in the in-depth study of the customizations required in the AR, BI, AP, PO and Procurement modules.
  • Modified the PO Print to accommodate onetime address, Header Address, Multiple Addresses, Terms and Conditions, Shipping instructions, sorting the PO not to repeat the address on the Same PO, Printing the Manufacturing data based on each line.
  • Created new business process, activities, steps for implementation of New approval process for expense time sheets of contractors in Sprocurement.
  • Developed various Application Engine programs by using File Layouts to process the inbound files and generated checks on PeopleSoft Accounts Payables.
  • Worked with Functional Analysts in setting up various pay cycles which includes setting up of bank accounts, bank codes, payment dates, creation dates etc. Involved in the set up of various voucher origins and Vendor Pay Group Codes.
  • Worked on setup procedures for Reconciliation process in AP and also involved in the setup of Pay Cycle Manager.
  • Customized the Application Engine program AP PSTPYMNT to populate the APPL JRNL ID for the journal Generator to create journal lines.
  • Involved in implementing Workflow Route Control for employees based on their performance and training approval program using Workflow. Created a Workflow Notification to users who did not pay their invoices as per the due date.
  • Developed AR Report's like AR-Payment Verification, Customer Statement, Payment Detail and Payment Reconciliation etc


PeopleSoft Technical Consultant Project: PeopleSoft Financials Implementation 8.4 AR, AP, BI and Time Labor

  • Extensively worked on developing new customized interfaces using people tools like Application designer, People code, Component interface as per requirements.
  • Customized the delivered Lock box process AR25001 for multifamily Payment Processing. This modification is to process the Payment file to load the lockbox Program so that the Payment Predictor will apply the Payments correctly for the expected results using the existing algorithm.
  • Worked on customizations to Billing interface BIIF001 , Billing Finalization BIIVC000 and Load AR processes as per the requirements.
  • Developed AP workflow application using People Tools Application Designer , People code and Workflow Administrator.
  • Developed Application Engine Program to load Vouchers from various systems for refunds in to the PeopleSoft.
  • Responsible for all migration of projects between environments using Quest STAT tool
  • Developed and executed unit test plans, assist the functional group in system testing.
  • Built security views for screens used by managers and employees for time entry and approvals. Worked on the time sheet approval workflow and customizations on Manager Self Service component.
  • Involved in solving some of the issues of Time Admin, changed and App Engine program into a job. Involved in developing Time and Labor custom reports using PS queries.


Senior Software Engineer Project: Signaling Server Global SSG

  • Project: RFC 3057 IUA ISDN User Adaptation Stack
  • Signaling Server Global SSG is Alcatel's next generation STP switch to provide the SS7 functionalities to various services provided to the customers. New features have been implemented on SSG switch to provide functionalities customers outside North America like E1 Links feature .
  • Identified and implemented the changes required in existing call routing layer functionalities, MTP and SCCP layer functionalities to support E1 links on SSG switch.
  • Development for MTP3/MTP2 layer enhancements for various features like logical networks, E1 Links, Mate Link and Octet based Processor Utilization on SSG.
  • Design for the Link, Link Set, Route control Man Machine Links MML which are used to setup the SS7 network
  • Implementation of APIs provided by IUA and TMM modules to the Layer Management, IAUTMM application.
  • Tested the API provided by SCTP stack to IUATMM program and Layer Management.
  • Execution of Unit and Integration Testing to integrate IUATMM, LM and IUA stack.

Environment: C/C , Unix, Lynx, TCP/IP, UNIX IPC programming, Oracle 8.0, PVCS, Clear Case, Windows NT and Alcatel SS7 protocol stack.

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