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Senior Architect Resume Profile

Pleasanton, CA


  • 18 years of Overall Industry Experience, includes 5 years in non IT Fields and 13 years in IT Industry with organizations of repute.
  • About 13 years of expertise in Infrastructure Support and Architecting Solutions for PeopleSoft Applications: encompassing PeopleSoft Administration / Production Support / PeopleSoft Application Upgrade / Application Integration / Infrastructure Services.
  • Managed complex Infrastructure Support for Enterprise wide Applications like PeopleSoft / Hyperion / Ariba along with Batch Processing Tools like Control M / Tivoli Work Scheduler.
  • Expertise in FSCM 9.2 Upgrade and PeopleSoft Image concepts.
  • Executed multiple roles as Senior Enterprise Architect / Upgrade Specialist in PeopleSoft.
  • Managed complex PeopleSoft Upgrade Projects, which involved Infrastructure migrations from AIX to Linux, Database Upgrade and PeopleSoft Application Upgrade as well.
  • Managed complex Batch Processing Environments with batch tools like Control M and Tivoli Work Schedulers.
  • Expertise in Planning / Managing and Executing large Infrastructure Projects with team size being 25 to 45 resources, to reference a few :-
  • Managed Data Center moves for PeopleSoft Applications
  • PeopleSoft Application Upgrades with 6 Terra Bytes of Database and having high Complexity in PeopleSoft Infrastructure.
  • Managed large Batch Operations Team Data center moves for Batch Operations along with taking over from IBM Operations and transitioning to Cognizant Managed Batch operations.
  • Expertise in managing Complex PeopleSoft Infrastructure and Applications involving :-
  • LDAP Setups where authentication is across 3-Domains
  • Implementing secure protocols https / sftp / 256 bit Encryptions for PeopleSoft Applications
  • Managing Citrix Solutions for globally distributed customer locations.
  • Integration Experience across all versions of PeopleSoft using Application Messaging and Integration Broker. Integrated PeopleSoft HR / Finance / Learning Management / CRM Domains with same and different versions of PeopleTools.


Senior Architect


As Senior Upgrade Specialist:

  • Assessment done for Kaiser for Infrastructure requirements for FSCM Upgrade from 8.9 to 9.2
  • Planning and strategy for the PeopleSoft Upgrade moves.
  • Managing /Executing the PeopleSoft Upgrade.
  • Designed the Instance strategy required for Upgrade.

As Consulting Architect

  • Assisting Production Support teams for PSAdmins.
  • SME for PeopleSoft Administration/Infra needs.


Role : Senior Architect and Managing the Cognizant Upgrade Team

  • PeopleSoft Financials Upgrade from 8.9 to 9.1 of a highly complex and customized application.
  • Re-platform from Unix to Linux
  • Change of datacenters The application moved from the IBM datacenter to ING datacenter
  • Redesigning of interface architecture using web-methods
  • Oracle Database upgrade from 10g to 11g


Role : Managing PeopleSoft Infrastructure Support

Team Size 6

  • Support the Infrastructure / Application Modules on a 24X7 basis. ING also has complex batch process where in data across different Applications is managed via Control M Scheduler.
  • Maintain high availability indexes and Incident Resolution with the agreed Service Level Agreements.


Role : Managing Cognizant Batch Operations Team

  • Taking over ING Batch Operations managed by IBM over to ING Distributed Batch Operations team managed by Cognizant.
  • Managed the Knowledge Transitions for Batch Operations between IBM and Cognizant Teams
  • Managed the ING Distributed Batch Operations team. Involved in Tivoli Work Scheduler Implementation Project Implementation of TWS 8.5 .


Role: Managing the team for PeopleSoft Administration Support and Application Architect for PeopleSoft Applications in HR and Finance.

Team Size : 17

  • Contributed significantly in re-platforming project for PeopleSoft Application Instances such as HR/LMS/EPM and CRM Environments from Sun Solaris to AIX Platforms for all Prod and Non-prod environments.
  • Architecture assessment and feasibility analysis for the target AIX Environment.
  • Planning of PeopleSoft Application Instance migration from Solaris to AIX.
  • Installing and configuring of PeopleSoft server side components in multi server domains and fine tuning for effective performance.
  • Integrated PeopleSoft HR Application with third party systems such as Mohomine Resume Extractor.
  • Assisting QA Teams in preparing phase wise smoke test plans for PeopleSoft Applications installed on new platform.
  • Tracking and managing issues reported for PeopleSoft Applications on new AIX Platform.


Role : Senior Architect and Managing the Cognizant Upgrade Team

Team Size : 9

  • PeopleSoft HR Application Upgrade from HRMS Application 8.3 to 8.9 on the new AIX Platform.
  • Architecture assessment for HR Application Upgrade
  • Feasibility analysis for the Upgrade checking migrations paths and also the underlying architecture components and its certification to the upgraded path.
  • Involved in planning for PeopleTools Upgrade, setting up the upgrade environment such as Change Assistant and setting up templates for the PeopleTools Upgrade.
  • Performing the PeopleTools Upgrade and co-coordinating with Application Teams for Application specific Upgrade steps.
  • Installing and configuring the PeopleSoft Server side components.
  • Integrating the Upgraded HR Application with other PeopleSoft Applications via Integration Broker and other third party systems.


Key Responsibilities: Infrastructure Lead and Application Architect

  • Primary Architect for PeopleSoft Customers such as: United Nations UNDP / HMS Host / Bearing Point / Neil Jones Food / Norwood.
  • As an Application Architect responsible for Releasing and Maintaining PeopleSoft Application Environments on the multi tenant servers.
  • Architecting Solutions for different versions of PeopleTools ranging from 7.5 to 8.4.
  • Managing dynamic requirements under the Applications on Demand Business Model. Includes installing of PeopleSoft Application components as per Customer demands and needs. Coordinating for architecture requirements on case by case basis.
  • Managing multiple PeopleTools Architectures varying from Physical n-tier Architectures to Logical n-tier Architectures.
  • Recommending on PeopleSoft Tools and Applications Upgrade on Built to Offer basis.
  • Managing PeopleTools and PeopleSoft Applications providing migration plans for Tools and Application Bundles Patching and fixing for Different flavors of PeopleSoft.
  • Manage the Infrastructure and Technical support for multi tenant server.
  • Plan and prepare for Critical Production Custom Project moves and co-ordinate for execution as per Change Control Process Defined.

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