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Peoplesoft Hrms Technical Consultant Resume


  • Over 8 Years of progressive IT Experience which includes experience in Implementation, Customization, Upgrade and Maintenance of PeopleSoft HRMS/HCM Applications.
  • Experience in PeopleSoft HRMS (HR/ NA and Global Payroll/ Base Benefits/ Benefit Administration/ eApplications).
  • Proficient in PeopleTools - Application Designer, Application Engine, Upgrade Assistant, Maintain Security, File Layout, Component Interface, Process Scheduler, PS Query and Data Mover.
  • Development and modification of Outbound and Inbound SQR interfaces.
  • Proficient in writing complex database reports and customizing PeopleSoft Delivered SQR reports.
  • Having experience in Configuration Manager with various REVISION CONTROL Software like PVCS, STAR TEAM and STAT.
  • Working Experiences in Databases like Oracle, SQL Server and DB2.
  • Involved in documentation of technical specifications and developing test cases.
  • Involved in full length Life-Cycle implementation of PeopleSoft modules.
  • Worked individually, as well as in team environment, to achieve project goals.
  • Good Conceptual understanding of various PeopleSoft Applications.
  • Good communication, interpersonal, analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Effective Team Player and an individual contributor with steep learning curve.

Technical Skills:

ERP: PeopleSoft 9.1/9.0/8.9/8.8/8.3/8.0/7.5.
PeopleTools: 8.4X/8.16/8.12/7.5.
Modules: HR, Payroll, Benefits, Benefits Administration, eApplications.
Development Tools: Application Designer, Application Engine, PeopleCode, Process Scheduler, Data Mover, Component Interface, Application Messaging, Integration Broker, STAT.
Reporting Tools: PS/ query, SQR, Crystal reports.
Languages: PeopleCode, Java, C, C++, PL/SQL, HTML, XML.
Operating System: Windows XP/2000/NT/95/98, UNIX.
RDBMS: Oracle 9i, 10g, Ms SQL Server, DB2.


  • Bachelor of Engineering

Professional Experience:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Aug 2008 – Till date
PerotSystems, Herndon, VA
PeopleSoft HCM North American Payroll support 8.8 Vanguard - ERAC
Perot Systems Corporation is a global provider of innovative solutions and capabilities toclients worldwide.Perot Systems has thedeep industry expertise and a portfolio of interrelated consulting, business process, application, and infrastructure services, necessary tocreate innovative solutions that achieve and sustain measurable results.


  • Involved in Resolving day-to-day production tickets in HR and Payroll.
  • Involved in integration of Vanguard and ERAC.
  • Involved in fit-gap analysis, compare reports between Vanguard and Enterprise HR and payroll modules.
  • Upgraded SQR’s, PeopleCode to 9.0 based on 8.8 customizations.
  • Retrofitted HR and Payroll based on new requirements and customizations.
  • Created customized Application Engine programs based on user requirements.
  • Wrote PeopleCode to customize the delivered objects for HR records.
  • Worked on several customs Table Audits and created Test scripts for functional test.
  • Suggested and fixed the Payroll Interface COBOL time-out issues related to PI_INRUN App Engine.
  • Configured and maintained all the tables involved in Payroll processing, such as Pay calendar, JobCode, Deductions and Processes such as Paysheet creation, PayCalc, Payconfirm, Tax Tables etc.
  • Involved in running weekly and biweekly payroll with functional team and error solving.
  • Involved in sending payroll deduction information to 3rd party vendors.
  • Applied tax updates 08C to 09E and Retrofitted customizations after each tax update.
  • Applied ADP patches to PeopleSoft.
  • Involved in adding new pay groups to all the customizations.
  • Involved and identified Uni-code problem in data, which crashes the COBOL procedure called by the Payroll Interface.
  • Wrote custom error messages on Benefits records and pages to hide beneficiary information based on different Plan Types.
  • Retrofitted several views to carry forward 8.8 customizations to 9.0.
  • Worked on Data Mover Scripts(DMS Scripts) on HR and Benefits tables to validate in different environments
  • Created Run control Pages, Components and Records and attached them to required menus through Application Designer and made them available to various operators through Maintain Security to have the reports run under Process Scheduler.
  • Created Unit test scripts to test the business functionality for the delivered code based on the requirements.
  • Worked on PeopleSoft Security by creating and testing user roles and permission list.
  • Involved in the testing phase of the Application by setting up the test cases.

Environment: PeopleSoft HCM 9.0/8.8, PeopleTools 8.49/8.42, TOAD, Oracle 10g/11i, SQL, PL/SQL, STAT 5.2, UNIX, Windows XP.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC Jan 2008 – Aug 2008
PeopleSoft HCM Technical Consultant
Duke Energy is one of the largest electric power companies in the United States. They supply and deliver energy to approximately4 million U.S. customers. I worked as a technical developer in the PeopleSoft HRMS division of the company to support various PeopleSoft applications.


  • Performed Production Support, enhancements and customizations of PeopleSoft HRMS 8.9.
  • Resolved issues with HR and benefits reports and interfaces, by correcting the logic and making necessary modifications as required to the SQR programs.
  • Developed a new SQR to pull records of terminated employees and inserts into a table. Also created script and attached it to the batch process to run the SQR nightly.
  • Created new Pages, Components, Records and Views to implement the functionality of Delegation in Manager Self Service.
  • Created Roles for Delegate to access only delegate pages like Jobchange Request, Approve and Status.
  • Modified PeopleCode by displaying the Managers name and emplid for all the delegate Jobchange Request, Approve and Status pages.
  • Created Workflows to send emails for both Delegation and JobChange Request sections in Manager Self Service.
  • Modified Application Engine programs and processes (SQL and Application Engine PeopleCode) based upon business requirements.

Environment: PeopleSoft HCM 8.9, PeopleTools 8.49, TOAD, Oracle 10g, SQL, PL/SQL, STAT 5.2, UNIX, Windows XP.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA Sep 2006 – Dec 2007
PeopleSoft HCM Technical Consultant
Goldman Sachs is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm. The objective of this project is to Upgrade PeopleSoft HRMS from v8.3 to v8.9 and production support.


  • Involved in running the PS Delivered Application Engine process for data conversion from our current version to the newer version.
  • Involved in maintenance of HR, Benefits, Payroll and eApps.
  • Created new and customized existing Record definitions, Pages, Components for the client specific functionality.
  • Configured and maintained all the tables involved in Payroll processing, such as Pay calendar, JobCode, Deductions and Processes such as Paysheet creation, PayCalc, Payconfirm, Tax Tables etc.
  • Customized and modified ePerformance, eCompensation, eRecruit pages upon user requests.
  • Built custom configuration pages to the users to be able to add items that are used in ePerformance documents.
  • Modified Custom 8.3 SQR's into PeopleSoft 8.9 standards as per field name and record name changes.
  • As part of the leave accrual customization developed online page for vacation requests. Developed an App Engine program that sends vacation hours to Payroll and e-mail about the request to the manager.
  • eProfile -Added workflow so that whenever a user changes his/her name or address, a work list is created for his/her supervisor’s approval and once approved, an email notification is sent to both, the user and the supervisor.
  • Created new Application Engine & Component Interface program to move employees from some of the Jobcodes to another Jobcodes to make them qualify for new Pay Rate increase .
  • Developed new Application Engine programs and also customized existing Application Engine programs for TIME REPORT CODE for TIME&LABOUR (PS_TCD_INTERFACE).
  • Used STAT for all versions of your PeopleSoft objects (including non-application designer objects) AND flat files (including COBOL, SQR, SQL, nVision, Crystal, SQL scripts, etc.,) are versioned and stored indefinitely in the Stat repository.
  • Involved in Data Conversion for payroll from external system using SQR and Application Engine.
  • Fixed any inconsistencies among the database objects before initiating the upgrade process using the initial Audit Reports.
  • Created SQR reports like Service Award Report, Special Income Reports, Applicant Data Flow Report, Audit for FSA Deduction Report for HR, Benefits and Payroll.
  • Developed SQR programs to synchronize vendors between the PeopleSoft HRMS payroll system and the PeopleSoft AP system.
  • Used Process Scheduler to schedule various SQR’s programs.
  • Developed the Application message to be triggered to update the tables in HRMS, when there is a change made to Financials Business unit data.
  • Designed and Developed Inbound Interfaces and processing procedures for processing and Loading Employee Benefits, Deferred Compensation, Loan and 401K Contributions and Vacation Buy and Health & Welfare information into PeopleSoft Tables.
  • Involved in Unit Testing for all upgraded SQR programs and tuned them to resolve performance base issues related to them.

Environment: PeopleSoft HRMS 8.3/8.9, PeopleTools 8.42/8.48, SQR, TOAD, ORACLE 10g,STAT 5.3, SQL PLUS 9.0.1.

Confidential, Totowa, NJ Oct 2005 – Aug 2006
PeopleSoft HRMS Technical Consultant
The company seeks to continually develop and sell new, high-quality, innovative pharmaceutical preparations, which together with clinical data and medical education create new value for patients and the health care system. I worked as a technical developer in the PeopleSoft HRMS division of the company to support various PeopleSoft applications.


  • As a technical developer, provided production support and maintenance for various PeopleSoft applications.
  • Analysis and technical feasibility discussions to incorporate new business requirements within existing application.
  • Developed an SQR to print the employee’s personal information, benefit plan type, and the deductions amount for the plan type using HR, Benefits and Payroll tables.
  • Created new Application Engine & Component Interface program to upload employee’s new Compensation rates from input file to Job component.
  • Developed various Outbound and Inbound Interfaces for transmitting employee Data to Benefits vendors and process the receiving data to insert into various PeopleSoft Tables
  • Created custom Component Interfaces to allow Managers to Hire Applicants from Manager Self-Service pages.
  • Added Zip Code match customization so that user’s don’t make errors when entering the Zip Codes in the personal information pages or recruiting pages.
  • Worked on the development of ePay module to develop reports and application engine programs to load into the PeopleSoft tables.
  • Created a Component Interface between Payroll and Time & Labor System to report employees who have exceptional time reporting codes.
  • Worked on Paycheck page Customizations to change the search keys for better page performance and comma formatting of the amount fields on the Pay_Check_Summary page.
  • Developed new SQR programs to pull the Payroll related data from PeopleSoft HRMS Database and to generate Flat files.
  • Involved in security for all the custom components and pages.
  • Retrofitted customizations after each tax update.
  • Customization of Application as per the Business requirement and developing new functionality flow.
  • Developing new Synchronous and Asynchronous Interfaces to the external systems using Integration broker tool.
  • Created various weekly, monthly status reports using starteam and pvcs.
  • Developing App Engine Programs and scheduling them using Process Scheduler to run in the background.
  • Involved in Unit Testing for all upgraded SQR programs and tuned them to resolve performance base issues related to them.
  • Working on Enhancement Requests from Design to deployment phase and migrating in to Training and Production Environments based on Business confirmations.

Environment: PeopleSoft 8.8, PeopleTools 8.46, SQL Plus, Multi-Edit, Textpad, WebSphere, TOAD, STAT 5.2.1 and UNIX.

Confidential, Detroit, MI Feb 2005 – Aug 2005
Implementation and Customization of Version 8.8
PeopleSoft HRMS Technical Consultant
Served as a PeopleSoft Technical consultant for Implementation of HRMS v8.8 and support of HR, Benefits, Benefits Administration and payroll modules.


  • Extensively worked on PeopleSoft HRMS System Development, Conversion, Customization, Migration and Support of HR, Benefits, Benefits Administration, Payroll and Training modules.
  • Involved in fit gap analysis for the current and future states.
  • Setting up pages, Created views and summary pages according to the client requirement.
  • Added new translate values, PeopleCode, Pages and Menus for HR, Payroll and Base benefits.
  • Designed and developed Employee Stock purchase program which included various interfaces like Initial enrollment of employees, setting up payroll deduction after the purchase by quarterly and sending payroll deduction information to 3rd party vendor.
  • Designed and developed several critical reports, extract programs and interfaces using SQR.
  • Wrote Applications Engine Program, Tenure and Leave without Pay (AE process) and used Component Interface in application Engine PeopleCode for inserting new records in related tables.
  • All Our SQR and SQL , Requirements Documents , and many other documents were maintained in PVCS and STARTEAM.
  • Involved in designing new Application Engine programs utilizing SQL commands and PeopleCode. Utilized the Application Engine restart capabilities to restart failing Application Engine programs.
  • Developed application engine programs to convert flat files from legacy into PeopleSoft tables using file layouts.
  • Worked on Application Messaging for sending information to third party benefit providers.
  • Wrote Inbound and Outbound Interface Programs to send/receive HR related data to/from different systems using SQR.
  • Applied patches and fixes as they were released according to the guidelines provided by PeopleSoft.

Environment: PeopleSoft 8.8, PeopleSoft (HR, Payroll, Benefits, Ben Admin), PeopleTools 8.42, SQL Plus, Multi-Edit, Textpad, Windows XP, XML and UNIX.

Confidential, Dallas, TX Apr 2004 – Jan 2005
PeopleSoft HRMS Technical Consultant
The Blockbuster Corporate Communications Department assists the media in providing the public with company specific and rentable home entertainment related information. As a member of development team I played key role in Development and Upgrade of the PeopleSoft (HR, Benefits and Payroll modules) from Version 8.0 to 8.8.


  • Completely Involved in Application Upgrade from PeopleSoft 8.0 to 8.8.
  • Responsible for testing of various transactions and fixing of various issues and bugs at different stages of Upgrade process.
  • Involved in Unit testing, system testing and bug fixing during the initial and move to production phases of the Application upgrade
  • Designed and developed custom SQR Reports for employee’s summary, absence history.
  • Developed several Ad-hoc reports using PS Query for department salaries, salary plans, and deduction, participants in Benefit Programs, salary change Report, salary Mass Updates.
  • Involved in On-line changes such as adding customized translate values, adding fields to pages and modifying Components and menus.
  • Attached pages to components, portal-registered online and wrote PeopleCode programs for online validations and for functional processing.
  • Written several SQRs for updating employee level record on benefits, compensation, Payroll and also to accomplish periodic database updates and correct data errors.
  • Fine tuned SQL/SQRs to improve performance.
  • Configured Sign-On page for PeopleSoft Financials and HRMS using SignOn PeopleCode.
  • Involved in Creating Record Definitions, Pages, Components, Inbound and Outbound interfaces.
  • Handled Benefits Interface using Application Engine programs.
  • Extensively used PeopleTools, which includes Application Designer, Application Engine, PeopleCode, Component Interface and PS/Query.
  • Fully involved in company’s Payroll system in various tasks including setup, design and define the Processing tables, tax tables, pay Calculation and Running Reports. Automated the manual Check on-Demand Payroll process.
  • Involved in the development of SQR’s related to the Employee benefits and their 401k contributions and other related information to different banks and other institutions.
  • Query Profiles, Opening, modifying and building queries, Query Tree and transferring to Crystal using PeopleSoft Query to Crystal Interface.

Environment: PeopleSoft 8.0/8.8, PeopleTools 8.44/8.43/8.42, SQR, PeopleCode, Oracle 9i, UNIX, Win NT.

Confidential, Portland, ME June 2003 – Apr 2004
PeopleSoft HRMS Technical Consultant
Fairchild Semiconductor is a leading global provider of semiconductor technology that powers the products we use and makes them more energy efficient. As a technical resource I was responsible for Implementation of PS8.0, Design and development of interfaces for PeopleSoft HRMS modules (Benefits, Payroll and HR).


  • Technical Implementation of PeopleSoft HRMS modules (Core HR, Payroll and Benefits).
  • Interpreted Functional Documentation to Technical Documentation.
  • Design and developed the applications with Application Designer, Application Engine, PeopleCode, Component Interface, PS/Query.
  • Creating Portal registries for different menus and extensively worked on HR, PAYROLL Modules.
  • Developed new Records, Online Pages, and Run Control Pages using PeopleTools for the specific needs of the company. Implemented PeopleCode for online validations and user interface.
  • Developed complex SQR reports and SQC’s to suit the needs of the company. Used Process Scheduler to make SQR available from within PeopleSoft.
  • Extensively used PeopleTools for creation or modification of Process Definitions, Records, Pages, and Menus to run Custom SQR’s through PeopleSoft environment.
  • Tuned SQL/SQRs to improve performance using advance features like Load lookup and Arrays.
  • Modified Time and Labor Pages according to user requirements.
  • Modified, designed, configured and built fields, records, sub records, setting up keys to records, assign table edits like prompt table.
  • Developed number of interface reports using SQR to read the data from file and load it into PeopleSoft tables, and send data from PeopleSoft to other interfaces.

Environment: PeopleSoft 8.3 HRMS (HR, Payroll, Benefits), PeopleCode, PeopleTools 8.44/8.43/8.42, SQR, Crystal Reports, PS/nVision, DB2, OS390.

Confidential, Tamilnadu India May 2002 – Feb 2003
PeopleSoft Developer
CellarStone India Pvt. Ltd provides, software development and consulting services to people world wide. As a Technical resource my objective was to support payroll process and on-line support to the end-users.


  • Involved in the customization of HR and Benefits as per the companies requirement.
  • Involved in enabling and updating Security Definitions for Pages, Components and Menus to restrict users to the Database tables holding sensitive data.
  • Created new field definitions and added that field definition to the existing record and page definitions through Application Designer.
  • Developed and Modified PeopleCode for various validations as required by our business process.
  • Have modified custom SQR reports and processes by including the new fields and modified table joins to make them run in 8.0 for better error handling.
  • Created several reports for AP users.
  • Configured and customized the PO Amount Approval workflow which requires 2 chains of approval based on PO coming from approved and non-approved requests.
  • Performed debugging Analysis and provided online help to customers.
  • Involved in troubleshooting during payroll process and on-line support to the end-users.
  • Resolved customer issues related PeopleCode, SQR, Query, crystal Reports and Process Scheduler.
  • Tested and replicated and resolved various issues reported.

Environment: PeopleSoft 8.0 HRMS (HR, Payroll and Benefits), PeopleSoft Financials/SCM 8SP1, PeopleTools 8.12, PeopleCode, SQR, DB2, Windows NT.

Confidential, India Sept 2001 – Feb 2002
Software Tester
Maruti is the highest volume car manufacturer in Asia, outside Japan and Korea. It is the one of most successful automobile company since its inception.


  • Wrote several test scripts and test cases to perform web testing.
  • Performed Functionality testing, Regression testing and User Acceptance testing of the application.
  • Involved in the Regression testing of the application whenever a new build was developed.
  • Interacted with the developers on the unit test results and understood what has to be tested thoroughly for that build.
  • Interacted with the end users while performing the user acceptance testing and trained them in the new functionality whenever a new build was developed.
  • Wrote several SQL Queries and verified that the data is consistent throughout the database.

Environment: Java 2.0, ASP, VBScript, Oracle 8.0, Windows NT, WinRunner 5.0, and Load Runner 5.0

Reference: Available upon request.

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