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Technical Consultant Resume


  • 8+ years of application software development in using PeopleSoft with sound technical experience in Customization, Implementation and Development. Extensive functional experience in Core HR, PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 security, Global Payroll APAC countries, Absence management, Base compensation, self-service on 8.8 release, Benefits, Benefits Administration, PeopleSoft CRM Call centre, CRM Sales, Solution management, Multi-channel Framework, ESA (Projects costing, Contracts)
  • Sound understanding of PeopleTools (Oracle XML publisher, external web services Application Designer, Peoplecode, Application Engine, Security Administrator, , Process Scheduler, PS Query, SQR, Component Interface, Application Messaging using integration broker, Data Mover, Operator Security, Object Security, Workflow, SQL Programming, Verity classes,)
  • Good understanding of Integration with third party application using Webservices using SOAP within PeopleSoft
  • Functional strength: Core HR, Global payroll, absence management, HR 8.9 and 9.0 row level security, Benefits, Benefits Administration, eProfile, Base compensation, CRM call center applications (Support, Helpdesk), correspondence management, BORM and CDM models, Solution management, CRM 8.9 and 9.0 row level security
  • Designed and Implemented Global payroll and core HR for a public sector bank in India with over 40000 employees across the nation
  • Implemented Salary administration with HCM 9.0 for an industrial parts retail and wholesale supplier
  • Single sign-on with third party web application with PeopleSoft
  • Extensive use of Application Engine and component interface for data migration.
  • Strong analytical, debugging and aptitude skills.
  • Implemented Call center support, solution management (over 140000 users), IT and HR Helpdesk (over 600 employees) for a PEO staffing company
  • Implemented Call center self service and solution management application for an engineering company with over 5000 employees
  • PeopleSoft product development and support - Global Payroll for Singapore, India, Hong Kong
  • Implemented a completely new bolt-on application integrating CRM sales 8.9 and ESA project costing and contracts 8.8 using multi-layered workflow, CI, integration broker, Peoplecode on 8.46 tools
Functional Skills
  • Very proficient:

HR Core, Base Compensation, Benefits, Benefits Administration, Global payroll core and for country extensions, absence management, eProfile
CRM call centre support and Helpdesk applications, Solution management, Correspondence management

  • Reasonably proficient:
  • HR NA payroll and Ben Admin, payroll interface
    CRM Sales, FieldService, products and services
    ESA project costing

Technical Skills

  • Very proficient:
  • Application designer, PS Query, web services, Oracle XML publisher, verity APIs and search classes ,File layouts, Peoplecode, Workflow, Integration broker, Component Interface, Application Engine, Data mover, SQR.

Project Details

Client :
Confidential, MI Farmington Hills USA
Project : PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 Implementation and support
Role: Sr. Techno-functional consultant
Duration:Mar 2010 – till date
Environment:Application HCM 9.0, People
Tools 8.49

Involved in post-production support for core HCM and benefits module


  • Setting up and configuring benefits core tables for implementation for US and Canada
  • Post production support for Benefits and Workforce administration
  • Developed custom processes and reports for the users. Users used to confirm the employee level enrolments, terminations and manually upload back to benefits tables using excel-to-CI.
  • Correcting the benefits related errors which NA payroll user used to report during the payroll cycle.
  • Preparing user training documents for Benefits
  • Maintain interfaces for different benefits vendors.

Project Details

Client : Confidential

Project: Support development for CRM and Integration with PeopleSoft
And third party solution providers like Salesforce.com
Role: Sr. Technical consultant
Duration:May 2010 – till date
Environment:PT 8.49, SQL server 2005, Application CRM 9.0

Involved in tweaking the PS CRM application to suit the needs of various business and support groups including contracts support, sales support, customer support and reporting. Daily activities include the production support for CRM sales, support and customer management. Also finalizing requirements and creating design documents for various integration projects with third party systems.


  • Development and support for a custom module for sales and contract team to reduce the processing time
  • PeopleTools upgrade from 8.49 to 8.51
  • Maintaining the integration between HR and CRM and CRM and Finance
  • Creating new web services for Call centre application which would be consumed by internal .Net applications
  • Consuming and providing web services to SalesForce.com application using SOAP and standard wsdl.
  • PERSON_BASIC_SYNC and custom Async message for sales representatives.
  • Application support for CRM Sales, marketing, call centre support, self-service, ERMS, Customer management, CRM application security
  • Performance tuning for delivered and custom built search views and application engine processes with the help of indexes and efficient sql joins
  • Creating impact analysis documents highlighting the changes in the ways to manage the data entry, reporting and technical maintenance of the application
  • Creating application engine and sql scripts for data issues around CDM tables and sales call report module

Client : Confidential, TN
Project: HCM support and implementation
Role: Tech Lead
Duration:Nov 2009 – Apr 2010
Environment:PT 8.49, SQL server 2005, Application HCM 8.9

Production support for core HR and HCM security along with the integration APIs support for third party products like Clarity and custom ASP based applications using file layouts/ application engine and integration broker.
I re-implemented an in-house PeopleSoft application on HR 8.9 with revised data models and functionality changes. This application was integrated with Core HR.


  • Understanding the support requirements from function users and internal reporting team
  • Fit-gap analysis and creating the functional and technical designs for the custom application for contract employees.
  • Creating impact analysis documents for data maintenance and reporting.
  • Creating/modifying file layouts and application engine programs for internal support departments like Admin, IT, infrastructure, Finance.
  • Created data validation scripts and programs for consistency across applications like departments, locations, invalid user Ids, etc.
  • Worked on delivered integration broker service operations for HCM like PERSON_BASIC_SYNC and WORKFORCE_SYNC

Client : Confidential

Project: Implementation of Base compensation module
Role: Team Lead
Duration:Aug 2009 – Oct 2009
Environment:PT 8.49, SQL server 2005, Application HCM 9.0

Implementing the base compensation business process by configuring all the foundation tables along with security and conversion of legacy system data into PeopleSoft tables using excel to CI and file layouts. Also new operational reports were developed for the associates’ compensation data.


  • Understanding the system and requirements gathering from the compensation function users and internal HR reporting team.
  • Fit-gap analysis and creating the functional and technical designs
  • Creating impact analysis documents highlighting the changes in the ways to manage the data entry, reporting and technical maintenance of the application
  • Demonstrating the Proof of concept for the base compensation process and for application security
  • Build the conversion application programs and file templates for PS compensation tables.
  • Creating new batch processes for maintaining the salary data on ongoing basis
  • Building new PS query reports and online enquiry reports for the compensation data

Client : Confidential
Project : Product Development for USA city and county administration
Role :
Sr. Techno-functional consultant
Duration :
May 2009 – Aug 2009
Environment : PT 8.47/8.48
/8.49, Oracle 10g

The project scope included the custom bolt-on product development for city and county government. The module would help residents for creating service requests, cases online using city website integrated with internal PeopleSoft application. Using Oracle XML publisher for reporting and pdf document generation, residents can print the forms and then fax or mail it to the city department. The application would help the city call center agents for quickly responding to non-emergency requests from all the residents and visitors. They would access to the internal solution library and they can quickly locate the incidents using incident density maps integrated with third party products like Google or yahoo maps.


  • Requirements gathering and functional design documents for residents’ self service module and for internal call center agents
  • The modules implemented in the product – case management, service order management, solution library, dashboard for call center managers
  • Created the design and the actual development for consuming the external web services within PeopleSoft which are SOAP compliant. The web services are used for integration with geocoding applications to accurately map the incident and case locations on PeopleSoft pages.
  • Created the reports using oracle XML publisher which use the rtf templates and the xml data sources based on PS query.
  • Built the custom solution libraries and made available for agents using Peopletools delivered Verity APIs and search classes.
  • All Record, file and HTTP types for Verity indexes were built and made available for searches. Agent could select the parser for free-text searches or for keyword searches
  • JavaScript is embedded on PeopleSoft pages to make better user interface for common text fields, which listen to the standard events like onkeyup, onkeydown, onclick, onfocus, onblur
Client : Confidential
Project : CRM Call center implementation
Role : Technical Lead
Duration : Oct 2007 –
May 2009
Environment : CRM Application 8.9 and 9.0, PT 8.47/8.48, Oracle 10g,

HR Application 8.8 and 9.0

The project scope includes re-implementation of PeopleSoft CRM 8.9 Call center application, Upgrade to CRM 9.0 along with tools upgrade from 8.47 to 8.48 and implementation of Multi-channel framework technology including ERMS, Chat and CTI for the TriNet call center


  • Implemented the Customer Data Model in 8.9
  • Fixing the HR and CRM integration issues related to PERSON and WORKFORCE sync
  • Custom Interface created for benefits tables e.g. COBRA, health, AD&D plans, which used to show data on HR 360 degree view in CRM
  • Building new EIPs (service operations, Services, routing, subscription application classes) between PeopleSoft HR and CRM on 8.9 and on 9.0 on 8.47 and 8.48 tools
  • Designed and configured the security for call center application using peopletools security and CRM row level security (Secured worker Role for HR HelpDesk and IT HelpDesk, Business unit and tableset controls for Support module)
  • Implemented Call center Support module on CRM 8.9 with tools 8.47 by converting the case data from HRHD module into Call center support
  • Customizations in customer and HRHD Worker 360
  • Involved in CRM application upgrade from 8.9 to 9.0 on tools 8.48
  • Data migration from 8.9 data model to 9.0 data model using app engine processes and excel-to-CI utilities
  • Implementing skill-based routing for Helpdesk and Call center support based on CTD parameters
  • Implemented customer self-service and solution management on CRM 9.0
  • Built efficient operational reports which were optimized using few sql tuning techniques like creating new indexes, using explain plans and using better joins between CRM tables. All the reports had the interactive and drillable charts using Peopletools APIs
  • Built a Custom module for Time reporting on 8.48 tools with comprehensive workflows and integration with outlook and CRM Tasks
  • Prototype is built for the products and services implementation
  • Implementing ERMS/ CTI with AVAYA interface and AMC middleware

Client : Confidential
Project : CRM Customer Self-service 9.0
Role : Project Lead

Duration : Mar 2009 – Till Date
Environment : PS CRM Application 8.9, PT 8.47, Oracle 9i

The project scope includes implementing customer self service on CRM 8.9 with 8.47 peopletools. It includes Case management and solution management.


  • Implemented the Customer self service and solution management
  • Created new AAF policies for sending email notification to the end user when a case is created or modified
  • Configured the Guest user profile and Self service User Registration process
  • Configured the row level security in CRM – SetID by permission list for searching the solutions
  • Customizations around the delivered verity search API calls to show appropriate solutions to the end users
  • Automatic routing of the self-service cases to the appropriate provider group using CRM auto-assignment engine
Client : Confidential
Project : Option Feedback automation – new Custom module
: Sr. Consultant
Duration : Nov 2008 – Jan 2009
Environment : PS CRM 8.9, PT 8.47, Oracle 9i

The project scope includes development of a custom bolt-on module over call center application for generating and managing feedback template for the distributor network of Okuma Corporation.


  • Automated scheduled batch process would stage all the data from different legacy systems into CRM Also this process would internally call the component interface for the custom built component to create new feedback form ID
  • Extensive built in workflow with the feedback form status changing from Draft through Closed
  • Provided ability to add notes and attachments
  • Users can email the notes separately using MCF notification classes

Client : Confidential
Project : Implementation – Global payroll India and absence management
Role : Team Lead
Duration : Dec 2006 – Oct 2007
Environment : PS HRMS 8.9, PT 8.47, Oracle 9i on HP UNIX

The project scope includes implementation of PeopleSoft HCM 8.9 Core HR, Global payroll India, Absence management and Base benefits. Also one of the major tasks was to bring all the data from different legacy systems into PeopleSoft database.


  • Gathering and understanding the requirements from functional users.
  • Presented the fit-gap report for global payroll, core HR and base benefits and also the functional documents for all the partial fits and gaps.
  • Created data collection templates for data mapping
  • Involved in data migration from their legacy systems into PeopleSoft using component interfaces.
  • Involved in customizations in core HR for calculating the payroll for 42,000 employees across all the locations of the bank.
  • The online Absence management system for leave application and for updating the leave balances. Small customization was done for accessing it through ESS using workflow and peoplecode.
  • Used the ESS and MSS modules for employee leave and re-imbursement benefit processes. It involved customizations using workflow and peoplecode.
  • Created oracle stored procedures for optimizing the execution of SQL views
  • Configured the core HR from scratch, setting up business unit, SetID, company, departments, locations, job code and all relevant foundation tables and organization defaults by primary permission list
  • Configured global payroll – organization, processing and calendar structures for 42000 employees
  • Configured 150+ rules for calculation of 42000 employees’ salary in a decentralized way from 51 different locations. Also provision was made to process them centrally from the headquarter
  • User keys and writable arrays were extensively used for reporting
  • Interface programs were developed to update the salary accounts of the employees in the core banking software
  • Customizations included new components, application engine programs and validations using peoplecode.
  • Developed 25+ user reports using dynamic prompts, inquiry pages and few PS Queries
  • Created SQL views for array processing in Global payroll rules.
  • Imported the delivered application data using data mover
  • Developed a robust design to cater to the requirements of different users in multiple locations.
  • Automatic yearly increments were managed by using Base compensation and automatic salary increment batch process.
  • Also the Location based and department based 8.9 row level security in PeopleSoft HCM was used extensively for sensitive data.

Client : Confidential, India
Project : ESA implémentation- Project costing Role : Technical Consultant
Duration : Oct 2005 – Dec 2006

Environment : PS Financials and ESA 8.9, PT 8.46, Oracle 9i on HP UNIX

Scope involved the implementation of the project initiation request (PIR) and project cost and manpower budget extension business process.

  • Involved in customizations in PeopleSoft Project costing using peoplecode, Peopletools, Workflow, component interface to develop a unified system for all the different types of projects.
  • Involved in requirements gathering from users in different business domains and preparing the functional and technical design
  • Automate the entire process of project initiation to approval to closure of a project using sophisticated and multi-layered workflows and batch processes.
  • Automated the creation of projects/ activities / budgets once the project initiation request is approved with the extensive use of peoplecode and component interfaces.
  • Developed the interfaces between various PeopleSoft modules with the objective of calculating and maximizing the project profitability for iFlex.
  • Project security using tree manager and secured views was configured for sensitive project data.
  • Developed Copy PIR functionality to speed up the initiation process using dynamic prompts and peoplecode
  • I was involved in preparing requirement specifications, functional specifications, technical specifications, coding and development and system testing for the ‘Project Initiation and project extension’ Module.
  • Developed new processes for ongoing activities and for mapping the data in the new business process.
  • Developed new Application Engine programs for Interface with third party systems to get the data in PS application.

Client : Confidential
Project : CRM Field Service implementation
Role : Technical Consultant
Duration : Oct 2005 – Feb 2006
Environment : PeopleSoft CRM 8.9, PeopleTools 8.45, Oracle 8i/10g

and Windows

The purpose of the project was to customize the existing field service module in CRM as per NEC requirements.


  • Extensively worked with Application Designer to Modify and create the record definitions, pages, components as per the requirements.
  • Involved in changing the user interface for better understanding
  • Developed new functionality for capturing more details about the usage of ordered material, having the overall owner for the service order, etc using set of new pages and workflow
  • Involved in the Manual Testing of the whole module Functionality as per the Test Plans.
  • Developed and modified peoplecode for various validations as required by our business process.

Client :Confidential
Project : Order-to-cash implémentation and intégration with CRM sales
Role : Technical Consultant
Duration : Jan 2005 – Oct 2005
Environment : PeopleSoft ESA 8.9 on tools 8.46, PeopleSoft CRM 9.0 on

8.46 tools

Project involved customizations in PeopleSoft Project costing, PeopleSoft Contracts and PeopleSoft Billing. This involves developing the interfaces between various modules with the objective of bringing down DSO (Days sales outstanding) value for iGATE.


  • Involved in preparing technical specifications, coding and development and system testing for the ‘Project creation and project extension’ Module. This is an interface between PeopleSoft CRM and PeopleSoft ESA using application messaging and application engine process.
  • Application messaging was used for triggering a workflow action in Finance database based on certain “Save time “conditions in CRM database.
  • All the components in the developed module were present in both CRM and finance but data was being stored only in Finance database to avoid data duplication using a complex data model for the business process using database table synonyms and using them in the SQL views.
  • Developed the application messages for data synchronization between CRM and Finance database and message monitor was used for debugging and monitoring the flow
  • Configured all the application messaging setup including nodes, gateways, integration gateway properties
  • Workflow was used extensively for moving the Project creation process through various levels of business development managers, Delivery managers and Finance team approvals.
  • The Peoplecode was written around this to enforce the security also. Application engine program was developed to run a periodic process which served as a backup for creating workflow items, in case the Application messaging servers failed to function.
  • Component interfaces were built for creation of Project, project activities, contracts, project Locations.

Client : Confidential, USA
Role : Software Developer
Project : Global payroll Product development and support
Duration : Aug 2003 – Dec 2004

Environment : PeopleSoft HCM 8.8, 8.9, 9.0 on tools 8.42, 8.45, and 8.46
Providing Product support for all the Global Payroll Asia-Pac country extension modules including GP-Singapore, GP-India, GP-Malaysia, GP-Hong Kong

  • Fixing all the issues related to global payroll Asia Pac countries payroll rules and delivered components using application designer, peoplecode, workflow, SQL views, application engines
  • Involved in unit and functional testing of the fixes
  • Testing the product for Build Acceptance test, Core Regression Test and system integration test
  • Developed automated regression test suites for Singapore, Malaysia, India country extensions which were run using PS Enterprise and checked using Test director
  • Modified payroll rules for India CE related to taxation and year end reporting
  • Managed issues related to Base benefits like enrolment of employees in Benefits programs using HR components, setting up the vendors and related benefits core tables were part of the product support assignment.
  • Presented Global payroll core processing engine architecture to the team members
  • Created new formulae, arrays, counts for modifying the payroll rules
  • Impact of person model on HCM in 8.9 was analyzed, tested and fixed the issues related to it for better stability in global payroll rules.
  • Applying the fixes to the database and testing those patches for application integrity
  • SQR: Modifying and Updating the SQR’s for various reports.
  • PS Enterprise: Generating the automation script for various components and executing them automatically for shell excels.
  • Shell Script: Using Shell Excel and scripts, automated entire test suite for 8.9 regression testing and BAT (Build Acceptance Testing)
  • Application Engine: Debugging the application engine programs and modifying them to work as per customers’ requirements.

Awards and Recognition

  • Outstanding Contribution Award (OCA) from PeopleSoft for the quarter Oct 04 to Dec 04
Educational Profile

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics engineering
  • Advance Computer diploma

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