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Peoplesoft Consultant Resume


  • Over seven years of IT experience as a Software Engineer, involved in system analysis, design, development, testing applications for clients in various industries.
  • Five years experience in Customization, Up gradation, Conversion and Implementation of PeopleSoft HCM 8.9/8.8/8.3/8.0 modules HR, Payroll, Employee Self Service, Time and Labor and Benefits.
  • Experience in Up Gradation, Customization of Peoplesoft SCM/Financials Order management, Expenses, Project Costing, Inventory, GL.
  • Participated on 2 full life-cycle implementations as part of Data conversion and Reconciliation, development, testing teams.
  • Experienced in requirement analysis, technical design, implementation methodologies, conversion/interface strategies, data mapping, development, customization, tuning, and issue resolution.
  • Experience in PeopleSoft Internet Architecture and extensively used PeopleTools including Development Tools (Application Designer, Workflow), Integration Tools (Application Engine, Application Messaging, Component Interface, Business Interlink), Administration Tools (Upgrade Assistant, Security), and Reporting Tools (Process Scheduler, Query, Tree Manager).
  • Experienced in performing fit/gap analysis and process discovery for several financial applications, identified problems and resolutions for implementing the respective PeopleSoft systems.
  • Operating Systems UNIX, Win NT / 98 / XP, Windows 2000.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, short learning curve and strong team work spirit with excellent leadership qualities.

Technical Skills:

Enterprise Applications: PeopleSoft HCM 8.x Time & Labor, Employee Self Service, Track Global Assignments, Manage Competencies, HCM US Federal Product Experience.
PeopleSoft SCM/Financials 8.4, 8.9 Order Management, Expenses, Accounts Payable, Project Costing, Expenses, General ledger.

PeopleSoft skill set:

Development Tools - Application Designer (Data Designer, Panel Designer, Menu Designer), PeopleCode, Application Engine, component interface, SQL.
Administration Tools -Security Administrator, Object Security.
Reporting Tools -SQR and PSQuery.
Data Management Tools -Data Mover, Import Manager.
Integration Tools -Business Components, Business Interlinks and Application Messaging.
Project Migration – Quest Software tool Stat, PVCS Tracker.


March 2007 to
Present Confidential
Herndon, VA
IT Application Developer II
Project: Provide production support and enhancements in PS HCM , PS HCM Federal Product modules.
Provide enhancements/upgrade/Production Support in PS SCM & Financials Modules.
Environment: Peoplesoft HCM 8.8 with Peopletools 8.46 , PeopleSoft SCM & Financials 8.4 & 8.9, Peopletools 8.47, SQR, PSQuery,
Windows NT, UNIX.


  • Worked extensively with Business Partners in resolving issues related with time Admin creating Offsets and issues with multiple paylines for employees.
  • Modified Peoplesoft delivered Time reporting Pages to auto populate Company, setid, deptid and business unit fields when a user logs into Time reporting.
  • Developed a New Process which was scheduled to run everyday after the Time Admin to update an Employee’s Department.
  • Added new fields to the Time Approval Page on MSS.
  • Modified the Address Fields on ESS.
  • Created a New Page for recruiters to track comments related to Applicants.
  • Modified the custom load certification process to look at the right fields for populating a Table.
  • Modified the ADP Periodic & Quarterly Tax Interfaces to add new localities.
  • Tuned the HR_FASTVIEW by adding a hint for better performance.
  • Modified the custom MetLife Interface To meet business requirements.
  • Performed Production Support tasks involving data clean up and bugs in PeopleSoft 8.4.
  • Gathered requirements from users and designed Technical Specs as per the Requirement of End Users, developed pages, Analyzed end-user needs, satisfied user requests for developing pages.
  • Modified the human resource (HR) job functions -- such as benefits administration, talent management requests -- to help HR line of business professionals more effectively manage their core processes within federal civilian agencies.
  • Data conversion and Reconciliations were done from Peoplesoft SCM/Financials 8.4 to 8.9.
  • Developed an Interface between GTSI and American Express to send a Remittance detail File from PeopleSoft Accounts Payable to AMEX in PeopleSoft 8.9.
  • Developed an Inbound Interface to build Vouchers for Different Vendors.
  • Worked on GTSI custom Contract Vehicle Management component to define & maintain contract vehicles that can be refrenced by Quotes and Sales Orders for Product Pricing.
  • Fine Tuned SQL in Application Engine Programs for better performance.
  • Developed SQR’s to load Files from Concur to PeopleSoft Expenses and to create expense vouchers.
  • Created Component Interface in the Upgrade Environment due to changes in the component structures.
  • Involved in the Configuration Set Up for PeopleSoft 8.9 Expenses.
  • Cost of PS Query were Determined and tuned to reduce the Cost .
  • Created technical Specifications & Migration Documents for Project Migration between environments using PVCS Tracker.

August 2006 to
Feb 2007Confidential
Washington, DC
Sr.Peoplesoft Consultant
Project: Provide solutions/production support/enhancements in PS Payroll/HR/Benefits
Time & Labor modules.
Environment: PeopleSoft HCM 8.8, PeopleTools 8.46, PeopleCode, SQR, PS/Query, Windows NT, UNIX.


  • As PeopleSoft developer, enhanced PeopleSoft HCM to fit Company s business including many custom pages as well as modifying delivered pages with PeopleCode and SQR s.
  • Implemented process controls for both business functions and technology support functions.
  • Application Designer has used extensively to customize time reporting page, daily summary page and daily task pages according to the specification and requirement.
  • Modified several benefits SQR reports to meet the business requirement.
  • Updated message displayed on a page and give security access to this page for Employees
  • Modified the SQR report HR00100 to include grade 7 new hires to be granted with 150 hours for Family sick leave.
  • Modified the time Admin Application Engine process to auto approve an employee
  • All absence management time and prior period adjustments without requiring manager s approval.
  • Customized the payroll and compensation page for non-CA officers and directors to have access to view the leave balance page.
  • Customized Time & labor to have an edit against an employee cost center to allow only valid restricted project code for the employee current time reporting period.
  • Fixed the errors/bugs coming out of the PS Payroll/ Time labor modules.
  • Project Migrations were done between environments using the Quest Software tool Stat.

January 2005 to
June 2006Confidential
San Ramon, CA
Project: As a Technical consultant I was involved mainly in the implementation and customization of the tasks related to analysis, design, development and customization of SQR Reports, Page Design, People Code, Data migration ,Scheduling online and batch processing, PS-Query, testing and End-user support.
Environment: PeopleSoft HCM 8.8, PeopleTools 8.45, PeopleCode, SQR, PS/Query, Windows NT, UNIX.


  • Involved in customization and implementation of PeopleSoft Employee Self Service and time & labor modules.
  • Developed and customized the Benefits reports in HCM using SQR and Crystal reports.
  • Updated time run control and also involved in building time period calendars.
  • Enabled Security through Maintain Security.
  • Involved in customizing pages such as contact detail page (HR_RES_A_CONT_APP), preferences page (HR_RES_A_PREFS_APP), current and prior employment page (HR_RES_A_EMP_APP), Employment details page (HR_RES_D_EMP_REFS_APP) according to the requirement of the client.
  • Developed generic PeopleCode Functionary programs for various tasks, for example implementing field level security based on end user roles.
  • Designed and developed customized overtime calculation reports for the employees with shift and more than 40-hour work week calculation.
  • Customization for Leave Module Pages and coded SQR report for Leave Exception report.
  • Developed many customized SQR reports/processes to read data from flat files and process Employee Transfers, Terminations, Promotions and Union Deduction Increases.
  • Involved in setting up various configuration options such as workflow e-mail notifications, worklists as per the requirement of the organization
  • Used Data Mover to export data from conversion database to production database.
  • Involved in testing and resolving errors in SQR programs.

March 2003 to
November 2004Confidential
Dallas, TX
PeopleSoft Technical Consultant
Environment: PeopleSoft HCM 8.3, PeopleTools 8.42, People Code, SQR 5.3.2, SQL,
OS/390, Windows 2000 and Oracle.
Project: Performed interfacing, conversions, data migration and report writing (using People Code, People Tools and SQR).


  • Involved in applying on-line customizations to HR, Payroll and Time&labor of PeopleSoft HCM v8.3.
  • Designed, developed and maintaining interfaces between TL, Payroll, GL.
  • Performing tasks in various aspects such as company information, define Establishment, Location, Department, Salary Grades and Administration, Job Code, and to define Pay group, Payroll and Benefits. Customization of recruiting, hiring and training panels to meet the client s requirements.
  • Involved in customizing PeopleSoft delivered SQR reports such as Benefits enrollment report Employee Earnings Report (PAY014).
  • Extensively used PeopleSoft Application designer, Report Manager, Process Scheduler, PeopleSoft Query and other development tools.
  • Performance tuning of Application Engine programs was done successfully. For example, the initial processing time of Application Engine program PERS_UPDATE that was 2.5 hours was brought down to 1 hour.
  • Worked with PeopleCode to automate the various processes with conditional logic for the e-Recruit collaborative application.

August 2002 to
February 2003Confidential
Coppell, Dallas
Environment: PeopleSoft CRM8.4, PeopleTools 8.45, People Code, SQR 5.3.2, SQL,
OS/390, Windows 2000 and Oracle.


  • Reviewed and implemented Technical design specifications based on Functional Docs.
  • Customized the RO_CAPTURE component to include the Preliminary Customer
  • Management page according to the requirements.
  • Customized the Case Page by adding additional customized sub page to it called CPE Details.
  • Developed several Application Engine programs, which are associated to Business Projects and also stand alone Application Engine programs, which run as batch processes.
  • Modified the RC_CASE Record by adding additional customized fields to it.
  • Used Application Engine programs, Component Interfaces and File Layouts to migrate data, which is coming in as a .CSV file.
  • Developed Integration Broker objects like inbound and outbound messages for transactions with ACE(billing system) and MPS (user management system).
  • Used message people code to add functionality to the Integration Broker messages developed.
  • Designed and developed new Business Projects to fulfill Orders according to various product items and bundles.
  • Designed the CEM logic to run the Business Projects and execute the tasks (Create Account, Add Installed Services, Add Billing services).
  • Designed Data conversion process for massaging and importing legacy data in the PeopleSoft Customer Data model (BORM).
  • Used Application Packages in retrieving and adding information to the Customer object.
  • Developed several ad-hoc application engine programs to convert customer, contracts and vendor data from legacy systems to PeopleSoft CRM using File Layout Objects and Component Interfaces.
  • Customized the 360-degree view, to display information in ACE(Billing System) and to show the customers account profile.
  • Fine Tuned SQL in Application Engine Programs for better performance.
  • Performed Production Support tasks involving data clean up and administration of PeopleSoft servers.
  • Used PL/SQL scripts in cleaning up the production problems.
  • Developed AE programs to load all the products in a staging table to publish in SuperPages.com.
  • Debugger, trace to debug PeopleCode and AE programs when doing development and production support
  • Implemented Interactions upload process from legacy by using Component Interface and Application Engine programs.

November 2001 to
June 2002Confidential
Portland, OR
Environment :PeopleSoft HCM 8.3(Time &Labor, Benefits, HR), PeopleTools 8.42 Application Designer, PeopleCode, Application Engine programs and Component Interface, PS Query, SQL server, Enterprise Manager, Windows NT.
Project: Provide solutions/production support/enhancements in PS Payroll/HR/Benefits eRecruit. Assist in the implementation of Time&Labor module as part of the development team.


  • Analyzed and Developed/Modified SQR interface programs/reports in Payroll & Benefits to meet the business requirements of PGE.
  • Evaluating and applying the PS delivered patches and fixes on a regular basis to enhance HRMS functionality.
  • Mapped and converted the legacy data into PeopleSoft application tables like personal_data, employment, job, employment_review, emergency_cntct, health_benefit, life_add_ben, ben_plan_tbl etc with SQR.
  • Fixed the errors/bugs coming out of the PS Payroll/ Time&labor modules.
  • Created an interface to load the captured time of employees to the database and scheduled it to run periodically.
  • Developed new SQR reports in Time&Labor / Payroll/ HR as enhancements to support end users.

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