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Peoplesoft System Administrator Resume

Washington, DC


Over 15 years experience working as an Oracle DBA, DB2 DBA, and PeopleSoft System Administrator on PeopleSoft HR and Financial implementations for a variety of industries including legal firms, a major waste disposal organization, hospital organizations, a major investment organization, major utility companies, major phone service corporation, major food and beverage service corporation, and a major consulting firm.

  • Proven database design, architectural, administrative, and troubleshooting skills on high profile projects.
  • In-depth knowledge of PeopleSoft architecture and operating systems.
  • Good working knowledge of Peoplesoft products and tools and skilled in a variety of Peoplesoft techniques, methods, processes, and practices.
  • Good communication skills and mentoring abilities.
  • Skilled in Oracle 7/8/8i/9i/10G/11G, Unix Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, Linux, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and PeopleSoft n-tier design and architecture.

Operating Systems - UNIX (AIX, Compaq, Sun Solaris,HP-UX, Linux), Windows 95/98/2000/NT, MS/DOS
DBMS - Oracle 7/8/8i/9i /10G/11G, DB2 5.1
Languages – SQL, PL/SQL, Shell
Design/Development Tools - SQL*Plus, Toad, Testdirector, Visual Source Safe, Oracle Grid Control, BMC Patrol Phire


Confidential, PeopleSoft Database Administrator / (March 2011 - Present)
PeopleTools 9.0, PeopleSoft HRMS/HCM and Financials 9.0, ORACLE 11g, Oracle SOA HA, Weblogic 11g, Window 7, Unix Solaris

  • Provided PeopleSoft System Administrative and DBA support for ongoing PeopleSoft HR, Financials, and EODS Projects.
  • Performed PeopleSoft project migrations from/to development/testing and testing/production.
  • Ran base installs of all infrastructure components that comprise the PeopleSoft server architecture including application servers, batch servers, web server, and tuxedo.
  • Performed entire Oracle Database refreshes for all PeopleSoft Environments.
  • Tuned User SQL queries for optimal performance..
  • Fully designed and installed SOA High-Availability clustered managed server architecture utilizing Oracle Fusion Middleware for various distributed services / applications.
  • Set up and maintained all Integration Broker Gateway setups.
  • Provided 24-Hour on-call DBA service on a rotating schedule with DBA Team.

Confidential, PeopleSoft System Administrator (June 2010 to March 2011)
PeopleTools 9.0, PeopleSoft HRMS/HCM and Financials 9.0, ORACLE 11g,
Windows 2003 Server, Linux

  • Provided PeopleSoft System Administrative and DBA support for an ongoing PeopleSoft HR, Financials, and ELM 9.0 implementation.
  • Performed PeopleSoft project migrations from/to development/testing and testing/production.
  • Ran base installs of all infrastructure components that comprise the PeopleSoft server architecture including application servers, batch servers, web server, and tuxedo.
  • Configured all LDAP/Active Directory Setups in PeopleSoft Security.
  • Set up user profile security including roles, permission list, and query security through query access manager.
  • Set up all Integration Broker Gateway setups between HRMS, Financials, and ELM and responsible for troubleshooting and maintaining publishing/subscribing of messages between nodes of all environments.
  • Configured on REN Servers on all PeopleSoft systems to run off secured F5 Load Balancing Scheme.
  • Applied up-to-date Tax Updates to PeopleSoft HR Environments using Change Assistant.
  • Participated in a Performance Stress in the PeopleSoft Financial environment Pre-Production environment.

Confidential, PeopleSoft System Administrator / Oracle DBA (March 2008 to April 2009)
PeopleTools 8.48, PeopleSoft HRMS and Financials 8.9, ORACLE 10g,
Windows 2003 Server, HP/UX

  • Provided PeopleSoft System Administrative and DBA support for an ongoing PeopleSoft HR and Financials 8.9 implementation.
  • Performed PeopleSoft project migrations from/to development/testing and testing/production.
  • Provided overall Oracle DBA support including the creation of all database environments, database refreshes, and troubleshooting database issues in a timely manner as they arose.
  • Ran complete PeopleTools 8.48.04 and PeopleTools 8.48.07 install on all Windows 2003 Servers for all development and production environments.
  • Installed PeopleBooks for PeopleSoft Financials 8.9 and PeopleBooks 8.48.
  • Participated in applying all bundles and fixes to PeopleSoft HR and Financial 848 application software for all development and testing environments to the appropriate levels using Change Assistant.
  • Participated in the Oracle upgrade on existing 9i databases (on a Windows 2003 server platform) to Oracle 10G (on a HP/UX platform)
  • Upgraded weblogic for all PeopleSoft environments on all Windows 2003 Server environments.

Confidential, Independent Contractor (April 2006 to February 2008)
PeopleTools 8.48, PeopleSoft Financials 8.9, ORACLE 10g,
Solaris 5.9, Linux 2.6.9-42.0.3.ELsmp

  • Provided PeopleSoft technical administrative functions in support of a new PeopleSoft Financials 8.9 implementation. These tasks included the following:
  • Installed PeopleTools 8.48.04 on all Unix Servers.
  • Installed PeopleBooks for PeopleSoft Financials 8.9 and PeopleBooks 8.48.
  • Installed weblogic on all Unix Linux web servers.
  • Configured all web servers, application servers, batch servers, and report repositories for the development environments.
  • Responsible for cleaning up and streamlining all environment variables specific to PeopleSoft server access on all UNIX machines.
  • Set up and configured all components of the Integration Broker architecture.
  • Responsible for configuring SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and installing the new SSL Certificates for all environments.
  • Set up and tuned all Application Messaging components from/to FIN to HR.
  • Performed PeopleTools upgrades all web servers, application servers, batch servers, and database servers.
  • Installed OAS sites for BPEL utilizing SSL.
  • Analyzed and provided suggestions for tuning the kernel and TCP/IP parameter on all UNIX servers to allow for optimum performance.
  • Designed and participated in the implementation of a complete Load Balancing Architecture scheme from the Network Web Servers App Servers Database Server.
  • Provided a tailored PeopleSoft Software Installation Guide for the client and mentored all client Technical Administration staff in the installation and support of all development environments.

Confidential, Independent Contractor (December 2005 to March 2006)
PORTAL, CRM - PeopleTools 8.44, ORACLE 9i, Solaris 5.8
PeopleTools 8.46, ORACLE 9i, Solaris 5.8

  • Participated in a major cleanup and tuning effort regarding client’s server environments which included the stabilization of the client’s Portal and CRM web server environments to allow for more reliability and more uptime. Also involved in this effort was the tuning of all OS level parameters such as the kernel and TCP/IP as well as PeopleSoft level parameters and processes.
  • As part of the technical administration team, participated in the planning and expansion of the client’s architecture. This included rapid capacity enhancement on the existing architecture and adding more components to increase productivity - Implementing and maintaining high availability architecture with F5 Networks’ BIG IP load balancer, several web & Proxy servers, and Blade Server architecture.
  • Responsible for creating, prioritizing and following through to completion all service requests between the client and IBM to ensure and maintain network and web server connectivity in support of the next implementation phase, IBM OnDemand implementation of the IBM P-series server architecture with AIX.
  • Responsible for performing PeopleSoft Admin duties including troubleshooting web and app server issues and provided on call and weekend coverage when requested from the client.
  • Assisted in the installation, tuning and troubleshooting services on the Calico Configurator product for PeopleSoft CRM.

Confidential,June 2003 – December 2005
Oracle 8i/9i DBA, PeopleSoft Technical Administrator

Successfully created all server environments (applications, web, and reporting) in support of client development effort.
Resolved connectivity and functional issues for Integration Broker Environment.
Evaluated various OS environments and provided suggestions for performance improvement.
As a participant in a series of stress tests, provided server-side support, monitored performance, and provided tuning suggestions for application server, web server, and OS level parameters based on test results.
Researched, documented, prepared demonstrations, and presented hardware upgrade suggestions to client upper management and staff to improve performance. The information provided was based on extensive analysis of client’s current transaction timings of normal day-to-day financial transaction activity compared to PeopleSoft’s recommended timings.

  • Improved execution times for client’s TimeAdmin Application Engine processes by tuning slow running SQL statements included in the application, modifying system database parameters to improve overall performance, and altering SQL table extent size specifications to reduce the occurrence of multiple extents during Mass-SQL Insert processing.
  • Tuned several Application Engine processes and restructured existing code related to a PS EPM 8.8 Data Mart Fact Load process.
  • Wrote and implemented several Application Engine applications to replace existing Informatica Load Processes.
  • Wrote and implemented Application Engine application to automate an existing manual reconciliation report process between elements of a PS EPM 8.8 application including ERP, ODS, and the Data Marts.
  • Implemented changes to Application Server and Process Scheduler configurations reducing buffer cache percentage utilization significantly.
  • Set up and maintained all roles and permission lists for PS CRM 8.8 and HR 8.8 environments.
  • Assisted in setting up the Application Messaging Configuration to publish/subscribe messages from HR to CRM to allow for 360-View functionality in a PS CRM 8.8 environment.

Confidential,September 1998-March 2003
Oracle 7/8/8i/9i DBA, PeopleSoft Technical Administrator

  • Migrated Oracle databases to/from multiple UNIX environments.
  • Developed and implemented Oracle backup and recovery procedures.
  • Created and configured application servers, process schedulers, and web servers for various PeopleSoft implementations.
  • Analyzed and troubleshooted performance issues and tuned RDBMS related components, PeopleSoft application server configurations, or web server configurations as appropriate.
  • Tuned user-developed customized SQL queries and search views to improve processing time significantly for several clients.
  • Provided full technical assessments in terms of the Oracle database design and PeopleSoft configuration setups and provided suggestions for improvement.
  • Installed and configured production-level Microsoft 2000 Server.
  • Performed Oracle upgrade from 8.16 to 8.17 on several in-house production servers in a Microsoft NT environment.
  • Performed a complete Business Analysis Modeler 8.10 server install and established connectivity with an existing PeopleSoft EPM 8.3 DB.
  • Installed CRM 8.8 Demo Environment on company’s internal development servers.
  • Applied various PeopleSoft Tax Upgrades for several clients.
  • Mentored junior-level DBA, to help add value to future clients.
  • Provided 24-hour on-call service for several clients to troubleshoot and resolve any space limitations and all database, network, and PeopleSoft technical issues.
  • Provided Peoplesoft Technical Administration during upgrade from 7.5 to 8.0

Confidential,January 1997-July 1998
DB2 DBA, PeopleSoft Technical Administrator

  • Assisted in the upgrade of PeopleTools/HRMS from 5.11 to 5.12.
  • Set up entire backend DB2 environment that included seven test databases, one QA database, and one production database.
  • Set up user roles and maintained security for operators in all PeopleSoft environments.
  • Set up SQR processes and COBOL processes to run on the Windows client as well as the MVS database server.
  • Assisted in the set up of the DDCS Gateway to run on OS2 and SNA Windows NT and troubleshoot related performance issues during application development.
  • Set up all backup and recovery jobs including DB2 Image Copies, Reorgs, and Runstats in all environments.

Confidential, July 1995-November 1996

DB2 DBA For a major client, responsible for design, maintenance, and restoration of all databases in support of credit card processing operations. Converted all DB2 structures from VCAT to STOGROUPS. Setup and executed all LOAD and UNLOAD utilities to populate and restore table data. Set up all Image Copy JCL for all databases to create periodic backups for all DB2 tables. Designed ERD (entity relationship diagrams) for several new customized applications.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Oracle Database Administration
Oracle Backup and Recovery
Oracle Performance and Tuning
Oracle Network Administration
PeopleTools I, II
PeopleSoft Data Management Tools and Upgrade
PeopleSoft Application Engine
PeopleSoft Server Installation and Administration
PeopleSoft Integration Broker
PeopleSoft Security Administration
PeopleSoft EPM Technical Rules

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