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Sr. Peoplesoft Consultant Resume

Dublin, CA

Experience Summary:-

  • Arund 8 years of experience as a PeopleSoft Technical Consultant.
  • Handled various Implementation,upgrade and Support projects.
  • Worked on various versions of PeopleSoft HCMS and FSCM.
  • Proficient in People Tools - Application Designer, Application Engine, PeopleCode, Component Interface, File Layout, Process Scheduler and PS Query.
  • Proficient in Query Manager and PSQuery,XMLP Reports.
  • Accomplished in successfully customizing modules based on Organizational needs and requirements.
  • Development and modification of Outbound and Inbound SQR interfaces.
  • Experience in resolving certain priority based issues on time in Support project
  • Involved in Fit-Gap , Anlyzing compare reports, mapping issues, testing, UAT,Go-Live support during PeopleSoft application upgrade.
  • Proficient in writing complex database reports and customizing PeopleSoft Delivered SQR report
  • Flexible and versatile to adapt to any new environment and work on any project.
  • Work well as a part of a team, quick-learner and able to meet deadlines.
  • Extremely adept at quickly learning software and applying it to meet client’s requirements.
  • Hands on experience in handling Maintenance and support & Upgrade Projects.
  • Hands on Knowledge in various PeopleSoft modules such as Base Benefits, Benefits Administration, North American Payroll, Core HR, AP, Expenses and Administer Workforce.
  • Proficient in developing New Custom Objects, Retrofitting or Customizing the existing Objects and also provided additional support in reviewing and unit testing the objects to ensure proper delivery.
  • Expertise in data analysis, data mapping and data conversion from legacy system to PeopleSoft application database tables interfacing through SQR, Application Engine, File layout, Component Interface.
Professional Experience:-
Confidential, Dublin, CA
Sr. Peoplesoft Consultant

This is an Application Upgrade of existing HCM 9.1/PT8.50.03 to HCM 9.2/PT8.53. I am responsible for the PeopleSoft development and retrofit and test customizations. Worked extensively on People Tools 8.50.03 and various modules of HCM.

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for documenting all technical design documents based on BRD’s.
  • Download and updating the required patches accordingly.
  • Running Change Assistant scripts and debug any issues during upgrade.
  • Configuring the PIA and Process schedulers for the new environment.
  • Retrofit the custom objects.
  • Testing and UAT Support.
  • Production Live Support.
Environment: Oracle 11i, Peoplesoft HCM 9.1,9.2, People Tool 8.50,8.53, Peoplecode, App Engine, Process scheduler, Application designer, FileLayout, XML Publisher,PSQuery,Component Interface,SQR.

Confidential , Boston, MA
Sr.PeopleSoft Consultant
Confidential is a Global IT Innovator delivering technology-enabled services and solutions to clients around the world. The company provides consulting, managed services, projects, outsourcing, and cloud-based solutions to mid-sized and large enterprises in all major industries.
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Responsible for handling a team of developers and allocating the CSR’s based on the priority of the issue.
  • Focused mainly in the modules like Administer work force,Base Benefits,Benifits Administration,Expenses and NA Payroll.
  • Created various custom objects from record, page, component, process, file layout and Application engine as part of automation of unpriced queries.
  • Involved in acquiring Specifications from the functional team and modified the SQR’s as per the SPECS.
  • Handled various Production CSR’s in Benefits Adminstration and Base Benefits.
  • Retrofitted several views to carry forward 8.8 customizations to 9.1
  • Customized AMEX process by providing a custom application engine to give input to the delivered external data source application engine.
Environment: IBM DB2, PeopleSoft HCM/FSCM 9.1, People Tools 8.51,Peoplecode,Process scheduler, Work flow, Application designer, FileLayout, PSQuery,Component Interface,SQR.

Confidential, Omaha, NE
Sr.PeopleSoft Consultant

This is an application maintenance and development of the existing HRMS 9.1/PT8.50. I am responsible for the development activities. Worked extensively on People Tools 8.50 and various modules of HRMS.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Understanding the client requirements by studying functional document. Creating/ updating technical design document
  • Designing and executing test cases for functional and technical testing
  • Impact analysis of the changes.
  • Writing queries for the users to identify the changes to the data (as a part of reconciliation).
  • Involved in Design, Development, Testing, and Enhancement of PeopleSoft HCM for HR, Payroll and Base Benefits modules.
  • Created and modified Components, File Layouts, Pages, Records, Fields, Process Definitions and registering Components in Portal, Menu and Permission Lists.
  • Developed number of interface reports using SQR to read the data from file and load it into PeopleSoft tables and send data from PeopleSoft to other external applications.
  • Involved in online changes to the delivered pages, components, menus and translate values.
  • Extensively used process scheduler for scheduling recurring process for conditional Scheduling of successive process for setting up the reports to run at specific time and implementation of batch processing.
  • Used File Layout Definitions to get data from the legacy system to people soft tables.
  • Modified, designed, configured and built fields, records, sub records, setting up keys to records, assign table edits like prompt table.
  • Involved in Unit testing of people soft delivered and modified functionality & customized SQR programs using HR, Benefits and Payroll Modules
Environment: Oracle10g,PeopleSoft9.0, People tools 8.51, Peoplecode, App Engine, Process scheduler, Application designer, FileLayout, PSQuery,Component Interface,SQR.
Confidential, Alpharetta, GA
PeopleSoft Consultant

This involves in developing new process for maintaining the employee benefits. Involved in developing new Application Engines, SQR‘s, creating new run control pages, components
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Resolved critical issues on portal solutions (Pagelets) by working closing with the end user
  • Optimized Application Engine which improved the process execution time to complete in 20 minutes
  • Enacted SQR to fetch terminated employees details and attached the script to SQR nightly batch process
  • Customized SQL views, records and PeopleCode functions comprising SQLExec and Scrollselect
  • Troubleshot and resolved locked/ABEND Application Engine program issues by analyzing state and temporary tables
  • Proposed and identified the solutions to operate with minimum developments and operational efficiency
  • Participated in deep technical discussions on various modules with peers which enabled the team to resolve issues within SLA
  • PeopleSoft HCM 8.9, People Tools 8.49, Peoplecode, App Engine, Process scheduler, Application designer, FileLayout, PSQuery,SQR
Confidential, India
Software Engineer

This project involved is People soft Upgrade application from 8.3 to 9.0.It includes various modules like Human Resources, Base Benefits and Payroll.
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for documenting all technical design documents based on BRD’s.
  • Customized existing pages and created new pages based on Business Requirement documented
  • Responsible for doing certain system changes.
  • Involved in Unit testing of various applications in SQR’s, Application Engine and Online Pages.
  • Extensively worked on coding of SQR’s to support upgrade application
  • Worked on Application Designer to modify record definitions, pages, components, menus and giving access to them by using maintain security
  • Worked extensively on Work force Administration and North American Pay rolls.
  • Involved in fixing various issues that are encountered in System testing phase.
  • Used PS Query to write certain queries in order to support Upgrade application
Environment: Oracle 9i, PeopleSoft 8.3, PeopleSoft 9.0, People Tools 8.20,8.49, Peoplecode, App Engine, Process scheduler, Application designer, FileLayout, PSQuery,Component Interface,SQR.
Confidential, India
Software Engineer

Confidential is an administrative services company that provides services on a contract basis to nursing homes and other healthcare organizations. Services include billing, finance, legal, human resources, information technology, government relations, marketing and communications. This project involved PeopleSoft HRMS Implementation and Customization of setting up of Core HR and Benefits. The objective of this project is to set up the Benefit plans, Benefit programs and calculation of rates and deductions. Keep track of all employees’ information details regarding employee’s leaves, benefits, loans, travel allowances
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Involved mainly in the customization of the tasks related to the HR and Base Benefits.
  • Extensively worked with Application Designer to modify record definitions, pages, components, menus and giving access to them by using maintain security.
  • Customized the existing pages and Created new page according to client requirements.
  • Developed certain Interfaces from scratch like Healthy roads, Hartford and Medical from scratch using SQR
  • Involved in setting up Open Enrollment for the year 2007.
  • Involved in setting up the core tables for HR and Base Benefits.
  • Used People Code to perform data validations and to enforce field level security.
  • SQRs have been developed to furnish information as required by the client for reporting and generated customized reports..
  • Developed new Run Control Pages for the process scheduler.
Environment: Oracle9i,PeopleSoft 8.2, People Tools 8.14, Peoplecode, App Engine, Process scheduler, Application designer, FileLayout,PSQuery,Component Interface,SQR.

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