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Peoplesoft Senior Technil Consultant Resume


Professional Summary:

  • 13+ years of total IT experience in analysis, design, development and implement Confidential of PeopleSoft HRMS and Financials Modules.
  • Expert in developing and customizing PeopleSoft HRMS modules including Core HRMS, Benefits Administr Confidential , Base Benefits, Payroll, Time and Labor & Payroll for North America, Position Management, Talent Acquisition Manager, Candidate Gateway, Time & Labor, Self Service Modules like eProfile/eProfile Manager, eRecruit, ePerformance, eCompens Confidential .
  • Expert in developing and customizing PeopleSoft General Ledger (GL), Accounts Receivables (AR), Billing, Order Management, Accounts Payables, Program Management, Project Costing, Staffing Front Office, Resource Management Modules.
  • Involved in the complete life cycle of PeopleSoft HRMS Modules.
  • Knowledge of PeopleSoft EPM Module.
  • Excellent working experience of PeopleSoft 8.x PIA (PeopleSoft Internet Architecture), Web Browser, Web Server, Applic Confidential Server, Data Base Server and Change Assistant.
  • Proficient in Integr Confidential Tools including Component Interfaces.
  • Expert in Peoplecode and People Tools including Applic Confidential Designer, Security Administr Confidential , Change Assistant, Applic Confidential Engine, Applic Confidential Debugger, Data Mover, Approval Workflow Engine (AWE), File Layout and Process Scheduler.
  • Extensive experience implementing and supporting Applic Confidential Messaging using Integr Confidential Broker..
  • Extensively developed report applic Confidential s using PS Query, SQR and Crystal Reports.
  • Excellent data modeling, analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Proficient in all phases of the systems development lifecycle, including Requirements Definition, Data Conversion, System Implement Confidential , System Testing and Acceptance.
  • Familiar in Applic Confidential messaging tool.
  • Very good team player with excellent Communic Confidential skills.
  • Proficient in Manual Testing.
  • Worked on PVCS tracker for issue logging and communicate the fix to the users and testers.
  • Worked on STAT Version Control Tool for Migr Confidential between Development to Testing and Production Environments.

Technical Skills:

OPERATING SYSTEMS : MS-DOS, Windows Vista, 2000/98/95/NT4.0, Unix.

ERP TOOLS : PeopleSoft 9.0/8.9/8.8/8.4/8/7 HRMS and EPM

DATABASES : Oracle 9i/8.0.4/7.x, SQL Server7.0/6.5/6.0,DB2/OS390.


GUI TOOLS : Dev 2k, and People Tools

REPORTING TOOLS : SQR, Crystal Reports, PS Query Security

INTEGR Confidential TOOLS : Component Interfaces, File Layouts.

Professional Experience:


Peoplesoft Senior Technical Consultant

This is a support project for Peoplesoft applic Confidential s includes new enhancements. Support of PS Benefits, Selfservice, CORE HRMS.

  • Worked on requirement gathering from users to support HCM applic Confidential s.
  • Involved in developing interfaces with medical providers for new benefit changes for HQ and Country office staff.
  • Extensively developed pages for new self-service data display using Peoplesoft Applic Confidential designer.
  • Involved in writing code for newly developed pages.
  • Involved in developed Oracle functions and procedures to retrieve data from Peoplesoft tables and used them in Applic Confidential Engine programs and SQR reports.
  • Developed interfaces to send to CVS and Van Breda vendors for medical coverage.

Technologies: PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 People tools 8.52, People code, Applic Confidential Engine, Component Interface, SQR, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL.


Peoplesoft Technical Lead

This is a support and maintenance project of Peoplesoft HCM applic Confidential , modules include, Benefits, Payroll for North America, Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service, Core HRMS, Recruitment.

  • Involved in releases related to HCM applic Confidential s.
  • Worked on Solutions specific Confidential s, Technical Design Documents, Unit test cases as part of the document Confidential .
  • Worked on IBM DOORS for document repository and uploads.
  • Coordinated technical/functional teams to create design and deliver on-time solution.
  • Provided technical support to existing development team.
  • Worked on Vision service plans related to Benefits enrollments as Confidential introduced new Vision plans as part of 2015 open enrollments.
  • Worked on Open enrollment confirm Confidential letters changes to include new Vision plans.
  • Worked on SQR to update interfaces like Aetna, Kaiser, Care Mark, VSP to send updates for 2015 Open enrollments.
  • Extensively worked on Same Sex Spouse functionality for the eligible states in Benefits module.
  • Worked on Employee Termin Confidential process from Manager Self Service.
  • Worked on Employee Assisted Housing program issues and maintenance.
  • Worked on ACE functionality for employee educ Confidential funding and changes.
  • Worked on Approval Workflow Engine for approvals in HCM modules.
  • Worked on Applic Confidential Engine and File Layouts to fix custom processes developed by Confidential .
  • Worked on Payroll for North America Federal and Local tax pages and calcul Confidential s.

Technologies: PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 People tools 8.51, People code, Applic Confidential Engine, Component Interface, AWE (Approval Workflow Engine), SQR, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, and User Productivity Kit (UPK)


Peoplesoft Technical Lead

This is an implement Confidential project of Peoplesoft 9.1. Implement Confidential involves Core HRMS, Benefits, Payroll Interface, ePerformance, Profile Manager, eCompens Confidential , Time and Labor, Talent Acquisition Manager, Candidate Gateway, Employee/Manager Self Service modules

  • Involved in gathering requirements from business users.
  • Worked as a technical lead in Upgrading Peoplesoft HCM applic Confidential from 8.8 to 9.1.
  • Co-ordinated with Functional and technical team members to ensure timely completion of the project.
  • Involved in creating functional design documents and conducting Conference Room Pilots in every stage of the implement Confidential process.
  • Configured Time and Labor, Recruiting modules to meet new requirements.
  • Worked on Peoplesoft and outlook integr Confidential for recruiting module.
  • Fixed issues encountered in UAT testing.
  • Worked on Benefits Administr Confidential and Open enrollment process.
  • Worked on benefits plans and benefit program setup for ambassadors’ type employees.
  • Worked on modifying benefit eligibility and event rules.
  • Worked on Time and Labor rules cre Confidential and over time calcul Confidential .
  • Worked on ADP file cre Confidential for exempt and non-exempt employees.
  • Worked on Talent Acquisition Management and Candidate Gateway modules to track applicants and in recruiting process.
  • Fixed issues related to Manual positive payment process, check reprint, pay cycle processing in Accounts Payable module.
  • Developed Approval work flow engine for newly created components for Performance management mass approval.
  • Fixed issues related to performance management competencies and goals sections.
  • Worked on Compens Confidential manager for employee and manager self-service.
  • Worked on Compens Confidential history and compens Confidential pages.
  • Developed new SQR reports for Over Time Balance, Salary trend changes, PTO trend analysis for Executive Committee budget processing.
  • Worked on setting up different PTO plans for full time and part time employees.
  • Worked on Employee and Manager self-service modules.
  • Worked on deleg Confidential functionality for approval process.
  • Worked on Approval Work Flow Engine (AWE) for Recruiting and Time and Labor modules.
  • Worked on Integr Confidential Broker setup and trouble shooting for Employee and Department sync between PS Financials and HRMS modules.
  • Worked on XML publisher for Interview letters to include GMAC specific text.
  • Setup Security definitions to meet new functionality.
  • Working on Bundles and maintenance pack analysis with new customiz Confidential s introduced in the system.

Technologies: PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 People tools 8.51, People code, Applic Confidential Engine, Component Interface, AWE (Approval Workflow Engine), SQR, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, and User Productivity Kit (UPK)


Peoplesoft Techno Functional Consultant

This is an implement Confidential project for Implement Confidential and HCM code fixes and new reports development.

  • Worked on Applic Confidential Engine programs to read Peoplesoft HCM employee inform Confidential into PS ELM system.
  • Worked on Benefits interface for Peoplesoft HCM to benefits system to send employee open enrollment and benefits data.
  • Worked on applic Confidential packages to modify existing logic to incorporate new requirements.
  • Extensively worked on peoplecode, file layout and applic Confidential engine program to integrate PS system with third party vendor system.
  • Fixed issues in HCM related to performance management module.
  • Developed Head count SQR’s for executives review to analyze Hire, Rehire, Transfer and Termin Confidential trends.


Peoplesoft Techno Functional Consultant

Project Scope: PeopleSoft Financials GL, AR, Project Costing, Procurement and HRMS, North American Payroll, Benefits, Talent Acquisition Manager, Candidate Gateway & Time & Labor Re implement Confidential , developed all customiz Confidential s to the delivered People Code, SQR’s and Applic Confidential Engine processes, per project specific Confidential s. This included Integr Confidential Broker messaging between Financials and HRMS system to synchronize data between two systems.

  • Implemented Integr Confidential Broker messaging components which includes defining and customizing messages, routings and handlers.
  • Extensively worked on troubleshooting of IB messages stuck in new status and various types of errors.
  • Implemented Combo Code Edit processing on Timesheet Entry and Reported Time components.
  • Worked on TIAA CREF interface process sends and receives data from PeopleSoft to Tiaa Cref and ADP.
  • Developed and customized People code to incorporate organiz Confidential requirements.
  • Enhanced Future time entry process in Time and Labor during go live.
  • Worked on Order management buying agreement issues.
  • Worked on Pay sheet cre Confidential and payroll calcul Confidential in North America Payroll.
  • Worked on Create and Update buying agreement page to control display of fields.
  • Worked on Candidate Gateway issues when applicants applying from outside Brookings system.
  • Fixed issues related to resumes and cover letters not coming in proper order.
  • Working with PVCS to work on issues logged by the testers and users.
  • Worked on setting up Absence Management types and setup entitlements and group.
  • Customized PeopleSoft delivered Timesheet Entry Page to incorporate Brookings requirements
  • Responsible for implementing all technical customiz Confidential s related to PeopleSoft HRMS and Time & Labor Applic Confidential .

Technologies: PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 & 9.1, Financials 9.0 & 9.1 People tools 8.49.04, 8.50, People code, Applic Confidential Engine, Component Interface, AWE (Approval Workflow Engine), SQR, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, and User Productivity Kit (UPK)


Business/Technical Lead

This project scope includes development of Talent Acquisition Management, Candidate Gateway, ePerformance, eCompens Confidential , Position Management, Time & Labor , Absence Management, North American Payroll, Core HRMS including Job and Job USF, Self Service modules Development of PeopleSoft HRMS 9.0.

  • As a Subject Matter Expert in PeopleSoft HCM - performed functional analysis in both 8.8 and 9.0 versions (eRecruit, ePerformance, eCompens Confidential , Core HRMS, Time and Labor, Position Management, Talent Acquisition Management, Candidate Gateway, Payroll for North America, Benefits Administr Confidential ).
  • Worked on development, customiz Confidential and security on the eCompens Confidential MSS.
  • Worked on direct reports and customized approval for ePerformance Module.
  • Worked with the business users to gather requirements to apply system solutions to business problems.
  • Performed all PeopleSoft configur Confidential s to meet business requirements. Involved in documenting system enhancement proposals, outline issues, costs, scheduling, time and benefits.
  • As an active team player taking initiative and adhere to coding and document Confidential standards, file design and storage. Involved in development of HCM modules as a senior level Technical expertise to develop any necessary customiz Confidential s.
  • Worked on Absence takes, Absence entry types, entitlements setup.
  • Worked on Absence Management customiz Confidential s setup absence types and absence entitlements.
  • Worked on People code and SQR to customize PeopleSoft HCM modules based on user requirements and generate various reports.
  • Involved in Technical Fit/Gap based on the Functional Fit/Gap and documenting the Customiz Confidential s.
  • Worked on Approval Workflow Engine for approval flow in ePerformance and Talent Acquisition Manager Modules.
  • Developed ‘Create Maintain Position and Update Reports to Components’ to make Position and Job in Sync and introduced Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) in the mentioned components.
  • Worked on configur Confidential of Approval Workflow Engine for new enhancements and customiz Confidential s to the existing approval workflow.
  • Worked on the compare of delta and plugged in the new changes in 8.8 to 9.0 systems.
  • Worked on Time and Labor and added the Deleg Confidential to the Time and labor Pages as a new functionality.
  • Introduced separate custom pages in all existing components to bring the customiz Confidential s from 8.8 to 9.0 to be a bolt on customiz Confidential without modifying the delivered code.
  • Added new components to MSS for Managers to view compens Confidential history, view job summary, view total compens Confidential for their direct reports.
  • Enabled managers and directors to drilldown ‘reporting hierarchy’ to view and perform mass approval of performance documents in MSS.
  • Introduced bar charts and pie charts for custom performance analysis and compens Confidential pages.
  • Managers and directors can do Performance analysis statistics in graphical represent Confidential from MSS.
  • Worked on analysis, development for eRecruit, Performance Management, Enterprise Learning Management (ELM), Compens Confidential Management, HCM Data Warehouse and Workforce Analytics (Data marts) PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 Talent Acquisition Manager/Candidate Gateway and User Productivity Kit (UPK).
  • Used PVCS Tracker extensively to communicate about the issues between the team members.
  • Worked on Priority Placement Process and Basic Eligibility Process SQR’s in Talent Acquisition Management/Candidate Gateway in 8.8 and 9.0.
  • Developed new Component Interfaces for Position Management and Job Data to take care of PAR Process.
  • Developed new Workflow Definitions to send email Notific Confidential s on Approval Process to key people such as HR Advisors, Directors and Agency Directors.
  • Created new run control pages for new processes and scheduled the jobs.
  • Introduced New Functionality of adding SSN in ‘Applicant Home’ Component in 8.8 eRecruit Module to identify employees applying from outside and populate employee data in the job applic Confidential .

Technologies: PeopleSoft HCM 8.8, 9.0, 9.1 People tools 8.49.04, People code, Applic Confidential Engine, Component Interface, AWE (Approval Workflow Engine), SQR, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, and User Productivity Kit (UPK)

Confidential, CA

PeopleSoft Technical Lead

The project scope includes the support and development of Peoplesoft HCM 8.8 system.

  • Involved in cre Confidential of Technical Design documents for People soft new requirements.
  • Involved in Fit Gap Analysis for existing system and the current requirements for various processes.
  • Involved in understanding Interfaces and Error message for Time and Labor and Recruiting modules.
  • Worked on issues and fixes related to ePerformance, Time and Labor, Recruiting, Benefits modules.
  • Developed various Test Scripts for User Acceptance Test and uploaded them to Mercury Quality Center.
  • Involved in Team Monitoring and mentoring activities and participated in review meetings.
  • Developed various Applic Confidential Engine programs for Time and Labor reminder emails for supervisors and employees.
  • Developed SQR reports for compens Confidential trend analysis and Performance trend analysis.

Environment: PeopleSoft 8.8 HRMS, Benefits, North American Payroll, Time and Labor, Employee Self Service, Manager Service, ePerformace, eCompens Confidential , Compens Confidential , PIA, People Tools 8.48.07 Oracle 10g and Windows NT.

Confidential, Tampa, FL

PeopleSoft Techno Functional Consultant

The Objective of this Country Core Reporting Warehouse includes End to End country solution, In-Country customer focused, Increase value to the local management reporting process, Decrease number of (and time spend on) manual steps, Create a solution with a great flexibility of use across the various countries. This Project developed using Peoplesoft Financials Module and People Tools 8.48.07

  • Involved in producing Functional and Technical Design Documents for Record Suites and Current Month for BI functionalities.
  • Developed Records, Views, Pages, and Components as part of the Development using Applic Confidential Designer.
  • Extensively Used Applic Confidential Packages to use Methods across the development.
  • Extensively used People code and People code Functions in various People code events to achieve the required functionality.
  • Worked on Order Management module issues.
  • Worked on AR Update Process in Receivables.
  • Worked on Aging Reports in Receivables and Payables.
  • Worked on 2 way and 3 way matching of Accounts Payables.
  • Worked on Journal Generator process in GL.
  • Worked with Chart fields configur Confidential and Calendar setup in GL.
  • Worked with Time Zone functionality to work with Day Light Savings for processing Calendar.
  • Customized various SQR reports in Purchasing according to the user requirements.
  • Participated in testing functionality as a Cross Functional Testing Developer and involved in writing Test Cases and Unit Testing Documents to report the Defects.
  • Worked with Quality Center Tool to track and post the Defects.
  • Used STAT version control tool to migrate Objects after the development to Testing and Production Environments.
  • Worked on STAT to check the upgrade flags while migrating the projects from Development environment to other environments.

Environment: PeopleSoft 8.8 Financials, GL, AR, AP, Purchasing, Billing PIA, People Tools 8.48.07 Oracle 10g and Windows NT.

Confidential, IA

PeopleSoft Techno Functional Consultant

The project scope includes a straight technical upgrade of the PeopleSoft software modules and People Tools from Version 8.4 to Version 8.8 and additional enhancements. Project includes remedi Confidential of the SQR, People code objects and reporting the discrepancies to the onsite coordinator.

  • Participated in delivering PeopleSoft Applic Confidential with new tools and additional enhancements.
  • Upgraded SQR’s, Workflows, Crystal Reports, PS Query definitions, Applic Confidential Engines successfully.
  • Involved in different phases of Upgrade includes taking back up of the applic Confidential in various phases without disturbing the production environment.
  • Involved in Entire Upgrade process and performed various online modific Confidential s from scratch in HRMS in Version 8.21 using People Tools, Peoplecode and SQR.
  • Good Understanding on Billing Interface.
  • eProfile MSS configur Confidential for viewing employee inform Confidential .
  • Made changes to the code according to the business requirement.
  • Modified Peoplecode and Applic Confidential Engines programs to meet the new PeopleSoft version changes.
  • Supported client for the post upgrade issues.
  • Involved in fixing bugs reported by the onsite team while doing the Upgrade.
  • Involved in running the DDD AUDIT and SYS AUDIT to find out the database and applic Confidential compatibility issues.
  • Actively participated in Team mentoring activities as a Team Lead.
  • Conducted Trainings to the Team on various Tools like People Code, Applic Confidential Engine and Component Interface.
  • Conducted Trainings on PeopleSoft for ERP and Non ERP consultants in various loc Confidential s of CSC.
  • Worked on PS Query Security, Object Security and Row Level Security.

Environment: PeopleSoft HRMS 8.8, eRecruit, eBenefits, ePay, North American Payroll, eProfile, Absence Management, ePerformance People Tools 8.48, Peoplecode, Data mover, SQR 6.0, Oracle, Unix, PeopleSoft Upgrade Assistant.

Confidential , CA

Worked in several projects as PeopleSoft Techno Functional Consultant with the job titles of Support Engineer, Applic Confidential s Engineer, and Sr. Software Engineer successfully. Overall work activities in all the projects include are:

Following are project descriptions worked at Confidential .

Role: PeopleSoft Techno Functional Consultant

Project 1 – Job Title: Confidential This Project includes new enhancement in PeopleSoft 9.0 releases. This is for assigning Default Task categories for the Category field while creating assignments from Resource Management and outside the Resource Management and includes support and development to GL, AR and Billing Modules.

  • Completed Functional Design Documents depended on Business Requirement Documents given by the Corpor Confidential .
  • Completed writing Technical Design Document for the new enhancements.
  • Added new field to the Install Confidential options page and displaying it depend on the projects installed in PeopleSoft.
  • Involved in General Ledger Consolid Confidential .
  • Worked on Standard and recurring Journal process in GL.
  • Worked on Maintenance work sheet to cancel the Invoices for balancing Positive and Negative Invoices.
  • Working on Integr Confidential between AR and Billing module using Applic Confidential Packages.
  • Worked on Direct Debit processing in Accounts Payables for setting up EFT routings with banks.
  • Worked on AP Matching Process.
  • Worked on Voucher cre Confidential , customers, Voucher Hdr and Line tables in Payables.
  • Worked on Transfer work sheet to transfer balances to other customers that are posted by mistake.
  • Worked on AR Update (AR UPDATE) Applic Confidential Engine Process.
  • Worked on Load Accounting Entries to AR process of Billing.
  • Used Purchasing Requisition Loader process to collect the purchase requests from PeopleSoft Inventory, Inventory Replenishment, Order Management, Projects, Product Configur Confidential , and from PeopleSoft Purchasing or external systems.
  • Involved in the approval of requisitions and Purchase Orders (POs) using workflow.
  • Worked on Standard Journals.
  • Worked on Bill Cre Confidential and Bill Finaliz Confidential .
  • After finalizing the bills successfully posted invoices to AR.

Environment: PeopleSoft Version 9.0 ESA for IT - Resource Management, Program Management, 8.8 Version of Financials, GL, AR, AP, Purchasing, Billing and People Tools 8.48.03, People code, SQR, Applic Confidential Engine, PSQuery and Ms Sql Server, Unix and Windows NT.

Project 2 – Job Title: Sr. Software Engineer: This is the next phase of Resource Management 8.9 version called capacity planning. Analyzing the resource requirement from Program Management module and Forecasting the demand for the projects and calculating Effort needed for the Projects. It involves customiz Confidential s to General Ledger, Accounts Receivables and Billing modules including some changes in Order Management Module as a Shared resource between the modules.

  • Participated in preparing Technical Design Documents and review meetings.
  • Performed research and study of the existing system tables and business processes.
  • Used Applic Confidential Classes for various purposes to get better usability from Object Oriented Programming.
  • Used Derived fields to display data horizontally depend on the code.
  • Programmatically displayed translate values for fields.
  • Worked on Journal Edit and Journal Post Process in GL.
  • Used Working scrolls in pages to display data according to the user changes.
  • Worked on Integr Confidential Broker for customizing messages.
  • Participated in Unit and Buddy testing for newly developed module.
  • Created different pages with new functionality to show field values according to the user selection.
  • Created new Workflow definitions to meet the business requirements.
  • Worked on Journal Generator process in General Ledger.
  • Worked on Aging Analysis in Accounts Payables modules to calculate the Aging reports and categorize them based on deduction etc.
  • Worked on Order Management for Sales Order Entry.

Environment: PeopleSoft Version 8.9 ESA for IT - Resource Management and Program Management, Financials – GL, AR, AP, Order Management and Inventory. People Tools 8.46, People code, SQR, Applic Confidential Engine, PSQuery, Applic Confidential Messaging, Crystal Reports and, Unix, Ms Sql Server, Windows NT.

Project 3 – Support Engineer: Responsibilities include giving support to the customers in different issues. Providing solution to customers depends on the priority of the issue.

  • Responsible for taking cases, which are logged by customer through customer connection (C1).
  • Creating cases in situ Confidential s like customer contacted through mail or call.
  • Handling cases and giving first contact according to the priority of the case.
  • Communicating with customer effectively through Customer Interaction Tool and giving on time response.
  • Communicating with developer in some issues to give valuable solution to the customer.
  • Handling cases in GL, Accounts Payables, Purchasing, Inventory, Resource Management, and Staffing Front Office and started in Billing Module.
  • Worked on issues raised in AR UPDATE Applic Confidential Engine process.
  • Debug and give the fix to the customers based on the platform or code changes related issues.
  • Worked on BI to AR SQR and provided the fix to the customers.
  • Meeting SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) as per the company standards.
  • Creating Incidents with development team to give the Fix to the customer if necessary.
  • Analyzed various issues, which delivered by PeopleSoft and logged PeopleSoft cases.

Environment: PeopleSoft Version 8.9/8.8/8.4/8. x, GL, Accounts Payables, Inventory, Purchasing, Accounts Receivables, Billing, Resource Management, Staffing Front Office and Order Management modules. People Tools People code, SQR, Applic Confidential Engine, PSQuery, Crystal Reports.


PeopleSoft Techno Functional Consultant

Analysis and Design for the new major and minor developments. Developed Technical specific Confidential s and Developed new objects, Reports and Customized People Tools objects as per the business process requirements and End User / Client requirements.

  • Worked on the HR, Benefits, Payroll, eBenefits, ePay Design and Deployment in HCM 8.8.
  • Worked with various Workflows and customiz Confidential s.
  • Developed various Pages, Components, Menus and Record definitions as per the client requirement using Applic Confidential Designer.
  • Customized and created record definitions, designed new page (Summary pages) to display additional inform Confidential and used People code to incorporate valid Confidential rules according to specific Confidential s.
  • Developed run control pages and components to get user input and added process definition to SQR and Business Objects.
  • Involved in configur Confidential setup, workflow and security in Time and Labor eBenefits, eRecruit, and ePerformance.
  • Performed customiz Confidential so that Manager can create performance documents for their employees via MSS with pre-populated document and template.
  • Time and labor duties include setting up reporting schedules, edits, rules, time clock, configur Confidential , customiz Confidential of batch T&L processes, creating a financials labor interfaces and writing client specific reports.
  • Developed several new SQR reports from scratch like number of employees in each benefit program, and list of employees..
  • Created permission lists, users, roles and assigned roles to users (Maintain Security)
  • Modified existing Report Formats and added new Reports using PS/Query to generate reports of customized applic Confidential as per user requirement.
  • Developed SQR interfaces to convert legacy system data to PeopleSoft Applic Confidential tables. SQR functionality included data valid Confidential , processing, and error handling procedures and data conversion.
  • Performed data loading of existing data from legacy system through Import Manager to People Soft applic Confidential database tables.
  • Created Applic Confidential Engine programs and files layout definitions such as writing data to file, reading from flat file by adding new Sections, Steps and Actions through Applic Confidential Designer.
  • Developed and customized Several Crystal Reports as per the business process requirement.

Environment: PeopleSoft 8.8, People Tools 8.46, Process Scheduler, HCM Payroll, Benefits, eBenefits, ePerformance, eRecruit, Windows 2000/Xp,Toad and Oracle9i


Project 1:

PeopleSoft Programmer Analyst

  • Developed Record definitions, Pages and Components, SQR & ad-hoc queries.
  • Developed Run control Pages as per corporate requirements and attached menu to run the SQRs online.
  • Involved in customiz Confidential of existing Pages using People code and SQR. Written People Code extensively to increase functionality of Pages.
  • Customized the existing Interfaces and reports in order to match the new Record Layouts given by the vendors.
  • Updated field labels and length to make them available to do the different customiz Confidential s by doing impact analysis.
  • Involved in Testing and Document Confidential .
  • Analyzing problems/issues with the functional users.
  • Coordinated with Developers, Users and Testing Team in various purposes to improve the Quality of the PeopleSoft Applic Confidential .
  • As a team member of project, involved in Customiz Confidential of Applic Confidential Engine programs to perform background SQL process.
  • Involved in performance tuning of existing SQR Programs.
  • Modified Work flow definitions to add different activities and business process maps.
  • Performed research and study of the existing system tables and business processes. Good co-ordin Confidential with development and QA team to make the module Success.
  • Used different methods and built in functions to make the code work effectively.

Environment: PeopleSoft HRMS 8, People Tools 8.12, Peoplecode, SQR3.1, Oracle 8, PeopleSoft HRMS Implement Confidential

Project 2:

PeopleSoft Programmer Analyst

  • Day to day work involved customizing panels, People Code, importing conversion data, writing interfaces to other systems, creating various reports (SQR, Crystal, nVision), loading setup tables, Payroll interface processing and setup, and creating message definitions.
  • Developed Technical Specific Confidential s for Time and Labor Self Service.
  • Involved in Set up and Configur Confidential of Time and Labor.
  • Designed and developed the new components and component related objects for Time and Labor.
  • Designed and Developed new reports for Time and Labor.
  • Setup reporting schedules, edits, rules, time clock, configur Confidential , customiz Confidential of batch T&L processes, creating a financials labor interfaces and writing client specific reports Developed new processes for several patches and Data uploads using App Engine and SQR.
  • Studied Analyzed the Applic Confidential service packs for version 8.3 and applied the bundles to the database.
  • Developed Test plans for Time and Labor.
  • Supported SS after its rollout and Service the user change requests.
  • Added & modified People code, as a part in developing many of the applic Confidential s.
  • Used Peoplecode Debugger for debugging People code and Applic Confidential Engine programs.
  • Generated multiple reports using SQR for better performance.
  • Good co-ordin Confidential with the team for resolving various client issues.
  • Used PeopleSoft Query definition for building various PS Queries using front end.
  • SQR’s have been developed to furnish inform Confidential as required by the client for reporting and generated customized reports.
  • Submitted processes to the Process Scheduler to run daily tasks at a specific time to run process recursively at a specific interval.
  • Extensively involved in document Confidential and end user training .

Environment: People Tools HRMS 7, (Benefits, Self Service and Time & Labor) People code, PS Query, SQR, Data mover, Oracle 8.0, Windows NT.

Project 3:

Programmer Analyst


This package facilities the function of sales department like sales order processing dispatch, invoicing, sales returns, sales analysis and record keeping. Sanghi Polysters Ltd. has its corporate office away from the factory from the indents are placed to the factory. Depending upon the indents the goods send to the party or the stores as mention in the order. Invoices are raised accordingly and goods are dispatched to the concern places. This department, which is responsible for the sales of services for both types of which, the buyer or the customer has to pay in return. Thus the survival of the organiz Confidential is wholly dependent on its sales turnover and the net profit resulting from it.

Features: Different reports are designed for analyzing stock status; merge details for knowing the status of sales and stock as per day, month and year etc. Designed well making compatible to all the branches and stores existed through out the country.

Environment: Developer 2000, Oracle 7.x Work group server and Windows NT.

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