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Project Manager Resume

New Jersy, NJ

Professional Summary

  • Extensive experience as a client focused Business Analyst and Project Leader dealing with Information Technology and Financial Applications, as well as quality assurance, billing,calculations, Data Warehouse internal/external application training.
  • Utilized, RUP, Use Cases and Rational Requisite Pro.
  • Involved in the management re-engineering of organizations.
  • Project Management/Business Analyst using Waterfall and Agile Methodology.
  • Worked with CRM Applications including Goldmine
  • Worked on Billing Projects dealing with international currency conversion.
  • Involved with e-commerce related product development.
  • Project Leader for E911 Project
  • Involved with XML Data Transfers.
  • Extensive knowledge of Mortgages and Reverse Mortgages
  • Strong experience in the re-engineering of systems and procedures.
  • Involved on-going Production Support after product is released.
  • Dealt with internal/external clients regarding Training and associated User Manuals.
  • RUP Rational Unified Process using Rational Tools.
  • Mercury Interactive Test Suite Including Test Director.
  • Managed testing of new and converted software based on test cases.
  • Involved in determining requirements for billing calculations for services rendered and international currency conversions.
  • Professional Experience

    Confidential,Project Manager January 2011-Present

    -Worked on several independent IT Projects that involved analysis and the use of Req Pro for various Telecom Projects
    -Taught Req Pro to other team members
    Wrote specific BRDs, HLDs and JRD for Project

    Confidential, Middletown, NJ (June 2007 to December 2010)
    Business/Systems Analyst / Project Manager (Contract)

  • Wrote and completed various BRDs (Business Requirement Documents) that explained Rules Based procedures and workflows for resolution of Network related issues.
  • BRDs included documentation that explained the use of Data Warehousing and SQL Queries based on interview with stakeholders
  • Wrote Artifacts such Use Cases as basis for testing
  • BRDs were based on the development of business intelligence used MS Access.
  • Used UML Modeling to describe the workflow of reporting and fixing outages.
  • Responsible for the re-engineering of Workflow and Procedures in offices.
  • Involved in the development of new SOW and procedures for process flows and Process Management.
  • Involved in writing specification for CRM, Service Assurance and Order Management systems.
  • Involved in writing system engineering specifications.
  • Used data models to speed up querying and reporting and that are not appropriate for transaction processing and Data Quality issues / problems. (Completeness, conformity, and, integrity).
  • Conducted JAD Sessions with key stakeholders and technical staff.
  • Dealt with issues of Interoperability with .NET.
  • Wrote specifications for Micro Intelligence Strategy. Specifications dealt with DB2 Tables/Queries.
  • Responsible for the re-engineering of Workflow and Procedures in offices.
  • Technical Environment: Windows XP, .Net, Mainframe COBOL, DB2, MS Access, UML, JAD, BRD, SQL

    Confidential,Volt Consulting, Jersey City, NJ (June 2006 to May 2007)
    Business/Systems Analyst (Contract)

  • Involved in the development of enhancements of Financial Analysis and Tracking and Existing Financial Applications including payroll/human resources and related sub-systems including Payment/Remittance based on user interviews
  • Wrote BRD dealing with data warehousing and risk assessment for Treasury Department, as well as using VISIO and MS Office Suite using Artifacts for additional user documentation.
  • Wrote Use Cases as bass for testing
  • Utilized Mercury Quality Center for the fixing of “defects”.
  • Data warehousing and Data Modeling from CRM involved in BRDs.
  • Involved in System Re-Engineering based on testing results.
  • Responsible for coordinating specific components of the conversion/migration of JP Morgan and Chase to Bank One Financial Accounting with Users to determine Reporting Applications (the overall JP Morgan Chase system).
  • Involved with the identification of ‘Defects’ in Testing and Production Support.
  • Used UML including artifacts to model Process Flows for Error Correction and Account adjustments.
  • Dealt with issues related to Mortgages and Reverse Mortgages
  • Responsible for coordinating specific components of the conversion/migration of JP Morgan and Chase to Bank One Financial Accounting with Users to determine Reporting Applications (the overall JP Morgan Chase system).
  • Technical Environment: Windows, Mainframe COBOL, CICS, Business Objects, Internet, MS Office Suite, MS Access, MS Visio, SRS, Mercury Quality Center, UML, BRD

    Confidential, (August 2005 to April 2006)
    Business/Systems Analyst (Contract)

  • Involved in the establishment of new procedures for Wireless billing system.
  • CRM Interface Specifications with various modules.
  • Responsible for serving as the Information Technology liaison for over 60 client applications that interfaced with Wireless Billing System for the purpose of establishing a “New Instance” or database that included VOIP Services.
  • Conducted interviews with external vendors including banks and insurance entities for interfacing including system re-engineering.
  • Interfaces with users involved with Collateral Development Financial Application.
  • Wrote BRD for Remittance for Retail Systems.
  • Developed Risk Assessment regarding the Project and related issues.
  • Utilized OLAP and CMMI and XML for project specifications.
  • Wrote specific requirements to deal with Lockbox and One Bill internal capabilities.
  • Interfaced with users involved with Collateral Development Financial Application.
  • Technical Environment: Windows, UNIX, Mainframe COBOL, Middleware, VOIP, SAP, OLAP, XML, CMMI, BRD

    Confidential, (February 2001 to July 2005)
    Project Manager (Contract)

  • Involved in the planning and deployment of upgrading Networks from 4ESS to 5ESS.
  • Reported to high-level management regarding project status and was responsible for the release management of various projects including requirements gathering and analysis, development and testing for COBOL, (Mainframe environment). CICS
  • Responsible for the re-engineering of systems using Business Intelligence
  • Conducted JAD sessions with various Technology application developers and users.
  • Utilized SDLC methodology for completion of Projects.
  • Ran weekly meetings with key Project Leaders.
  • Reported to Director and Vice President regarding progress of Projects.
  • Developed the risk assessment for the project partly based on business intelligence
  • Wrote BRDs for billing for specific network elements
  • Technical Environment: Windows XP, Mainframe COBOL, CICS, Client Server, 4ESS, 5ESS, JAD, SDLC, BRD

    Confidential,NJ (January 2000 to January 2001)
    Project Leader

  • Involved in the product development and release of client-specific telephone/DSL billing.
  • Involved in on-going Product support/re-engineering through Remedy and Business Intelligence and developed Risk Assessment for each installation/Project Plan.
  • Served as chief liaison to Telecom clients.
  • Responsible for the writing of BRDs for conversion specifications.
  • Provided in-house training for clients of billing applications.
  • Responsible CRM Goldmine interface
  • Technical Environment: Client Server

    Confidential, (June 1998 to January 2000)
    Systems Architect (Contract)

  • Liaison with User Groups for the purpose of receiving approval of Architectural changes.
  • Project Manager responsible for analyzing the impact to legacy systems and developing appropriate methodology for working within existing order/provisioning structure for local systems.
  • Responsible for providing architectural flows in PowerPoint presentations for each impacted project to members of the system architecture team, as well as upper management for clients.
  • Project Leader for E911 Project
  • Used Business Intelligence Tools for Project Plans/Risk Assessment
  • Technical Environment: Mainframe COBOL, CICS, DB2, MS PowerPoint, Business Intelligence

    Confidential, (January 1997 to May 1998)
    Beechwood Data Systems Business Analyst

  • Provided production support based on transactions in EDI format for LNP (Local Number Portability)
  • Provided on-going Production Support through the use of Remedy to resolve Trouble Tickets.
  • In production environment on an HP UNIX platform, worked as a liaison with the client and local carriers to resolve EDI transaction related problems and issues.
  • Provided Project management affected financial Applications.
  • Technical Environment: UNIX, C++, EDI, HP-UX,

    Confidential,NJ (December 1994 to December 1996)
    Business Analyst (Contract)

  • Project Manager for the support and revision of Business Service Orders.
  • Coordinated monthly updates/migrations with multiple applications for Service Orders.
  • Worked in MVS/TSO environment for Telecom Business Service Order and financial tracking system for billing systems.
  • Involved in the financial reconciliation of Daily Balances.
  • Taught classes regarding Service Order processing.
  • Wrote and developed specifications and test plans to assist in unit and system testing for mainframe environment and User documentation for service order system.
  • Technical Environment: IBM Mainframe/TSO, CICS, MVS

    Confidential, (February 1991 to November 1994)
    Business Analyst / Project Leader

  • Provided leadership for actual installation at hospital sites for Patient Accounting and Payroll.
  • Led product development of EDI formatted files for company to become a Medicare approved vendor.
  • Product Manager for new Home Health software to meet Medicare regulations.
  • Senior Client Services Business Analyst for software vendor of Hospitals/Home Health.
  • Wrote specifications to programmers to meet clients/hospitals’ needs.
  • Worked with hospitals to improve Accounts Receivable payments situations
  • Technical Environment: DEC, EDI

    Confidential, (June 1987 to January 1991)
    Consultant / Project Leader

  • Consultant and Project Leader responsible for transactions dealing with the interface between the long distance and local exchange carrier and their vendors.
  • Responsible for the analysis and development of programming requirements for conversion of residence toll and equipment system.
  • Wrote specifications to explain LEC “anomalies” to fellow analysts.
  • Technical Environment: IBM Mainframe, MVS, TSO, CICS, DB2

    Confidential, (October 1985 to May 1987)
    Technical Services Manager

  • Responsible for the installation and on-going support of in-house HMO specific software. The Software provided physician payments based on the Capitation Rates that were established for primary physicians, as well as documenting all physician encounters.
  • Taught HMO software to multiple levels of staff.
  • Technical Environment: PICK/IBM Mainframe, PC Network

    Confidential,) (November 1983 to September 1985)
    Systems Analyst

  • Computer Service Bureau for savings and loans.
  • Senior Systems Analyst-Manager of Mortgage Conversion/ Fannie Mae interface.
  • Technical Environment: OWL/Mainframe

    Confidential, (January 1983 to October 1983)
    Product Consultant

  • Developed new Claims Processing software products for the purpose of installation at the Client site.
  • Wrote User Requirement Study for self-insured and Third Party Administrators.
  • Technical Environment: IBM Mainframe COBOL, CICS, IMS
    Confidential, (January 1981 to December 1982)
    Business Analyst

  • Developed new financial software products for the purpose of hospitals meeting New York and New Jersey regulations
  • Technical Summary
    MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), MS Project, MS Access, MS Visio, Waterfall, Agile, BRD’s, UAT, SDLC, Requirements Gathering/Specs, Use Cases, Windows, UNIX, HP-UX, .Net, C++, Mainframe COBOL, TSO, MVS, Data Warehouse, DB2, Mercury Quality Center,Req Pro

    Education and Training

    M.P.A., Public Administration

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