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Project Management Resume



To pursue a challenging global IT career in technology for financial industry

Career Summary
  • Over 11 years of experience in Project Management, Team Building & Leading team, analysis, design, development, and Implementation of various client-server, messaging and web based applications using agile process.
  • Results driven coordinator with an outstanding track record of delivering complex technology and system integration projects on time
  • Recognized as an expertin understandingbusiness requirements and providing simple logical solution for complex problems
  • Ability to apply new concepts and technologies to enhance the work environment.
  • More than 9 years of programming experience in Java Platform, J2EE, Java Programming,Object Oriented Software Development, Client/Server and N Tier Applications.
  • Proven experience in building high-available systems for mission-critical and heavy transaction oriented applications
  • Good knowledge and hands on experience of web and Database technologies.
  • Proficient in developing enterprise applications using Flex, Java, Spring, JSP, Servlets, Tibco and JDBC.
  • Experience on renowned Application servers like Web logic 8.1, Web sphere, Sun One application server 7.0, Apache Tomcat 4.0/5.0.
  • Extensive knowledge in using J2EE design patterns and GOF design patterns.
  • Hands on experience in PL/ SQL and in writing Stored Procedures in RDBMS and Good exposure to Sybase,Oracle, Times Ten and My SQL database.
  • Exposure to Crystal Reports v8.5/9.0/10.0, CMC.
  • Experience in using XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, XPATH technologies.


Programming Languages: Java, J2EE, VB 6, C, C++, Data Structures, HTML, PL/SQL

Java Technologies: Core Java, JDBC, Collections, Java Beans, SWING, SWT, Spring, JSP, Servlet, Tibco, JAXB, JUnit, JMS, EJB, JNDI.

Databases: Sybase, ORACLE 9i/8i, My SQL, DB2, Times Ten, MS ACCESS.

Internet Programming: Flex (Blazeds, cairngorm,mate), HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, AJAX , CSS

Application Server: BEA Weblogic , Web sphere, JBoss , Apache Tomcat

Operating Systems: UNIX, LINUX, Windows XP/NT/2000/98/95 and MS-DOS

Other technologies: Design Patterns, OOP, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Web Services, WSDL, ANT, Log4j , Shell Script, Perl ,PHP

Tools: Eclipse, JBuilder , Weblogic Workshop, Gel, CVS, VSS,clearcase

OS: Linux , Unix , Windows (95/98/2000/XP).


Certified Flex 2 Developer (Flex)
Sun Certified Programmer for Java2 Platform (SCJP2)
Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD)
Sun Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD)
Oracle Certified Associates (OCA)
Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)


CA (Chartered Accountant)

Work Experience Summary

  • Senior Consultant Confidential
  • Senior Consultant Confidentianl
  • Tech Lead Confidential
  • Development Team Coordinator Confidential
  • Senior Software Engineer Confidential
  • Software Engineer Confidential

Environment: Spring, Hibernate, Core Java, JSP, Flex, AIR, Blazeds, Cairngorm, mate, .Net(C#), Savvion , Web Services, JAXB, JUnit, Java Beans, JavaScript, XML, ANT, Log4j, Sybase, Tomcat, CVS, Linux


  • Responsible for all web based app and web developers. Contributing in defining skill requirements and helping team in hiring new people
  • Member of committee which helps in defining hardware requirement for servers and future technology
  • Evaluating and implementing new technologies for team
  • Implemented first flex based application for team
  • Introduction of flex/AIR as one client side technology. Successful POC is done for team so same component implemented in different technologies can be moved to one technology and multiple web app will have only one central app.
  • Introduction of blazeds for faster data transfer
  • Managed and Implemented critical application like review sheet, mvp and gne using Agile process.
  • Responsible for managing conversion of web application from html, javascript, struts to flex, spring framework

Senior Consultant

  • ICE Launch pad: ICE is the key product of HR team used by all HR persons across the globe. ICE Launch pad(in AIR) is central launch pad for all HR ice application. User will login once to access all the applications.
  • ICE in AIR : ICE is made in .net. Many component used in ICE is used by other app. But other app is in flex / html javascript. To end multiple language coding and maintenance issue all the app are converted to AIR and flex. All the common component are developed as separate component. Business logic is on server side in java and communication take place using Blazeds. The project POC is done and is in implementation stage.
  • Comp Hierarchy: Company hierarchy changes frequently. This change comes as a mail and developer write queries to change this. We have replaced this process by making small app in C# (.Net) where developer will make this changes using tree. Developer can move the hierarchy / changes the name / delete unwanted element in hierarchy and can save changes.
  • Promo Eval: Promo Eval tool helps in evaluating performance of employee. It is webbased application. Front hand is in Flex, Server side is in Spring. Admin user can created dynamic forms using GUI builder (same as Flex builder made in Flex) and save the form. Admin will publish the form for set of users. When user logs in, depending on form published for user, user will see the respective form generated dynamically. Admin can create manager employee relation using same tool. Manager logs in and provide evaluation for respective employees.
  • Review Sheet: Every year on communication day managers distribute the compensation to employees manually by taking print out. This year MS wants to change system to E System where the entire review sheet will be handed over by web site. User can see only their own and subordinate review sheet for whom, they are authorized. This system is very critical will have huge hit for couple of days and crucial for HR IT team. Server side technology was in Spring MVC, Database was Sybase and Flex for client side technology. Admin module was introduced at later stage for HR people.
  • Work Flow: Each special increment goes through many approvals. This is known as workflow. Workflow is defined in savvion and using web service WF program communicate with savvion and follow the process. Each person in respective workflow will receive respective mail at appropriate approval time. User can log in to app to approve or cancel the workflow. Server side technology is in Spring MVC and Database is Sybase.
  • MVP: Mandatory Vacation tracking system helps HR team in tracking vacation pattern and other details about employee's vacation. MVP includes admin module for HR people to export the report, view or change any data in system. Server side technology is in Spring MVC and Database is Sybase.
  • Guarantee and Estimates: Due to PS8 to PS9 migration, many web-based forms were discarded in PS9. We implemented those apps in Flex on short notice. Flex was used as front hand. User can enter all guarantees and estimates related data of new hire using this app. Server side technology is in Spring MVC and Database is Sybase.
  • Budget Allocation: Every year FAs can spend the allocated budget for team. To track amount allocation and amount spend by FAs Budget Allocation app is developed. Admin will allocate the budget to FAs and FAs will allocate budget to each team member. UI is in flex and server side code is in Spring Java.

Environment: Core Java, Spring, JSP, Java Beans, Business Object, Hibernate, JavaScript, XML, ANT, Log4j, Oracle, Sybase , weblogic, Autosys, Shell Script, SWING , clearcase , Linux.


  • Analyzing, Designing and coding the modules using Java, Spring, SWING
  • Made the tool for developers which will help in increasing productivity

Senior Consultant

  • Worked as a Senior Consultant. Designed and Architect a web application from the ground up that would provide analysis and forecasting depending upon the trends. The project includes weblogic talking with oracle and Sybase database and churning out reports as needed by the business, work includes designing of the User Interface and the layout. Reports were on Securities and Risk management.
  • Created a desktop application to run the report from desktop. This tool is used by developer. Running report is complicated task due to many parameters and dependencies which is taken care by tool. All the dependencies were injected using spring.

Environment: Core Java, JSP, Servlet,Spring, Java Beans, Hibernate, Ajax,JavaScript, Crystal Report, XML, XSLT, ANT, Log4j, Times Ten, Sybase , SWING, JMS, TIBCO, weblogic, MyEclipse, websphere , Autosys, Shell Script, Apache Pool (Multi Threading Env) , Linux , Unix.


  • Responsible for Munis team and web base apps.
  • Responsible for hiring , training, performance evaluation and termination for team
  • Involved in architecture steering committee for future technology decisions.
  • Involved in architecture of ESM project
  • Analyzed, Designed and coded the modules using Java, Hibernate, JSP using Agile process
  • Involved in report designing using Crystal Enterprise v 10.
  • Involved in fine tuning of SQL query to achieve good performance.
  • Created database tables, views, written Stored Procedures.

Tech Lead

  • Managed and Worked on generic web based reporting tool. Crystal is used for reports and Sybase as backend. Using Java API for Crystal, reporting tool is made web based. Spring was used in this project. User can mail and fax and schedule the report from web interface. Now reports can be made available to client with in 15 minutes. Due to this tool report writer can concentrate on reports and tool take cares of the other rich features which is otherwise not available. This tool is used by Munis and Derivaties department.
  • Data Replication Tool: Mission critical application of Lehman Brothers run on timesTen db which has limitation in terms of memory. So periodically data is transferred to Sybase database which is used by critical reporting applications. The project enabled real-time replication of data with additional controls (filtered replication, delete into no-delete mapping of records etc) on what to replicate. It also provides batch replication in terms of 1-way Data synchronization with preprocessor. The product is deployed at all global offices of Lehman Brothers. User was managing the application from desktop which was developed in SWING. All the necessary pre condition checking for replication was injected using spring to make precondition checking pluggable. JMS was used as messaging system. My responsibility was to designed and development of product, full ownership of product including production support and maintenance and preparing test plan and test cases.
  • ESM
  • The Enterprise Security Master (ESM) system stores information on a wide range of securities such as Corporates, Preferreds, Governments, Equities, Warrants, etc for consumption by Lehman System worldwide. ESM CATS is CATS core component which provides financial security information to CATS systems which deals in cash and credit Fixed Income Instruments for Lehman Worldwide. It plays an important role in creation of securities. It updates the feed from external systems like Bloomberg to CATS and also reverse feed them, provides standard naming of securities and also provides status of application using JMX. ESM CATS is highly robust, highly scalable , 24x7 available, enterprise wide application. Around 150 thousand securities are processed per day by ESM CATS. My key responsibility for this project were supporting existing ESM CATS in production, involved in redesign and development of it and coordinating onsite team for business requirement issue resolution. TIBCO was used heavily in this project.
  • Archival and Un archival: This tool helps in deleting and loading data from TT db after making necessary comparison with Sybase DB which helps in performance enhancement. Thread pool was used to insert records. All the dependencies of inserting record in either database were injected using spring. User was managing the application from desktop which was developed in SWING.

Environment: Core Java, JSP, Servlet, JDBC, Ajax,JavaScript, XML, XSLT, Oracle, weblogic , Shell Script


  • Morphing of site from baazee.com to ebay
  • Managing team in India and coordinating with release manager of eBay

Development Team Coordinator

  • Key responsibility since August 2004 was to manage team for smooth morphing of baazee.com site to eBay.in. Morphing project was divided into 5 releases. My role was Change Management for morphing with Product team, breaking project into sub tasks, resource allocation, Time and Change estimation for each project and overall project monitoring. Supporting all 5 releases with release manager was one of the prime responsibilities. Was also responsible for design changes in fees and invoice module and Opt Out and UAPP module. Overall, Morphing project consist of 50 main tasks and 140 sub tasks.

Environment: Core Java, JSP, Servlet, JDBC, Ajax, SWING, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, Oracle, weblogic, Shell Script, Perl , Linux


  • Responsible for managing new and ongoing projects (breaking project into tasks, deadlines for tasks and management of overall project)
  • Responsible for the development team ( resource management, hiring new member, knowledge transfer, performance evaluation , termination , budgeting and training for team members)
  • Responsible for gathering business requirement and getting business sign off
  • Evaluating new technologies for better performance and arranging respective training
  • System Analysis and Design, software development, Release and Configuration Management
  • Analyzed, Designed and coded the modules using Java, JSP
  • Development and maintenance of Bulk Seller Page and billing module
  • Development and maintenance of Billing component, Shipping

Development Team Coordinator

  • Handled the responsibility of building team of 7 people, training them to fulfill business requirement by delivering projects on time. Responsibility includes staff training, Resource Management, Knowledge transfer, System Analysis and Design, software development, Release and Configuration Management, invoice cycle, managing interdepartmental co-ordination and staffing. Lead the team for merging sites baazee.com and eBay.in (2004) and was part of team in merger of Baazee.com and BidOrBuy (India) (2001)
  • Indian version of Turbo Lister i.e "Bulk Upload Tool" was made using VBA. Key responsibility was System Analysis and Architecting, arrange team training, resourcing, studying all related tool and generating necessary requirement spec and build project delivery schedule and monitoring them to completion.
  • Bulk Seller Page, Sale Not Completed Process page and fees module were implemented within strict deadlines to allow seller to increase their e-business on Baazee. Entire revenue model was dependent on this utility. Bulk seller page includes utility like provide shipping details, file SNC, give rating, request for rating and give response to rating.
  • Shipping Option is tool, used by sellers to specify shipping charges for the product they are selling on the site. Key responsibility was to decide and implement application business rules, developing Specification and use it for application development.
  • Max Bid is a unique concept invented by scientist in SA. Role in this project was to timely develop and deliver the project (since TV Ad campaign was awaited on this release).
  • Worked on online payment gateway was implemented under MOTTO & Auth and Capture system.
  • Desktop application was made using SWING to monitor the application servers. With help of this utility tool server was monitored from developers desktop.

Environment: Core Java , JSP, JDBC, Swing and mySql, tomcat

Senior Software Engineer

  • Key responsibility was to build the component for Business Information System (BIS). BIS stores all business related data which can be accessed from web based application and stand alone SWING application.


  • Involved in preliminary analysis of user requirements and detail design documentation.
  • Defining database design standards and coding standards
  • Created Data Access Layer Component to Communicate between web based application and stand alone program and Data Layer.

Environment: Core Java , JSP, JDBC and mySql, perl tomcat

Junior Software Engineer

  • Key responsibility was to build the Muster program and Internet Billing System. Muster program was in build project used with in the company. Internet Billing System is accounting package used by ISP in Germany for billing the client depending on tariff selected by client. Billing System was migrated from perl to Java.


  • Involved in preliminary analysis of user requirements and detail design documentation.
  • Designing and implementing database design
  • Building and testing of billing logic

Chess, Swimming and studying. I got the opportunity to give lectures on Java to student in 3 different college in Gujarat. Teaching is my hobby.

References: Available on request.

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