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It Support Resume

Houston, TX


Seeking a challenging position as a Software Engineer where I can contribute my skills and build my work experience.

  • Three years work experience in software design and development
  • 2+ work experience as a web support and IT desktop support
  • Strong Programming Skills :C, C++, Core Java,C#
  • Web Technologies: HTML, DHTML,XML,PHP,ASP.NET, JSP,Servlets, Java Scripts
  • Databases: Oracle 9i, SQL Server 2005
  • Database related : PL/SQL,SQL,SQL Plus , triggers, stored procedures, views, database security
  • Database concepts: Integrity constraints, Normalization, relational algebra, database storage, query optimization, concurrency and transaction control
  • 3+ years experience on Unix and Linux platforms
  • Familiar with the Software Development Life Cycle
  • Good communication and troubleshooting skills.


Computer Science, Master of Science

Employment History

Web Support & IT Support May 2008 – December 2009

Website development and maintenance includes use of CSS, HTML, Java script, PHP, Adobe Flash, and ASP. Provide IT support for the Plant Operations department including Operating system installations, fixing software problems and setting up machines. Additional softwares used are Crystal reports, LANDESK management suite and Citrix for network administration.

Project Engineer February 2006 – January 2008

Worked as a part of the wireless sensor network team and the 802.11 wireless networks team to conduct research and development in these areas. The two year work experience enhanced my network programming skills and gained knowledge in the field of wireless networks.

  • Developed small working prototypes for wireless sensor networks applications including temperature monitoring system, pressure monitoring system.
  • Modified to enhance the HostAP wireless driver
  • Modified TinyDB application(Application that monitors the pressure, light, acceleration) to make it work for MTS420 sensor boards to record GPS readings from the motes
  • Enhanced the modification made in the hostap driver for automatic WDS links creation to update the changes in the WDS links created.
  • Developed a working prototype: “iMesh Router”
  • Developed IP address assignment for wds links in the mesh network for the iMesh Router.
  • Developed IP address assignment for clients in the mesh network for the iMesh Router
  • Developed ETX metric in OLSR and using it in find the best next hop in a multi-channel environment for the iMesh Router.
  • Developed the ETT metric to find the best channel amongst the channels available.

Application Developer, Student Intern August 2003- May 2004

This project aimed to:

  • Share files between machines with windows operating systems from Linux machine using the SAMBA server
  • Develop a traceroute program to overcome any firewall on the routing path
  • Develop a chat system on windows using NETBIOS names.
  • Develop a strong password policy
  • Develop a SNMP manager that will remotely scan all the machines in the LAN to provide comprehensive information of all the machines in the LAN.


  • Proficient in : C, C++, CORE JAVA,C#, network programming,multithreading programming
  • Database knowledge : SQL programming, Oracle 9i, TeraData
  • Web Technologies: HTML, DHTML, ASP, Java script, ASP.NET, XML, PHP,ASP.NET
  • Knowledge of: JSP, Servlets, XNA Programming, nesC, Iphone SDK,MFC framework
  • Simulation : Qualnet, Csim
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Red Hat 9, Debain
  • Scripting language: Shell script, awk programming , pearl script


  • Network coding in mesh networks: The objective for this project is to implement network coding modules and evaluate their performance in wireless mesh networks. The project module assigned aimed to extend the COPE code and enhance it with dynamic coding decision based on link quality metrics.
  • MiniDBMS: This project aimed to develop a miniDBMS in C++ that will support the basic DDL: CREATE, ALTER, and DROP table queries and DDL : INSERT,SELECT queries with ORDER BY, WHERE and JOIN options. The data is stored on binary files and a catalog file keeps the metadata information which is lazily updated from the memory. The compiler used is Borland C++. Index hashing is used in this project for efficient retrieval of records.
  • Normalization of tables: This project was developed in JAVA and used javax swing (GUI). The project aims check the database tables for the 1NF,2NF and 3NF forms and then decompose them to satisfy normalization.
  • ICE AGE3: This project aimed to develop a 2d game for XBOX using the XNA framework provided by Microsoft.
  • Burger Time: This project aims to develop a 3d game for XBOX using the XNA framework provided by Microsoft
  • iPhotoPuzzle: This project aimed to develop a slider and a jigsaw photo puzzle for the iPhones using the xCode IDE and the iPhone software development kit.


Diploma in Advanced Computing .

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