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Project Manager Resume

New York, NY


  • Senior infrastructure cross functional Project Management & Service Delivery experience in the planning & managing of IT/Network/ Telecom technology, people & budget resources; record of key accomplishments in the Financial, Healthcare, Telecom & Legal sectors in regulated & non-regulated environments. Managed teams in business, marketing, development, systems & operations. MBA & MSEE degrees.
  • Operations, Contingency & Service Management experience for WEB, Desktop, Data Center, LAN/WAN, Telecomm, PBX/Call Center.
  • Project Management/System Integration expertise in the design/implementation/rollout of system software & hardware for Data/Tele-Communications, LAN/WAN/SAN, Desktop WEB, Market Data,, Messaging, and Client Server SQL Computing Applications.
  • Enterprise experience in LAN WIN/NW/UNIX desktop/server, IBM Mainframe & ATT & NORTEL environments. Skilled in CISCO LAN/WAN, Internet design of data-voice networks. Knowledge of ITIL, TCP-IP/IPX/SNA/Frame/ATM/VPN & VoIP,CTI/IVR/PBX services. Experienced with WAN routing protocols including RIP, IGRP, RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, & BGP. Experienced in Managed Services SLAs.
  • Extensive knowledge/implementation of Security Technology including Content Filtering, Physical, Data & Internet Access, Intrusion Detection, Proxy & Radius Servers, RSA, Checkpoint Firewalls, Secure ID, SSA, encryption, PKI, X 509, and digital certificates.
  • Strong communications, mentoring & people management skills; ability to interface with all levels of personnel. Expert at feasibility studies, proposal RFP/RFI preparation and presentation. Adept at customer/end user support, vendor liaison and contract negotiations.
  • Direct bottom line responsibility. Proficient in Information Technology assessment, planning, system design, acquisition and deployment. Adept in Strategic/Tactical Planning and development of business plans. Accomplished at budget planning, financial analysis, cost control & use of management tools as MS Project, Excel, PowerPoint & Visio. Proven success in meeting corporate objectives.
  • Consultant/Senior Infrastructure Project Manager 2002 to present
Confidential,New York, NY

Provided LAN/WAN/Web Technical & Project Management services for ATT & NYC agencies for planning, design, acquisition & implementation in a Compaq, Cisco, Microsoft, HP, IBM, ATT & Avaya environments. Managed over 30 infrastructure system projects for budgets up to $50Million in core network services hardware/software ITIL infrastructure for WIN VISTA/XP &. NET platforms. Projects focused on OS, Application, Network Management & Monitoring, System & Device Configuration upgrades. Managed cross-functional teams of business, marketing, engineering, development, systems & operations. Created BRD, JRD, FRD, TD Documents, & Project Plans using Project One Methodology & project tools of IFP, MS Project 2K, & Project Central; assigned resources, monitored schedules, met milestones & completed deliverables.

  • Managed Service Delivery in the implementation of Internet services for NX10 GIG E, GIG E, EoTDM & TDMoE. Developed requirements for Ordering, Provisioning, Tracking, Billing, Ticketing, and Reorting applications. Reviewed technical & operational documents for Cisco & Juniper platforms. Prepared Project Plans; Developed Process Ordering & Provisioning Flows, Designed Test Plans; Participated in IST, UAT & ORT Testing. Supported IOC backhaul, Type 1/2 Access & MACDs
  • Directed proposal effort in development of a 3-tier Client Information Systems using OLTP SQL Data Warehouse architecture.
  • Managed hardware/software infrastructure upgrades for ATT multi-location Customer Web Hosting Environments for Dedicated & Shared Services. Managed efforts of Product Planning, Engineering, Development, Release Management and Operations.
  • Reviewed Web .NET infrastructure architecture and design for a multi zone CISCO PIX DMZ in support of 10 Web applications.
  • Determined specifications for 100 IBM eSeries Web, Policy, Application, & Database Servers of Web server farm 1.5M users.
  • Provided increased Network Fault Management for ATT shared and dedicated Data Center Web Host environment platforms.
  • Developed recommendations on organization, staffing, policy, & procedures in management of a 200-server 80K device network.
  • Led study & $ 3M implementation for ATT T3/OC3 links & Packet Shaping/Cisco Content Caching Engines for increases in ISP traffic.
  • Implemented automatic alarm correlation in the network management and support of customer ATT RUBY VoIP services.
  • Developed Disaster Recovery Plans for Server/Desktop infrastructures including 802.11 Wireless & Cisco VoIP voice technologies.
  • Implemented multi user Cisco VPN secure IPsec services for document distribution for Corporate Counsel and Contacts Department.
Designed & implemented HP/IBM systems for a 3 Tbytes Enterprise wide fiber channel SAN for 66% reduction in backup time.
  • Reviewed Help Desk operations and made recommendations for 20 % improvement in Call Escalation response and SLAs.
Group Manager of Network Operations & Infrastructure 1997 to 2001

Confidential,New York

Responsible for service delivery & managing three groups, Network Operations, Network Systems, and Desktop/Application Support, a staff of 15 personnel & 5 consultants, a budget of $7 M in the planning, design, implementation & support of a Frame Relay corporate network.

  • Directed LAN/WAN Data Center Global Network Operations, Administration & 7X24 Support in the software/hardware planning, acquisition, implementation, & maintenance of 70 Win2K/NW/UNIX production, development, communication & messaging servers.
  • Implemented Web Internet site with outside vendor. Developed/managed IIS internal Intranet site for support services departments.
  • Managed Desktop/PDA Palm/Blackberry Support for 1500 Win 2K/NT/95/MAC users of MS Office 2K, Exchange, & PC DOCS. Supported Finance/Accounting, Records, Personnel, & Purchasing applications in a SQL, Informix & Oracle database environment.
  • Prepared & monitored usage of yearly enterprise wide IS Operational & Capital budgets for planned expenditures of $ 10 Million.
  • Successfully managed infrastructure year planning, design & move implementation into new 3 fold larger Data Center/NOC over 3-day weekend. Directed implementation of all H/W & S/W for Servers, Network Switch & Router infrastructures & desktops for 1000 users.
  • Determined direction, managed multisite implementation for Compact Proliant 8000/6500/6000/ML530 800Mhz PIII Netware File & Data, MS Exchange, & Compaq NT & DEC Alpha Application Servers. Negotiated special vendor pricing for over $250K savings.
  • Planned, designed & managed infrastructure enterprise conversion from Bay/Nortel to a Cisco Router 3600 & Catalyst 6500 Switch for Gigabit Ethernet, 100 Base T, switched 10, VLANS, layer 3 switching & CWSI. Improved response time performance by 100 %.
  • Implemented 3 new Data Centers in Frankfurt, Milan and Rome with Cisco WAN VPN & Nortel/PBX T1 Frame Relay connections.
  • Directed corporate migration to 9 Citrix servers with N FUSE Web services improving remote access performance by over 150%.
  • Directed ATT/MCI Frame Relay WAN Carrier service performance to assure SLAs in Cisco Router managed service agreement.
  • Managed Market Data Cisco LAN network services support for Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Disclosure,Westlaw, & Lexis-Nexis.
  • Effected integrated Security Policy for Virus Scanning, Backups, Maintenance, Content Filtering, Physical, Data & Internet Access.
  • Negotiated best deals of 1,500 Desktops & 150 Laptops & managed Ghosting/Cognet conversion/rollout to Win XP/ from Win NT.
  • Director of Telecommunications & Computer Support 1994 to 1997
  • Confidential,New York, NY
  • Responsible for managing the planning, design, implementation and service support of three groups, a staff of 40 personnel, and a budget of $7,000,000 in an IBM/Novell/Microsoft/Rolm environment, for Network Systems, Telecommunications Services and Computer Operations.
  • Directed LAN/WAN NT 4.0/NW4/UNIX 7X24 operations in the software/hardware planning, acquisition, implementation, maintenance & contingency support for 12 utility, production, development/test, communication & messaging servers.
  • Developed & managed Web servers for corporate Internet site. Set up processes for department HTML content submission.
  • Managed Helpdesk desktop/LAN technical support for 500 Win NT/Win 95/Win 3.1 /MAC users of Microsoft Office, Visual Basic, Access, & ccMail. Acquired CBR Help Desk & Asset software & revamped Help Desk function improving call resolution by 50%.
  • Directed 7X24 three shift IBM MVS Mainframe Operations supporting Membership, Billing, Financial, & Inventory applications.
  • Managed 4 fold LAN infrastructure expansion including: dual quad Compact 5000 200Mhz Pentium Pro servers; Synoptic-BAY hub upgrade for Token Ring/ATM LAN switching; & installation of Managewise, network management system.
  • Directed $ 800K voice services for 500 line Rolm 9751 PBX including MAC’s, Training, & Billing; expanded dual node Voice mail.
  • Managed Call Center 800 number ISDN design employing ACD & CTI/IVR technology for membership & order entry applications.
  • Developed Technology Strategic & Tactical Plans focusing on communications, & messaging technologies for 300 remote offices..
  • Directed design study for Satellite Internet Frame Relay pilot in support of enterprise Java based Oracle client server systems.
  • Planned resources for multi site recovery operations for distributed computing LAN/WAN Novell/NT/Linux environments.
  • Independent Consultant, Telecommunications/Information Technology 1992 to 1993
  • Confidential,Suffern, NY

Provided management/technical services for the planning, design, implementation & support in IBM, ATT and Northern Tel environments. Projects involved multi-vendor, hardware/software architectures including Novell, Windows NT, and UNIX platforms.

  • Developed system design for HP/UNIX/Novell Frame Relay network using Cabletron Hubs, CISCO routers and HP Openview
  • SNMP Network Management system for NYC agency. Prepared design specifications and made presentation to management.
  • Revamped NCC, Implemented 10 BaseT/Hub/Fiber/Router/T1 network &; expanded NorTel PBX voice services for NYC hospital.
  • Assessed user needs, developed designs and prepared RFPs for financial & utility clients of a major communications company.
Vice President, Telecommunications 1990 to 1991 Confidential,White Plains, NY
  • Directly responsible for the service delivery, planning, system design, implementation, and tech support, for corporate wide, integrated, financial services networks. Managed data, voice and architecture groups, a staff of 16 professionals, and a budget of over $4,000,000.
  • Directed 7x24 operations for: 1600 Voice PBX lines & 100 Data leased lines, 2,000 terminals, 1500 PCs network of 100+ branches.
  • Planned & managed implementation of a new Network Control Center housing all LAN server/WAN telecommunications hardware.
  • Managed 3745/3725 net cutover for 3090 outsourcing/contingency migration of ATM & six other CICS financial Cobol applications.
  • Overhauled network architecture for business expansion. Redesign for 85 branches enabled centralized LAN distribution of market data, brokerage, and security services for a twelve fold increase in performance price ratio and a 66% reduction in operating costs
  • Led design of SNA/Token Ring/FDDI network of 30+, Novell 386, 16Mbps LANS with gateways, routers, bridges, intelligent hubs.
  • Managed Call Center helpdesk upgrade for design, scripting, & installation of IVR \"800\" system. Reduced staff costs by 50%.
  • Directed design of voice network for 30% cost reduction, simplified dialing, & detailed billing incorporating virtual services, ARS/ACD functions, and WATS bulk services for System 85/75, ROLM PBX & digital Centrex operations.
  • Implemented redundant ATT T1 backbone network having T1 & S56Kb links, ATT DACS/Muxes & MCI services.
  • Setup requirements for Bell Labs/NYNEX ISDN tests for desktop conferencing, ANI, teleconferencing & FAX applications.
  • Conducted study on ATT S/85 upgrade to Definity Generic II versus use of NYNEX digital centrex, Intellipath services.
  • Formulated new security policies. Managed DES encryption install for remote office access, tech support & work at home projects.

Assistant Vice President: Disaster Recovery, Technical Planning and Support 19821989
Confidential,New York, NY

Responsible for service delivery, tech support, technology planning, and project management & development of $26M department budget. Technology centered on Mainframe Hardware/Software, Contingency, Telecommunications, LAN Systems, & data/voice Workstations.

  • Managed integration of corporate X.25/Broadband network with SNA network for added functionality & 25 % reduction of costs.
  • Key player in establishment, migration & consolidation of CCF, RCF, CHECK & IDC IBM 30XX datacenters.
  • Developed Corporate Contingency site. Matrixed managed 70 professionals in the development & testing of Disaster Recovery plans.
  • Managed Service Delivery for Corporate Data Center; matrixed managed 60 professionals. Responsible for MVS/VM, Unix, CICS, Cobol, VTAM, DB2, Security, Desktops, LANS/Telecommunications, Facilities, Disaster Recovery. Reported to senior management.

  • Masters in Business Administration

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