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Project Manager Resume

Buffalo, NY


Confidential, Buffalo, NY

Project Manager


  • Reorganized and streamlined program activities while coordinating with functional and technical staff, leading towards specific goals or objectives that can be reported.
  • Developed a logical project reporting site (SharePoint) that enabled easy access to documents, resources, and schedules.
  • Developed internal processes that adhere to generally accepted project management standards (e.g., schedules, risks, action items, etc.), and stabilized the program environment to the point of having a reliable, repeatable process that all of the project team members can follow and perform.

Program Manager



  • Planned, scheduled, assigned and directed technical staff in a multi - tiered organization on program requirements, leading towards specific goals or objectives; and review and evaluate progress done by staff members and report to key stakeholders to ensure that schedules and objectives are met;
  • Planned and coordinated projects within programs involving software systems and/or applications in the assigned area, including IE browser migration, AppSense implementation, Citrix solution for legacy apps, and other sub-projects;
  • Worked closely and collaboratively with senior management to review objectives and procedures and formulate policies for the department, while maintaining meaningful working relationships with key personnel, consultants, and other staff members;
  • Maintained effective communication between information systems personnel and the users of information services and systems, while working to expand knowledge of banking and the business function being served.
  • Managed and directed deployment teams in ensuring application (software) and hardware readiness by the business units.

Confidential, Boston, MA

Senior Project Director


  • Designed, managed and supported the Confidential Project, which is a large, complex, high-profile, high-visibility program directly effecting the state’s universal health care program;
  • Coordinated and managed shared information regarding healthcare issues and challenges through requirements gathering and planning meetings with healthcare providers, administrators and policy makers.
  • Provided mentoring, support and guidance to project managers and project team members across the organization;
  • Ensured that project teams follow proper procedures for issue management, risk management, quality assurance and change management process;
  • Facilitated and supported project team building activities, determined, managed and coordinated sponsor's project resources needs, and reported project variances to key stakeholders.

Confidential, Montpelier, VT

Grants Management Specialist


  • Coordinated and worked with the Confidential Community Confidential program, as well as with regional planning commissions, regional development corporations, nonprofit and for profit organizations and developers, long-term recovery committees, Case Managers, municipalities, and internal staff to ensure compliance of all regulations and all reporting requirements of the Confidential Program.
  • Provided technical assistance to various Confidential community and municipal leaders, with a focus on grants management, financial management, on-site compliance monitoring, environmental review, labor standards, Davis-Bacon requirements, procurement, contracting, periodic reporting, and project closeouts.
  • Analyzed and applied complex laws, rules and regulations, and provided written summaries a nd solutions in instances of non- compliance.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Program Manager


  • Managed a multi-year, $20M contract with Department of Homeland Security, including overall staffing responsibilities, client reporting, quality control and assurance, financial, accounting and pro forma analysis, and overall administrative coordination between prime- and sub-contractors.
  • Coordinated a team of Enterprise Architect consultants developing multiple segment architectures for the Confidential client using DSAM/FSAM methodology.
  • Monitored staff performance and provided guidance, support, and mentoring. In addition, also address Confidential -related matters, including skills development and training, time management, and professional enhancement.
  • Program Account Lead for various Confidential projects.
  • Updated and monitor work plans, revenues forecast, chargeability, and general accounting and financial analysis. Metrics are frequently reported up the chain, and progress reports are submitted
  • Monitored staff performance and provide guidance, support, and address Confidential -related questions or concerns
  • Project Manager providing management and support to the Procurement Policy and Systems Division Chief, Acquisitions Directorate, Confidential - Confidential .
  • Adviser to the division chief on matters involving resource strategy and tactical implementation of tasks and activities by the staff.
  • Updated and maintain a knowledge management system and activities tracker. This SharePoint-based system tracks work critical tasks and activities of USCG's Office of Procurement Policy and Oversight staff.
  • Coordinated, plans and facilitated client meetings (weekly Chief meetings, staff meetings, etc.);
  • Provided essential technical, administrative, managerial and ad hoc support to key management staf f and senior analysts.

Portfolio Manager

Confidential, Arlington, VA/Washington, DC


  • Capital planning and investment management coordination of multiple agency investments in order to align with agency goals as well as comply with Confidential requirements;
  • Project management, including periodic reporting, client relationship management, milestone reviews and assessment, project life cycle reviews, and preliminary progress-to-date tracking-Risk mitigation and quality assurance for agency clients’ multiple business cases while rolling out a new Capital Planning and Investment Control system in place;
  • Business Analysis & Strategy
  • Conducted analysis and provided recommendations for improved internal capital planning and tracking;
  • Implemented business strategies most applicable in a public agency setting that would enable it to improve its standing in the Confidential ’s Information Technology Investment Maturity (ITIM) model;
  • Financial Analysis
  • Reviewed project business case financial summaries, and made recommendations to the project managers- High-Risk and Earned-Value reporting;
  • Developed and managed task order financial summaries, including burn rate, utilization and projections.

Confidential, McLean, VA

Senior Consultant and Business Advisor


  • Reviewed status of the current state of affairs within the Iraqi Ministry of Communication as it relates to the provision and availability of the different telecom services;
  • Provided detailed assessment and make appropriate recommendations to the Ministry, including a “road map” to achieve rapid and measurable improvements;
  • Business Analysis & Marketing Strategy
  • Conducted a feasibility and market analysis for a converged wireless solution in an academic setting.
  • The client, a major Confidential New York City area, planned to implement and offer comprehensive wireless services on campus, while minimizing long-term operating expenses;
  • Implemented a business and marketing strategy for a start-up cable company in Croatia.
  • Analyzed primary and secondary market research, conducted financial margin & sensitivity analysis, and prepared a bank/vendor financial memorandum;
  • Communications and Training
  • Acted as communications specialist and deputy lead in a national airport security assessment project. Tasks included assisting the team lead in managing and guiding team dynamics; deliberating and analyzing current procedures, existing risks, and suggesting possible solutions;
  • Financial Analysis
  • Instrumental in formulating a cost-to-complete analysis, project plan, and detailed policy compliance for project involving a major telecommunications company.
  • Assessed the viability of a corporate partnership between two companies wanting to fulfill parallel business and marketing goals through the alliance.

Confidential, Ashburn, VA

Senior Financial & Business Analyst


  • Conducted business and financial analysis as they relate to go/no-go decisions in corporate capital expenditures; developed business cases with a focus on corporate strategy and financial analysis of internal projects and corporate alliances. Capital expenditure decisions for the company are in part based on these business cases.
  • Analyzed and assessed requests for Confidential within the corporate structure.
  • Developed a financial and strategic business case analyzing the outcome of a partnership with a major cable service provider, offering exclusive Voice-over-IP ( Confidential ) to its 10M cable customers.
  • Conducted research and analysis for a strategic alliance with a Midwest cable provider wishing to offer similar Confidential solution to its 4.5M customers utilizing a technology-agnostic solution.
  • Assisted in the project steering and planning group that aligns the company with a major software/technology firm and a management consulting and technology services organization. The objective is to establish an incubation group that would develop new and innovative, go-to-market products and services.

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