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Senior Manager Resume


Product inventor, software architect, manager and programmer

  • Conceptualizing startup and converting it into a revenue generating business.
  • Managing teams in RUP and Agile (extreme programming and Scrum) environments.
  • Experience in selling off a startup organization and its subsequent integration into a larger organization.
  • Managed customer interactions in enterprise deployments.
  • Invention of new algorithms in areas of data storage, differencing and caching.
  • C/C++, MFC, Win 32, 64 bit programming, File system filter, mini filter, WDK, Boost, STL, QT,C# and .Net programming.
Professional Experience

Confidential,May 2008 onwards
Role: Senior manager (Proxy Client network team)

Confidential, Web communications and accelerates business applications across distributed enterprise network. Its product - Proxy Client extends application delivery to mobile users, enabling application acceleration and web filtering for mobile users. Mobiliti product came from Packeteer acquisition and is a leading product for providing offline network, data backup and CIFS acceleration for mobile users.

After Confidential,acquisition of Packeteer, I continued in Confidential,as technical lead and manager for Mobiliti product and CIFS acceleration module of Proxy Client.

  • As an architect, developed 4 new acceleration algorithms for CIFS protocol. Architected Mobiliti’s virtual network solution for Proxy Client. Also architected and developed the universal local drive, which accelerated network access to any cloud (propriety or 3rd party) which is accessible through WebDAV.
  • As an engineer and manager, responsible for all customer escalations for CIFS protocol in Proxy Client and Mobiliti. Responsible for acceleration of file based protocols (e.g. CIFS, WebDAV).
  • As a manager, responsible for managing Gold Partnership with Microsoft.

Confidential, May 2006 to May 2008
Role: General Manager (Mobiliti)

Confidential, was the leader in QOS, visibility, packet shaping and network acceleration till its acquisition by Blue Coat. Mobiliti product came from Tacit Network acquisition by Packeteer and is a leading product for providing offline network, data backup and CIFS acceleration for mobile users.

After Packeteer acquisition of Tacit Networks, I continued with Packeteer. I lead the Mobiliti engineering team as a manager, engineer and an architect.

  • Product architect of the award winning Mobiliti version 7. This version included industry first time features like Mail Harmony, WebDAV differencing, multi language support for 6 international language, CIFS acceleration, SkyX TCP/IP and HTTP acceleration.
  • As the engineering manager, oversaw the product development, schedule, QA and customer support. Also interfaced with other teams like technical documentation, legal team and product management to define the features and requirements. Responsible for training different business units like support, sales, technical writers and sales engineers on Mobiliti product and its new features.
  • As an engineer, implemented 64 bit kernel drivers that implements offline network, caching, file snap-shots and real time backup. Also, enhanced offline caching and real time backup to a fully fledged CIFS acceleration feature.
  • As a general manager, responsible for managing Gold Partnership with Microsoft. Technical evaluator for prospective Packeteer partnerships with Mojo-Pac (desktop virtualization) and NetPriva (QOS and visibility). Contributor to Mobiliti licensing model, bundling and market strategy.
  • One of the contributors to the success of Mobiliti 7.0, which increased the user base of the product from 80,000 to 200,000 in this period.

Confidential,Jan 2006 to May 2006
Role: General Manager (Mobiliti)

Confidential, the maker of iShared product, was the leader in CIFS acceleration, till its acquisition by Packeteer. Mobiliti product came from Mobiliti’s acquisition of Tacit Networks.

After Mobiliti’s acquisition by Tacit Networks, I continued with Packeteer. I lead the Mobiliti engineering team as a manager, engineer and an architect.

  • Responsibilities were same as that in Packeteer (described above).
  • Additionally, responsible for Mobiliti revenue for 3 quarters. Successfully exceeded the target in all the quarters.
  • Successfully set up the online evaluation and shopping cart business.

Confidential,1997 to Dec 2005
Role: CTO and founding member

Confidential,architected and wrote award winning product Network/Unplugged. Network/Unplugged provides mobile data management and offline network. It had 80,000 users and is the winner of Network World and Network Magazine awards. It was the first Windows product with offline network feature.

  • As an architect, responsible for architecture of any product in the company. Some of the modules that were architected included kernel drivers, synchronization engine, conflict resolution module, synchronization server, authentication, differencing, compression, load balancing, front end, deployment and management.
  • As an engineer, implemented the Windows filter driver and Vxds that implement offline network, caching, file snap-shots and real time backup. Also implemented network provider that brings virtual network to user desktop, observer and write monitor differencing technology.
  • As a CTO, responsible for taking Network/Unplugged from a concept, to a successful product, leading to subsequent acquisition by Tacit Networks. Responsible for market analysis and product roadmap. Also, a major contributor to the sales strategy (including on line web presence and search engine optimization). Responsible for product licensing model, bundling and market strategy.
  • As a general manager, point of contact for all the enterprise deployments. Managed diverse organization groups like customer support, QA, inside sales and PR. Managed partnerships with SAIC, McAfee, Dell, Atos Origin, XDrive, Citrix and Novel.
  • As an engineer and manager, helped Mobiliti diversify from a single product company to a multi-product company. Responsible for engineering Continuity@Work (a laptop backup product with 25000 users). Also responsible for engineering 5 freeware (combined usage of 5000 users). 2 of them PstDiff and Mail2Excel have featured in different reviews as best freeware in their categories.

Confidential,1996-July 1997
Role: Software Engineer

Confidential,wrote software to model manufacturing process and optimize the manufacturing process using genetic algorithm. As an engineer, implemented the cost module, multi-language support, responsible for legacy product support Also responsible for HP-Unix version of the product.

Confidential,Nov 1994-Aug 1996
Role: Member of technical staff

Confidential,developed Band Wagon, a remote access server for its customer LeeMah. I was responsible for the client front end; DOS based Terminal Stay and Resident (TSR) framework, PPP and MLPPP implementation.


MBA Finance

Masters in Computer Application

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