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Independent Procurement And Raw Material Supply Chain Consultant Resume



  • Highly experienced and passionate Professional in international purchasing/procurement, raw material supply chain and continuous improvement team leadership.
  • CPM and APICS trained (re - certifications in progress), and well known for applying critical thinking, identifying growth and improvement opportunities, and negotiating significant win-win outcomes for internal and external customers.
  • Extensive experience working with numerous small to large, government, private and public companies across multiple industries.
  • Full or part-time employment in any industry requiring a professionally trained and experienced leader in Purchasing, Procurement, Supplier Management, Project Management, and Manufacturing Operations.
  • Always willing to learn new things. Can re-locate to another state for the right opportunity.



Confidential, California


  • Raw Material Sales Support and Business Development Strategy Advisor
  • International Market Research - Commodity Trending Analysis
  • Global Raw Material Sourcing Buyer and Supplier Dovetailing
  • Purchasing and Procurement Process Audits
  • Purchasing and Procurement Optimization
  • Supplier Diversity
  • Supplier Process Audits
  • Supplier/Warehouse Logistics
  • Raw Material Supplier Optimization
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis
  • ABC Analysis (80/20)
  • Profit Enhancement
  • Copacker Identification and Development
  • Board and Investor Recommendations
  • Procurement Team Building
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • New Product Support and Development
  • Raw Material Contract Negotiations
  • Manufacturing Support
  • New Product Development




  • Director responsible for managing new and existing domestic and international Copacking business development, identifying regional raw material ingredient and packaging sources, and continually optimizing all supply chain logistics and opportunities. Raw material purchasing strategy successes resulted in average 15% year-over-year annual cost saving savings (not just cost avoidance), as well as improving all process from just efficient, to effective.
  • Responsible for negotiating and directing production raw material purchases exceeding $750+ million in annual domestic and international raw material spend, not including Copack or POS spend.
  • Responsible for creating, reviewing, negotiating, and co-approving multi-million-dollar Contracts and Purchase Orders for raw materials and Copacker Agreements.
  • Responsible for tracking commodity and non-commodity ingredient and packaging market conditions, i.e. Platts (LME Metal pricing), Pulp and Paper (Corrugate), and various other key commodity market reports. All data was collected and tracked in a SAP and Office Suite Metric Packages, analyzed, and used to determine short and long-term production and procurement strategies.
  • Lead or assist cross-functional product development teams.
  • Corporate Supply Chain and Purchasing Director responsible for managing all corporate procurement and co-packing activities, including Point of Sale (POS), and international strategic supply chain sourcing.
  • Responsible for negotiating and directing raw material purchases exceeding $450 million in annual domestic spend, not including POS, Copacker Fees, or international production raw material spend.
  • Responsible for creating, reviewing, negotiating, and co-approving multi-million-dollar Contracts and Purchase Orders for raw materials and Copacker Production Agreements.
  • Lead or assist multifunctional product development teams and buyers responsible for new product development, test runs and regular monthly production of over 586 premium beverage SKU’s.
  • Responsible for tracking commodity and non-commodity market conditions for key ingredient and packaging components, i.e. Platts (LME Metal Indicators), Pulp and Paper, and key commodity market reports. All data is collected and tracked in a Metric Package, then analyzed and used for short and long-term procurement stratification. Metric samples can be provided upon request.
  • Beverage experience includes the following categories:
  • Monster Energy and Peace Tea Beverages - Carbonated Cold Fill, Hot Fill, Tunnel Pasteurized, and Retort (Java/Coffee)
  • Hansen’s Natural Beverages - Soda, Juice, Lemonade, Tea, Vitamin Water, Energy and Functional
  • Reported to Sr. Vice President of Operations Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.




  • Responsible for managing all Supply Chain and Material Control functions, including vendor management systems and Sourcing Strategy. Designed and built first Hardware Kanban system to support manufacturing operations. This resulted in an average 30% reduction in steps taken, as well as significantly mitigated stock-out situations, improving manufacturing output.
  • Manage Purchasing, Planning, Inventory Warehouse, Shipping and Receiving departments.
  • Ensured the continuous flow of industrial, aerospace, nuclear and MROSS raw material requirements.
  • Primary focus was on manufacturing production fill-rate, supplier on-time delivery, supplier performance and overall plant efficiency of Supply Chain, while maintaining accurate warehouse inventories and manufacturing KANBAN Systems.
  • Reported to Director of Operations.


Confidential, DivisionIrvine California


  • Sr. Buyer responsible for all procurement activities for Solenoids, Sheet Metal, Valves and Rubber Commodities.
  • Manage strategic optimization of suppliers, including lean activities and savings programs/projects.
  • Negotiated spot buy and long-term pricing agreements (LTA). Successfully achieved aggressive monthly productivity targets that include NPA/LTA penetration, price over price reductions, 100% on-time delivery, quality escapes and acceptable JIT inventory levels.
  • Project Management experience includes cost reduction initiatives on the V2500 program, as well as creating and implementing organizational changes and aggressive recovery plan for critical source-controlled Solenoid supplier.
  • Reported directly to Purchasing Manager.


Confidential, Inc, Lake Elsinore, California


  • Responsible for all executive management aspects of commercial and military electronics contract manufacturing facility.
  • Direct reports included Quality Manager, Operations Manager, Engineering Manager, Manufacturing Manager and Information Technology Manager.
  • Major customers included Defense Supply Center Richmond, Defense Supply Center Columbus, North Island Naval Base, Confidential International and Lockheed Martin.
  • Experienced with FAR and DFAR.
  • Reported directly to the Chairman of the Board of Directors.


Confidential, Tucson, Arizona


  • Founder and President of Confidential, LLC officially formed as an LLC in 2000. Company provided niche strategic management assistance in professional procurement organizations.
  • In addition to having overall responsibility for company operations, also responsible for financial management and P&L for the company, which employed 2 full time, 2-part time employees.
  • For 6 years, researched and optimized the supply chain for Confidential International, as well as other small to medium sized manufacturing businesses.
  • Focused heavily on converting from efficient tactical purchasing philosophy, to profitable and effective Supply Chain Management practices in accordance with CPM as APICS principles.
  • Regular win-win contract negotiations resulted in multi-million-dollar savings and annual supplier growth opportunities.


Confidential,Tucson, Arizona


  • Responsible for all Strategic Supply Chain Management activities for electronics components.
  • Lobbied for and created first Strategic Sourcing Team at Confidential Tucson Division which led to first year cost savings goal (not avoidance) of 25%, year two of 20%, and subsequent years never below 10%.
  • Managed strategic reduction and optimization of over 400 electronics suppliers.
  • Managed multiple cross-functional projects teaming with numerous planner/buyers, engineers, quality management and support personnel to achieve aggressive monthly productivity targets.
  • Traveled extensively across the U.S. to train other Confidential divisions on proper strategic sourcing methods, as well as lead supplier supply chain audits and contract negotiations.

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