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I.t. Manager Resume

New Jersy, NJ

I am looking for a position as a Lead Developer / Analyst. I specialize in converting old antiquated solutions or business processes that need to be automated in a timely manner. Some of the solutions have been to take manually maintained processes and create a programming solution that includes data capture and reporting. I have also many times taken something written in Microsoft Access, Lotus Notes or other system and created a full Database solution using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and a UI Programming solution, (my choice), to provide a fully functional up to date business solution. I GET RESULTS please be sure to read carefully my last 2 positions regarding your current needs i.e Asereth Medical and Allianz..

Employment History:
3/2008 – PRESENT Confidential,

I am still at this position

I.T. Manager / Programmer / Analyst:
I continue to support the systems I wrote and although currently I do not have any permanent employees I am responsible for all outside vendors. I have written many new enhancements our systems from Visual VB 2008 modules that make API calls to interface between our Laserfiche Imaging system and our AMS Powerbuilder application as well as moving from Powerbuilder 9.0.3 to Powerbuilder 12.5.1 classic and Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Additionally I have written 2 in house IT Applications using PB .NET (PB 11.5.1) as an intranet application.

2/2003 – 3/2008 Confidential,

-- Changed status from 1099 Consultant to Full time employee March 1st, 2008.

While the owner of Asereth was inspecting the building of National Auto for purchase he asked if I knew any programmers that had knowledge about Microsoft Access. This ended up in a 6 year contracting position which I worked while I was an employee for Allianz. During that period I retained the services of 2 individuals for 9 months and I redesigned and rewrote all of their CRM, Scheduling, and Billing Systems in Powerbuilder 8 attached to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database which converted from Microsoft Access 2.0 (Very old). Later I converted the systems to Powerbuilder 9 and very recently to Powerbuilder 12.1 attached to Microsoft SQL Server 2008. The above Systems interface with Mas-90 Accounting and Paychex Payroll Systems as well as making calls into the Laserfiche Imaging API using a .NET interface I built to link our AMS System with all online Documents.

5/2003 – 1/2008 Confidential,
Sr. Programmer Analyst:
Hired as the Lead to help develop and maintain Documentum Imaging system interfacing into their Cosmos Claims and Policy Production Systems written using a Powerbuilder 8.5 front end accessing Sybase and Oracle databases. During my employment I was a major player in several Powerbuilder upgrades to version 10.5 and 4 major conversion efforts that allowed us to acquire several books of business. Additionally, I was responsible for the invention of several processes that would allow movement of claims and all related transactions from one policy / coverage(s) to another with several clicks of the mouse all using stored procedure(s) and trigger(s) called from the Powerbuilder front end.

10/2000 – 8/2002 Confidential,
Sr. Programmer Analyst:
I took a full relocation package with signing bonus to join National Auto’s programming staff. Currently working on a full California Property / Auto Policy Writing / Issuance and Claims system using Powerbuilder 8.0.1 with PFC and How Application frameworks interfacing to an MS SQL 2000 SQL Server backend. The system includes a database of 300 tables, with approx 375,000 lines of code. Additionally the policy print system uses Microsoft VB 6.0 that I have maintained on an occasion and in the process of converting to Visual Basic.NET. Some of my accomplishments were to provide bulk billing, enhance the billing system, help implement rating, a full vendor subsystem, re-write the claims system, enhance the interfaces into the Freedom Accounting system, rewrite the commission review sub-system originally written in MS Access, modification of some datawindows to use stored procedures, implemented billing history tracking using insert, update, and delete triggers, occasionally used as stand by DBA, and do daily production maintenance. Within my first year I was named employee of the month.

1/1980 – 9/2000 Confidential,
Sr. Systems Consultant II:

(1996 – 2000) Excess & Select Group
Served as project manager for full-lifecycle development of a mandatory Texas state reporting for commercial auto business run thru our Texas MGA Home State County Mutual. This system was written entirely in Powerbuilder 6.5 that accessed Sybase tables on our Unix server based in Chicago. Additionally this system made extensive use of OLE to create Microsoft Excel worksheets and also automatically generated Emails to deliver the Spreadsheets and files to Home State County Mutual email server. During this time I received several special performance bonuses.

During this period of time I was the Team Lead for the MRL application. This application is their current Premium booking and Policy print system. The system was designed using Powerbuilder 3.0 and upgraded to 6.5. The system implemented a 2-tier architecture that feeds a DB/2 MVS Database on the IBM 3090 Mainframe. My responsibilities included meeting with clients to gather requirements, do rapid application design/development, implementation, and many cases training. I had sole responsibility for bringing up 4 lines of business along with implementing policy print.

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