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Consultant Resume

Certification: Certified an “IEEE Wireless Communication Professional®” (WCP) by the IEEE Communications Society. This certification is awarded to those who have demonstrated abilities in RF engineering, RF propagation, antennas; access technologies; network architecture; network management; and security; as applied to a variety of wireless technologies including: CDMA, legacy 3GPP, 4G LTE, and WiFi. Experience preparing test plans and procedures; for customer acceptance testing and compliance with standards. Experience with Microwave and Wireless PHY layer test equipment. Strong understanding of Radiated Performance measurements and RF techniques. Software Available: I have experience in MATLAB and SPICE (both of which I have on my personal computers); and also with Agilent ADS. I have also taken a brief introduction to LabView, given by National Instruments. Present Position: November 2010 to Present: Consultant for communications systems, millimeter-wave, microwave, RF, audio, video, radio, and television applications. Available for contract work. Previous Experience: Confidential October 1983 to November 2010 Design, analysis, development, and test of Civilian Communications Systems, Military Communications Systems, and Air Traffic Control Radar. Development of system simulations, analysis, specifications and proposals. Initial design of overall system being modeled. System optimization via variation of system parameters. Used Agilent Advanced Design System (ADS) and MATLAB. Emphasis on Microwave and Radio Frequency Hardware Systems Design for Communications and Air Traffic Control Radar. Confidential August 1977 to October 1983: Design of RF and analog hardware for adaptive antenna and Identification Friend-or-Foe Systems. Analysis of finite-dynamic range effects on Spread-Spectrum Communications Systems. Confidential August 1976 to August 1977: Design and test of high-power microwave control devices. Confidential June 1974 to August 1976: Measurement and analysis of millimeter-wave propagation through the troposphere. Design of millimeter-wave radiometers. Patents: Confidential Wesley G., U.S. Patent 5,963,599, “Truncated maximum likelihood sequence estimator,” October 5, 1999. Confidential Steven, Brodsky; Wesley G., 7,346,125, “Method and device for pulse shaping QPSK signals,” March 18, 2008. Papers published openly: Confidential RF Subsystem Design for Microwave Communication Receivers. IEEE MILCOM 1987. Confidential: Digital communications and spread spectrum systems, Communications Magazine, IEEE, Volume: 25, Issue: 9, 1987, Page(s): 62 – 63. Confidential Blatt, H.; Brodsky, W.G.; Senne, K.D.; Controlling Adaptive Antenna Arrays with the Sample Matrix Inversion Algorithm, Aerospace and Electronic Systems, IEEE Transactions on, Volume: AES-1, Issue: 6, 1979, Page(s): 840 – 848. Education: B.S. (Electrical Engineering) M.S. (Electrical Engineering)

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