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Performance Engineering Lead, Team Lead/project Manager Resume

Littleton, MA


  • Quality assurance testing using a mix of automated and manual testing JVisual VM bug tracking tools, source control, load analysis, mobile and cloud technology testing tools.
  • Dedicated and motivated Performance Engineering Lead, Project Manager, Innovation Lead and Security Architect who specializing in Cloud and Mobile platforms, performance, scalability, project delivery, team management, strategy and security regulations with extensive hands - on experience.
  • Successful in implementing strategies for performance testing that closely follow production environment.
  • Subject matter expert in applying methodologies processes and procedures in the execution cloud and mobile platform environments.
  • Fact based decision maker with excellent analytical abilities, a demonstrated aptitude to learn, and utilize new and complex technologies.
  • Have multiple patents and publications.


Automation Tools: Jenkins, Confidential Traveler simulation tool, tesnsf, LoadRunner, Rational PT, Confidential Outlook simulation tool, tproof, VUGenerator, Performance Center 12.xx

Operating Systems: Windows 20012 64-bit Server and prior; Linux 7 and prior; Unix/AIX, iOS, Android, BES, Windows Phone

Databases/Tools: DB2, Tivoli Security Directory Suite MS SQL Server Management Studio; Oracle SQL Developer, MS SQL, Oracle

Languages: Java; Python, Ruby, C/C++, J2EE, DDL, SQL XML; HTML; AJAX; JDK; JSP, REST API, JSON,JS

Software/Tools: WebSphere; VMWare; VPN, SSO; HTTP; Confidential IP vulnerability scan, MS Project, Apache Tomcat; IIS; .Net; J2EE; JRE; Putty; LAMP; FileZilla; CVS; TFS; SharePoint; InstallShield; RPT, WebSphere Edge server, F5, New Relic, TDI, Verse, Domino, Notes, shell script; Sametime; Confidential Connections; Confidential Traveler MQ Series; REST API, F5, iRules, Chef, GitHub, Outlook on Domino, Chef, Verse, JVisual VisualVM,JVM, SOAP, JMeter, Heat dump, Thread dump, GC Analysis, JIRA, LoadBalancer, Confidential Heap analyzer, Selenium, JMeter, PhantomJS, CasperJS, Silk Performer, NewRelic, Jprofiler, TestNG, SoapUI, Appium, Postman/Jetpacks


Confidential, Littleton, MA

Performance Engineering Lead, Team Lead/Project Manager


  • For European customer with connectivity problems between 2 datacenters: Lead a team to research latency affects on connectivity between primary and auxiliary databases in Confidential datacenters. Implemented software solution to create variable latency in testing environment. This allowed my team to model the cause of the situation and provide a solution and recommendations on how to avoid latency problem when flipping datacenters.
  • Provided operational expertise and leadership to cross-functional teams comprised of 10-20 performance engineers & testers across multiple geographies
  • Developed operational plans and monitoring strategies
  • Resolved similar performance and scalability problems in cloud environment for Blue Cross and Blue Shield.
  • Increased application quality and load by performing regression testing on LoadRunner and Silk Performer
  • Created innovative and differentiated offerings, stayed relevant and in sync with market demand.
  • Delivered advisory services in support of technology enabled business change, i.e. package & third party integrator selection, vendor selection, application studies, solution architecture and program diagnostics and recovery.
  • Identified and assessed complex problems and created solutions that require in-depth evaluation of variable factors which are implemented by the team.
  • Identified and assessed problem of creating large corpus of data for Watson machine learning and performance testing
  • Delivered projects in timely manner through all phases in accordance with quality standards and regulations
  • Build and maintains effective and efficient operations team
  • Found and isolated problem with JRE within a major product line. Located and insulated part of the JRE, which was causing a slow down. Then worked with Oracle-Java team and Confidential -Java team to produce SR to eliminate the problem.
  • Built a tool to simulate MS Outlook client in Confidential ’s Cloud environment. Isolated bugs, implemented solution.
  • Resolved security problem on Confidential Security Directory. The directory lacked proper schema attributes. Designed a process with Confidential to create necessary subset of attributes for Confidential schema and eliminated major security glitch for anyone who implemented Confidential attributes in the future.
  • Lead a team to test Domino mail servers against mobile clients: Confidential Traveler and Outlook 2013 on Domino. Performance and scalability on SCN cloud and on premises. This improved benchmarking, testing and performance before deploying to production environment. Isolated bottlenecks and addressed them before deploying to production. Created real time information on test performance, connected and configured environment to New Relic, created customized dashboards as needed across entire system. Used Jenkins jobs to automate entire processes. This strategy saved the company millions of dollars in expenses and downtime.
  • Tested performance and scalability in Cloud (SaaS) and Mobile platforms for messaging and collaboration part including mobile devices. Used templates scripts, modified script written on Python and Bash. Monitored and analyzed results by using Confidential . That led to customer’s satisfaction and applications improvements
  • Simultaneously ran Confidential Traveler on premises testing with teams in Confidential Ireland and Confidential China, thus preventing regression before it was pushed to production.
  • Created new cluster closely mimicking production environment, including hardware configuration. Installed operating systems, deploying parts of the environment using the same tools and methods as in production (databases, mail clusters, Tivoli security servers, Traveler and Outlook 2013 servers on mail servers and other vital parts of the environment).
  • Worked closely with cloud tools developers to insure correct deployment and configuration of tools created for databases and Confidential servers in our cloud environment
  • Proceeded server’s administration, security and configurations
  • Lead CPU, memory and Network and I/O profiling, which allow for better scalability recommendation for customers.
  • Improved product and process security through company regulations and standards
  • Monitored automated security testing tools such as Confidential IP vulnerability scan and other
  • Drive implementations of high-quality cloud solutions
  • Lead Scrum teams by using Agile Processes

Confidential, Westford, MA

Senior Software Engineer/Team lead/Project Manager


  • Played a key role in insuring Confidential and security configurations for whole Confidential, testing and production using different Confidential servers and Tivoli Access Manager/WebSeal technology.
  • Improved development, testing and support efforts throughout Confidential teams around the world offering stable, consistent and state of the art security components as a part of their offering
  • Saved development and testing time by performing troubleshooting of log files’ results for Confidential authentication and security problems with focus on undelaying databases
  • Provided feedback to improve the test process
  • Developed operational plans and monitoring strategies
  • Managed project delivery in phases, coordinated implementation and communication with stakeholders and technology groups
  • Provided guidance and knowledge share with corresponding teams in Ireland and China

Confidential, Westford, MA

Senior Lead Test Engineer


  • Improved the product by playing key role in applications design process
  • Led the PIE efforts on multiple projects that maintained good relationship with company clients and partners
  • Worked closely with development team through the entire SDLC to ensure delivery of high quality software
  • Improved database and application by backend testing on DB2, SQL Server and Oracle;
  • Increased application quality and load by performing regression testing on LoadRunner
  • Coordinated project test efforts including planning, designing, developing, executing, and working with internal and offshore teams; escalating and resolving issues, documenting test results and communicating status
  • Created detailed test plans and test cases; executed test cases and report defects on bug tracking tool
  • Provided hands-on and remote support to end-users; performed troubleshooting, system, and integration testing
  • Led testing of integrated systems with third party software that led to client renewing the contract as well as improving the system
  • Hands-on experience on back-up/restore database; set up environment variables; configured software logs; compiled views, triggers, and other procedures on TOAD Oracle tool. Those skills saved time and resources, increasing the available testing time
  • Identified database results in clients and master databases after using sync utility
  • Mentored junior staff
  • Created specification from Lotus for newly acquired Rational development tools like RPT to insure they usability for Lotus software testing

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