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Office Manager Resume

Gulfport, MS

Over 5 years of experience in Administration. Good eye for detail; organized and skilled in setting priorities. I am an effective problem solver, thorough researcher, organized and focused in coordinating projects. I have strong analytical, writing and research skills. I am successful in mastering new skills through hands-on experience; sharp, quick learner and willing to get involved.

Work Experience

Office Manager- Confidential, Gulfport, MS

  • Acted as the manager\'s first point of contact with people from inside and outside the family business.
  • Screened telephone calls, inquiries and requests, and handle them when appropriate.
  • Reviewed incoming email, faxes and letters.
  • Regularly stood in for the manager, making decisions and delegating work to others in his absence.

Volunteer Office Assistant- Confidential, Gulfport, MS

  • As a volunteer, I maintained MSCAPC website, organized monthly Multidisciplinary Knowledge of record filing systems to facilitate research and/or to maintain systems containing substantial information and a variety of documents, reports, studies, and other reference materials including files or records containing confidential materials.
  • Adhered to all Guidelines include standard procedures that often lack specificity or are not completely applicable to the work requirements. The incumbent is expected to exercise judgment in interpreting information and applying it, as appropriate, to assignments.
  • Provided team meeting for child abuse cases. I provided assistance in preparing confidential documents and reports for different cases monthly and also scheduled weekly and monthly meetings and conferences.
  • One year of experience of in the field of social service and counseling, Ability to handle pressure situations and maintain the sensitive information provide innovative ideas and provide assistance to the community service.
  • Handled any and all saturation due to the catastrophe or emergency, 120 case and provide assistance, guidance and counseling to the people in.
  • I have the ability and the responsible for bringing in optimistic adjustments in the people\'s lives and helping them deal with the unpleasant and stressful situations that might occur.
  • Provided mentor support to the social workers assist in different fields like foster care, school problems, adult guidance, employment locations, treatment plans, etc.

TellerConfidential, Washington, DC

  • Responsible for providing suggestions on new products and services of the bank to the customers.
  • Handle the tasks of selling traveler\'s checks, savings bonds, money orders and other bank-related products.
  • Perform responsibilities of taking and recording loan payments from customers paying their bills at the bank.
  • Handle the tasks of sending customer statements updating the status like overdrafts or bounced checks.
  • Responsible for monitoring bank vaults to ensure that the cash balances are accurate at the end of the day.
  • Perform responsibilities of recording and maintaining the date and time for each transaction.
  • Responsible for generating and increasing sales prospect through quality referrals.
  • Perform the tasks of establishing sales referral and service goals.

Customer Service Assistant- Confidential, Washington, DC

  • Provided effectively verbal and written communication; Ability to use computer programs to create charts and slide; of record filing systems to facilitate research and/or to maintain systems containing substantial information and a variety of documents, reports, studies, and other reference materials including files. Correspondence and the service, counter, answering phones incoming and outgoing calls, documents, typing, data entry, taking signatures, preparing envelopes, greeting customers and handling other errands analyst, payroll supervisor, coordinate all meeting
  • Provided records filing that containing confidential employee/labor relations materials and other information. Provide an incumbent routinely has advance notice of personnel actions and access to management recommendations on confidential files regarding labor relations problems and grievance responses and answers. Provide schedule of all training classes.

BA in Psychology - Confidential -Online - Hattiesburg, MS


  • Ability to handle multiple priorities, perform tasks with frequent interruptions, possess written and verbal skills for effective communication, be competent in organizational, time management skills and demonstrate good judgment, problem solving and decision making skills
  • Windows and Snow Leopard for PC/Mac; Expert in all Microsoft software programs
  • 70 wpm
  • Experience assigning, delegating and directing the work of others.
  • Ability to correspond and collaborate with both peers and leaders
  • Ability to work under stress and respond to emergencies
  • Aptitude for examining, evaluating, improving and developing methods.
  • Excellent filing, bookkeeping, recording, computational, and telephone etiquette skills

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