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Developer /project Manager Resume


  • BI Developer with extensive experience performing in all phases of SDLC and MS SQL Server utilization.
  • Broad experience implementing end - to-end Business Intelligence (BI) solutions using Microsoft BI stack including SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services), SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services), and SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services). Have Multi-industry experience working in different roles on various size projects.


  • SQL Server 2014(17) SSIS/SSAS/SSRS(10) Visual Studio 2015(10)
  • Visual Basic .Net/6.0(12) Data Warehousing(10) C#(3)
  • ASP.Net (5) HTML(5) MS Access(8)
  • JavaScript(5) Oracle v10.0(2) XML(2)
  • DTS(5) MDX (4) Java/Eclipse(2)
  • Power BI(1) Crystal Reports(5) Postgres(1)
  • CSS(2) VC++ v6(5) DirectX(5)



Developer /Project Manager


  • Five years Management and ten years Computer Project Management.
  • Developed fully functional Web applications using ASP.net, HTML/CSS/Java and C# technology.
  • Created documented and maintained Data Warehouse systems which contained new meta data, tables, indexes, optimization and stored procedures SSAS/SSIS/Informatica packages. Using SQL Server and Oracle backend databases.
  • Created new SSIS packages upgraded DTS to SSIS packages, maintenance work to existing SSIS packages for ETL, as well as new fields to cubes SSAS and business logic like KPI. Data flowed from SQL Server, Oracle 10, Omniture, Dart for Publishers, SAS, IBM/AS400/DB2, and SPSS.
  • Collected data from WuFoo, ZipRecruiter, AWS-AmazonSimple DB, unsolicited e-mails, Oracle, Sybase DB2, and other sources to be uploaded to a SQL Server database.
  • Wrote web frontends/apps, for browsing and mining new data. Frontend tier was built with ASP.Net, C#, C++, Ajax, Java, Java Spring, Tomcat/IIS, JQuery, PHP, Cognos. Qlikview and JavaScript.
  • Used PowerShell scripts and WCF in order to monitor server properties for users in active directories.
  • Mapped out job dependencies by using Visio and generated various other reports as graphs/charts, dashboards, etc.
  • Upgraded an Excel\Access data mining systems to SQLServer. The original system used SPSS and SAS downloads to Excel.
  • Utilized MS SQL Server 2014, ADO, Green SQL to establish UI and Backend tier connections.
  • Utilized SharePoint 2013 Wiki/List, Expression Encoder, Java, and ASP.Net pages.
  • Developed presentation reports that included what was completed, how many hours per report were left and most importantly what possibilities have been available. In Webpages, Crystal Reports, SSAS cubes, Excel, Visio, and SSRS sent to upper management.
  • Gathered end user requirements and trained staff how to use these new systems.



  • Developed programs in V.B. 5.0, Notes 4.5, SQL Server 6.5.

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