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Operations Project Manager Resume


  • Exceptional IT, project manager, and team leader.
  • Excellent business strategist, with a wealth of knowledge to execute project plans.
  • Great communicator. 20+ years of industry background with 15 years of senior enterprise level project management experience in ERP, CRM, large and small scale software and hardware upgrades/implementations.


Industry Experience: Health Care, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Telecom, and Government. Experienced with security, Data centers, Program management, Project Management, Business Systems Analysis, Product Management, HIPAA, FDA, IEC, Software development, Software design, Customer support, Risk Management, Marketing, Systems Analysis, LAN/WAN design/development, multi - state Telecommunications design (voice & data),, CRM & ERP implementation & integration, Oracle EBS, Mergers & Acquisitions, Vendor contracts and management, Software marketing, and Web business (& integration into back-end systems).

Methodologies/Tools: HubSpot, PMBOK (modified), Houston, AIM, ITIL, Iterative, Waterfall, SDLC, MS Project, Visio

Applications: Crystal Reports, MS Office Suite, (word processors, presentation, project management, publishing, diagramming, spreadsheets), outsourcing, Saleslogix, SLA s and corresponding metric reporting, netmeeting, Placeware, Webex, Mobile Automation

ERP/CRM/BI: Oracle applications, ETL, Cognos, Onyx, SAP, Platinum, Hyperion, ACT, Maximizer

Languages: .NET, Visual Basic, SQL, Unix HTML

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, Ingres, Access, Progress



Operations Project Manager


  • Implement time management system to better determine the most optimum usage of resources to development and testing
  • Provide revenue projections to management
  • Initiated a forecast model into an R&D environment that provided a much better response into the customer's needs

Project Manager


  • Helped move Genesis to a more robust SDLC environment
  • Expanded the role of testing in the delivery of product to clients
  • Led a project to redesign the student lending website and move the content to HubSpot, utilizing a marketing-centric approach, to enhance borrowers relationship with the company and encourage them to pay back their student loans

Project Manager


  • Lead compliance technology projects to align our risk management strategy with federal, state, and local requirements, while satisfying the needs of different business groups
  • Corporate/Investor reporting: led ETL project so external reporting is consistent with internal data, developing a reproducible view of corporate data
  • Develop business process flow for handling rejected data from external partners. Model the business process for executives to understand where resources must be added, training provided, and SLA’s/metrics established to understand deviations in quality of work
  • Develop requirements/process flow for determining prioritization of work, and the allocation of resources to that work
  • Responsible for full system change management integration into projects
  • Provided weekly status reports on project work to executive management, compliance team management

Senior Project Manager


  • Chart of Accounts conversion: led a project to convert existing GL CoA to new structure, inclusive of 500 reports, 31 interfaces, data security, and new responsibilities.
  • Business Process - new project roadmap: led a project to assess the utilization of Oracle apps, determine current use of standard functionality, and recommend a roadmap for the implementation or re-configuration of applications, including time frames and projected costs.
  • HCM re-configuration: led a project to re-configure HR and Payroll, and to implement Advanced Benefits. Included adding a talent management component and integrating it into the HR workflow.
  • Utilized MS Project for planning of schedules and resources, and tracked work effort per project plan.

Senior Project Manager/Consultant


  • Worked with Daimler security teams to coordinate off-shore/on-shore approaches to security
  • Applied Daimler risk management philosophy to data security approaches within DTNA
  • PC Lockdown: Removal of administrative rights; Replacement of administrative rights w/Group object editor
  • Data Classification: Identify all business owners responsible for share permissions; Classify data w/in the shares - Integrity, Availability, Confidentiality; Move confidential data to new folder w/in existing share for rapid identification; Provide tool to encrypt data within the new confidential folders
  • Mobile device encryption: Provide managed encryption service for DTNA for all mobile devices; Encrypt Laptops, PDA’s, any device with an Operating System that connects to the network
  • ACS reporting: Report any changes to permissions within shares to the share owner; Report (on demand) any access by a user to any file within the file sharesMethodologies:
  • Use a modified PMBOK, with IT General Controls throughout all projects
  • All projects are gated with a Quality Process management process at all gates - Identification, Exploration, Envisioning, Planning, Development, Deployment, w/a funding request after the envisioning gate, prior to planning
  • Currently converting to the Houston methodology, very strongly aligned with PMBOK
  • Used MS Project to track all projects, used it as an estimating tool to get project approval, tracked time and budgets within MS Project

Information Technology Manager


  • Responsible for operational and business systems required to run a gaming/hospitality/restaurant/IT effectively
  • Replaced an antiquated PBX system with a VoIP infrastructure
  • Responsible for design and implementation of technology for a 155,000 square foot entertainment and office complex. Led ITIL development for operations staff
  • Worked with government agencies/internal audit/revenue audit to ensure adherence to applicable audit standards. Streamlined service desk procedures, for maximum benefit to the supported users
  • Worked with marketing to develop requirements for additions to a CRM system, developed strategies, configured software, and provided training for over 150 users of the new capability
  • Designed a web-based customer portal to enable customers to view their transactions on-line, and to take advantage of various promotions by transferring accumulated “points” towards those rewards.

Senior IT Manager, Sr. Project Manager, Consultant


  • Westport Medical - dental surgical products manufacturing company startup, provided project management, business development, business analysis, financial structuring, technology and infrastructure, and regulatory work, functioning as a project manager/business analyst/program manager.
  • ONEview Financial, financial services company startup, provided business analysis, product development, architecture, UI design. Created reports to provide financial analysis of client’s wealth position, planning reports to help them retain and grow wealth. Architected the product as a web-based customer portal, enabling clients to access their financial data on line, and connect with CPA’s, financial advisors, or any other individuals that could provide assistance with financial expertise.
  • Designport - mechanical engineering design company, provided IT services, acting as an IT consultant and project manager.
  • Cornerstone - financial services company, provided project management, business development, business analysis, SDLC product development, quality assurance, marketing, operations management. Developed reports for independent investment advisors to show their clients added value, to make business decisions regarding profitability and success, and to provide auditors quick reports to show compliance with various federal (SEC) and state regulations.
  • SQA Consulting, software quality assurance consulting company - provided business development, marketing strategies, and sales, functioning as a VP of business development/investor relations.

Director IT


  • Designed and implemented a new product introduction process for release of newly developed/updated business systems and operational systems into corporate environment, including establishment of QA requirements
  • Developed disaster recovery and business continuity plans for the technological infrastructure of the organization.
  • Developed metrics for measurement of deliverables for the IT group, generated monthly reports
  • Was responsible for our corporate and outlying data centers, consisting of 90 servers in 4 locations, serving 850 users in 33 offices. Improved system stability/availability (from 8x5 to 24x7) in a heterogeneous environment (NT/2000/XP, Solaris, VMS) and using multiple databases (Oracle, SQL Server, Ingress).
  • Improved the desktop application delivery process to assure maximum uptime for staff, and ran SNMP tools to monitor the status of workstations and servers, to ascertain equipment maintenance intervals, and retire equipment whose maintenance cost exceeded its value.
  • Created a complete environment for applications: development, testing, training, and production (in each of the four primary operational/business systems)
  • Broadened scope of helpdesk from technical support only to a broad spectrum of user questions ( corporate, application, desktop, business). Significantly reduced cost of support by introducing more sophisticated technology as a solution. Drastically improved time to resolution from 24 days to 2 days. Developed and implemented a web based front end for users to know the status of their requests (self-help).
  • Developed standardized support contracts for technology in the organization; moved purchasing from site-centric model to a corporate-centric model, thus saving ~ $500k. Negotiated licensing agreements with vendors to minimize costs based on minimum guaranteed support levels.
  • Business process change leader for support functions
  • Implemented a substantial Citrix farm (8 servers) to support low-bandwidth remote end users and telecommuters
  • Supported MS Exchange, SQL Server, IIS, Apache, Oracle. Created scripts to automate processes.

Director, Senior Project Manager


  • Managed the corporate PBX
  • Created strategic, cross-functional teams as input for the business systems effort. Brought together marketing, sales, strategic marketing, finance, development, customer training, customer support, and IT in an initiative to provide an efficient communications vehicle for prioritizing and accomplishing projects to support business objectives (spawning smaller, tactical teams to accomplish departmental objectives)
  • Was a member of the team that created our internet medical records product, responsible for the technical design - included web-based customer portal (enabling doctors to acquire their patient records over the web, prescribe medication, compare their government billing vs. other practitioners, patients to communicate with their doctors), data warehouse, integration between CRM, ERP (billing), and web product, data translations to migrate between the three applications. Primary member of the HIPAA/data security team
  • Led a successful Oracle Financials implementation project (financials, purchasing: 4 months design, 4 months to implement): on time, in budget, required performance, integrated with the customer portal for billing.
  • Built dynamic, “web-speed” IT teams as company grew from employees over an 8 month period
  • Re-engineered the corporate Intranet to be the primary corporate communication medium; led an initiative to upgrade to a more functional, uniform format, trained department managers so they became self-sufficient in publishing material
  • Enhanced the extranet as a customer portal, enabling customers to submit transaction forms for specific work flows, and enable sharing of these forms between clients.
  • Successful negotiation/implementation of Sprint Telco services to MedicaLogic (significant savings from the AT&T billing, much simplification). Successful design/implementation of infrastructure to handle significant growth (fully redundant Cisco based switched network). Designed and implemented a 10 office, multi-state LAN/WAN network, including data, voice, and video-conferencing connectivity.
  • Significant savings in vendor negotiations with Oracle, licensing net savings ~$3.7M/FY99. Successful design/implementation of an internal data center for the Oracle applications. Designed & implemented an e-commerce strategy for transactional revenue generated from the web, with integration into Oracle financials
  • Designed & implemented data topology to allow for fast web transactions, multi-sourced data origination for customers, and data warehousing for reporting purposes
  • Developed intimate working relationships with all required vendors (hardware, software, security, etc) to enable the organization to rapidly expand into the 21st century. Designed and had built all IS infrastructure for new offices in San Francisco, Houston. Responsible for data security, and building security in outlying offices
  • Delivered VPN (virtual private network) solutions to bring field users into the corporate network. Brought video-conferencing to the company (capability to 5 separate cities) to improve communications (significant savings over air transportation). Brought in helpdesk software, to better server our customers, and establish measurable service levels for support. Responsible for Customer Relationship Management initiatives, and integration into the back-office systems
  • Managed all internal business systems (CRM, e-commerce, Oracle Apps, reporting, Bug tracking, Source Code control, e-mail, telephony, payroll)
  • (Successful) y2k project manager. Mergers & Acquisitions team leader for IT and facilities. Managed all requisite budgets
  • Supported MS Exchange, IIS, Oracle, SQL Server. Created scripts to automate processes.

Director Information Technology


  • Proactively led product and business strategy sessions for all middle-managers (CEO sponsored), creating a roadmap of projects needed to help the organization reach its strategic goals. Led customer focus groups to determine next or new generation of products.
  • Migrated data (ETL) from company CRM tools (ACT, Maximizer, and Brock) to a new, enterprise wide CRM tool, mapping all internal data into the CRM warehouse. Successfully led 3 ERP implementations. Created EDI interfaces to sell retail product (Sears, Home Depot, etc.)
  • Developed and programmed LENI, a Unix based, C programmed, Progress database real estate lockbox product, and TIM, a windows based, VB programmed, SQL Server database real estate and industrial lockbox product. The product was developed with a self-diagnosis feature, so users could evaluate and solve their problems they had with the product, all as a full featured SDLC development effort
  • Designed and wrote interface software to enable our customers to bring in outside data into their database, and to migrate to other systems (consolidation of sites in the industry). Wrote software to migrate customers’ data from the LENI to the TIM software. Responsible for software for internal support groups (analyze problems, help the customer)
  • Migrated company from dumb terminals to PC’s, including creation of helpdesk, building out the infrastructure, brought in all office productivity tools (Exchange, MS Office, anti-virus, browsers). Evaluated technology for new product development
  • Managed the corporate communications technology: PBX’s, fax’s, and email
  • Designed new building infrastructure for corporate and data center. Managed a data-center for Supra’s customers (ASP model), and created automated login scripts through terminal emulation software to help users become connected to the system
  • Designed, coded, trained, documented, and maintained an EEO system for HR. Developed software for the real estate industry in C/C++ on Unix, and re-engineered the product for the industrial marketplace in VB on NT, using SQL Server (later ported to the real estate industry) Supported MS Exchange, IIS, SQL Server. Created scripts to automate processes.

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