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Scrum Master Resume

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  • Skilled in Project Management from initiation to closure with experience in Product Development Lifecycle.
  • Highly skilled in Agile methodology and currently working in a fast paced IT environment that includes leading co - located resources.
  • Superior decision making, resource management with effective team building skills and working on multiple simultaneous projects.
  • On course for PMP certification.


  • Scrum Master in an Agile team with a role of influencing team transition from Waterfall to Agile software development methodology.
  • Proven ability to lead software development teams and to work on multiple projects with strict deadlines.
  • Leadership in a team delivering high business value products to customers. Delivered e-catalogs to 100+ clients, some bringing in over $70 million annual revenue.
  • Business Analysis - source, maintain, analyze and make reports on supplier and competitor data for use in customer conversions.
  • Knowledge of ETL (extract, transform and load) principles and processes.
  • Knowledge of J2EE, Relational databases, Servlets, EJB, Struts, spring and Hibernate.
  • Working knowledge of Informatica PowerCenter Suite and Teradata SQL Assistant.
  • Development skills in SQ L,VB, J AVA, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, CSS, HTML, DHTML, X M L, D TD, Oracle, H y b ris and CQ5.
  • Working knowledge of IBM Mainframe products Rational Suite tools, z/OS, COB OL A P Is, D B 2, SPF U I, D C LGEN, Q M F, ISPF, RACF, C ICS and Cognos.
  • IBM Master the Mainf r ame Contest - Finished top 1%.
  • Strong Problem Solving skills, Detailed oriented and Excellent interpersonal, team and work ethics.



Scrum Master

  • As certified Scrum Master, provide leadership, guide and influence project team members on Agile approach and practices in product development.
  • As scrum master, oversee daily scrums to talk progress and resolve impediments, sprint reviews and new products planning.
  • As Scrum Master, leverage expert knowledge of Rational Suite, Tableau and other software tools to coordinate team efforts with a focus on End to End Traceability from Project planning to End User Testing and generate analytic reports.
  • Use good judgment and risk mitigation to guide in making decisions on product development in fast Agile environment.

IT System Analyst

  • As System Analyst in a software development team, coordinate various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of applications like Requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and Code development.
  • Coordinate cross-functional meeting sessions to oversee projects through Software Development Life Cycle which included JAD sessions and developing and review of Change Controls, User Acceptance Tests and meeting Service Level Agreements.
  • Use good judgment, organizational and communication skills to guide, facilitate and mitigate risks during Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Provided support on code testing and reviewed results of Quality Assurance.
  • Lead the transition of final product to Production Support team and Customer by coordinating creation of final product reference guides, design details.
  • Resolved customer business issues by analyzing and routing issues into proper ticketing systems and coordinating resolutions.
  • Develop detailed project specification documentations with input from stakeholders to establish project deliverables, risks and assumptions.
  • Forecast and manage changes in project deliverables during Agile SDLC. |Thermo Fisher Scific

IT Content Engineer

  • As a process improvement champion, conducted audits and implemented faster more efficient data preparations w o rkflows using stored proce dures.
  • Demonstrated ability to learn and use multiple dispa r ate Content Mana gement S ystems like H ybris PCM, AdobeCQ5, SAP, Agility Multichannel, Media Bin, SQL Ser v er Mana gement all in one shop.
  • Leveraged knowledge of GUI and Tools like Oracle Developer Suite, Eclipse Java Development Tool, X M L, X S L, J ava, Imp ex and SQL to support development work and the various Content Mana gement S ystems.
  • Managed off shore Content Architects transforming data stored in disparate Content Mana ge m ent S ystems.

E-Commerce Analyst

  • As a process improvement champion, I introdu ced w o rk e f ficiencies by re- o r ganizing work process, coding m ac ros/stored procedur es and tr aining staff, resulting in 3 staff handling twice the work load previously done by 5 staff.
  • The new process introduced shorte n ed databa se c r eation from 4 da ys to 5 hours and resulted in a 300% incr e ase in output, r emoved ca p acity constr aints and allowed for quick deployment of more e-catalogs.
  • Collaborated with off sho re partn ers in Gr e at Britain and China on projects to e xtract, transform and load data for client content management systems in local language.
  • Researched and provided resolution of catalog issues raised by Customers, Pricing Department, Sales Reps and Business Analysts.
  • Managed the continuous availability of upd ated Thermo Fisher e-Catalogs by coordinating internal and external stakeholders to put together and maintain a pricing catalog package.
  • Maintained good working re l ationship with internal d epa rtments, external customers and their e-pr o cure m ent solution providers.

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