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Scrum Master Resume

Memphis, TN


  • Over Five plus years of experience in IT Software development,five years as a Scrum Master and two years coaching Agile Scrum in large enterprise wide IT projects for companies in capital markets and pharmaceutical domain.
  • Expert at driving the adoption and enforcement of Scrum rules, removing impediments and fostering self - management. Applying Agile Scrum/Kanban framework in mid (20+ people) to large (60+ people) projects teams in an enterprise environment.
  • Proficient in coaching, mentoring and training onshore and offshore teams on Agile/Scrum best practices. Achieved 23% reduction in project cost by transitioning to Agile/Scrum in delivering seven web and desktop based solutions for a major pharmaceutical company.
  • Multiple years of experience facilitating sprint-planning meetings, daily stand up meetings, sprint review, Refinement and sprint retrospective meetings acting as a servant-leader for the scrum teams.
  • Conversant with creation and management of Agile reporting artifacts like Release/ Product Burndown Charts, Sprint Burndown charts, Velocity.
  • Proponent of adopting Test Driven development ( Confidential ), Accept Test Driven Development ( Confidential ), Continuous Integration, Pair programming, refactoring, Automated Testing and Agile games such as Planning poker and affinity sizing.
  • Multiple years of experience working with Business Analyst to plan ahead and ensure product backlog is prioritized, pre-refined, and has sufficient detail, so that it is ready to be worked on by the team to avoid any downtime, ambiguity or rework.
  • Expertise in use of Agile Management tools such as JIRA/Confluence and SharePoint, MS Project, and Visio.
  • Instrumental in producing aggregated, system/product demos for key program stakeholders.
  • Experienced with managing teams up to a size of 20 plus in acquiring software and hardware resources.
  • Focus on engineering practices (code refactoring, pair programming, test-driven development/ Confidential, continuous integration, automated acceptance testing, teamwork, UML diagrams)
  • Coordinated software releases for multiple projects; including new development and builds, defects, hardware deployment.
  • Responsible as Release Coordinator for communicating, scheduling, facilitating, and coordinating the release of various IS related software updates, projects, and implementations impacting the entire project.
  • Handa on experience with Java technologies, apachetomcat and oops concept.
  • Ensured that needs of existing customers are being met with projects are being delivered on time, on budget.
  • Delivered efficient and reliable IT solutions and exceled in building/leading teams in high-pressure environments.
  • Strong communication skills with an ability to work effectively at all levels of organizations including executive and technical.
  • Used different techniques for requirements gathering such as interviews, Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions and brain storming sessions with key user groups emphasizing the scope of the project in order to provide key initiatives in working with users in identifying and defining project and system requirements.
  • Skilled at mentoring team members and establishing release processes to enable organizations to build products quickly.
  • Promoted and educated the entire organization to understand AGILE principles
  • Played a key role in the planning, testing, and implementing system enhancements and conversions.
  • Gathered business requirements from the user and created databases for the client needs using SQL.
  • Worked with Product Owners to ensure backlog items are properly and fully defined prior to acceptance into a sprint.
  • Assisted in building a business process model using Rational Rose, Requisite Pro and Visio.
  • Conducted several Requirement Gathering Sessions for gaining detailed requirements and finalizing Business Requirement Document (BRD).
  • Developed a process using MS Outlook to manage all aspects of a project virtually that allowed real-time updates, feedback, mitigations, and resolution to risks and open issues.
  • Interacted with Developers and Business Analysts to perform various types of testing throughout Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) and Bug Life Cycle (BLC).
  • Wrote Structure Query Language (SQL) queries to check proper data population in application table and for data verification to perform Backend Testing against Database.
  • Used JIRA to track bugs and Confluence to document project issues, agreements and decisions in team minutes. Solved issues with the help of triage team and multilayer support teams.
  • Coordinated with QA team to determine and develop Test Plans, Test Cases and methods for Unit Testing, Integration and Functional Testing based on testing requirements.
  • Managed and tracked program schedules, technical issues, and negotiated priorities against project plan to ensure key internal and external deliverables are met.


Tools: JIRA,Rally, SharePoint

ProjectManagement: Scrum,Waterfall, Agile,Kanban

Dataanalysis: Sequencediagrams, Activitydiagrams,Dataflow diagrams

Applications: Healthcare, auto,finance, datawarehouse,billingand payment



Confidential, Memphis, TN

Scrum Master


  • Engaged business/product owners in the creation of user stories and requirements. Refined user stories for development consumption, and maintained an accurate product backlog.
  • Motivated and supported program team members. Ensure they have the tools and trainings to do their job.
  • Held teams accountable for meeting sprint commitments, enabled teams to adhere to the process framework ceremonies.
  • Mediated, arbitrated and mitigated impediments with the team members and the organizational hierarchy
  • Employed best practices for agile methodology utilizing both the Scrum and Kanban framework, while operating within the department’s overall SDLC Framework.
  • Taught Scrum teams how to write clear/concise user stories and estimate them using planning poker.
  • Contributed to Agile CoP (communities of practice) by running Agile-Scrum and Rally training sessions
  • Tracked Project Lifecycle with Scrum tools (such as Story board, Action board, Backlog, Charts, Team room etc) using JIRA.
  • Delivered incremental value to business by implementing projects on time and within budget.
  • Presented program results to stakeholders of the business and obtained buy-in on future projects and programs.
  • Coached and mentored Associates on using the Agile methodology as well as setup and organized two Agile teams.
  • Interacted with Developers and Business Analysts to perform various types of testing throughout Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) and Bug Life Cycle (BLC).


Scrum Master


  • As Scrum Master, facilitated Sprint Ceremonies (Backlog Refinement, Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-up, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective) for Agile Scrum Methodology.
  • Excellent Communication, problem solving, public speaking, critical thinking, conflict resolution, facilitation and documentation skills.
  • Introduced the automation environment using selenium tool and ensured continuous regression tests on application
  • Discussed with the project team any issues or obstacles in the path of testing activities that may cause any delays by doing 'Daily Stand Up Meetings' and came up with solutions for the same.
  • Got a sign off on all the testing activities internally as well externally from Business Partners before the code is pushed to production
  • Well versed with complete Life Cycle Development process which includes Designing, Developing and testing.
  • Experience in Client interaction, Requirements gathering, Technical & Business presentations and end user training and exposure to team management.
  • Controlled and guided mobile technologies team, extended business solutions, in order to facilitate optimal implementation of business process strategies
  • Directed scrum teams to successfully develop corporate budget and forecast models.
  • Worked closely with the Product Owner to enable them to elaborate user stories with acceptance criteria and scenarios.
  • Served as Agile Coach. Coached employees on Agile/Scrum, Agile best practices and self-organizing teams to help in company’s digital transformation.

Confidential, Redmond, WA

Scrum Master


  • Coached the team in how to manage an overall release plan, velocity forecast with agile metrics through standard agile tooling such as JIRA
  • Supported coordination of work with delivery partners, Scrum Masters and helps remove impediments for the team
  • Drove continuous improvement and self-organizing behaviors of the team through active coaching
  • Recognized for outstanding achievement with “You Make a Difference Award”, honored for bringing the teams up to speed quickly on Agile principles and deliver the project on time.
  • Held teams accountable for meeting sprint commitments; enabled teams to adhere to the process framework ceremonies.
  • Mediated, arbitrated, mitigated and facilitated impediments with the team members and the organizational hierarchy;
  • Drove the Sprint release meetings, sprint standup meeting, sprint retrospective meetings and maintained sprint artifacts.
  • Created and maintained release burns down charts, velocity projections and project forecasts in order to create project visibility and enable timely project adjustments.
  • Built, pruned and maintained the product backlog with input from the Product Owner, Tech Lead and other stakeholders.
  • Established ongoing, effective two-way communication between the team and business stakeholders to ensure the team is meeting the customers’ needs.
  • Assisted in the planning, execution, and analysis of user acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure test cases and completed user stories meet the Product Owner’s expectations

Confidential, Tarrytown, NY

Business Analyst


  • An energetic, self-motivated team member, effective communicator in engaging business stakeholders and users in gathering the intricate flows of the business process
  • Performed Gap Analysis to check the compatibility of the existing system infrastructure with the new business requirements.
  • Discussing with SMEs across different businesses units to gain solid knowledge of the existing Credit Risk Calculation System and assisted in preparing an advanced Risk Assessment and ROI Management.
  • Created Requirement documents like BRD, FRD, etc. depicting business flows & rules, processing-sequences, use-cases & inter-dependencies using UML.

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