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Agile Scrum Master/ Project Manager Resume

Fort Lauderdale, FL


  • Over 10 years of experience including Agile Program/project management, Scrum Master, Agile/Lean IT development, delivery transformation, Operational Excellence programs.
  • Experienced in Agile coaching/mentoring, resolving “myths, improving development team motivation, process innovation, engineering practices, removal of project impediments, working with business/product owner to maximize business value and ROI in shorter period.
  • Experienced in Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) implementation and SCRUM tools like Jira, Rally as well as collaboration tools such as Sharepoint, Confluence
  • Experienced in executing large scale information technology system integration (web based) projects with high complexity of infrastructure, external interfaces, security, distributed development, data warehousing, and dynamic business requirements.
  • Experienced in Agile/scrum organizational transformation using proven roadmap, training/coaching and simplified rollout across teams so that progressive quantitative improvement towards maturity is visible.
  • Experienced in SCRUM based iterative incremental development showing increasing business value every Confidential . Experienced in ceremonies such as daily SCRUM, Confidential planning, Agile estimation, Product Backlog management, Confidential review/retro meetings etc.
  • Experienced as a Leader/Liaison between Business and IT/cross functional organizations for major business initiatives, conducting facilitation sessions with cross functional stakeholders.
  • Analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to assess current state, identify alternative approaches, and provide recommended To - Be solutions. Experienced in consulting variety of cross functional groups regarding business and technology solutions with necessary business acumen.
  • Resourceful in persuasive interaction at different management levels, stakeholders and process practitioners to get concept buy-In, quantitative status reporting, partnerships, risk management, issue resolution.
  • Leads innovation and advises senior management regarding programs to reduce cost and improve quality.
  • Practices collaborative teamwork, open communication, customer focus and continuous improvement to meet requirements within project/business constraints. Fosters Systems Thinking.


Confidential, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Agile Scrum Master/ Project Manager


  • Assisted in transforming teams from waterfall execution to agile/lean execution. Collaborated with distributed teams, Product Owners, Business Partners, Directors, VP to best align Product Development goals to technical deliveries.
  • Executed end-to-end agile projects across distributed teams (including offshore) and multiple product owners to achieve feature based delivery goals. The effort was to maximize business value with prioritization and incremental releases.
  • Collaborated in Big Room Release Planning, Release Train generation, mapping strategy portfolio items - features, initiatives to execution items- user stories.
  • Resolved team impediments in development and business collaboration.
  • Implemented technical best practices of continuous delivery, automated testing
  • Effectively deployed Rally to better management Releases, Sprints and manage data driven decision making using burn-down charts, velocity, portfolio completion tracking, Kanban for defect management
  • Collaborated in agile ceremonies including Confidential planning, retrospective, daily scrum, Confidential review.
  • Participated at Program level to improve enterprise-wide agile planning and execution by training, taking specialized workshops to address issues.

Confidential, Timonium MD

Agile Project Manager


  • As an agile project manager/coach facilitated agile transformation program from agile governance and coaching perspective. Resolved agile related “Myths” and institutionalized agile values/techniques at different levels(PO, stakeholders, tech leads, scrum masters, developers).
  • Coordinated with Product Owner/business stakeholders/tech leads for Release Planning, prioritizing product/ Confidential backlog so that dependencies with other functional tracks as well as high level delivery expectations are satisfied.
  • Facilitated Confidential planning with PO stakeholders and the team so that team commitments are in line with team velocity, capacity and business priorities.
  • Facilitated and provided coaching as necessary to institutionalize best practices like agile estimation using poker planning/affinity scoring, good backlog grooming, scrum of scrums to identify and resolve dependencies/risks/issues.
  • Facilitated agile ceremonies daily stand-up, planning, internal brainstorming, retrospective meetings.
  • Kept team motivated and resolved impediments/blockers to ensure seamless Confidential execution to meet the commitments.
  • Implemented Rally to manage product/ Confidential backlog, track team performance using agile metrics (burn down charts, velocity charts, Kanban)

Confidential, Los Angeles CA

Agile Program Manager/Coach

Environment: Java, Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence, ECM - Filenet, Jenkins - Continuous integration, Mocha/Jasmine (automated unit testing),)


  • As an agile coach guided multiple agile projects to achieve desired business goals for delivery quality and productivity. Facilitated/coached SCRUM ceremonies like Confidential planning, daily scrum, Confidential review and retrospective, Guided and practiced Kanban for production support management.
  • Guided/motivated development teams to become self organized, motivated and created open culture suitable for continuous improvement.
  • Coordinated with cross functional groups/leads and accelerated the cultural change and resolved the gaps with reference to SCRUM/Agile practices in both business as well as technology areas.
  • Coordinated with business product owners/stakeholders/ chief product owners to identify overall Release Plan/Estimation/Scheduling. Facilitated/guided backlog grooming sessions (Release and Confidential ) with product owner and team.
  • Coordinated with tech group and implemented Agile/XP technical best practices of responding to change (continuous integration, automated unit testing, pair programming, merciless refactoring, collective code ownership)
  • Participated in Agile strategy creation for coping with business demands using Kaizen.


SCRUM Master- Agile


  • Managing the Phase 2 development using Agile/SCRUM methodology with collocated teams of about 8 developers each. (Phase 1 was managed using traditional iterative development mode.)
  • Acting single point of contact with Product Owners and maintaining the Product Backlog. Leading the Confidential planning meetings and prioritizing the business requirements for the delivery based on immediate value.
  • Carrying out the daily SCRUM meetings with the team to understand progress (remaining work-story points), developer needs, issues such as development environment, SME need, tools etc. Collective brainstorming for identifying risks.
  • Deploying code reuse using the Deloitte ITASKA framework for insurance sector projects. Making the development process lean by eliminating the non value added activities such as excessive documentation.
  • Ensuring effective code and design reviews/unit testing to avoid rework for defects identified in delivery. Working with DBA/technical architect for database performance and tuning issues.
  • Overseeing configuration management, continuous integration, build, defect identification/resolution, functional/technical design/code optimization. Coordinating with state third party audit team.
  • Mitigating risks and resolving team issues with the stakeholders, product owner, PMO, Program Manager.
  • Participating in application testing with team and product owner. Improving the development practices further as per Confidential review findings. Managing external dependencies between the overall project delivery as a whole, other stakeholders, state PMO, infrastructure, production support, other technical leads etc.

Technical Environment: Microsoft .Net, Microsoft TFS, Microsoft DTS, BusinessObjects, Winrunner/Loadrunner, Windows 2003

Confidential, Westborough, MA

Project Manager/SCRUM Master

Environment: Java, IBM Websphere, Web Services, .NET, Brio, SQL Server Tools: MS Project, Visio, Share-point, Plan-IT, Team Sizes: 5-35


  • Leading multiple Agile development projects in the capacity of SCRUM master/Agile coach. Planning/executing the IT (Java, J2EE,.net Web based projects) and cross functional projects aligned with business strategies.
  • IT cost estimation and budgeting to manage enterprise project portfolio so as to achieve desired ROI targets Selection, Prioritization and execution of projects to meet business goals.
  • Making working partnerships with business/cross functional stakeholders to create enterprise culture of trust and transparency that are essential for Agile development/project management.
  • Forming skilled development teams, empowering them and ensuring that they are self organized to resolve minor issues. Implementing RUP OAAD, XP practices such as test driven development and re-factoring.
  • Coordinating with Product Owner to prioritize requirements/Product Backlog based on Delivery schedule, Confidential summary, Business Value based on ROI calculation.
  • Facilitating Release planning, Agile estimation (story points), Confidential planning, Daily SCRUM, Confidential review and Retrospective meeting to track progress, eliminate project impediments and setting strategies.
  • Creating metrics such as “Burn-down” and “Velocity charts” for each Confidential and tuning/adapting the subsequent Product Backlog/development/Release Plan to meet feature delivery deadlines.
  • Inviting active participation from customer in user acceptance testing for every Confidential delivery and focusing on pro-active customer collaboration rather than customer negotiation.
  • Representing the PMO group/Steering Committee for project portfolio tracking, Metrics, cost-benefit analysis, Risk Management, issue resolutions etc. Verifying project results with management expectations.
  • Leading cross functional teams to execute enterprise-wide initiatives. Resolving the technology, resource, customer satisfaction and product quality related issues.
  • Coordinating with various onsite and offshore vendors for application development/maintenance - SCRUM with distributed teams- Integration of different SCRUM releases, implementing continuous integration.
  • Implementing advanced project portfolio management tools like Mercury Plan-IT, Power-Steering.
  • Implementing Confidential practices across cross functions to achieve financial savings.

Confidential, Hartford, CT

Agile Program/Project Manager

Environment: Java, J2EE, IBM Websphere, Oracle, SQL Server Tools: MS Project, Visio, MS Team Foundation Server


  • As an Agile/SCRUM master/project manager, motivating business/IT teams to switch from traditional waterfall model to more business focused SCRUM development.
  • Working with business/resource management group and establishing single Product Owner roles for each SCRUM project. Working with Product Owner to prioritize User Stories/ requirements in “Product Backlog” based on business value created. Inviting participation of Product Owners in REALESE/ Confidential planning meetings to set project strategies/ Agile estimation validations/timelines.
  • Motivating team performance, removing impediments by business help if needed. Getting customer UAT done, showing Confidential delivery and gaining Product Owner commitment for subsequent incremental SPRINTS/ improvements. Tracking Confidential progress using Burn-down and Velocity charts.
  • Leading the healthcare alliance partner program to synchronize joint software/system development and implementations. Managing cross functional project teams and development dependencies to meet schedule.
  • Conducting JAD sessions for business solutions, business implications of change, Coordinating with system architecture team to improve design robustness (OOAD) for requirements in pipeline.
  • Creating and tracking Release/ Confidential plans with cost/resource allocations, Critical Path. Managing change, cross application dependencies, project budget, deadlines, resource sharing, application releases and implementations.
  • Coordinating across cross functional teams. Steering Committee/PMO bi-weekly reporting (metrics, performance, issues, risk)

Confidential, Torrance, CA

Project Manager-Agile

Environment: ASP, .NET, Microsoft Transaction Server, SQL Server,


  • Overall Agile Project planning, Incremental execution for “Dealer Daily” portal related projects.
  • Aligning business demands to IT business transformation solutions to achieve goals like improving “Time to Market”, reducing cost etc.- (Dealer portal with 50000 transactions per day demanding high business systems availability.)
  • Forming skilled development teams, empowering them and ensuring that they are self organized to resolve minor issues. Coordinating with Product Owner to prioritize requirements/Product Backlog based on Delivery schedule, Business Value based on ROI calculation.
  • Facilitating Release planning, Agile estimation (story points), Confidential planning, Daily SCRUM, Confidential review and Retrospective meeting to track progress, eliminate project impediments and setting goals.
  • Creating metrics such as “Burn-down” and “Velocity charts” for each Confidential and tuning the subsequent Product Backlog/development/Release Plan to meet feature delivery deadlines.
  • Addressing technical/management impediments using group brainstorming (e.g. application de-coupling, loose coupling between components for stable and faster release cycles, flexible framework for expansion.). Launching subsequent SPRINTS/projects to implement the time bound solutions.

Confidential, RTP, NC

Agile Project Manager

Tools : Agitator-Unit testing, Anthill pro-continuous integration, CVS-(SCM), MS Project, Visio, MS office, Wiki-(Online Project communication)


  • Creating/Presenting business case for Agile Global Delivery Model as opposed to Traditional Waterfall. Agile Program planning, scoping, estimation, integration, budgeting, scheduling (critical path), resource/risk management, and managing business stakeholder expectations.
  • Interacting with Business leads/PMs/Tech leads from cross functional units (Market to order, Customer Advocacy etc.) to understand the problems faced in IT project execution around people, process and technology. Understanding the problems around outsourcing, offshore development collaboration and progress visibility.
  • Developing a customized methodology based on best practices like Agile methodology, SCRUM, XP principles, Introducing tools like Agitator-Automated Unit testing, TDD-Test Driven Development, AnthillPro- Continuous Integration , Wiki- Team collaboration- (Also partnering with outsourcing stakeholders to get the best results)
  • As an Agile/SCUM master for Customer Advocacy group - Forming/motivating skilled development teams, empowering them and ensuring that they are self organized to resolve minor issues.
  • Coordinating with Product Owner to estimate release timelines, prioritize requirements/Product Backlog based on Delivery schedule, Business Value based on ROI calculation.
  • Tracking Confidential progress using burn down/velocity charts. Gaining customer confidence after every Confidential incremental delivery.

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