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Operations Support Assistant  Resume

San Bernardino, CA


  • Experience managing accounting transactions, procurement processing and managing client relations in accounts receivable capacity.
  • Excellent customer service, document analysis and management in accounting environment.


Operations Support Assistant

Confidential,San Bernardino,CA

  • Oversee, prioritize and coordinate critical customer orders in the Operations Center.
  • Work with various levels of management troubleshooting and problem solving various issues.
  • Support personnel on the warehouse floor on technical matters.

Procurement Coordinator/Assistant

Confidential, Ontario, CA

  • Analyzed on - boarding vendor/supplier application processes in coordination with Contract Administrators.
  • Recorded, documented and created process flow charts for onboarding new applications to review approve and set up vendor/supplier accounts on JD Edwards Enterprise One Accounting Software System.
  • Developed and formulated reporting methods/tools that monitor the flow of incoming/outgoing on-boarding applications to be processed.
  • Lead various administrative processes after following through on initiating a paperless environment. Finalized and integrated all current and historical vendor files into the Microsoft Share Point. Types of files that were integrated include vendor applications, various insurance documents and other sensitive materials. Utilized various I.T. processes to resolve end user matters and granting access levels.
  • Researched and compiled data reports and inquiries for corporate procurement purchasing of assets, equipment and goods/services.
  • Interacted professionally with business entities, insurance brokers/carriers and company executives and management personnel to resolve issues on insurance and indemnity coverage.

Project/Material Coordinator

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

  • Processed and coordinated material fulfillment requests that included securing financial tracking documents.
  • Supported Sarbanne-Oxley Compliance documentation and validation processes in verifying the delivery of materials, reviewing bills of lading to process approve payment authorizations.
  • Received material requests from project managers, project engineers and consultants, writing and issuing requisitions authorizing buyers to execute various purchase orders directed for material, equipment and special manufactured items.
  • Pursued all procurement process levels ensuring requisitions were reviewed, approved and were finalized into fully executed purchase orders.

Business Analyst

Confidential, Irwindale, CA

  • Oversaw purchase orders, issuing various change orders for the leasing of equipment and trucks.
  • Tracked and administered various analyses on functions and services performed for internal SCE clients.
  • Facilitated heavy invoicing, validating documentation, and issuing payment authorizations for rendered services through SAP internal work order and payment systems.
  • Performed analysis on departmental I.T. tool functions to document and better manage department operations. Created and developed various tools, step-by-step user guides, reference materials and various operational templates Assisted in the implementation of new technologies to increase the efficiency and the routine tracking of departmental functions. Letter of Recommendation presented for guiding management and taking initiative to help department successfully develop new work performance levels.

Bookkeeper/Invoice Specialist

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

  • Managed day-to-day bookkeeping responsibilities that included account receivables, account payables, and account reconciliations and company ledgers.
  • Reconciled and imported online bank statements for two separate businesses into QuickBooks 2014.
  • Facilitated online payment authorizations with large studio production purchase orders on Voya and other contract/purchase order administration systems. Facilitated purchase order payments, new requisition and change orders.
  • Provided periodic financial statements to accounting professionals and a CPA.
  • Coordinated technological interface challenges between QuickBooks and other integrated software support programs.

Project Management Organization

Confidential,Brea, CA

  • Assisted management spearheading uncollectable receivables; followed up with client issues on project invoice issues. worked closely with Accounts Receivable staff and Controllers Office on large collectable invoices for multi-million dollar value projects.
  • Collaborated and coordinated with various resource management teams to assist in the prioritization of competing Edison Projects.
  • Set up meetings, recorded meeting minutes, issued and disseminated actions items to attendees, stakeholders and management following through highly visibleprojects.
  • Analyzed and procured various file sharing archives with sensitive documents being kept in encrypted file sharing library per various government mandates (i.e. - CPUC Regulatory Guidelines, etc.) on highly visible projects.

Business Analyst I/Contracts Coordinator


  • Collaborated with senior leadership, advanced technology engineers and staff on new technology research projects.
  • Drafted and finalized Request for Proposals (RFP's) for government and institutional organizations for new state of the art technology and research projects, including project spend proposal spreadsheets.
  • Utilized budget practicing/grant planning for other government funded projects. Gathered and quantified project deliverables to invoice projects for university, government agencies and research institutes.
  • Projected resource management and budgeting for many RD&D portfolios (i.e. - new technology, environmental studies, joint research studies and other institutional projects) for the Department of Energy, Electric Oversight Board, Cal-Tech Seismology Laboratory, etc.
  • Invoiced project sponsors with assembled project deliverables in accordance to various service contracts and procurement agreements.

Executive Assistant/Assistant Contracts Administrator

Confidential,Santa Ana, CA

  • Managed and facilitated Vice President and senior management calendars, meetings and presentations.
  • Coordinated corporate events and managed executive personnel roles/activities.
  • Provided advanced administrative duties that included corporate and procurement performance matrix reporting with various project costs, vendor/contract payment and service level performance for construction projects.
  • Audited invoices on various procurement agreements with vendors on blanket agreements (Analyzed procurement contracts and issue vendor invoicing corrections as a tool to negotiate reduced payments).
  • Supported Contracts Administration management on blanket/dedicated purchase order management, payment authorizations, contract analyses on contractor performance, compliance and timeline adherence.
  • Created/developed senior management presentations. Developed procurement business cases to acquire services, assets/equipment and needs for new technologies that supported Edison's System and Power Delivery Grid.

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