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Project Manager Resume

Manassas, VA


  • Wireless/Telephony Services Implementation | Project Turnaround | Federal Contract Project Leadership
  • Senior telecommunications project manager with extensive experience managing a wide range of large - scale wireless and telephony implementations for federal government/business clients.
  • Leverage deep technical knowledge to proactively identify/mitigate obstacles, turn around faltering projects, restore client confidence, optimize processes, and consistently achieve project timelines/deliverables.
  • Excel in cultivating synergistic teams with high engagement, overcoming resistance to build consensus among key stakeholders, and leading successful carrier/utility negotiations.


  • Matrix Team Leadership
  • Change Management/Control
  • Risk Identification/Mitigation
  • Project Scope Definition
  • Business/Functional Requirements Analysis
  • Service Test & Turn-up Coordination
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Project Plan Development/Tracking
  • Project Lifecycle Management
  • Stakeholder/Vendor Relations
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Best Practices Implementation


Transmission Platforms: MetroE services, Wireless Point-to-Point; Point-to-Multipoint; Optical Fiber; MPLS; WAN; MAN; LAN; OSPE/OSPC - FTTC, FTTH, FTTB

Protocols: SONET/SDH/TDM; T1; DS3; OCxx; DWDM; CWDM; IP; TLS; ATM; voice/data; Metro Ethernet; VLAN; ELAN; VoIP; SIP; IMS; CDMA

Network Elements/Devices: Fixed wireless media; Nortel/Lucent switches; Cisco/Lucent data switches, routers, optical nodes; Alcatel Lucent - MRF, CTS, PCM, OMC-P

OSS/CRM: TIRKS; Government Networx/WITS3 Portal; client management systems

Desktop Applications: Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, Outlook & SharePoint; MetaSolv


Confidential, Manassas, VA

Project Manager


  • Deploy task management of internal, external and in-market cross functional teams ensuring successful completion of project requirements, scope, schedule and budget.
  • Launched critical dates required for on time completion of network activations. Evaluated impacts on changes to project plan and create potential work around solutions.
  • Appraised and identify risks, issues and gaps which could impact timelines and developed mitigations plans with cross-functional teams.
  • Prioritized and activated cross-functional team’s events as demands/escalations deemed.
  • Developed communication and summary reports for several teams for project review.
  • Created project agendas and meeting minutes for Project Kick-Off calls and maintained updated status for each project Point of Contact.

Confidential, Richmond, VA

Project Manager


  • Facilitated franchise agreements in several principalities based on permitting requirements, pricing for access rights, and easement rights from tower owners to connect fiber facilities/equipment.
  • Partnered with cross-functional teams and vendors to define requirements for fiber construction/installation and mitigate roadblocks; coordinated test and turn-up of fiber and Type II circuits with customers and carrier.
  • Initiated process changes that enabled OSP engineering, customer, and vendor to work together on timeline for incorporating H-frames at each of 269 cell sites—reduced H-frame implementation time from 5-6 weeks to one.
  • Proposed process changes to streamline site turn-up process and reduce ongoing customer service outages.

Confidential, Richmond, VA

IT Enterprise Technical Project Manager


  • Identified 15 sub-projects outside initial scope of work required to complete overall implementation—fiber optic characterization, microwave tower upgrades, long-haul OSP fiber optic transmission, last-mile fiber OSP execution to substation fence line, and OSP fiber conduit from outside fence to inside new security enclosure.
  • Assessed impact of sub-projects on delivery timeline, categorized sub-projects into four major components, and worked with sub-project managers to define scope of work, requirements, timelines, and critical paths.
  • Overcame resistance to changes in project scope and implementation of change management control process.
  • Created working spreadsheets/timelines for each sub-project and incorporated into a single MS Project timeline; implemented self-created Excel-based master project item/timeline tracking tool that was adopted companywide.
  • Implemented first site on time and two months ahead of video software application, achieving schedule target.

Confidential, McLean, VA

Federal Project Manager


  • Completed project to route fiber to a new SSA site in Baltimore, mapping best path using existing POP centers and facilities/colocations; integral in designing fiber path and new conduit system for two new SSA data centers.
  • Restored relationship with VA account by reengineering internal/external implementation process and securing buy-in from VA’s Confidential, leading to faster turnover of services and shorter timeline for project to provide telecom facilities to new VA disaster recovery center in Richmond—tapped by VA’s Confidential to co-manage account.
  • Managed initiative with Confidential to relocate SIP telco trunks supporting multiple government agencies; completed cutover of several thousand phone lines over 14 weeks, delivering project on schedule and with minimal fallout.
  • Analyzed risks and integrated best practices and change management control process into implementation plan.

Confidential, Sterling, VA

Senior Program Manager


  • Facilitated recovery of $3M in project arrears stemming from customer delays/out-of-scope SOWs; demonstrated fulfillment of deliverables, leading to achievement of year-end revenue for project.
  • Redefined out-of-scope SOWs and overcame customer change management resistance, gaining buy-in from customer program manager and director; built strong rapport with project stakeholders and external teams.
  • Restored team morale by cultivating open communications, introducing efficiency-enhancing cross-training, and initiating dialogue between team and VP of Sales that resulted in engineers earning a percentage of sales.
  • Collaborated with customer program manager and internal/external cross-functional teams to identify best practices for ATP testing and validate hardware/software components into customer’s IMS network.

Confidential, Herndon, VA

Senior Technical Project Manager


  • Integral in establishing business processes for fiber implementation projects for national accounts; created multiple business proposals that informed Confidential policy changes at the national level.
  • Managed project to bring fiber to 280+ Confidential customer sites and executed new services test/turn-up; led project management team’s negotiations with common carriers for facilities at 90+ sites outside Confidential ’s footprint.
  • Managed large-scale implementation project at 2,500 retail sites in seven U.S. regions; determined that majority of retailer sites were leased, requiring negotiation of easements and redefinition of project scope and timeline.

Confidential, Fairfax, VA

Lead Project Manager


  • Managed implementation of secure IP data network; voice, data, wireless, and video networks; and disaster recovery sites/help desk supporting President Elect 600-member transition team; coordinated with Secret Service, DOJ, and GSA on implementation logistics/security requirements—won Outstanding Project Manager Award.
  • Directed construction of dual OC12 fiber implementation—requiring large-scale OSP construction, cutover of DS3 circuits from carrier networks, cross-connection of data management centers/vendors, and coordination of security/environmental requirements—for three major cities as part of preparation for new FAA system.
  • Brokered IRU agreement with the University of Maryland IT/Real Estate departments for an asset-to-asset trade; provided 12 strands of fiber to IT at no cost in return for 20-year access rights to secure 3.5-mile conduit system.

Confidential, Herndon, VA

Senior Project Manager


  • Instrumental in creating/refining project implementation processes and reducing project lifecycle.
  • Directed, negotiated, and coordinated with carriers/franchises on multimillion-dollar Homeland Security directive to establish an emergency preparedness disaster recovery network for Washington, DC area counties.
  • Managed all DISA/DITTCO service requests and implementation projects supporting high-level federal government and military operations; conducted risk assessments and initiated change control requirements.
  • Tapped as lead project manager for end-to-end deployment of new provisioning software for northern Virginia region; executed cutover with minimal issues as one of the only teams in company to achieve successful turn-up.
  • Honored as Employee of the Year nominee/Employee of the Quarter; selected to train new project managers.

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