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Senior Project Manager Resume

Kansas City, MO


Execution - driven management professional with more than 30 years of extensive experience in all aspects of operations, including relationship management, project management, new technology implementation, finance and budget. Demonstrated success in executing banking operations, and cash management services to successful completion utilizing excellent analytical, communication, leadership and organizational skills. Expert in combining operation and business planning with tactical execution to achieve gains in performance, customer service, and cost reductions. Equally adept in start-up, troubled, and mature organizational opportunities. Willing to travel and relocate.


  • Proficient in MS Word
  • Excel
  • Access
  • PowerPoint
  • MS Outlook
  • Oracle
  • Visio
  • Windows 7
  • XP
  • Vista and FIRM Direct
  • Vector
  • Orbs
  • Windows NT 4.0 Administration Business Objects
  • AFS (Advanced Financial Solutions) software application
  • Hyperion System
  • Nixdorf
  • Lundy
  • Viking System
  • Remit Vision System
  • Track Point System
  • Rumba Applications {PEGA
  • AMMO
  • ARP
  • BPS-3000 equipment
  • Unisys-1900 CPU
  • Unisys-9190 reader/sorter tape and disk drives. Unisys-S4000 document lockbox processing system
  • IBM 3890
  • 1250
  • 1255
  • Bantac Systems
  • Data point 6000
  • 6600 tape and disk drives
  • Pitney Bowes 3340
  • 1863
  • 6100
  • Kodak Reliant 800 microfilmer
  • Unisys-DP500 Image Retail Payment System
  • Opex 5.0 B-26/AWS
  • S 40/TRP
  • Kodak NT - 130 reader/printer
  • Bell & Howell Inserters
  • Wausau Financial Retail Payment Systems
  • BancTec - 9400
  • Image Vision IP. Galaxy
  • Ucare System
  • Metavante Systems
  • Transaction Management System - TMS
  • Check Vision
  • Vector Image Exchange
  • Vector Resolve
  • Exceptions


Senior Project Manager

Confidential, Kansas City,MO

  • Project Management duties including project coordination; training, and communicating project status with all steering committee members and Senior Management to escalate issues.
  • Provided functional and technical requirements to carry thru all projects phases.
  • Perform updates to project plans, maintaining risk and issues lists.
  • Technical and operational compatibility assessment, workflows and presentations.
  • Completed marketplace & industry briefing to identify vendor short list.
  • Development of demonstration scripts to drive vendor selection.
  • Develop business requirements scorecard to evaluate scripted demonstrations.
  • Identify primary and secondary solution vendors.
  • Preliminary negotiating points for the selected vendors.
  • ITGB brief, Business Case and Presentation to use in UMB’s internal processes.
  • Prepared/documented business requirements, technical requirements, define interface requirements.
  • Create RFQ to validate technical compatibility, form a foundation for pricing comparisons, created negotiation leverage.

Production Services Analysis

  • Review and analyze user request for computer and communications systems, and recommend solutions to meet customer requirements. Information technology operations and support in production services.
  • Provide quality customer service to employees. This includes responding to employees inquires, troubleshooting all system and production issues and delays. Resolve appropriate incidents, escalate high-level issues and facilitate resolution, follow-up both by telephone and email, and internal service events
  • Conducted and monitored daily quality-control efforts to ensure accuracy and consistency throughout production services. Identifies and resolves application and service issues and any other questions that may arise. answers general applications questions.

Confidential, New Jersey

AVP, Regional Site Manager

  • Managed and interacted extensively with infrastructure technology department to ensure timely and accurate processing of daily incoming and outgoing ECL image batch files transmission at regional processing site.
  • Led project management team in the blueprint design, development, and implementation of Your Employee
  • Scorecard Access database system to monitor and measure employee performance/production/efficiency and
  • Identify opportunities for improvement throughout Commerce Banks 5 Regional Processing Centers forsome 15,000 operational employees.
  • Accomplished lowest cost per item, most items per FTE of four centers. Met deadlines 96.4% for the year reduced turnover to 41%, received “Best Overall Proof Center” award 2008.
  • Co-coordinated researched and assisted Infrastructure team with system upgrade and implementation for Advanced Financial Solution (AFS) 5.0 to 6.0 CPCS Image software processing platform.
  • Managed payment services for International/Domestic payment services via SWIFT, CHIPS, FED wire, ACH wire transfers. Act as point person for deposit operations, IP image wholesale/retail lockbox, RDC and other services.
  • Developed and implemented quality assurance initiatives and created methods to track and measure the effectiveness of quality assurance programs.
  • Managed and performed workflow analysis to identify inefficiencies in production and correct inefficiencies through process re-engineering.
  • Assisted with payment systems, image base technologies, call centers and customer service departments, transactions processing claims handling and adjustments, IT implementations internet and electronic banking solutions.

Confidential, New York

AVP, Operations Manager

  • Managed and responsible for timely and accurate processing of daily incoming and outgoing image batch files from the Federal Reserve Bank and other direct exchange financial institutions at processing site.
  • Managed and responsible for directing all operations associated with ACH, funds/wire transfer and compliance Electronic Data Interchange Operations (EDI), Information Reporting, and Currency Transaction Reporting.
  • Responsible for completing regional sites proof consolidation, improving quality, production, turnover and cost per item. Also responsible for computer and sorter operations, balancing, transit, distribution, and sign-off deadlines, 65FTE and a $2.8MM budget.
  • Managed remittance processing of ALS, ALS Home Equity, CPI, and McCracken loan/mortgage coupons for daily batch transmission files to IT department for release to Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
  • Managed multiple initiatives simultaneously, while delivering exceptional results that impact bottom line profitability.
  • Managed daily work assignments and monitor operations to ensure duties are performed accurately, in accordance within established procedures and deadlines.
  • Managed and support money transfer application infrastructure. These applications are carrying out payment instructions received via SWIFT, CHIPS, FEDWIRE, DTA, ACH, CMS and internal applications sources.
  • Managed staff meetings, interviewing, hiring; coaching, and training employees; assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplinary employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems timely.
  • Improve communications among operations, management, and frontline branch network by implementing an employee discipline process and documentation consistency worksheet; used by all branches.
  • Ensured that the responsibilities, controls, and accountabilities of all employees are defined and understood through proper procedures, training and communication.
  • Proven ability to work in a cross-functional, fast-paced environment, and to lead and drive complex operational initiatives. Ability to handle escalations and trouble-shoot issues efficiently and appropriately.

Confidential,New York


  • Collaborated with International overseas reporting team with maintaining monthly security access levels for financial and regulatory monthly financial reporting from approximately 160 systems feed locations.
  • Monitored and assisted Hyperion administration with performing monthly BAU maintenance for corporate reporting group requests via Lotus Notes, E-mail, or memo to established new accounts.
  • Developed short and long-term plans for operational processing for all relevant levels of teams leadership, with anticipated deliverables, outcomes, and required resources to sustain the transformation.
  • Participated in the planning if new and/or changes to the Hyperion Enterprise system consolidation for standard accounts, summary accounts and inter-company relationships for loading data loads into Hyperion source systems.
  • Assisted specialized corporate reporting team with critical logic change maintenance for international / domestic monthly consolidation system feeds for final paper. Troubled shooting accounting mapping relationship system feeds.
  • Developed and implemented quality assurance initiatives and created methods to track and measure the effectiveness of quality assurance programs.
  • Analyzes and evaluates operational procedures, recommends and implements modifications to improve quality and efficiency.

Confidential,New York

Project Manager/Consultant

  • Interacted with IT department to address system changes for interfacing the Viking system with the Remit Vision system allowing for automatic uploading of any adjustments entries eliminating human input errors to insure that Remit Vision was updated in a timely manner and resulted in a balanced report to the client.
  • Assisted customer service representative with nurturing a positive climate in the unit to encourage collaboration and d attainment of team and individual goals for departments.
  • Investigated and resolved discrepancies in reconciliation department with several months of backlogged of outstanding return items in transit proof reconcilement of EFT/POD/DTC cash letter adjustments process for general ledger suspense accounts with the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta Georgia.
  • Assisted management team with implementation of quality control measures within each workstation ensure timely and accurate completion of work and accountability throughout the workflow process within image wholesale and retail lockbox operation.

Confidential,New York

Project Manager /Consultant

  • Developed and prepared extensive spreadsheets for financial modeling using Excel. Researching, reconciling and balancing Chemical Bank & Chase Manhattan Bank demand deposit accounts to the issued file accounts.
  • Directed and planned the researched, reconcilement, of balanced bank demand accounts to issued files of accounts outstanding items in three major accounts New York Certified, Connecticut Certified, Personal Money Orders for New York and Connecticut accounts by utilizing various Chemical Bank & Chase Manhattan Bank in house reports and multiple mainframes software applications.
  • Maintained analyzed and authorized general suspense accounts for open items posted to bank closed accounts appropriately reduced the banks position by $3.8 Billion to Federal Reserve Bank issues.
  • Monitored all system general ledger posting to Federal Reserve Bank accounts to Banks demand deposit accounts.
  • Co-coordinated team of consultants processing centers in Wilmington, Delaware and New York, New York.

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