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Scrum Master | Project Manager Resume

Redlands, CA


  • Solid 15+ years’ of experience as a project manager/scrum master that encompasses program/project management using waterfall/ Agile Scrum methodology, in multiple domains including Entertainment / Satellite Television, Banking, Insurance and Telecom. Worked on large scale implementation projects for Fortune 500 organizations - Confidential, Confidential Bank and Confidential
  • Currently working with Confidential as a Scrum master/Project Manager.
  • Experience implemeting e-commerce web-sites /client server applications and ETL/ERP/workday projects
  • Was Responsible for stratergic projects for high transaction e-commerce site used by Confidential ’s 20million customers.
  • Confidential .com - web and mobile web site
  • Online streaming - movies & sports on Confidential .com
  • Blended kanban and scrum into "scrumban”
  • Exposure and understanding of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Demonstrate strong team player and interpersonal skills with the ability to build relationships across organizational levels and effectively deal with a team comprised of both local team members and off-shore team members.


  • Agile coach/Scrum Master
  • Project/Program/Product Management
  • Retrospectives
  • Technical Leadership
  • Communication/Collaboration


Project Management/ Collaboration Tools: MS Project, MS Visio, MS Office, Microsoft SharePoint, JIRA, Clarity

Programming: ASP.net, C#, VB.net, ASP, VB, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, VB Script, UML, OOA, OOD, OOP, Lotus Notes & Domino R5, R4.6, Lotus Script, Sap ABAP/4, Open text live link 9.0.0, BIG DATA/SAS, Business Intelligence software

Operating Systems: Windows XP, NT, 2003 Server

Other Reporting Tools: Test Director/Quality Center/ALM, Jira, Confluence, Kanban

Databases: ETL SSIS, BIZTALK, Oracle SQL Server, Ms-Access, Db2.


Confidential, Redlands, CA

Scrum Master | Project Manager


  • Organize and facilitate daily stand up meetings, reviews, retrospectives, sprint planning, demos, and other scrum-related activities
  • Track and communicate scrum metrics including team velocity and sprint/release progress
  • Ensure Agile/scrum concepts and principles are adhered to and make the tough calls
  • Help the product owner establish and enforce sprint priorities and release delivery deadlines
  • Assist with internal and external communication, improving transparency and radiating information
  • Coordinate activities between the integrations team and other interdependent teams--as integrations is about tying systems together, this is the bread-and-butter of this role
  • Anticipate and facilitate the impacts of new integrations or changes to business systems to dependent systems
  • Support team building and development by utilizing the abilities and skills of individuals, which can include:
  • Empowering and supporting self-organization
  • Facilitating discussion and conflict resolution
  • Fostering a feedback culture
  • Ensuring that proper tracking, monitoring, alerts, and response occurs in support of our production integrations
  • Analyze backlog tracking, burndown metrics, velocity, and task definition
  • Knowledge of development patterns as they relate to ETL and API exchange of data
  • Influence and drive teams to success using Agile/scrum/Lean practices
  • Experience managing portfolios, project plans, teams, and reporting
  • Knowledge and experience with databases such as SQL Server, MongoDB; ETL tools such as SSIS; event-driven integration platforms such as BizTalk; API management technologies

Confidential, Irvine, CA

Scrum Master | Project Manager Consultant


  • Manage Implementation of Complex and large Claim / Benefits / Fees schedule dental insurance system in Scrum set-up and Microsoft C#.net environment.
  • Integrate PDS applications with QSI dental product
  • Ensure projects are executed within cost, schedule, scope, quality and delivery
  • Organized and facilitated sprint planning, daily stand-up meetings, reviews, retrospectives, release planning, demos and other Scrum-related meetings
  • Track and communicate team velocity and sprint/release progress
  • Manage the lifecycle of code development, from ideation to sprints to deployment
  • Worked with customers and product manager to prioritize and validate requirements
  • Prioritized the backlog to meet the expectations of stake holders.
  • Removed team impediments daily to allow the team to deliver the sprint goals and deliverables
  • Work closely with PMO and Senior Management on strategic initiatives.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams Engineering/PM’s/BVM/Product Owners etc.
  • Recognize upstream and downstream impacts and to diagnose Project Problems and provide proactive project risk management.
  • Escalate issues to senior management and to project stakeholders in a timely manner for resolution to ensure successful completion of the project
  • Coordinated weekly estimation meetings to provide high-level estimates (Story Points) for backlog items.

Confidential, El Segundo, CA

Technical Project Manager/Scrum Master/Agile coach


  • Developed and followed agile project management plan (Agile Ceremonies). Facilitated build requirements log (product backlog) with cost estimates and priority.
  • Conducted Scrum Daily standup, Product backlog, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review & Sprint Retrospective meetings.
  • Created and maintained Kanban board in Jira. We blended the kanban and scrum into "scrumban”
  • Determined the team capacity (velocity) from historical data. Created Work Break down structure (user stories) and corresponding activities/tasks.
  • Monitored the project progress and radiated the information to stake holders. Identified and mitigated team risks and impediments (Blocking Issues, Critical Defects) on daily basis.
  • Business & Release Management to understand the vision of the product, prioritize and develop software release planning.
  • Communicated the progress to senior management thru 'Burndown Charts'. Monitored the Quality thru metrics and mentored team thru the project management processes.
  • As an Agile Coach Coached team members on agile processes and facilitated planning meetings and retrospectives. Maintained task board and produced daily burndown charts.
  • Championed agile concepts & methodologies outside of the software development teams, leading to the adoption of agile methodology.
  • Led and coached Product Owners to improve story writing & requirements gathering process, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Digital Advertising Projects which involved Split testing (A/B testing) with the goal of improving a website metric, such as clicks/form completions and purchases.
  • Working knowledge with Adobe Experience manager (AEM), OpenCMS, ATG Web Commerce and SDL Tridion 2013
  • Engineering projects which require web services related changes and SOAPUI tests.
  • Extensive use of Microsoft SharePoint, JIRA, Clarity and lync.
  • Responsive web strategy
  • Optimization of Confidential website, search and changes to global navigation rollout.
  • NFL IPad streaming for NY Zip code (integration project involving 30 applications).
  • Online streaming of sports, TV shows and movies
  • ATG / Web logic upgrade.
  • Customer Support / Answer station implementation.
  • Infrastructure project Global Load Balancing and 24/7 implementation.
  • Offered migration to OOM framework (integration project involving 15 applications).
  • Configurable Offers Interstation with Middleware / BI / Data warehouse.
  • Redesigned and optimized Confidential .com.
  • Moving to Omniture from Hit Box.
  • UI testing for mobile phones.
  • Upgraded Confidential web-site to support multiple browsers, smart phones and tablets.

Project Manager



  • Responsible for costing, estimating and planning project
  • Preparing Project Initiation documentation.
  • Responsible for ensuring best value is obtained for the project including use of internal and external resources/vendors.
  • Maintaining and completing Project Key Performance Indicators.
  • Managed full SDLC, from ideation, to discovery, to execution, then to deployment.
  • Writing detailed and summarized project progress reports.
  • Identifying, costing and processing any contract variations.
  • Tracking activities against the detailed project plans
  • Updating project plans to include agreed changes.
  • Producing accurate financial reports. Monitoring actual expenditure figures against project budgets.
  • Worked closely with Project Management Office, HR Partners to manage schedule and deliverables.
  • Collaborated with HRIS Director in coordinating HRIS activities on inter-dependent projects as needed.
  • Created the end to end program level strategy and walkthrough with the functional application teams.
  • Worked on data conversion and migration strategy with development manager.
  • Worked with HR Partners/IT stakeholders and application test teams.
  • Partnered with business users from HR and IT to validate end to end tests
  • Assessed change requests and scope changes and provided insight and testing solutions to the application test team.
  • Facilitated technical discussions on troubleshooting calls and facilitated resolution of functional test issues and Critical / High defects, as needed.
  • Specifically drove resolution on ageing defects that bounced between applications.
  • Coordinated and communicated project information across all applications / teams, PM, Business PM and HR Partners.
  • Communicated decisions to ensure project progresses keeping stakeholders informed of key decisions and impacts.
  • Provided Status Report to the Project Management Office group.

Confidential, Brokerage, NY

Project Manager Consultant


  • Lead implementation of options trading platform
  • Responsible for costing, estimating and planning program
  • Maintaining and completing Project Key Performance Indicators.
  • Managed from ideation, to discovery, to execution, then to deployment.
  • Tracking activities against the detailed project plans
  • Updating project plans to include agreed changes.
  • Implemented strong delivery practices (test strategies, issue management, risk management and decision tracking) and contributed to client implementation methodologies and management best practices.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Project Lead


  • The Audit Information System (AIS) is a series of workflow design databases that are used collectively to manage the ongoing activities of Group Head Office Audit including administration, working papers and record storage. AIS provides management and audit staff with a uniform desktop that provides an array of tools to carry out assigned responsibilities.
  • Project Lead with team size of 15 responsible for the following:
  • End-to-end project management which involved requirement capturing, managing the development team, estimation of efforts and preparing project plans.
  • Integration testing and regression testing.
  • Define SLAs.
  • Continuous process improvement.
  • Worldwide implementation of AIS.

Project Lead



  • Confidential, which is a part of In Mind suite of applications, is a Risk Management Marketing tool. Insurance brokers use this tool to create standardized insurance coverage specification while Carriers can use it to provide online quotations.
  • Web enabled forms from the Casualty practice and Policy analysis databases.
  • Creation and modification of Confidential Usage reports.
  • Operational and System Support of Confidential application.
  • Support, maintenance and enhancements to Confidential application.
  • Creation of an interface to Confidential application for data entry.
  • Extraction of data from Export data from 1800 Confidential ’s to txt file.
  • Integration testing and regression testing.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Designer and Developer Consultant


  • The objective was to provide web-based, intranet-based solution to their clients and distributors which tracks current inventory of the Engines provides visibility to Distributors (North America) to see which units are available for rent from Power Rent.
  • Stores Distributor Contact Information - which individuals are, contacts for what distributor and how can you contact them.
  • Power Rent can control their rate structures per distributor or customer that rents from them. Power Rent can keep track of who is renting their units and where they are located.
  • Zip code ranges are used to locate units that are closest to the customer.
  • Allowed registered Distributors to create contracts to rent Power Rent’s equipment.
  • Provided a way for Power Rent to invoice their Customers (Distributors) via GIEA.
  • Provided an area where Distributors complete and fill out Power Rent Forms.
  • Available via browser to North American Distributors.
  • As an Designer and Developer was involved in the following:
  • Requirement analysis for security and rates module.
  • High level and detail level design.
  • Development.
  • Unit testing and reports.
  • Integration testing and support.
  • Migration strategy from Version R5 to Version R6.0.

Confidential, Atlanta

Designer and Developer


  • Business Intelligence Builder ( Confidential ) is a tool used to centralize, gather and distribute information within the organization. It is used to analyze competitor and other information in standardized way and enables users to discuss business matters of interest in a networked environment.
  • Migration from R4.6 to R5 - They had to be web enabled and each functionality available on notes client R5 had to be made available for the web client. The application was designed to support the information management and KPI (Key Process Indicator) tracking of a company.
  • The Project consists of 8 Databases, which included Discussion, News Bulletin, Findit, KPI, Reports and Infobank.
  • High level and detail level design.
  • Development of Headlines module, Findit module and Question Answer module.
  • Integration testing and support.

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