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Project Manager/online Marketing Strategist Resume

Tampa, FL


  • Over 9 years of industry experience as Business Analyst with diverse experiences in the Banking, Tax and Financial, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Insurance, and Retail e - Commerce Online Marketing.
  • Areas of expertise in UI and Infrastructure Projects for Process Improvement and Domain focus.
  • Experienced in working with Business Requirement Gathering, Requirement Validating, Business Process Flow, Business Process Analysis and Data mining.
  • Experienced in driving multiple work streams in parallel - prioritizing key task, managing multiple teams / vendors, communicating task across teams, supervising end to end execution.
  • Experience in Managing multiple teams, Online Marketing, advertising and campaigns for e-commerce online store
  • Demonstrate excellence in all form of communication and people management across different phases of project.
  • Experienced in working as a lead role in managing the tasks and achieving successful results.
  • Experienced in working with Mercury Quality Center and Application Lifecycle Management.
  • Manage and develop all phases of the testing lifecycle activities.
  • Experienced in working with Agile methodology, scrum meetings, product backlogs, user stories, burn down charts in delivering artifacts.
  • Worked with SharePoint, extensively in designing forms, data mining to gather relevant information, reviewing and uploading templates and documents.
  • Experience in working with Data Analysis, Data Modeling and Master Data Management Database.
  • Created multiple Jira’s and Sub-Task Jira’s in tracking the requirements.
  • Experienced in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including Requirement gathering, Design, Development, Testing and Deployment.
  • Experienced in writing complex SQL queries to retrieve, aggravate and manipulating data from Oracle database.
  • In depth understanding of the AS-IS and TO-BE business processes.
  • Successfully creating business Requirement Documents (BRD), Functional Requirement Specification (FRS) documents, User Requirement Specifications (URS) documents, Use Case Diagrams, Activity Diagrams and Sequence diagrams using MS Visio.
  • Positioned in the center of all activities as a BA in the complete verification and validation process.
  • Showcase excellent communication and analytical skills.


Methodologies: SDLC, Waterfall, Agile

Business Modeling Tools: MS Visio, Rational Rose, MS Office

Configuration Management Tools: Rational Clear Case

Project Management Tools: MS Project

Testing Tools: Mercury Quality Center (MQC) ALM

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, XML, Visual Basic.Net, JAVA

Databases Management Tools: SQL Server, Oracle, MS- Access

Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux and Windows

ERP Environments: SAP and PeopleSoft/Oracle



Project Manager/Online Marketing Strategist

  • Involve in managing the overall project, from Strategizing, Budgeting, Online Marketing and Resources, Project Milestone, Product management.
  • Managing the teams of Online Marketing and Campaign communications, Product Marketing and Sales departments.
  • Captured the client requirements and converting them to BRD’s/FRD’s and conditions for new projects attributes and change requests.
  • Capture and author user stories and created use cases and test cases in order to identify the flow and efficiency of the user experience.
  • Analyzed, developed and executed creative strategies in achieving the stakeholder’s business goals subject to management approval.
  • Participate in the project lifecycle as Product Owner, tracking new enhancement requests and elicit functional requirements from cross functional stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Planned new Internet marketing strategies in providing leadership and guidance by overseeing the creation and implement efficient online-marketing programs, such as, Newsletter, campaigns, co-marketing opportunities, online advertising, blogs, SEO and SEM.
  • Managed the designs details for feature content, image design and specification documents to improve website authority and online project.
  • Successfully improved Increased websites’ performance and user engagement organic and referral traffic by 100%.
  • Created PPT of milestones and presented the status to communicate with the stakeholders and management team.
  • Created daily and weekly reports detailing accounts and campaigns performance, identifying the ROI.
  • Presented the stakeholders with market research data, reducing cost of 64% savings in Procurement vs SaaS on mass email communicator.
  • Coordinated meeting with business area expert teams in order to improve product functionality, resolve issues, and improve consumer satisfaction.
  • Continuously assess, identify, and present opportunities to improve and optimize the customer journey.
  • Gather and interpret data analytics from multiple channels including but, not limited to document analysis, workshops, site visits, surveys, use cases, business analysis, workflow analysis, social and vendor reports to provide insight and assessment.
  • Managing relationships with affiliates and strategic partners
  • Building-up strategic partnerships for co-operations online


Lead Business Analyst/CONSULTANT

  • Managed multiple major project releases for AMC in ISG.
  • Worked closely with the Program Manager, Business Analyst, on shore and off shore development teams in contributing and ensuring the delivery of project artifacts in accordance with business requirements.
  • Experienced in working with Agile methodology, daily scrum calls, product backlogs, user stories, burn down charts in delivering artifacts
  • Worked with multiple agile/scrum teams, workstreams and users in collecting the data for AMC.
  • Collected the data and analyze the metrics in updating the status with the team.
  • Involved in Matrix Data Testing to proactively identify and cross system impact or dependencies and in retrieving for crucial data for AMC.
  • Gathered up the data from multiple Jira’s and Sub Jira and created report with the data.
  • Successfully wrote test cases, use cases and tested the Jira’s, their attributes and values in AMC .
  • Created Jira’s per business user requirement in order to communicate to both BA’s and Dev teams.
  • Wrote SQL quires in-order to retrieve, verify and validate the complex data for data initialization.
  • Wrote user stories interviewing the user and their activity for each attribute in AMC.
  • Lead a walk-through of BRD documentation in order to secure acceptance and sign-off.
  • Coordinated traceability from BRD to Test case and testing strategies with Citi Global markets of NAM, APAC, EMEA and LATAM Users.
  • Managed and developed various Test Strategy Plans in SIT and UAT .
  • Acquired and evaluated all project documentation for test planning.
  • Coordinated AMC application testing windows with new attributes and their values.
  • Provided testing guidelines, training, and assistance to test executors, business analysts and End Users.
  • Worked with various project, work streams on Citi Global markets of NAM, APAC, EMEA and LATAM .
  • Created Business Process Modeling in Visio- Re-engineering it for AS IS process and came up with new To Be process.
  • Gathered and compiled the project artifact and created status and milestones of the project.
  • Worked extensively with SharePoint in creating and updating documents.
  • Created test plans, test cases using HP QC.
  • Elicited business requirement from the stakeholder and System Users in crafting out the BRD’s and into FRD’s .

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Business Systems and Data Analyst/CONSULTANT

  • Managed multiple projects and initiatives on End of Life (EOL) server migrations across the enterprise.
  • Worked closely with the Program Manager, Project Manager and technical team’s in contributing and ensuring the delivery of project deliverables in accordance with IT PMO methodology and PTO governance.
  • Elicited, documented and validated requirements from various work streams on application and System ID owners, SME’s Stakeholders and technical users.
  • Worked with scrum master in Agile methodology with daily scrum meetings.
  • Participated in product backlogs meetings, writing user stories and burn down charts in delivering project artifacts.
  • Wrote SQL queries of inner join and outer join of table to retrieve and match data from Oracle.
  • Formulated complex data of enterprise Servers, Databases and System ID owners in Excel spread sheet.
  • Performed Data Analysis to identify the Sys ID Owners and Created Data Modeling analysis for Master Data Management Database.
  • Managed the business, functional and technical requirement and cross referenced their validity to requirement traceability matrix.
  • Experience in SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) such as gathering reporting requirements for migration and automation process, design, develop, use and test reporting projects before moving to production.
  • Created the process flow diagrams and PPT slide deck presentation to identify the gaps in the process of the server migration
  • Involved in updating the documents on IT directory repository and Share point.
  • Re-engineered business process and described through process flow diagram in Visio.
  • Coordinated procedures of business intelligence, by approaching it on current process to future process on upgrading the server migrations.
  • Prepared documentation for the server migration from manual to automation for the mirroring effect.
  • Demonstrated leadership responsibilities in overseeing the efficiency of the projects and getting it approved by the Permit to Operate team.
  • Wrote the step by step process on AS IS process and To Be process in SRD and TSD in delivering the project artifacts.

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Business Analyst and Testing/CONSULTANT

  • Involved in managing multiple large Cyber Security and infrastructure projects with Confidential US EIT and Global IT.
  • Managed the responsibilities of governing the product vendors and procurement, and delegating the tasks to IT service suppliers. Ex,(TCS and Infosys)
  • Partnered with third party Cyber security vendor, management and stakeholder in procuring and implementing the security software for the Confidential USIT.
  • Communicated to Third Party testing or assessment issues to stakeholders, ensuring their understanding of associated risks and actions needed to remediate those risks
  • Managed the IT service Supplier relationship and delegated the tasks of SOU and SOW to the third party service supplier.
  • Worked extensively on Confidential internal firm Information Security and Risk Assessment on Confidential Global IT.
  • Conducted great research with my team in having a good understanding of leading Cyber Security products.
  • Worked extensively with SharePoint in data mining to gather relevant information, reviewing and uploading templates from prior releases.
  • Cross referenced the data from the leading Cyber Security products for Confidential USIT Cyber Security needs in order to identify the requirements for Certification and Re-certification also to cross reference the Risk assessments, Threat assessment, Regulatory, Security, and control of the accounts.
  • Wrote complex SQL queries in, aggravating and manipulating it to retrieve employee data from Oracle Database to certify and re-certify employee credentials.
  • Created Excel spreadsheets of Confidential enterprise employee names and their credentials to certify and re-certify in-order to integrate and automate.
  • Worked directly with management, business user and cyber security directors in sourcing information and drafting them in the engagement proposal and proactively into BRD’s
  • Conducted the business meeting with Confidential stakeholder and Advisory Board for eliciting the required project information.
  • Conducted walk through meetings to get the engagement proposal approved.
  • Worked with Technical Designer Architect (TDA) in preparing BRD to TRD for Cisco unity connection messaging system integration with Confidential iPad video migration.
  • Prepared process flow diagrams, screen shots for current and future state on another project to get them approved for the SRS.
  • Conducted BA round table weekly status meetings and coordinated in helping other BA's in achieving their tasks.
  • Coordinated change management meetings and walkthrough work sessions in successfully getting the requirements signed off.
  • Worked with all Confidential internal application.

Confidential, Lincolnshire, IL

Business Systems Analyst CONSULTANT

  • Lead a team of 8 BA’s reporting to Project Management office.
  • Worked extensively with SQL, wrote complex queries in data mining, aggravating and manipulating the employee data in-order to verifying their eligibility on Walgreens rewards program.
  • Delegated tasks in adding new employment positions, employment rewards and their qualifications, its functionalities and applications on Walgreens careers website and Mobile.
  • Updated online employment applications and mobile wireframes in order to verify and validate on various positions and their hiring process flow.
  • Managed redesign of onboarding from Oracle based PeopleSoft HRMS system to PPH system.
  • Managed high performance teams in successfully increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • Elicited requirements from Walgreens business teams, SME’s and stakeholders for (PPH application), employee reward system and recognition.
  • Created process diagrams, screen shots and flow chart for current state to future state.
  • Worked on Agile methodology environment with scrum meeting, burn down charts, and user stories in delivering the artifacts.
  • Incorporated Agile methodology and scrum techniques to manage requirements.
  • Facilitated Scrum planning meetings to coordinate between Clients, Product Owner, Dev and QA teams.
  • Successfully conducted JAD sessions, which helped synchronize the different business user on their objectives in order to get clear cut picture of the project.
  • Generated user story acceptance criteria and depending impact analysis documents .
  • Worked with IT team in performing a gap analysis between current to future process flow and its challenges.
  • Pointed out few core UI functional discrepancies and relevant solutions were suggested for release (4) and got the business stakeholders to sign off on it.
  • Experienced in working the SDLC of this project in delivering the expected results and artifacts.
  • Coordinated with offshore team of developers on the design challenges and constraints.
  • Participated in daily scrum meeting to get updates and execute plan of action.
  • Worked on a very intense and fast pace project tasks with unrealistic deadlines.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Business Technical Analyst CONSULTANT

  • Involved in a large PCE project service for release-1 with a team of PM and BA’s.
  • Involved in beta version for Infrastructure, Product, Development, Test as Services and more.
  • Worked in capturing requirements from infrastructure systems architect of various different work streams.
  • Worked with Agile methodology and SCRUM techniques to manage requirements.
  • Worked with product owners, scrum masters and teams to improve their ability to create good product backlogs.
  • Wrote complex SQL queries in, aggravating and manipulating it to retrieve employee data from Oracle Database.
  • Wrote business requirements documents (BRD) and functional requirements specification (FRS) documents as per the business requirements and process flow.
  • Coordinated and participated in daily and weekly meeting with all teams involving the project life cycle.
  • Created a proposal of schedule for release one to release four.
  • Successfully interviewed the SME’s, and business users in crafting out the business requirements and validating them for release R1-R2.
  • Created high-level flow charts in swim lanes with Visio and also created story boarding.
  • Worked with SharePoint extensively in data mining to gather relevant information, reviewing and uploading templates and documents.
  • Participated in weekly meeting with entire team and helped the technical writer in updating the newer version of SharePoint.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Business Analyst and Testing CONSULTANT

  • Involved in five BCBS Texas, Montana, and Kansas alliance projects simultaneous in capturing the requirement with external clients.
  • Worked on BCBS dental claims for Medicare and Medicaid members in enrollment and applications in documenting requirements for the design phase of the application.
  • Participated in kickoff meetings with stakeholders, SME’s, project manager and BCBS alliance members.
  • Captured business requirements from SME's and drafted business requirement document (BRD)
  • Created high level, swim lane flowcharts in Visio, defining the initial stages of the project.
  • Performed extensive data mining to gather relevant information.
  • Involved in developing the business model for expediting the claim settlement process.
  • Successfully captured, documented, validated, verified and got the business requirement signed off.
  • Worked with Mercury quality center for business requirements.

Confidential, Dublin, OH

Business Data Analyst CONSULTANT

  • Led client facilitation meetings to gather Interface and Business Process Requirements from Subject Matter Experts.
  • Created the flow charts and data mapping tables indicating the input files, output datasets and capacity planning for the data flow to the downstream applications.
  • Created Excel spreadsheets of all the Cardinal’s vendors and their orders, manipulated the data in order to learn the active and non-active vendors.
  • Gathered business requirements from SME's and drafted business requirement document (BRD).
  • Captured FRS documents for data conversions and data mappings.
  • Developed use cases/diagrams, conceptual model, behavior diagrams (sequence, collaboration, state chart, Activity), using MS Visio.
  • Created user stories and uses cases for analyzing and gathering the requirement
  • Interacted with the business users in resolving their conflicts.
  • Worked throughout the SDLC of the project.
  • Conducted User Acceptance Testing (UAT) prior to and after implementation phase.

Confidential, Madison, WI

Business Analyst CONSULTANT

  • Conducted user interviews and JAD sessions with end users, stake holders and developers to gather functional and non-functional requirements of the system, and creation of user stories.
  • Involved in developing the business model for expediting the claim settlement process.
  • Performed document analysis involving creation of Use Cases and Use Case narrations using Microsoft Visio, in order to present the efficiency of the gathered requirements.
  • Identified critical areas of business risk and modified the business process to reduce the risk.
  • Used SCRUM methodology in supporting system development cycle.
  • Analyzed the security implementation of the application with respect to users’ perspective.

Confidential, Sioux Falls, SD

Business Analyst CONSULTANT

  • Drove the BRD and FRD requirements process, defining new systems operations for the ecommerce online banking project and to change or void transaction voucher or Accounts Payable in procurement systems.
  • Analyzed business processes and delivered solutions for redesign to achieve significant gains in efficiency and quality of service.
  • Wrote business process for Procurement of Oracle payments for the products and services on a purchase order, in order to create a liability alert in the Accounts Payable system.
  • Crafted out specific requirements in order to create vouchers for each purchase orders, so that all information in the procurement and Accounts Payable systems can correspond accordingly in general ledger account.
  • Designed a process flow diagram defining the relationship to interface and file interactions between the Accounts Payable system and the Procurement system.
  • Interacted with the user community to enhance understanding of the solution project timelines and impact.
  • Performed gap analysis (between requirements and current or selected technology). Functional product comparisons from an as-is system to a to-be system.

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